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God sees the whole picture, as a reconnaissance pilot who watches the battle from a spotter plane high above the action, and radios down the instructions for battle. God speaks through David in Psalm Be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding, which must be curbed with bit and bridle, or it will not stay near you. God is our instructor and teacher on what way or path to take. From his vantage point -- seeing the past, present, and future -- God sees what we cannot see, and "counsels us with his eye upon us.

Notice that God doesn't want to force us to obey -- like some animals that won't obey unless you put a bit and bridle on them. Rather he seeks to speak to us in counsel. As we have faith in him, we begin to obey. He desires a more mature relationship based on trust rather than force. If we fight him, we can't serve him. There's a sense that only when we do obey what God shows us will we find out what he is planning to do through us. When we resist, we'll never know.

When faced with the his enemies' unbelief, Jesus said:. As an old folk proverb puts it, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Even then you may not know how your small act of obedience fits into his larger plan. But occasionally you'll be able to see the fruit, and can rejoice. I only wonder what other things I could have rejoiced about if I had only listened and obeyed always.

Psalm ; John Why is a willingness to obey without understanding the reasons for God's commands so important? How does obedience sometimes help us understand God's workings. The desire for control keeps us from humble submission to God. We don't have to know everything. In Lesson 2 we studied Paul's reaction to the "thorn in the flesh. God doesn't answer his prayer. But God's reply gives a hint of why he didn't answer Paul's prayer. He is teaching Paul the strength that comes with full dependence upon God. In Lesson 3 we examined the series of frustrating "noes" from God as Paul and his party travel across Asia Minor, seeking God's leading about where to evangelize Acts God only speaks to them after weeks of travel -- and then in a dream.

God is fully able to speak to you. Don't try to force him to speak. He'll speak in his good time. That's part of being a submissive servant -- the place that Samuel assumed before God. We pick it up where she asks God about a particular situation. Then I rest in peace. I may not have direction at the moment, but I am confident that the answer will come.

I do not worry or fret about it. When I am tempted to be anxious or concerned, I simply remind the Lord that I need an answer. That answer may come days, weeks, or even months later. I may be worshipping and praising the Lord when suddenly, out of my spirit will come thoughts that are the answer to what I have asked Him. At that moment I may not be thinking about the request. Therefore, I know that these are not my thoughts but the thoughts of the Lord. He is enlightening my spirit and giving me the wisdom I asked Him for.

We've already considered the importance of an attitude of a servant vs. Now we need to consider another motivation that we must deliberately avoid when listening for the voice of God -- pride. It is subtle, but it is often lurking to contaminate our motives. When you say confidently, "God told me to Since they haven't heard from God and we have, it tends to elevate us in their eyes.

Woe to us humans, who often walk before God with mixed motives! Forgive us, Lord!

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I'm not saying that leaders shouldn't declare what God has told them as they lead the people God has put in their charge. Remember Simon the Sorcerer, who wanted to purchase the power to confer the Holy Spirit so he could retain control over people Acts Peter's retort should caution us:. Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. How can pride corrupt our hearing from God? How do we protect ourselves from being deceived by our pride? We've talked quite a bit about heart preparation and pure motives so that we can hear God well.

You may have started doing this already, but if not, after you have quieted your spirit before him, begin to ask God questions about what's going on in your life. Then be silent and listen to see what God might say to you. You may receive some distinct impressions, thoughts he may put in your mind -- or not. When you feel God is saying something to you, write it down in your journal. Just the act of writing down what you think God might be saying will help clarify it for you.

Then ask him about what you think you're hearing. Perhaps you'll hear more. This is a conversation. You won't always hear God say something. That's okay. Don't try to force God to speak to you or to answer you! He is the sovereign God, not you. Content yourself to be humbly silent in his presence where you can find your spirit renewed. Nevertheless, you may find him putting thoughts in your mind.

If so, praise God. That's a good start. Your assignment this week is -- every day in your Quiet Time -- to ask God questions and then be still and listen. If he puts something in your mind write it down. Then share this with your spiritual partner, who may be able to help you discern if this is, indeed, God. Eventually you'll learn to discern God's voice on your own. But in the beginning, feedback from a sympathetic friend is helpful and encouraging.

Father, please teach me to seek obedience and trust along with my desire to hear you. Make my heart pure so I can be a servant in whom you are pleased. In Jesus' name, I pray. The word has a wide range of meaning, from "declare" to "command," from "promise" to "threaten," and all in between. Holladay sees this as an Histafal stem pp.

