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Representatives of companies,. A quarter of all jobs are dependent on foreign trade. Climate protection technologies and resource efficiency are the global market trends of the future. The industrial SME sector with all its innovative family-run businesses is in a position to provide attractive solutions.

This year Hannover Messe will be a key source of inspiration as far as these issues are concerned. SMEs and smaller businesses in particular have plenty of scope to achieve much more in the modern globalized world. The BDI wishes to help leverage this unutilized potential — by championing trade policy and foreign trade issues at a political level and by providing information and assistance to help companies adopt the right internationalization strategy.

When it comes to important questions about how to link mobility to intelligent energy networks and new business models by means of innovative IT applications for mobility solutions, the German Southwest possesses enormous know-how as well. KGaA is located in and around Sindelfingen, there are another 10 branches throughout Germany. The company has achieved a leading position as a successful engineering and consulting service provider in the worldwide automotive market. In the year the MBtech Group employed approximately 2, people worldwide at locations in Europe, North America and Asia and generated a turnover of million euros — a growth of 25 percent in comparison to the previous year.

The MBtech brand combines all of its products and services into four segments: MBtech vehicle engineering, MBtech powertrain solutions, MBtech electronics solutions and MBtech consulting. Regardless of whether components, systems or modules, whether new development or production planning, vehicle integration, design or testing: MBtech supports automobile manufacturers and suppliers beginning with the detailed specification onward to the de-. The global and technological transformations in the automobile industry demand know-how and new solutions.

MBtech provides both on a worldwide-basis. Successfully and for numerous customers beyond the Daimler Group. The Presidents, Werner Kropsbauer and Hartmut Tresp, in an interview about the perspectives for automotive expertise. MBtech belongs to the Daimler Group. Who are the external customers for whom MBtech, as a group subsidiary, provide know how? We support our customers, namely companies from the international automotive industry, with the unique combination of development and consulting know-how — in the product development process and also throughout the entire product life cycle.

Some of our customers are cooperation partners with Daimler and other OEMs. Which active role does MBtech play in electromobility and new drive systems? Do you - as with almost the entire vehicle industry - have to reposition yourself? We repositioned ourselves three years ago. Since then we have successfully established and constantly continued to develop our competencies in the field. We have more than employees working in the electrical and electronics fields and more than employees active in e-mobility.

As such we provide our customers with highly successful support when implementing the broadest range of alternative drive systems projects. The increasing amount of electronics and the increasing electrification of the powertrain are also presenting OEMs with new challenges with regard to the EMC valida-.

MBtech combines these engineering competencies with tailored consulting services. The goal is to enable customers to rapidly and efficiently realize innovations — so that they can keep up with the international competition and the sustainable mobility. As a global player you are active on the world markets. Where do you see focal areas for growth? We see ourselves as a top service provider for the international automotive. The object of the application: The Identiface on the visionary Rinspeed BamBoo electric vehicle study remains easily visible during the day thanks to state-of-the-art LCD LED technology while its ability to display personal messages from virtual networks such.

Our consistent customer orientation has enabled us to earn a leading position in the market, which we now aim to expand. For MBtech dynamic and customer-oriented growth and worldwide expansion are important. As such, we aim to continue advancing into related fields outside the automotive industry. At the same time, MBtech is also advancing innovations along the path toward emission-free mobility. The classic BRIC states, Brazil, Russia, India and China are also a powerful force of growth in the automotive branch and are thus extremely important for us.

In many of our international projects we draw on the expertise of our local core team. This means that the project work is performed in an international cooperation with the teams on-site with the customer. In addition, we also offer continuous additional training — for both the professional and also for personal development. Naturally, the classic automotive knowhow locations in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Ulm are also relevant with regard to the highly trained specialists.

How does MBtech safeguard the minds and the talents that are needed for future growth both nationally and worldwide? After an intensive familiarization phase our employees can rapidly take on responsibility — in projects, in direct contact with our customers. MBtech offers its employees worldwide exciting and diverse tasks and projects on the cutting edge of technology. The countries in the area are packed with a highly-skilled and competitively-priced workforce.

The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the region is backed up by politically stable and business-friendly societies. Petersburg, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw create a pool of innovation, talented workforce, active business communities, effective infrastructure, political stability, cultural and historical heritage as well an unrivalled quality of life. It is one of the main factors behind the high level of competitiveness of the region.

In fact, the BSR serves the knowledge economy with a higher share of its people than any other in Europe. The people of the BSR are highly educated. In many areas, a very high percentage of the working population has completed tertiary education university degree or equivalent ; for example, 35 percent in Finland, Many businesses, knowledge-intensive and technology-focused companies in.

Another important aspect to the wellfunctioning business environment is the very good foreign language skills of BSR residents. They are very good both in terms of the number of languages spoken as well as the level to which they can be used. English is the de facto business language throughout the region. Innovation is supported by good cooperation between private companies, public authorities and universities. In addition, there are a wide variety of excellent business clusters and centers of expertise throughout the region.

All this enables innovation to bloom and entrepreneurship to flourish. Innovation capacity is a very important factor for the competitiveness of the BSR. For ex-. There are many short-haul, crossborder ferry connections that allow the mobility of persons and the integration of regional workforce markets. Ferry connections are also used by trucks to transport goods across borders. Maritime transportation is also well developed for longer journeys, essential for connecting cities and regions located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The high-speed broadband network is expanding rapidly and wireless communication in general is very advanced, which is perhaps why.

The creative spirit is evident throughout the region with a wide variety and abundance of cultural events and activity.

