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Branca a cura di , Mercanti scrittori. Ricordi nella Firenze tra Medioevo e Rinascimento , Milano, Villani, Cronaca , G.

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La brutta notte dei McGrath (Italian Edition)

Becker, H. Manhart, J. Peters e J. Schibler a cura di , Historia animalium ex ossibus. Bartosiewicz e E. Gerelyes e Gy. Tanzini e S. Branca a cura di , Venezia e Ungheria nel Rinascimento. Venezia, giugno , Firenze, , p. Carter, Trade and urban development in Poland. An economic geography of Cracow from its origins to , Cambridge, Engel, The Realm of St.

e-book La brutta notte dei McGrath (Italian Edition)

Engel, G. Luca e G. Fara, Il conflitto e la crescita. Fara, Economia di guerra, economia di pace, economia di frontiera. La Transilvania di Sigismondo di Lussemburgo , in I.

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The credibility of the post-war revaluation of Nostromo , instead, has been tested by several critical readings. Marenco perceptively read Nostromo as a text whose form rather than in its themes mark it out as political. In Nostromo , Marenco argued, all political beliefs are shown as fake and empty.

Narration itself is thus placed under the sign of scepticism and destruction. Its twists and shifts, its proceeding through the accumulation of detached biographies show the prevalence of socio-economic forces on all human efforts. The critical discussion on Nostromo was then re-oriented by Mario Curreli in three articles published between and Like Marenco, Curreli depicted Conrad as a sceptic, even apocalyptic author whose honest representation of political reality is not distorted by his conservative bias.

Another text to be promoted to canonical status by post-war criticism is The Secret Sharer. Men are wanderers in motion towards the dark coast, the gate of Erebus. Even the language, in this highly subjective story, hardly corresponds to objective reality. The first sign of critical interest in this short story was provided in Italy as late as , when our host and already veteran Conradian Mario Curreli wrote a socio-semiotic interpretation of the tale at four hands with an enthusiastic postgraduate, myself.

In the post-war reception of Heart of Darkness , we can distinguish three main interpretative trends. This interpretation, recently resumed among others by the philosopher Sergio Givone, has been so popular among Italian critics that it is no exaggeration to say that Heart of Darkness has long been convenient shorthand for the dissection of an evil soul.

A further humanistic reading of Heart of Darkness was provided, in , by Giovanni Cianci. If, as a Faustian hero, Kurtz experiences the impossibility of achieving or communicating the ultimate truth, Marlow, the ordinary man, finds out that the only remedies to the horror of reality are action or the escape into the world of illusions. It is to preserve the artificial integrity of this world that Marlow lies to the Intended.

Perhaps he can be saved if he humbles himself before a fellow human-being, that is, obviously, Marlow.

Marlow actually exorcises the devil within Kurtz, whose hybris is an excessive thirst for knowledge that has led him to explore the area where light and darkness mix and become indistinguishable. The private truth Kurtz has discovered there cannot be communicated. In all the humanistic readings discussed above, Kurtz is usually presented as a Faustian, charismatic character, who commands respect and admiration in spite of his evil aura. It is thus small wonder that, in , a book-length essay was devoted to the subject by Valerio Bruni. A second line of interpretation of Heart of Darkness is explicitly political.

According to Oliva, Conrad criticises the brutal exploitation of the Congo carried out by the Belgians but ultimately supports colonialism in its idealised British version. It is rather the reaction of a conservative, anglophile gentleman to the insulting inappropriateness of imperialism. Such interpretations were confuted by another Marxist-oriented critic, Giuseppe Sertoli, in several contributions spanning from to It is, in fact, the western civilisation that takes its sepulchral emptiness to the colonised world.

In his confrontation with the wilderness, Kurtz yields to the power of unconscious, brutal instincts and achieves self-knowledge at the expense of his life. Marlow, instead, does not cross over the edge. Kindle Edition. Perfect Paperback. Next page. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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