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I clearly get it from a business standpoint and Blizzard being Blizzard but what do the average players think? I already got 4 hours play out of the Necro today and expect I'll get many many more hours out of it, so it was an easy win, money-wise. Probably more time than you'd get out of Diablo 3 Necromancer. And doesn't seem to have quite the polish we'd expect from Blizzard. Ah but you're not just paying for 2 hrs of entertainment with a movie. You're paying to be a part of a social experience with other people. Not at the movie theater per se, but the movie comes out at a specific date, there is watercooler talk, cultural references, etc.

That is why some of us very rarely go to a movie theater to see a movie. That is the beauty of personal tastes Personally I disagree about movies being a social experience, unless of course its a date or some other person that you don't really know well and need some sort of common ground to talk about and you can't talk about the big four religion, politics, money, sex.

But even then the movie itself is a personal experience unless you're one of those assholes talking in the theater. Sure, afterwards you will probably talk about it with friends, but that is true for literally anything new and interesting and that doesn't make the news or whatever a social event. That isn't what I said at all. If you work, the week after a given movie comes out, people will be talking about it at work. So it is a double whammy I agree with this.

I mean, everyone's situation may be different.

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As for myself, I really only get to game SOME weekends at various times and who knows how long I'll actually get to play. So while I still plan on getting the DLC not sure when I'm just trying to advocate for a fairer price because if I've already put let's say In the end I know it comes down to what people will pay for, and if like I expect the Necro sells, Blizzard is happy. The collectors editions don't really count in this discussion since that was an elective on your part to get the extra stuff. Right, I understand what goes on with Diablo as I played the original for quite some time and D2 for close to 10 years or probably over.

I know it's not a game that goes away into the shadows after 1 or 2 years I'm just trying to play devils advocate. I clearly wouldn't have paid for collector editions if I didn't like the game. Everyone is already paying for the full expansions. We all just need to stop rewarding the companies for bad behavior and they will adjust how they do things. This is the reason I don't play either of the games you mentioned. This is simply a trial for their new business model for D3. If necro does well I expect we'll start seeing a lot more of this type of thing.

I spend more on coffee in a month and I get to play it for the foreseeable future. It's a no brainer. I think regardless if I end up liking the class or not, I'll still got two character slots for whatever class I wish to play instead and more storage. I look at it the same way I look at most complaints that people have. Do you smoke? How much does a pack of Cigarettes cost? How many will you smoke in a month? Do you drink?

How much does a 12 pack cost? How many do you go through in a month? Insert other thing that someone might buy repeatedly over the course of the month that isn't exactly healthy for them. If you do either of the above you're not getting really any value for that money and are instead just wasting it and causing damage that will cost you extra in the long run.

Putting something into those terms usually shows people how much they're actually spending on things that they could spend on something else that's less harmful and lasts far longer. I totally hear you. I spend damn near too much money on soda and such over the course of time and sometimes I gotta step back and put it into this perspective, but I think in my own particular case, I wasn't thinking this way just because I haven't had the game time I've been used to I mean I think I've played any video games aside from mobile maybe That's the other side of it as well.

You have to look at both the "junk" expenditures as well as the time you have. If you don't actually have time to play it, don't buy it. The best thing to do is just put the 15 in savings and don't do anything right now with it at all. For the most part the "how much do I spend" is the most pressing thing to get people to think about since they'll have free time but have "no money" and smoke 3 packs a week.

They cut back and realize how much they're actually spending on that stuff instead of things they really want to do. Helps them quit as well as gives them more thought on saving. This is a terrible justification. Just because people waste money on worse things does not mean that this price is justified. It's like saying "yeah big corporations pollute muche more anyway" and throw away your battery in your garden. You can always find better or worse things to do with your 15 dollars.

November 24, 2014

Whenever i see talks about the price of game there's these two classic points : "I prefer to spend money on this rather than alcool, cigarettes or fancy restaurants" and "I'll get hours of playtime so it's a good ratio". The first is more a justification to yourself to avoid the guilt of spending money on something most people consider a bad purchase, and in a way you kinda know it is yourself deep down. The second tries to explain the purchase rationnaly. As it would be some kind of clever math that would lead to the purchase. Guys, this makes no sense.

