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The invention provides that the wheels are manufactured as a sturdy tire of solid foam, rubber or similar material. These wheels provide good stability and easy maneuvering of the rear cutting aid, while the wheels relative to hedging plants with thorns or sharp-edged woods are protected. Der Maschinenadapter ist als ein passender Halterahmen mit Lochrasterstreifen gefertigt. The machine adapter is manufactured as a matching mounting frame with breadboard strip.

At the holes, the various cutting tools by means are a plurality of releasably held on the housing of the cutting tools strained short chains, to be used so that the cutting tool can be changed with little effort. The chains are manufactured as a round steel chains and corrosion-protected by a coating or polishing. In addition, the chains are sheathed with a plastic tube, so that the cutting tools are protected against the chain. Die Spannung der Kette und damit das Festlegen des Schneidwerkzeugs am Maschinenadapter werden durch Maschinenschrauben oder Knebelschrauben hergestellt, die so in ein Loch des Lochrasterstreifens eingeschraubt sind, dass dabei jeweils ein Kettenglied an einem Ende der Kette fixiert ist.

The tension of the chain and thus the setting of the cutting tool to the machine adapter are prepared by machine screws or clamp screws, which are screwed into a hole of the hole raster strip, that in each case a chain link is fixed at one end of the chain. In this case this link in the process of screwing in is forced into a hole running parallel to the grating strips position, thereby forming on the other chain links between the two clamp screws, a clamping force.

The machine adapter is attached to one side thereof by means of a screw articulated on the crossmember. On the opposite side of the machine adapter is secured by means of another screw connection in such a way on the cross member, that the inclination angle of the machine adapter with respect to the transverse support is adjustable.

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In this way, the parallelism between the blade of the cutting tool and the Radholm can be set and a straight section of the Hedge is easily possible. In addition, the engine adapter is designed such that commercially available cutting tools can be used, which are held securely and stably by the support.

Wir sind nicht krank und doch auch nicht gesund.

With motorized hedge trimmers cutting thicknesses of up to 3. In the lower part of the telescopic carrier holding devices for the mounting of an additional support is provided. The support consists of a pendulum swing device which is hinged to an angled arm made of rectangular metal pipe, for compensating for unevenness of the ground by pivoting of the wheels. In a second embodiment, a single support wheel is provided which is mounted on the angled arm. On the arm of the support is provided a device for height adjustment, whereby the inclination angle of the entire apparatus can be varied.

Thus, can be compensated or the hedge can be easily tailored conical inclinations of the floor. The support prevents a tilting of the Hedge-cutting aid, whereby the device can be performed without effort safely along a hedge. In a development of the invention, a support frame made of angle sections arranged on the angled arm of the support. The support frame is constructed so that it can be held by electric motor is a power generator for the independent from the mains voltage supply of the mobile different cutting tools which is additionally fixed with a tension belt.

Advantageously, the invention provides an adapter for the vertical section, with the cross-member with the cutting tool thereon in the height may be adjustably mounted. By a clamping screw or locking pin, the adapter can be screwed in to the desired height, whereby the cutting tool can be guided transversely to the direction of the base stand in a constant height.

The arrangement of the hedge trimmer at the end of the cross member is a greater distance between the user of the Hedge-cutting aid and the material to be cut green shade is obtained. The rear fouling can also be achieved by shifting the cross member at the rear wider tops. Also, there is less risk of injury when cutting for example by prickly shrubs or wasp nests. In a first embodiment of the adapter for the vertical section of two short perpendicular welded together square metal tube sleeves is manufactured. One of the two tubular sleeves is adjustable secured to the inner square tube of the telescopic support.

In the other tube of the adapter sleeve, the cross member is inserted with the cutting tool and screwed firmly by means of a thumb screw, spring latch or the like.