1 Samuel 2 – Hannah’s Prayer, Eli’s Evil Sons

Austel, TWOT Tozer, The Pursuit of God , chapter 5. This was found on the Kenneth Haigen Ministries website. Hartley, TWOT A single copy of this article is free. Do not put this on a website. I love all shifters, and there's a mix of shifters in this book so I'm in PNR heaven. Kathi S Barton writes multiple series about shifters and other magical beings , and I'm a huge fan of them all. This is Book 1 of the "Samuel's Pride" series. There's a great blurb here in Goodreads so I won't repeat any of it. I will say that this first novel is another fine example of how well Kathi can build a world with my Three Favorites-shifters, erotic romance and bits Lions and wolves and bears-oh, my!

I will say that this first novel is another fine example of how well Kathi can build a world with my Three Favorites-shifters, erotic romance and bits of humor! Dec 26, LBell rated it it was ok. I don't understand how the H and h went from not being able to stand each other to professing their love for each other in the next paragraph.

The h was very unlikable, and I didn't care for her character at all. She is rude, opinionated, and forever blowing things out of proportion. What I don't understand is why, when Samuel knew his father was wanting revenge, he didn't take better pro cautions in making sure everyone was safe. He doesn't, and in turn has to "turn" the h to save her life. She I don't understand how the H and h went from not being able to stand each other to professing their love for each other in the next paragraph.

Lecture 7: Judges and 1 Samuel

She gets pissed because she is "dead" and will forever be a slave to him, blah blah blah. Aug 29, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: abused-heroine , alpha , chef-baker , fiesty-heroine , genre-paranormal , own-kindle , mate-human , series , shifters-cat-panther , virgin. When Kennedy Buehler's brother tried to marry her off to cover a debt, she fled all the way to the US. Now trying to find a job with her over qualified credentials as a chef, she has a chance at working for the Payne's. She knows they are shifters, but when she meets Samuel Payne she is immediately off kilter, the man oozes sensuality but he has warned her to stay out of his way.

Samuel left home young after another beating from his father, when his father hurt his mother that was it. Samuel has When Kennedy Buehler's brother tried to marry her off to cover a debt, she fled all the way to the US. Samuel has acquired everything that was his fathers, including providing a new home for his mother and the last thing he wants is a mate.

He saw what an unstable family life was like and he vowed he would never do that, but Kennedy is his mate and he realizes he can't stay away. However Kennedy believes he only married her for her money and estate and doesn't want anything to do with Samuel, but after an incident leaves Samuel with the fear of losing Kennedy, he quickly goes about showing how important she is to him.

This had a lot of buildup and then a quick okay everything is fine moment. However the story was quite intriguing and looks to be an interesting series. Kennedy and Samuel are quite a couple and I enjoyed Kennedy's Irish side, she is a handful. View all 3 comments. Oct 15, Belinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: kathi-s-barton. Samuel is an awesome read by Kathi S. Barton - He is a self-made man and starts out destroying the home where his dad had hurt his mom and him.

He moves his mom to another place where they can never be hurt again and in comes Kennedy Buehler with her Irish brogue to apply for the cook position. She is a little tiny thing but doesn't take any crap from anyone anymore. Little does Samuel know that when he meets Kennedy he has found his were lion mate - he doesn't want one and fights it all the way Samuel is an awesome read by Kathi S. Little does Samuel know that when he meets Kennedy he has found his were lion mate - he doesn't want one and fights it all the way.

I won't go into all the details of the book but this is definitely a great start to the Samuel Series - you won't want to miss out on this read to find out why Kennedy comes to the States from Ireland and why Samuel fights not taking a mate. Thank you Kathi for an awesome read - can't wait for the next book in this series. Oct 15, Denise rated it it was amazing. This is a start of a brand new series Samuel is a weretiger and at the beginning you learn he is an strong Alpha that know one can tame him but little does he know that his mother has hired a cook name Kennedy and when he meets her they do not get along of course who wants to read a book that they fall into your laps..

You got strong Alpha and kiss ass woman in this store I can not wait to read the next and see who else join the amazing Pride. Oct 15, Charlene Bauer rated it it was amazing. Can't begin to tell you how much I loved this book. Samuel is a shifter. A lion. He and his mother have separated from their pride because of his father. After moving to a new place they decide they need a cook. They hire Kennedy, who is running and hiding from her brother, and the sparks begin to fly.

When her grandmother shows up and forces her to marry Samuel, she thinks her life is over. Can Samuel convince her that he truly loves her? What happens when her brother and another show up to claim Can't begin to tell you how much I loved this book. What happens when her brother and another show up to claim her? Will Samuel give her up?

Come find out.