Theory and Management of Collective Strategies in International Business

Theatre, music, opera, dance The region as a whole has a modern and technologically advanced air, sea, road and rail transport system. The Baltic Sea is one of the maritime areas with the densest traffic in the world. Both the number and the size of. Fast and modern trains serve both passengers and cargo and there is an ongoing heavy investment in rail systems, which is steadily improving cross-border infrastructure and facilities, thus drastically shortening travel times.

For instance, the recently launched high-. The Baltic Metropoles offer different kinds of real estate and property solutions for businesses. Office, warehouse, manufacturing and retail space is available in numerous loca-. The cities also have well-functioning support services that assist investors and businesses in finding the optimal kind of space as well as other required products and services. There are numerous schools, day-care centers and elderly homes serving close and extended families. Health care is provided by both public and private institutions and the overall level of care is high.

The BSR has a natural affinity for nature. There are many parks and other recreational areas even within urban areas. The cities are clean and wellmaintained. Theatre, music, opera, dance, architecture and design are present in daily life. The cities in the area have been internationally recognized for their cultural and design aspects. Last but not the least; the Baltic Sea Region is a safe place to live. Societies are politically stable and have well-established legal systems. There is a high level of respect for law, justice, democracy and human rights throughout the area.

We generate electricity from it. About 21, wind turbines are in operation in Germany today, with a capacity of 27, megawatts. Only Niedersachsen is operating of it, which is by far the highest share of all states of Germany. Offshore wind energy is an important market of the future. However, wind farm development in deep water and far off the coast involves risks such as high wind speed, large swells, collisions with ships and salty, humid air. In addition, cabling and grid connectivity as well as logistics during construction and ongoing maintenance at sea are extremely challenging.

The city of Cuxhaven has become a leading offshore base port at the German North Sea coast, which has a number of unique features: its central location close to the offshore wind farms in the North Sea and the offshore base port directly on the deepwater of the river Elbe. Port-related industries and commercial space, a strong maritime competence as well as highly trained employees also make Cuxhaven an excellent choice for the offshore industry.

The port of Emden will be approved shortly and available for offshore wind farms in the North Sea. In what was previously a large shipyard, employees now produce parts for offshore wind turbines. A network consisting of Niedersachsen, local infrastructure, offshore manufacturers and suppliers aswell as research facilities provide optimal conditions for a successful offshore industry in the state. This year, the first commercial offshore wind park in the North Sea went into operation, managed by a company in Niedersachsen.

As a long-term growth strategy, it is becoming increasingly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses to con-. However, many companies often do not consider entering foreign markets until major clients or bulk purchasers have taken the step themselves and then expect their suppliers to follow suit. For small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, it can be very useful if their personal relationship manager also assumes responsibility for managing their international business, providing competent support on an international level.

With around 14, employees working at its foreign branches, group companies and major foreign holdings, associated companies and representative offices in over 60 locations in more than 50 countries worldwide, Commerzbank has a truly global presence. We accompany our clients to virtually every country on earth and also have the people on the ground, fluent in both German and the local language, who are familiar with the cultures and administrative environments of the countries in question.

Second place is. Commerzbank has a presence in these foreign markets either through its local branches for corporate clients or — as in Poland and Ukraine — through a. It supports German companies through all three phases of internationalisation: Export and import phase I , setting up. The first phase of pure foreign trade business focuses mainly on controlling country-related and political risks, on the financing and reliable processing of export or import business and on managing foreign currency items.

This calls for a comprehensive range of documentary. Hedging exchange rate risks and the provision of modern solutions for international cash management are likewise vital to success. A number of additional challenges arise in phase II if a company ventures beyond its national borders; by entering into a joint venture, for instance: There are cultural differences and language barriers to overcome and legal require-. Cross-border liquidity planning takes on even greater importance.

Optimum financing and cash flow management are the key areas of focus, for it is these factors in particular that count when a German business progresses to the next step and opens up a subsidiary abroad phase III. There are a number of different options available for financing payment terms for export transactions. These need to be aligned to the requirements of both the exporter and the importer in each case.

Supplier credit, for instance, is a means of financing payment terms given by the exporter to the importer. This credit is extended to the exporter and is usually secured by claims arising from the delivery transaction and collateral associated with this. In the area of subsidies, the main instrument used to support foreign trade by Mittelstand companies is Euler Hermes export credit insurance. One option for the refinancing of these supplier credits is to opt for the non-recourse purchase of receivables.

The export receivable and all. When entering a new market, meticulous planning and preparation are vital to success. The decision to expand into foreign markets is usually followed by a long period of research into the country in question and its relevant markets, not forgetting an analysis of the prevailing modes of payment in the country. The extent and nature of any additional support required by a company depends on the complexity of the task ahead. The German Desks situated at Commerzbank branches abroad have excellent contacts with chambers of foreign trade, associations and embassies, for instance, in addition to consultants and lawyers in the different countries.

A well planned, foresighted internationalisation strategy is not just a key to open-. In fact, two thirds of all Mittelstand companies are starting to experience pressure from international competition in their domestic market. So it is certainly worth looking into the specific opportunities and risks associated with pursuing an internationalisation strategy as well as obtaining the support of a trusted finance partner.

On the whole, foreign investments have proven advantageous for the vast majority of Mittelstand companies. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that almost two thirds of German Mittelstand companies have chosen to expand their foreign trade activities over the past five years. Payment incidents recorded by Coface began to decline in the summer of , eventually falling to below precrisis levels. This improvement in corporate payment behaviour results from more effective cash and stock management coupled with reduced payment times in the framework of the Law on the Modernisation of the Economy.