You don't judge "divert time" per dollar. What is "divert time" anyway? You're trying to convince us that every activity gives the same pleasure and its price is only weighted by the time it takes.

Check out these great titles by CL Bledsoe!

Have you ever seen a guy going to the movies and asking for the longest movie, whatever it is, as they're all at the same price? Of course no, because it makes no sense. This is of course an element that should not be ignored, but it's not the only one and not the most important. Whenever I consider a price I ask myself : "Does the company deserve this money?

Now the answers to these questions are debatable, and each has his own answers which is perfectly OK. But telling yourself "it's cheaper than a week of smoking" is lying to yourself. Swipe the damn card or don't. People might say that they enjoy it and don't mind paying but it doesn't change the fact that it is overpriced. Sounds like Destiny just severely underpriced in Brazil. Average player reporting in!

The Necro Files (Uncut Widescreen)

They have also added free content a couple of times as well that I've gotten enjoyment out of. Glad to hear it boss I can't get my wife to play anymore : I had her for like a week period and then she quit on me. It was something made well after the game came out. It cost them money in resource time and development. It isn't a case of "We made this along with everything else and just held it back as DLC".

So it was done correctly. I have no problems with Blizz wanting to get paid for their efforts on something they didn't have to do. From my point of view I look at the whole Blizzard picture. Their games have given hundreds if not thousands of hours of joy in my life and they are one of the only companies that support games for years if not decades. There is no game company even close to deserving my extra money as Blizzard is.

Ebullition Records Catalog: Spotlight

I look at it almost as a support donation and "oh by the way I get a new character". Im just not ready to pay that much for just one class, the other things you get are just a lazy excuse for Blizz to ripp people off. Cmon Dude, thats like 1 number in an.

Pets and wings are purely cosmetical, and i have 0 Interest for such things. You could literally jack off for hours and its free. I get a full game and for just over half that price I can get 1 character in an already existing game. Hell, I have a friend that has to pay 4k a year in SD just to park his car at his business. I pay nearly double for an old apt monthly than I paid for my house just moving an hr closer to the Seacoast in NH. It's nice to see someone rationalize it. No way!!

Cortney Lance Bledsoe

Fuck you Blizzard, blah blah blah". Yeah I mean I didn't fully enjoy the necro during the D2 days because I was too busy running uber smiters or hammerdins or the old classic bowzons but I did have a necro at a later point but I just wasn't feeling him lol. I'll give him more of a fair shot this time since I'm not using my enigma teleporting around anymore.

Nice that you took the time to write a nice and reasonable statement, instead of saying " fuk u blizz is teh best". One thing i want to mention about your comment is that one can always compare different Videogames with each other, but comparing Diablo to COD, which has basically one of the worst DLC politics you can think of, is just finding Excuses for blizzard IMO. Yeah call of duty was a bad example but all I could think of since the other console games I play normally don't have dlc or at least not paid dlc.

Too much in love with PoE by now. I spent more on PoE than on d3, by far actually, but that's purely voluntary and only gave me skins and quality of life. I love season starts in d3 just as in any other game , and as my friends don't really like PoE it's a way to have some fun with them aswell, but after a week, maximum two I stop again. Will however enjoy the first days of the season as another class, and am glad they made necro optional, not gating some content behind it. I would feel shitty about it if all the other patches weren't free.

Diablo games are timeless? My dude, these games have aged incredibly poorly. They're still fantastic, but all 3 feel incredibly outdated. Few bugs early on but that maybe the server finishing updates as after it booted me and I had to log back on everything was fine.

Kelcey Parker Ervick's Blog, page 5

Seems very smooth and polished, reminds me of D2 Necro in the feel of the play, which was what I was hoping for. Wish I had more time to play but I think the D3 Necro is close to taking my favorite class just inching out Monk by a few hairs. I'll be up till the wee hours of the morning tonight and finish up in story mode, because I like story mode lol. Like in my old days with d2 I'm again building my very personal undead army: skeleton warriors, archers and raised dead enemies accompanied by icy golem.