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  8. In a second advantageous embodiment of the adapter, the two short rectangular square metal tube sleeves of the adapter via a swivel joint are pivotally connected at right angles to each other. This pivot joint has been manufactured for example as a hinge welding or the like, whereby a horizontal swiveling back and forth of the transverse beam is possible during the high section.

    The rotary joint for the side section is equipped with a stable bearing which ensures high concentricity and long service life.

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    In the bearing is a Wippholm is rotatably supported with a square profile, wherein the cross member extends with the cutting tool mounted thereto by the Wippholm and is detachably held there by means of screw connections. An advantageous development of the invention provides an adapter for holding the telescope tube of a conventional telescopic hedge trimmer. Such telescopic hedge trimmer comprises a cutting head having a cutting knife, which can be bent via a hinge, a customizable in the length of the telescopic tube, is arranged on the next to the cutting head, a motor with speed control.

    Depending on the design of the motor can also act as a counterweight. For the side section of a hedge the holding adapter is screwed to the Wippholm by means of retaining lugs. For the average height, however, the holding adapter is screwed by means of the retaining tabs on the adapter of the vertical telescopic carrier. The retaining tabs are made as a hole spacing strips, so that the holding adapter can be mounted at an angle, for example, the longitudinal axis of Wippadapters.

    Being guided parallel to the outer side of the hedge by the angling of the cutter head joint, the cutting blade of the telescopic hedge trimmer. Advantageously, a greater distance between the hedge and the rear cutting aid by which a secure and comfortable fit of the hedge can be carried out resulting from this arrangement. Dies kann auch bei einem Schnitt aus einem vertieften Graben neben der hecke genutzt werden. This can also be used in a section of a deeper ditch beside the hedge. Here, the supporting adapter comprises two angle sections, which are screwed, depending on the pipe diameter of the telescopic tube by means of screw connections, which are guided through longitudinal grooves of the angle sections to clamp the pipe.

    Additional rubber or plastic strip to the inner sides of the angle profiles to ensure a better clamping of the telescope tube and prevent scratching. As a counterweight, a brick, paving stone, concrete block or the like by weight, for example, secured in a holding device. This holding device comprises a square tube sleeve by means of the counterweight is continuously moved on the cross member and a screw with which the counterweight can be fixed to the position at which the apparatus is balanced.

    These measuring devices are for example low-cost with a liquid and gas bubble-filled glass or plastic hollow bodies as they are used in water scales. It can hedge trimmers with electric or internal combustion engine and power saws are used universally. The leichtesten versions of electric engine hedge trimmers weigh just over 2 kg, most versions are however in the range between 3 and 5 kg. For the weights, the gasoline engine hedge trimmers are typically kg, with professional machines weigh also 10 kg.

    The invention also provides that the facing of the Hedge side of the machine adapter comprises a protective sheet on both sides with angled wings. According to the requirements for work safety for hand-held machine dangerous to the vertical telescopic supports a safety circuit is arranged, which requires a two-handed switching operation for unlocking.

    Diese Sicherheitsschaltung ist auch als Totmanneinrichtung bzw. This safety circuit is also known as Deadman switch or two-hand safety switch which stops the cutting tool as soon as you let go of the handle or button. Thus, it is prevented that the cutting tool is accidentally switched by merely picking up and overturning of the Hedge-cutting help, or the user moves away from the rear cutting aid or is unconscious.

    Further, a housing is provided over the safety circuit that protects against weathering and an operation allows only from one side. Furthermore, the base frame of the rear cutting aid is equipped with a connection for the power supply, an emergency stop button with relay and a safety lanyard.

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    Mit diesen Einrichtungen wird die Vorrichtung im Gefahrenfall oder zur Abwendung eines solchen schnell in einen sicheren Zustand versetzt. With these devices, the device is of such a fast offset in the case of danger, and in lieu of in a safe state. The invention is illustrated by way of example with reference to figures. In In 1 1 ist eine Seitenansicht der Heckenschneidhilfe dargestellt. Hineinschieben des inneren Vierkantrohres eingestellt wird. In In 2 2 ist eine Seitenansicht der Heckenschneidhilfe dargestellt. Here over the angle of inclination of the device is adjustable.