In addition, companies have benefited from strong government support industrial support fund, export credit insurance.

Download Process Analysis And Simulation In Chemical Engineering

The cost of these failures to suppliers has fallen sharply. The youngest companies, specialising in construction and services to individuals and companies, remain the most fragile. Furthermore, company creation has seen an upward trend since the beginning of , due in particular to the introduction of the new auto-entrepreneur status for the self-employed.

France is home to many competitive international groups. Undermined by the expiry of the scrapping incentive and by low household disposable income, consumption will fail to return to pre-crisis levels. Investment will continue to recover but at a relatively slow pace due to a lack of economic visibility, the persistence of difficult conditions of access to financing and the excess production capacity in industry. Investment is expected to be limited to the replacement of existing equipment. Exports will be affected by the slowdown in European trade as austerity plans kick in.

Overall, domestic demand is not expected to be dynamic enough to offset the falloff in. Upward pressure on prices will likely remain limited due to the very moderate pace of growth. Investment only began to revive in the second quarter , growing fitfully thereafter. The economic recovery was also buoyed by a technical factor: a slowdown in. Company creation has seen an upward trend since the beginning of , due in particular to the introduction of the new auto-entrepreneur status for the self-employed.

With little presence in emerging countries, they take insufficient advantage of the economic dynamism in those markets. Despite the contraction of profit margins, industry has lost market share. With imports driven by strong private consumption largely offsetting the growth of exports, the foreign trade contribution to economic growth was modest in Financing conditions remain difficult. Corporate bond risk premiums have increased and credit flows remain below pre-crisis levels, with bank feebleness primarily affecting smaller companies. There is a general lack of corpo-.

Guillaume Foissac is a research engineer specialising in design at EDF. Constantly staying in touch with his fellow researchers, Guillaume works on energy-generating facilities like the heat pump or solar panels. Having spent a year in Japan, his views have changed on the environmental solutions he is in a position to develop with EDF: now he makes sure they are attractive, easy to understand and less expensive for consumers.

More stories on edf. Despite the support programs extended in May to Greece downgrade to A4 in June and in December to Ireland downgrade to A4 in January , the establishment of the European financial stability facility EFSF and the announcement of the launch, scheduled in mid, of a crisis resolution mechanism intended to stem contagion risks, the situation remained very tense late Companies will be affected via three main channels: climate of distrust, reductions in public spending and more difficult access to credit due to the high exposure of European banks to sovereign risk.

It is probably via the banking channel that European companies will be constrained in , in view of the financial integration of the countries in the monetary union,. Conversely, the risks remain high in peripheral countries. The possibility that Spain A3 since March and Portugal A3 since June may, in turn, call for international aid has heightened the fears of investors, who have pointed out the inadequacy of resources in the stabilization facility and are troubled by the prospect of losses resulting from the private sector possibly.

The draconian adjustment policies implemented in the weakest economies could further exacerbate the disparities in the economic performance. The austerity policies, but also the slowdown in world trade, the continuation of household deleveraging and the process of restoring corporate cash flow, not to mention the possibility of further turbulence in the sovereign debt market, are expected to result in a regional growth slowdown in Inflation — which accelerated in due to the rise of food prices spurred by poor weather — could slow this year.

However, in view of the property bubble risks and the possible rise of nonperforming loans economic policy was tightened. Measures were moreover taken to limit speculation following the sharp price increases in the property market, particularly in four large cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. The appreciation of the yuan was nonetheless very mild. Despite these measures, Chinese economic growth remained high.

Heavy industry doubtless suffered from the slowdown in infrastructure and property projects. However, light industry remained solid driven by strong domestic demand, the recovery in exports, and tax incentives for the purchase of automotive vehicles and home appliances. Although publicsector investment, particularly by local communities, will likely continue. Private consumption is moreover expected to record solid performance, buoyed by improvement in the labour market.

The vulnerability of companies will bear watching. Weak companies that benefited from extensive public support during the crisis will be hardpressed to survive once the government withdraws its measures of support. Furthermore, the authorities will continue to pursue a strategy of consolidating the industrial fabric and fostering a move upmarket that has generated and will continue to generate bankruptcies among weak companies, especially in low value-added sectors textile, shoes, toys and sectors hobbled by overcapacity automotives, construction, steel.

The debt burdens of local governments meanwhile have increased significantly in the wake of the stimulus plan. Barred from taking on debt in their own names, sub sovereign entities have borrowed via local financing platforms LFP with opaque operations. Banks made massive loans to LFPs when they were undercapitalized. Faced with growing risks of an increase of non performing loans, banks resorted to securitization.

In , the risk of a chain reaction of defaults will likely be avoided via an intervention by the government, enabled by high saving rate and low public debt. Occasional defaults will nonetheless be possible: To avoid moral hazard risks, the government may be tempted to showcase a few isolated cases.

The effects of the multiple disaster that hit Japan so heavily can still not be foreseen. It might last months or even years to overcome the biggest consequences. In this situation, international cooperation is even more necessary. Not only politics, also industry plays an important role. Japan and Germany are connected by a long tradition - the first German-Japanese trade agreement was signed years ago, German and Japanese companies work successfully together in various branches.

Since , the Komatsu Hanomag is a wholly owned subsidiary. The decision for this location depended mainly on the availability of highly qualified engineers for development of innovative products. Siemens is one of the corporations with the longest history and experience in the Japanese market. As early as , the Munich-based company opened its first office in Tokyo.

