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Victoria Justice should take solace in the fact that she's not the only co-star who has allegedly felt victimized by the petite pop star. Once again, the drama arose from supposed issues on-set.

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So we can all move on and get out of our heads that this was a money thing cause I don't play like that at all. I am, have always been and always will be about equality and fairness.

Eminem Claps Back at Machine Gun Kelly with Savage Diss Track — but MGK Insists Rapper 'Missed'

Compare that to the cryptic message McCurdy posted on her Twitter after opting out of Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards in "I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation many of you have guessed what it is and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing. To add insult to injury, following the show's cancellation, Grande shared a lengthy post expressing her love and gratitude for the short-lived show but conveniently forgetting to give a shout-out to co-star McCurdy.

After a whirlwind eight months that included romantic getaways and PDA-packed red carpet appearances , the couple allegedly "quietly and amicably" ended the relationship. Yep, it was all peace, love, and understanding until Sean scored a feature on Kanye West's song, "Champions," and decided to channel his inner Taylor Swift and allegedly throw a shady verse at his ex.

In the track, Sean raps via Genius : "Lately it's all about Zen and me. Subtractin' the negative energy. Giuliana Rancic has been interviewing celebrities for seemingly ever, but it's safe to say that of the hundreds of stars she's chatted up, Grande just might be her least favorite. In , Rancic reportedly went on a rant about Grande's unbearable demands and diva behavior. According to Fox News , Rancic called Grande out for acting like a "young Mariah" and demanding that Rancic switch sides with her during an interview so the camera would show Grande's "good side.

You would think that with all their fame and fortune, they could figure out how to even out both sides, but who are we to judge? To be fair, the Bette Midler versus Ariana Grande drama wasn't completely directed at just the "Dangerous Woman" crooner, but at female pop stars as a whole. In an interview with The Telegraph in , Midler commented on the "pornification" of pop music and decided to use Grande as an example of everything that's wrong with today's artists.

It's always surprising to see someone like Ariana Grande with that silly high voice, a very wholesome voice, slithering around on a couch…looking so ridiculous. I mean, it's silly beyond belief and I don't know who's telling her to do it. I wish they'd stop. But it's not my business, I'm not her mother.

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  • Or her manager. Maybe they tell them that's what you've got to do. Sex sells. Sex has always sold. Needless to say, Grande, who is very vocal about being in charge of her own sexuality , was not impressed. The pop star clapped back with a not-so subtle tweet : "Bette was always a feminist who stood for women being able to do whatever the F they wanted without judgement. She does have a beautiful voice, on a couch or off. Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have a very odd relationship. They're either sitting together in Cyrus' backyard in animal onesies having a jam session or Cyrus is calling out Grande in interviews — there is no in-between.

    In an interview with The New York Times in , Cyrus opened up about the reason she doesn't have many celebrity friends — her image might be bad for their image. She specifically called out Grande and her good girl ways of yesteryear saying, "I was backstage with Ariana Grande.

    I'm like, 'Walk out with me right now and get this picture, and this will be the best thing that happens to you, because just you associating with me makes you a little less sweet. Chrissy Teigen is pretty much the undisputed queen of Twitter. The model can spin characters into pure gold, and, when the mood strikes her, she can really dish it out. In all honesty, Grande should actually feel honored that Queen Teigen acknowledged her presence.

    After Grande's appearance on Saturday Night Life , which, of course, involved her infamous cat ears , Teigen descended from her throne to bestow on us the following : "I love your cat ear headband it alerts me to immediately hate you. When Grande fans fired back, Teigen played dumb , but we find it a bit hard to believe she didn't know what she was doing when she posted that tweet. Based on the billboard, she sells lingerie. Or stiletto heels.

    10 Celebs Who've Dissed Ariana Grande

    We just want you to love us as deeply and as wholesomely and as fully as we love you. People I am I am deleting those tweets. Come right at me for doing so. Absolutely no shade. They reportedly broke up in after five months of dating. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Where to Buy Maddy's Outfits from 'Euphoria'. Taylor Swift vs. Joe Jonas , Sam Smith vs.

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    Jonathan Zeizel Jennifer Garner vs. Ben Affleck Katy Perry vs.

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    Diplo Rihanna vs. Harry Styles Calvin Harris vs. Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Tom Hiddleston Drake vs. Rihanna Sophia Bush vs. Chad Michael Murray Hip-hop is a culture built around machismo and bravado, so backing down or losing a battle is detrimental to an artist's career.

    One slip-up and you could find yourself with a one-way ticket to obscurity. Certain MCs have built entire careers around beefing with other artists, while others have had their careers destroyed with just a couple lines. But what once began as two rappers simply battling over skill has turned into big business—with parody music videos, elaborate stage shows, and entire albums dedicated to the coveted battle.