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So highlight your secret sauce and show how that is positioning you better in the market.

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Focus on your company. Above all else, people invest in teams. Highlight relevant experience and impressive past accomplishments. How much are you raising? What stage round is this? What is the valuation or terms if a note? After your cover financing, include previous investors or advisors who are already in your court. If you can show fundraising traction, it goes a long way. As you wrap up your pitch, make an argument for investing in your company in this round.

Why should investors make a bet right now? Why is now the right time for your company to raise capital and grow fast?

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Why is this space ripe for disruption? This is your chance to make a call to action to the audience. Auto-Invest New! Pitch Presentation Outline Before getting started, quick piece of advice. Slide 1: The Intro Slide First take a moment to introduce yourself and your company. Slide 7: Team Above all else, people invest in teams.

Slide 8: Raise How much are you raising? For example, you see many pitches that start with things like:. Your business model has to truly be similar to the company you are referencing. Use this slide to talk about the problem you are solving and who has the problem. Ideally, try and tell a relatable story when you are defining the problem. The more you can make the problem as real as possible, the more your investors will understand your business and your goals.

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Use this slide to expand on who your ideal customer is and how many of them there are. What is the total market size and how do you position your company in the market? If you can find the data , investors will want to know how much people or businesses currently spend in the market to get a sense of the total market size. This is where you tell the story about the scope and scale of the problem you are solving.

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Be careful with this slide, though. Instead, investors will want to see that you have a very specific and reachable market. The more specific you are, the more realistic your pitch will be. Finally, you get to dive into describing your product or service. Describe how customers use your product and how it addresses the problems that you outlined on slide two.

EP #156 The Proven Formula For Crafting a Winning Crowdfunding Story

This is classic storytelling where you build up the problem and describe how bad it is for lots of people. Now your product or service is coming to the rescue to help solve that problem. Most entrepreneurs are very focused on their product when instead they need to be focused on their customers and the problems those customers face. If possible, use pictures and stories when you describe your solution. Showing is nearly always better than telling. What do you charge and who pays the bills?

You can also reference the competitive landscape here and discuss how your pricing fits into the larger market.

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  8. Are you a premium, high-price offering, or a budget offering that undercuts existing solutions on the market? If you already have sales or early adopters using your product, talk about that here. Investors want to see that you have proven some aspect of your business model as that reduces risk, so any proof you have that validates that your solution works to solve the problem you have identified is extremely powerful.

    You can also use this slide to talk about your milestones. What major goals have you achieved so far and what are the major next steps you plan on taking? A product or company roadmap that outlines key milestones is helpful here. Use this slide to outline your marketing and sales plan.


    Why are you and your team the right people to build and grow this company? Highlight the key team members , their successes at other companies, and the key expertise that they bring to the table. Limit yourself to charts that show sales, total customers, total expenses, and profits. Remember to try and be realistic. If you can explain your growth based on traction you already have or compared to a similar company in a related industry, that is extremely useful.

    Every business has competition in one form or another. Even if you are opening up an entirely new market, your potential customers are using alternative solutions to solve their problems today. The key here is explaining how you are different than the other players on the market and why customers will choose you instead of one of the other players on the market.

    More importantly, you need to be able to explain why you need the amount of money you are asking for and how you plan on using the money. Investors will want to know how their money is being used and how it is going to help you achieve the goals you are setting out for your business. If you already have some investors on board, now is when you should be talking about those other investors and why they chose to invest.

    While you do want to keep your pitch deck short, sometimes you may need or want to include a few extra slides that help explain your business.

    Pitch Presentation Outline

    Here are a few additional slides that are often found in investor presentations. Having an IPO and going public is a viable option for some high-growth startups, while other businesses are more likely to be bought by larger players in your market. Some businesses have key strategic partnerships that are critical to their success. This can often be in the form of intellectual property licensing from a university or a key distribution partner who will be taking your product to market. Keeping your pitch deck as short and succinct as possible is critical.

    Its primary purpose is to tell a story, build excitement, and help get that all-important request for additional information and a follow-up meeting. In addition to your pitch deck, you should have more detailed, additional information that you can provide if requested.