Through strategic alliances with Japanese companies, core markets in Japan were opened over the decades. The first Komatsu wheel loaders were already produced in Five years later. Integration of renewable energies will surely gain even more priority in Japan. Besides solar power, Japan also has quite good potentials for the use of wind energy. The Aurich- based wind turbine manufacturer Enercon estab-.

Together with Hitachi as a technology and service partner, a number of major projects have been realized. Enercon is now said to have installed one out of four of all wind turbines in Japan since they started in the end of the nineties. Japan has become the fourth largest export country for Enercon. Breite Strasse 29 - Berlin Tel. Non-oil exports climbed Abu Dhabi exhibition stand will be showcasing the wealth of experience. From energy efficiency to key technologies, the Abu Dhabi partners will highlight the wealth of knowledge and resources is has secured it their belts.

This year we have a combination of new and returning partners in our Hannover delegation, which has been an extremely successful event for all our partners, and we look forward to contin-. With significant investments and partnerships already secured in Germany, including the expansion of Advanced. The Government has made significant investment. The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision is guided through a series of five year plans, which are designed to enhance and encourage a number of key sectors, including industry, energy, chemicals, metals, aerospace, ICT, tourism, logistics and transport, financial services, media, healthcare and education.

The strategic location of Abu Dhabi makes it a popular location for companies and individuals alike who. The plan will see a move away from the emirate being so heavily dependent on the energy sector, helping to build a solid, sustainable economy, which is equipped to take advantage of global opportunities and position itself as a key industry player internationally. Dubai, where Jafza is based, offers limitless business possibilities, which has led to the rapid growth of the one of the most important industrial and economic hubs in the region.

This is where Jafza comes in. Through innovative, customer-centric, services-driven development strategies, Jafza has successfully built one of the biggest, most multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic business communities in the Middle East. Jafza has also emerged as the preferred business destination for European companies looking to base themselves in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region and has over companies from the continent based there including German companies such as DHL, Danzas, Dorma, Beiersdorf,.

Last year alone 18 German companies established base in Jafza. The free zone continues to garner interest globally and has representative offices across Europe including one in Stuttgart, Germany. The DP World managed Jebel Ali Port, one of the 10 largest container ports in the world is served by shipping lines providing connection to market of 2 billion people Jafza is directly connected to Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali via the Dubai Logistics Corridor, launched last year. Dubai Logistics Corridor is the face of new Dubai.

Today, Jafza provides flexible options and state-of-the-art sustainable build-to-suit solutions for a wide range of industries. The array of state-of-the-art facilities available, include pre-built modern warehouses ready to be leased, office space in various sizes to accommodate the requirements of any company of any size, and plots of land for large-scale operations such as manufacturing and extensive warehousing. The company specialises in green facilities and has won numerous global awards for its bespoke eco-friendly designs.

The free zone has been undergoing massive developments since Some new innovative offerings include the light industrial unit LIU, the first of its kind facility in the Free Zone to offer a metre height allowance. The development of Jafza South Zone has been dramatic with its world class warehouses and other amenities. With the addition of Also under construction currently is the ambitious Convention Centre Complex which will be equipped with exhibition halls, an auditorium, banquet hall, meeting and conference rooms, a 4 star hotel, world-class recreational and retail provisions and many other businessfriendly facilities.

The free zone has seen uninterrupted year-on-year growth in the num-. Jafza devises ways to optimise its logistics offerings. Jafza has incorporated a single window operating system, seamlessly integrating products and services to provide everything its customers need within one framework namely licensing, registration, leasing, immigration, telecommunications, utilities and postal services and police and consulate affairs services.

For more than a quarter of a century, Jafza has been one of the most profitable commercial gateways to the whole region and the company remains committed to creating the most ideal environment for investors exploring business opportunities in the Middle East. To maximise business potential of investors, RAKIA also introduced a range of business incentives that include per cent income and corporate tax exemptions; per cent capital and profit repatriation; per cent ownership in free zones; no foreign exchange control; avoidance of double taxation with many countries; absence of restrictions on hiring of expatriates; liberal labour.

RAKIA issued 1, licences in , indicating an increase by 27 per cent from and 62 per cent compared to RAKIA also achieved a per cent improvement in the total area of land leased, reaching over 1 million square meters in from just , A total of 84 land lease contracts were signed in for an average of 85, square metres of land leased each month.

Warehouse leasing likewise improved by 41 per cent with contracts signed in An average of 4, square metres of warehouse space was leased each month in , while the total area leased reached 55, square metres. The industrial sector saw the biggest gains in with a 65 per cent increase in industrial licences compared to RAKIA likewise reported that property leasing increased by per cent in compared to There was also a per cent occupancy level in labour accommodations, commercial centre shops, commercial centre-studio flats and staff accommodation-shops managed by RAKIA.

This decades-old relationship has consistently been developed in recent years, with bilateral energy partnerships adding to its quality. German companies mostly supply modern technology and knowhow, while African companies gain reliable buyers for their natural resources. Over the last five years, the German-African Energy Forum, organised by the Afrika-Verein, has become one of the cornerstones of this relationship. Discussions will focus on current topics such as renewable energy, the production and distribution of electricity, resources such as oil and gas, as well as topics relating to the petrochemical industry.

A visit to the Hannover Fair, included in the programme, will present the African participants with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of German technology. The African continent is experiencing its strongest phase of economic growth since independence. Power generation capacity in some states did not grow fast enough to keep up with the strong growth in demand. This led to power shortages and even to blackouts.

