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Yet that strange time travel twist, so cleverly explained in mind bending segments throughout the series, seems so plausible and real that you would swear it actually happened. Make one brief leap of faith into this series at the outset and you will then be treated to some of the great what ifs of the war. How would a modern day ship of war fare against the best ships of WWII? What influence and power could it wield to shape the outcome of that conflict? In the first eight volumes, as the story was finding its legs, the battlecruiser Kirov took on all comers in virtually every theater of the war.

The intrepid crew dueled with the Royal Navy in the Atlantic and Med, with the Italian Regia Marina, the Kriegsmarine, and with the Imperial Japanese Navy, including a riveting battle with perhaps the greatest ship ever built in that war, the battleship Yamato , led by Admiral Yamamoto himself. Kirov tears apart the history with its forward deck burgeoning with modern day missiles, and while it seems all powerful, impervious to any threat posed by the relatively antiquated ships of WWII, every time it fights it gets weaker, expending irreplaceable missiles and slowly reaching a point of depletion.

But the main characters on the ship fight with more than their missiles. Several have now jumped right in to the war, and many have become principle actors on that stage, consorting with the likes of all those Generals and statesmen mentioned above.

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One has even risen to lead a breakaway republic in the far east, the Free Siberian State. A strange paradox then arises from events in the novel Altered States, Book 9 , where the ship slips in time again to a point in the war before it first arrived there. Its earlier interventions had already fragmented the history to make the outcome for the Allies look fairly grim. What if Germany had launched Operation Felix and Gibraltar had fallen? What if they then seized the Canary Islands as well?

Series: The Kirov Saga

What if the Soviet Union were broken into several warring states before the war, less prepared to meet the German onslaught? What if Stalin himself had been killed as a young man, and instead Sergei Kirov rises to lead the Bolshevik movement in his place? What if Japan had invaded the Siberian far east before the war, even seizing Vladivostok? What if the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor got those sub pens and fuel bunkers, and what if there was no operation against Midway, and Japan pushed boldly through the Solomons with Operation FS Fiji-Samoa instead?

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Snow Precocious puberty territories. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 04, Miguel rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was completely surprised by the quality of the writing of this book, easily 5 stars!! I love the genre WW2 and modern military fiction with time travel added for measure! The battle descriptions are just great, the characters very beliaveble and very well characterized and the actions are extremely pausible.

You can easily imagined this could happen if Kirov would find itself in the middle of WW2! Now I want to I was completely surprised by the quality of the writing of this book, easily 5 stars!! Now I want to know how the author managed to fill another 27!!!

On to read the next one Feb 02, Victor H rated it really liked it. I've read the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson and enjoyed it tremendously. So, I am a bit hesistant when picking of the Kirov series wondering how good it would be.

Half way through the book, I couldn't find myself to stop and went through it entirely. Strongly recommended. Jul 17, Nigel rated it liked it. This book shows only too well the problems that arise if we get too hung up on labels. The ending reminded me of the TV series The Time Tunnel were the protagonists are sent on a series of time jumps never quite knowing where and when they would end up. I will certainly be giving more the series a read. Sep 23, Keith rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , , fiction , science-fiction , military-fiction.