Quite good and brings back memories. I found that when there are no corpses it gets pretty dull holding A on console for Sythe attack and not much else. Also, there's that sweet spot that is rough as hell on some more challenging content where you have no defense yet no bone armor stacks , and I was rocking deaths nearly immediately until I could build them. Esp on rift guardians. Likely my lack of understanding of the class though. Fun as hell, though.

I just hated the gore of Exploding Corspe build I've never played on console so I don't know if there's any differences but you should never run out of bone armor, I just teleport into a group, bone armor, curse them, spam corpse lance and sythe and jump to the next group. I actually had the chance to read up more on it, and for some reason I read the icy veins incorrectly.

You will then close the distance to enemies with Blood Rush , ideally pre-applying the Decrepify curse, and begin the Grim Scythe onslaught. You'll still need to cast bone armor frequently because it stuns everything which procs your Ancient Parthan defenders and the armor only lasts about a minutes so you have to keep refreshing it but otherwise you are pretty much correct.

I was only using it as it dropped. Thanks for the note for the Ancient Parthan. Its these things somehow I miss when rocking classes. No revive build, they could have made so many cool things with it, but it's useless instead I'm pretty sure. I'm loving it. I was afraid it wouldn't be as good a pet class as the WD, but screw that its already a better pet class than the WD and I'm only lvl The pure ability to tell my army "Stop goofing off and go kill that thing!

Do skeletons feel weak? I've been watching some live streams of necromancers leveling in campaign, probably master level. The skeletons take forever to kill mobs, after a while I think the streamer got tired of waiting around or spamming scythes he just ran ahead to the objectives. Yeah scale a lot weak to your dps for sure.. I don't know what the set gear looks like but I assume there is something out there to make them stronger. Loving the visuals and the skill synergies. Combat feels very consistent and smooth especially in conjunction with Blood Rush and Command Skeletons.

Got him to 70 and a random splattering of legendaries. I've been having a blast and already cleared GR Need more loot to try out any of the meta builds and see how far I can push him. The DLC is just the necro and the free stuff that goes along with it. The new areas, the challenge rifts etc. Patch 2. The paid DLC is just the Necro, vanity items, and stash tabs.

I count those as being part of the character. You get two new potential characters Male Necro, Female Necro so they give you two more slots so even if you're full up you can make each. I didn't realize it came with stash tabs. I wouldn't want to pay for stash tabs, but I also feel better about my purchase knowing it included stash tabs. Most fun class in the game, and it's not even close. The only class that really has so many wildly different builds and play styles. Every other class just essentially has different skins for the same build, and people call it different.

The Necromancer legitimately has drastically different play styles. Dude it's been over 5 years, it's been getting constant updates and new content for that whole time, I think we can let the launch go. If I got it then I would play it as if it's a seasonal character and even refresh my memory at how awful the campaign is to get the most out of it.

My main concern is whether or not there are any drawbacks by playing non-season since all my previous play-throughs were specifically during season and what I remember is somewhat flaky. Are there season-specific items which may hinder progression? Are all the "end game" grindy features found in non-season?

I don't want to buy and play the Necro now if I'm shooting myself in the foot by not having access to everything. I can live without the progression achievements. The same thing you can do in a season is the same thing you can do in regular adventure mode. You just won't get a horadric satchel at points like you would during a season, and at that point you can just make a seasonal Necro and get one at that point as well.

You won't be "shooting yourself in the foot" by playing it now. If anything you'll learn the better builds which will make running a Seasonal Necro that much easier since you already have a build and specific legendary items in mind to get for that character. Just make another one when the season finally happens. You won't miss anything making a character now and then making another one later, that's not how seasons work.

It was put in the game to give the player base something to do by essentially saying "Okay, start the game over like you just got it" every season. Mechanically the only real difference is that they give you free set pieces for doing the season goals. Will stick to LoL where they release characters for free. Blizzard just fucked up this game so much that even they don't know what they are doing anymore. They should learn from RIOT on how to make money without bleeding out their customers with overpriced crap. I don't know about you, but I rather like the fact that there is a quite minor barrier to entry for games like D3 and WoW.

LoL is free and it's also populated by some of the dregs of the gaming community. The game has no subscription fee and Blizzard still has to maintain servers, support, etc. RIOT can do their thing, and Blizzard can continue to do theirs. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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