Besides conventional energy sources such as coal and gas, renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role on the continent. In addition to hydro-power, which is already well-established in many states, wind energy and solar power are increasingly being put to use. The pioneers in the use of renewable energy came mainly from Northern Africa, but sub-Saharan states have in the meantime embraced the concept.

For the time being, though, oil, coal and gas remain the leading sources of energy and are likely to remain important. Africa possesses around 10 percent of. The substantial investment demand in Africa means that this trend is likely to continue. Demand is particularly strong for new power networks, conventional power plants, wind power plants, decentralised solutions through solar energy, and consulting services.

The substantial experience of organisations such as the Afrika-Verein, the German Chambers in the network of the DIHK Association of German Chambers of Trade and Industry and select local partners, helps companies to take advantage of the very good business opportunities available in Africa. ECDC, the visionary steward of economic development in the Eastern Cape, is committed to providing channels, platforms and resources to ignite your business idea into a prosperous enterprise for local and export markets.

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Die Unternehmen standen unter starkem Ertragsdruck, da Kostensteigerungen nicht zeitnah weitergegeben werden konnten. So sind allein die Personalkosten seit Ende um 6 Prozent angestiegen. Bei industriellen Vorverpackungen waren vor allem flexible Verpackungen mit hohen Barriereeigenschaften gefragt. Foto: IPV. Industrieverband Papier- und Folienverpackung e. Bild: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen www. Die Interpack war von einer herausragenden Stimmung unter den rund 2. Die Aussteller der Interpack trafen schon von Messebeginn an auf zahlreiche hochrangige Besucher aus allen Teilen der Welt. Zu diesen Themenkomplexen waren besonders viele Innovationen in den Hallen zu sehen.

Das ist uns erneut sehr gut gelungen. Ein besonders aufmerksamkeitsstarkes Thema zur Interpack war Save Food. Bereits einen Tag vor Messestart begann der zweite Save Food-Kongress, der sich an dem ersten seiner beiden Schwerpunktthementage an Non Profit-Organisationen richtete, die Problemstellungen aus politischen und gesellschaftlichen Blickwinkeln beleuchteten.

BU: Die Interpack war von einer herausragenden Stimmung unter den rund 2. Der Absatz im Inland nahm dabei mit einem Plus von 5,1 Prozent deutlich zu, der Auslandsabsatz hingegen verzeichnete ein leichtes Minus und nahm um 0,4 Prozent ab. Dabei unterscheidet sich der Auslandsabsatz mit einem Plus von 3,2 Prozent deutlich vom Trend im Inland mit einem Minus von 3,4 Prozent.

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung. Jede zweite hierzulande gefertigte Druck- und Papierverarbeitungsmaschine geht nach West- oder Osteuropa. Hersteller von Druck- und Papiertechnik sind dabei, ihr Engagement in diesem Markt auszubauen und bringen sich mit ihren Kompetenzen in Stellung. Heering sieht das als folgerichtige Entwicklung.

Denn sie veredele Verpackungen und erlaube es Anbietern dadurch, sich im Wettbewerb zu differenzieren. Als ein weiterer zentraler Trend wird die Individualisierung von Druckprodukten gesehen, ob diese nun aus Papier und Pappe oder aus Stoff, Glas oder Halbleitern bestehen. Foto: VDMA. Die Drupa — unumstritten die Weltleitmesse Nr. Mai auf den Punkt.


Aktuell befindet sich die Druckbranche in einem radikalen strukturellen Wandel und tief greifenden Konsolidierungsprozessen. Der neue Untertitel der Drupa — no. Aber gleichzeitig wurde eine neue Bildsprache entwickelt, die den Anspruch der neuen Drupa unterstreicht. Future Technologies 5. Materials 6. Die gedruckte Ausstellereinladung wird weltweit verschickt, das digitale Anmeldeformular ist unter www. Anmeldeschluss ist der Oktober Mehr als 92 wollen die Metpack erneut besuchen.

Der Auslandsanteil lag bei 80 Prozent. Die Hochrechnung des letzten Messetages mit einbezogen kamen 7.

Der Fachbesucheranteil lag bei 99 Prozent. Neben Nahrungsmitteltechnologie werden unter anderem Verpackungs-, Metallbearbeitungs- und Kunststoffverarbeitungsmaschinen gesucht. Damit ist das Land zwischen Europa und Asien einerseits ein immer wichtigerer Absatzmarkt. Er gibt sich optimistisch, dass daraus nach der Messe etwas entsteht. Marcec hebt hervor, dass Putzmeister bislang auf jeder Usetec etwas verkauft hat.

So wurde am zweiten Messetag kurzerhand eine Reise an den Kilometer entfernten Firmensitz nach Emmerich organisiert. Die Mitglieder einer nigerianischen Gruppe arbeiteten emsig ihre Einkaufslisten ab. Bild: Hess GmbH www. Hersteller profitieren daher von geringerem Wartungsaufwand und Personalbedarf. Seit dem 1.

Die feierliche Preisverleihung findet dieses Jahr am Alle Informationen zum Deutschen Verpackungspreis finden sich unter www.