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You'll love the ride. I promise. I SO did not like this book. Didn't even finish it. Kennedy, the main girl, sounds like she's 40 when she's is And the main dude, he sounds 15 when he's in reality I tried to read it, repeatedly telling myself 'it will get better' uh uh it never did. Would not recommend this book.

Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Samuel (Episode 14)

Oct 26, Debbie rated it did not like it Shelves: 0-start-of-series-book , could-not-finish , paranormal-romance , shapeshifters , on-the-fence. Jul 23, Cheri rated it it was ok. I honestly do not know how I feel about this story, it felt disjointed and just all over the place, I liked the premise of the world the Author was going for but the characters felt a bit flat, much of the story felt like I should already know what was going on like there was a book before but this is supposedly book 1 and it was 5.

Dec 02, Omar's rated it it was amazing. Tells hello. Jun 02, Ti rated it really liked it Shelves: shifters , supernatural. OK the sex is yuck. But the story arc is kinda cool. Apr 11, Mnms rated it it was ok. A very disjointed and confusing story. May 29, Margaret rated it it was amazing. To me. But he grabbed her again. Kennedy lost what little control she had on herself and hit him. When she tried to scramble off him he put his hands on her hips and held her still.

His cock seemed to grow as she lay there. While I really enjoy this series, I have so much hate for how these two characters start out their relationship. Kennedy has escaped to the States rather be forced into a marriage to a man who could be her father by her brother. Trying to make ends meet just to survive Kennedy finds herself participating in a cook-off to become the new chef for Summer Payne and the household. What she didn't expect was for her world to be turned upside and feel like she traded one prison for another. Samuel has While I really enjoy this series, I have so much hate for how these two characters start out their relationship.

Samuel has seen how great mates can be that's sarcasm by the way. His mother and him felt the pain of his father's fist more times than they can count. Now as an adult Samuel is selling anything and everything that reminds him and his mother of his father and ready to start fresh. But when he finally arrives to his new home, it's to discover the new chef his mother has hired his the woman he hoped to never find; his mate!

With meddling family interfering, a marriage neither wants, and a brother determined to sell of his sister these two have more to handle before they can finally relax and figure out what to do with their lives. Now while everything worked out in the end and these two were finally able to work through their differences, I didn't care for how everyone seemed to treat Kennedy and just marry her off. Kennedy seemed to be the kind of woman who is a drama queen in her own way because she kept blowing things out of proportion and assuming everyone thought the worst of her.

Oct 16, Melanie-Smokenator rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesome , kathi-s-barton. Samuel is a lion shifter with a past where his father abused both his mom and himself as a teenager. He left home to work himself up in the world to eventually take his mom away from his abusive dad. Things didn't work so well, his dad hurt his mom to the point where she was no longer able to walk. But Samuel took care of his mom and then bought his old home and destroyed it, then sold it. Thus symbolizing the end of their hurtful past. He buys his mom an awesome, huge home They need a cook.

Hi Samuel is a lion shifter with a past where his father abused both his mom and himself as a teenager. His mom wants a practical interview and those are quite funny. In steps Kennedy with her own pain filled past. She is a strong character and most of her biological family are just stupid. The interaction between Samuel and Kennedy starts with sparks and well, there are mostly sparks.


Kennedy has this lovely tendency to pot men in the face. And I just adore her for her energy. I feel sad for her past, but I love the way her grandma stood by her, as well as the Payne's and the staff. Sometimes you will feel like hitting Samuel in the face and then you just want to squeeze him to death Ms Barton has an amazing talent to keep you coming back for more. I hope the next story in "Samuel's Pride" will be out soon. Love your work Kathi! View 1 comment.

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Sep 09, Vettech rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-romance. I really love reading Kathi S. Barton's work This exciting series has lots of various shifters through out the story. Samuel Payne is a busy man and has no time for romance. Being a lion shifter and a bit of a loner, he belongs to no lion shifter pride. Having left his pride due to an abusive father, who beat him and his mother, Samuel is a bitter man.

Kennedy Buehler is a beautiful, red haired Irish spitfire, who takes no crap from anyone As the lion shifters new cook for his household, Kennedy takes the new job in stride.

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But when Samuel insults her, she really gets her Irish up and puts him in his place. When Samuel discovers the Irish beauty is his mate he tries very hard to distance himself from her. I really loved this no non-sense female lead very much. With a few bad guys in the mix and all kinds of other shifters ie. Dec 27, Niki Driscoll rated it really liked it Shelves: finished. When I first started this series I was not sure what to expect. Samuel was arrogant, strong, hard headed and dead set on not having a mate. He was everything I would think an Alpha lion shifter would be.

Kennedy was a puzzle, she seemed to be weak, traumatized and a damsel in distress.