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The other organs were removed because they would cause the body to decay if left in place. As much water as possible was removed to help prevent decay. The organs not only held lots of water, they also contained bacteria and other substances like bile or partially digested food that would hasten decay.

Mummies in Ancient Egypt and the Process of Mummification

After the organs were removed, either through an incision on the side of the abdomen for the wealthiest clients, or by injecting oil or a solvent into the body cavity and letting it liquify the organs so they could be drained, the body was dried. Embalmers placed packets of natron, a dessicating natural salt found in dry lake and river beds, into the body cavity to absorb moisture.

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The natron was left in the body for 40 days, by which time the cavity was dry. The bodies of both wealthy and middle-class clients were covered with natron as well, though middle-class clients with no incisions did not get the internal packets. For much of ancient Egyptian history, in the mummification process the organs removed from the body were dried with natron, wrapped in linen and placed in individual jars, called canopic jars.

Egypt Unveils Dozens of Newly Discovered Mummies

Except for the brain, which was thrown out as it was not considered important. The drying process performed on the body, as well as the lack of internal organs, made the body cavity appear sunken. To give it a more natural appearance, linens and other dry materials such as leaves or sawdust were placed in the cavity to fill it out.

Linen packets of spices might also be placed in the cavity. Middle-class clients who did not have the organs removed through an incision did not receive such filling.

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Mummification was practiced for over 2, years, and in this time a few adjustments were made. One of these was the cessation of storing organs in canopic jars.


Instead, the dried organs were returned to the body cavity, though empty canopic jars were still placed in the tomb. The preservation process was the same; organs were removed and dried in natron.


The dried organs were wrapped in linen. But they both got trapped in an exhibit.

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The mummy begins to hypnotise some people into becoming his slaves who begin to deliver his treasure to him, While Justin and Juliet are trapped. The sun begins to rise.

Mummies in Ancient Egypt and the Process of Mummification - History

In the middle of the confusion Justin thinks of a plan to save Juliet from dying in the sunlight, he convinces her to look into the mummy's eyes so she can become his slave. This being the only way she can be saved. Juliet agrees and has become a slave. Justin swears to Juliet that he will destroy the mummy and free her if it is the last thing he does.

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