Das Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut e. Aus seinem Umfeld nimmt das Netzwerk Impulse auf und gibt auch selbst immer wieder wichtige Impulse ab. Zahlreiche Initiativen machen das dvi aus. Foto: dvi. Die KHS-Gruppe konnte ihre Position in einem sehr wettbewerbsintensiven und dynamischen Marktumfeld deutlich festigen. Mit einem Umsatz von 1. Euro dar. Die Entwicklungsschwerpunkte lagen in den Bereichen Etikettierung bzw. Das entspricht einem Plus von 34,7 Prozent im Vergleich zu Hinzu kommen neue Servicekonzepte wie z. Sie sind weitere, wesentliche Impulsgeber.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, bisher v. Diese kommen in allen Bereichen, bei denen es um sichere Verpackung geht, zum Einsatz. Mit zukunftsorientierten Themen wie Ressourcen und Energieeffizienz konnte ein Teilnehmerplus verzeichnet werden. Die wichtige Rolle des Kongresses in der Papierbranche zu Zeiten des Umbruchs wird damit umso deutlicher.

Als sogenannte Tandemanlage kann sie entweder im Triplex-Verfahren oder zweimal zeitgleich im Duplex-Verfahren in Betrieb sein. Paul Leibinger baut mit einem Gesamtinvestitionsvolumen von 8 Mio. Neben dem Bau einer neuen Produktionshalle wird der bestehende Service- und Verwaltungsbereich durch den Auszug eines Untermieters erweitert. Mit der neuen Produktionshalle wird die bereits jetzt sehr hohe interne Fertigungstiefe weiter ausgebaut. Dazu kommen weitere 1. Vom Tisch ist die Datennutzung jedoch noch nicht. So haben die teilnehmenden Unternehmen keinen Vollzugriff auf die Daten anderer Teilnehmer.

Vielmehr betont der FSC nunmehr sogar selbst, dass der Nutzen marginal sei. Dazu trage auch die unzureichende Kommunikation des FSC bei. Die Beumer Group blickt mit einem Auftragseingang von etwa Mio. Das Unternehmen ist dadurch in den vergangenen Jahren organisch sehr stabil gewachsen. Der Preis des Aktionsforums Glasverpackung wurde am Mai erstmals vergeben. EPAL am 5. Juni in Budapest. Hierzu wird die Ferd.


Die Ferd. Im vergangenen Jahr wurden in Deutschland insgesamt Euro hergestellt. Die Verbandsmitglieder zeigten sich auf der VVK-Mitgliederversammlung Ende Mai in Hamburg zuversichtlich, dass sich die gute Branchenkonjunktur auch in diesem Jahr fortsetzen wird. In den ersten Monaten konnte bereits ein bemerkenswertes Mengenwachstum erzielt werden, so dass der VVK einen guten Start in das Jahr feststellen kann.

Ebenfalls auf dem Verbandstreffen vorgestellt wurde die mittlerweile 6. Im Zuge der Expansion von Ishida Europe wurde jetzt eine benachbarte Immobilie gekauft und modernisiert. Neuer Vorstandsvorsitzender wird ab dem Juli Harald Biederbick. Neben Roland Roth wird mit Franklin H. Mit der Akquisition des Folienherstellers Danafilms wurde der Zugang zum nordamerikanischen Markt geschaffen. Den internationalen Wachstumskurs soll der neue Vorstand erfolgreich fortsetzen.

Mit Wirkung zum Manfred Bracher dieser verantwortungsvollen Aufgabe mit vollstem Einsatz stellen. Das traditionsbewusste und erfolgreiche Unternehmen Seyfert mit Stammsitz in Reichenbach a. Fils befindet sich seit Jahren im Besitz der Familie Seyfert. Auch als Arbeitgeber bleibt Seyfert ein berechenbarer und sicherer Partner. Die Seyfert Gruppe betreibt in Deutschland drei Wellpappenwerke. An 17 Standorten werden Wellpappenerzeugnisse hergestellt und verarbeitet.

Palm erwirtschaftete mit 3. Das Stanzen von Etiketten mittels Laser, das keine Werkzeuge erfordert und Einrichtzeiten sowie Makulatur minimiert, gewinnt speziell in Verbindung mit dem Digitaldruck zunehmend an Bedeutung. Chromos verhandelt derzeit bereits mit zahlreichen Interessenten, sodass mit ersten Inbetriebnahmen im Verlaufe des Jahres gerechnet wird.

Mit ihren rund Mitarbeitern ist die Wifag-Polytype mit Vertriebs-, Service und Produktionsstandorten weltweit aktiv. BU: Roger Schmidt li. Auf der Zellcheming-Expo vom Kostenlose Eintrittskarten zur Messe sind unter www. Ich freue mich, gemeinsam mit dem gesamten Vertriebsteam diesen Weg mitzugestalten. Halbjahr wird nun in einer strategischen Partnerschaft mit dem Kunden Liebensteiner Kartonagen eine weitere Variante dieses Modells in Betrieb gehen.

Formatwerk der Prowell GmbH. Darauf basierend erfolgt die Herstellung und Bereitstellung der Wellpappenformate. Durch den Verpackungspark werden diese Nachteile eliminiert, indem die Volumenproduktion einer Hochleistungswellpappenanlage unter Vermeidung logistischer Nachteile mit spezialisierter Verpackungsherstellung kombiniert wird. Halbjahr starten. Halbjahr wird in einer strategischen Partnerschaft mit Liebensteiner Kartonagen eine weitere Variante des Verpackungsparkmodells von Prowell in Betrieb gehen.

Foto: Prowell. Der Erfolg dieser Veranstaltung ist wohl auch vor diesem Hintergrund zu sehen. Entsprechend zeigten sich die Besucher des Benelux Vouwkartondags gerade auch an den innovativen Service-Dienstleistungen der Business Unit Service interessiert. Diese bestehen zum einen aus vorbeugenden Services wie dem Maintenance Plus Programm von Bobst, das je nach Beanspruchung der vor Ort installierten Maschinen individuell auf die Anforderungen von Kunden abgestimmt wird. Dabei war Baumer hhs mit einem Vortrag zum Thema innovative Leimauftragssysteme und einer Live-Demonstration unmittelbar in das Programm eingebunden.