    For this cost Dragonflies are suitable, which are often used in water balances. These are glass or plastic hollow body in which a liquid and a gas bubble are located. On top of the hollow body is curved with a defined radius, so that the gas bubble always floats on the highest point. Durch das erste und sechste Kettenglied hindurch ist jeweils eine Knebelschraube By the first and sixth chain link in each case through a thumb screw 11 11 in ein Loch des Lochrasterstreifens in a hole of the hole raster strip 22 22 eingeschraubt.

    In this case, a tight rope, a mounting edge in the ground or an installed rail for the orientation and rectilinear guide of the Hedge-cutting aid may be helpful. Der Halteadapter The holding adapter 32 32 wird aus zwei Winkelprofilen gebildet, die durch Schraubverbindungen zusammengepresst werden und dabei das Rohr is formed from two angle profiles which are pressed together by screw connections, while the pipe 35 35 einklemmen. This list of references cited by the applicant is generated automatically and is included solely to inform the reader.

    Die Liste ist nicht Bestandteil der deutschen Patent- bzw. The list is not part of the German patent or utility model application. The DPMA is not liable for any errors or omissions. Zitierte Patentliteratur Cited patent literature. Is replaceable. Are arranged. Are screwed. Vorrichtung nach Patentanspruch 4, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Pendelschwingeinrichtung Device according to claim 4, characterized in that the pendulum oscillation means 19 19 aus einer im Wesentlichen waagerechten Pendelachse From a substantially horizontal oscillation axis 20 20 besteht, an deren beiden Enden jeweils ein Rad Which at both ends of which a wheel 5 5 drehbar gelagert ist.

    Is rotatably mounted. Are protected.

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    T3 basically stimulates energy development, raises the use of oxygen, accelerates carbohydrate absorption, enhances synthesis of glucose gluconeogenesis , increases glucose absorption,. Nutri Gym opimizes the. Nutri Gym o ptimi ert de n Stoffwechsel, har mon isier t d en Hormonhaushalt, a kt iviert das Immunsystem , steigert das Wohlbefinden [ Control of hydrocarbon, creatine and muscular metabolism as well as glyc og e n balance , o f gamete formation and function, influence on hormone metabolism via hypophysis, stimulation of antibody formation and bacterocid activity of phagocytes, protection against liver necrosis and muscle degeneration, antitoxic ef fe c t in c el l metabolism , a nt ioxidative effect through stabilisation of oxidation sensitive phospholipides [ Frequently it is due to a lack of certain natural substances.

    Failing quality of nourishment, stress, psychological. At this point antidepressive medication is. An dieser Stelle setzen antidepressive. Under certain conditions. Biphosphonate sind. Natural daylight is not only more agreeable than artificial light to the human. Sea salt conta in s , in c o nt radiction to standard kitchen salt, a number of micro-elements and minerals which have a positive effect on t h e metabolism a n d min er a l balance o f t he skin.

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    Royal jelly is a natural biostimulator and antioxidant that establi sh e s balance in t h e metabolism , s ti mulates cell metabolism, regulates cholesterol and blood sugar and maintains vitality, especially of the brain and nervous system. NVE Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Stacker, has worked on this new formula for two. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, the procedure laid down in Article 5 shall apply to foods or food ingredients referred to in Article 1 2 d and e which, on the basis of the scientific evidence available and generally recognised or on the basis of an opinion delivered by one of.

    Stoffen den bestehenden Lebensmitteln und Lebensmittelzutaten im wesentlichen gleichwertig sind. Current searches: herablassend , gadget , zeigt , operations management , in den griff bekommen , stamping , glas , account manager , abgezogen , net value , umsatzziel , monetary , dezember , snails , stattfinden. Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. Dr. Angela Fetzner: Kindle Store

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