Diese Erfahrung haben wir bereits im vergangenen Jahr mit unseren Expertentagen gemacht. EUR 1, Mrd. Foto: Bobst. Die Veranstaltung war vom Diese Fachveranstaltung vom Foto: Groninger. Fast 1. Einer der neuen Kollegen ist Peter Wagner, der seit 1. Wagner war in den vergangenen 15 Jahren beim Werkzeugmaschinenhersteller Gebr. Mehr als 40 Mio. Innerhalb der Unternehmensgruppe wurde die Tochtergesellschaft Visiotec neu ausgerichtet.

Foto: Uhlmann. Die beiden Traditionsunternehmen der Familien Ratt und Ittensohn wachsen zusammen. Euro Umsatz. Die weiteren Beteiligungen wurden nicht hinzugerechnet. Kein anderer Anbieter zeigt derzeit dieses Portfolio. Sowohl von der Rolle als auch am Bogen. Dabei finden auch kundenspezifische Produktentwicklungen statt. Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit sind Pawag wichtig. Der Erhalt der Pawag als eine Einheit war dabei mein Ziel. Das war zugleich der erste Schritt aufeinander zu. Die weiteren Verhandlungen liefen sehr gut und so war es nur mehr die logische Konsequenz, zusammen zu gehen.

Dieser wird mit MitarbeiterInnen erreicht. Foto: Rattpack. Erstmals hat das House of Perfumes damit einen Faltschachtel-Hersteller mit dieser Auszeichnung bedacht. Oliver und Betty Barclay. Foto: Edelmann. Der 1. Am Standort in Moers arbeiten derzeit Mitarbeiter. Drei Industriekaufleute und sechs Packmitteltechnologen werden zurzeit ausgebildet. Foto: Fritz Peters GmbH. Die Nachfolge wurde langfristig vorbereitet. ist online - Verpackungen einfach online kaufen!

Zurzeit werden mit ca. Mithilfe des Tools lassen sich Verkaufsverpackungen auf einem virtuellen Supermarktregal visualisieren und die Reaktionen der potenziellen Kunden per Eye-Tracking einer Webcam erfassen. Der 7. Oktober wird in Englisch abgehalten. An beiden Tagen wird die Veranstaltung um September in der Messe Basel statt. Logistik und Verpackung sind mit der Vernetzung und Globalisierung der Wirtschaft zu wesentlichen Faktoren geworden. Betroffen sind alle Branchen. An allen vier Messetagen gibt es ein spannendes Programm, bestehend aus den drei Elementen Fachforum, Podiumsdiskussion und Innovationsforum.

Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich. Der Kongress soll in Zukunft alle zwei Jahre stattfinden. Foto: Pro Carton. Der Clou: Die Maschine besitzt ein kettenloses Antriebskonzept. Pro Stunde werden bis zu 30 Becher ausgebracht. Denn sie sieht aus wie eine Standard-Medikamenten Verpackung. Die Ein- und Ausbringung des Packmittels hingegen erfolgt manuell. Bis zu acht Prozesse lassen sich auf diese Weise auf der Maschine realisieren.

Foto: Bosch Packaging. Begonnen hat er im Vertrieb als Vertriebsingenieur. Mehr als 25 Jahre verbringt Mente jetzt schon in dieser Branche. Sein Werdegang weist Erfahrungen in der keramischen Industrie, der Lebensmittelindustrie, in der Automobilbranche sowie in der Verpackungstechnik auf. Dabei bin ich besonders auf die Erfahrungen der Kollegen angewiesen und werde sie intensiv in mein Aufgabenfeld miteinbeziehen! Foto: Feige Filling. August Das Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut will Teilnehmern aus dem In- und Ausland damit die Chance geben, ihre Innovation fristgerecht unter www.

Teilnahmeberechtigt sind Unternehmen, Organisation und Einzelpersonen, die innovative Ideen aus dem Verpackungsbereich entwickeln, realisieren oder anwenden. Dabei kann es sich z. Die Preisverleihung findet dieses Jahr am KG in Wustermark hat im Rahmen des 90 Mio. Damit wird den steigenden qualitativen und logistischen Anforderungen der Kunden nach flexibler und schneller Belieferung Rechnung getragen. KG im brandenburgischen Wustermark. Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik fertigt kundenspezifische Stanzverpackungen, Faltkisten und mehrpunktgeklebte Verpackungen sowie Displays.

Diese seit bestehenden Indizes werden vielfach als Benchmark von Investoren herangezogen. Foto: IK. Foto: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Foto: Kollmorgen. Per Unter Lizenz der European Pallet Association e. Foto: EPAL. Chesapeake und MPS haben im Februar fusioniert. Der Kompetenz- und Know-how-Austausch innerhalb der Unternehmensgruppe kommt auch den Produktherstellern zugute. Allen sehr optimistischen Prognosen zum Trotz, das Tempo der Umsatzsteigerungen im E-Commerce hat deutlich abgenommen. Bereinigt um den Umsatz von amazon. Das Unternehmen Amazon ist mit einigen weiteren Shops wie javari.

Geschützter Forenbereich

Mit einem Umsatz von Mio. Die Top Schweizer Onlineshops generierten 3,4 Mrd. Die dritte Stelle nimmt hier nespresso. Der Shop generiert rund ,6 Mio. Auf ihn folgt universal. Schwerpunkt der Untersuchung waren B2C-Onlineshops. Betreibt ein Unternehmen mehrere Onlineshops, so wurde jeder Shop separat betrachtet. Die Verpackung besteht aus einem einzigen Zuschnitt. Das Verpackungskonzept ist zu Prozent automatengerecht.

Am Freitag, Die Nominierungen fallen mehrheitlich in die Bereiche Nachhaltigkeit und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung. Sie ist Teil der vor kurzem gestarteten Markeninitiative ""Open the Future"". Die Sieger werden am 8. Foto: Smurfit Kappa. Im Jahr wurden 1,1 Milliarden Verpackungen mit bio-basiertem Verschluss an Kunden ausgeliefert, fast doppelt so viele wie im Vorjahr.

Aber hinter diesem Versprechen steckt noch mehr. Foto: Tetra Pak. In den letzten Tagen vor Teilnahmeschluss gab es noch einmal einen regelrechten Run auf den Deutschen Verpackungspreis Die feierliche Preisverleihung findet am Das Event findet dieses Jahr unter dem Motto Best Pack — Design by students for virtuous solutions statt und stellt 60 vielversprechende Projekte vor.

Sie sind von Studenten erarbeitet worden und werden erstmalig in einem Forum zu sehen sein. Was ist die "Challenge "? November, um 10 Uhr in der Innovations-Tagesschau. Insgesamt stellten drei Studententeams aus dem 4. Studienjahr ihre Projekte der Emballage-Messejury vor. Daneben soll es einen vorgegebenen Besucherparcours geben. Mit Wirkung vom Dabei stellte Hahnenkamp eindrucksvoll unter Beweis, dass er ein Unternehmen strategisch und strukturell weiterentwickeln kann.

Auch innerhalb der Lebensmittelindustrie ist der Vertriebsprofi bestens vernetzt. Foto: Ishida. Mit Wirkung vom 1. Foto: Bobst Bielefeld. KGaA aus Selters. KG aus Schwalmstadt. Dank des perforierten Films kommt die Gasmischung auch direkt mit der Unterseite von z. Dadurch ist auch die Gasverteilung optimal, was das bakterielle Wachstum abbremst und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Haltbarkeit hat.

Die Ernennung trat am September in Kraft. Er ist verheiratet und hat ein Kind. Jan Klingele. Bates ist mit seinen Mitarbeitern vor allem in der Region Texas seit vielen Jahren etabliert. Ein wesentlicher Teil der rund Das betrifft sowohl die Lebensmittelbranche als auch andere Segmente, die immer beliebter werden, wie z. Grafische und taktile Verbesserungen der Verpackungen in der Zigaretten-, Kosmetik- und Gesundheitsindustrie sowie eine Mischung aus renommierten und neuen Technologien finden stets Anklang.

Erfahrungen teilen. Mit diesen zentralen Anliegen ist am 9. Laut Prognosen wird der globale Verpackungsmarkt zwischen und um Mrd. Sie treffen dort auf ein fachkundiges Publikum von Herstellern und Veredlern von Wellpappe und Faltschachteln sowie auf Fachleute aus der Verpackungsindustrie. Das zeigt der aktuelle IK Konjunkturtrend. Der Umsatzindex sinkt zudem zum vierten Mal in Folge. Bei der Exportprognose zeigt sich eine nahezu identische Situation.

Wesentliche Parameter sind in diesem Zusammenhang die Energiekosten. Die IK verweist in diesem Zusammenhang darauf, dass nicht nur Export orientierte Verpackungshersteller davon betroffen sind, sondern insbesondere auch kleinere Unternehmen, die weitgehend den deutschen Markt beliefern. Januar in Hamburg. Dies kommt dem Markt in jeder Hinsicht entgegen. Die Messe zeichnet sich durch die Mischung aus regionalen, nationalen und internationalen Key Playern aus.

Besonders der effektive und direkte Kontakt zu potenziellen Kunden macht diese Messe zum Branchentreffpunkt hier in Norddeutschland. Es findet am Mittwoch, Januar , von 9. Deutsche Verpackungs-Dialog statt. Vertrauen, das ist in unseren schnelllebig gewordenen Zeiten ein hohes Gut. Wie sehen Vertrauensmarken aus — und wie sind sie verpackt? Wie wichtig ist u. Wie muss ein Etui aussehen, um die Noblesse der traditionsreichen Schreibwaren aus dem Hause Faber-Castell angemessen zum Ausdruck zu bringen?

Programm und Anmeldungen: Museumsleitung Wiesbaden Tel. Die neue VVK-Homepage www. Foto: VVK. Andreas Nowak ist seit 1. Indem wir kontinuierlich in Forschung und Entwicklung investieren, sind wir in der Lage, kurzfristig auf neue Anforderungen unserer Kunden einzugehen. Und daran halten wir uns auch in Zukunft.

Foto: ES-Plastic. Gemeinsam mit Verpackungsexperten aus Industrie und Wissenschaft wurde am Mittwoch, Die Dienstleistung richtet sich vor allem an KMU. Nach drei Tagen Laufzeit schloss sie am Gut 90 Prozent der Fachbesucher sind in Investitionsentscheidungen ihres Betriebs einbezogen. November stattfinden. Unter den Einsendungen gab es eine bemerkenswerte Anzahl an hochwertigen Ideen und Produkten. Corsten war zum 1. Der Transport von Lebensmitteln ist dank einer Produktinnovation von Thimm Verpackung aus Northeim noch hygienischer geworden. Mit oder ohne Lack kann die Verpackung problemlos recycelt werden.