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He almost nonchalantly demonstrates that truth. The other thing that distinguishes this book is its unusual depth. While written in the first person, the contributions of co-author Carroll Rogers Walton are subtle but crucial. The former Braves beat writer conducted nearly two dozen in-depth interviews with principles in Jones' life, and that extra effort illuminates the narrative. Jones also has a lot of more traditional baseball stories, and they're insightful as well.

He talks about how the late Willie Stargell, a Pirates icon, educated him on the advantages of using a heavier bat when he was still in Rookie-level ball. And how he was furious at John Smoltz when the pitcher used, and broke, his gamer while he was in the midst of a hitting streak. Jones writes about meeting Mickey Mantle, a childhood idol who was also his father's favorite player.

Jones dishes on being awed by having President George H. Bush interact with him during a game, about meeting Muhammad Ali, about his unlikely friendship with Derek Jeter, about having Cal Ripken Jr. The Ripken story turns out to be self-deprecating. During a pitching change during Interleague Play, Ripken asked where he took his cutoff throws. Jones showed him. Ripken asked if it wouldn't be better to play a little more toward home plate, and listed several reasons why he thought that positioning might be more fundamentally sound.

Of course, to succeed at the highest level also requires a healthy ego. And Jones isn't ashamed to admit to that, either. He tells the story of how he had to "pull rank" to move back to third base from the outfield, even though it meant bumping one of his best friends in baseball, Mark DeRosa, from the lineup.

And Jones is open about how much he enjoyed being an integral part of a team that won the division nearly every year. I wanted to be every little kid's favorite player.

The many feats of Chipper Jones

Clearly, he hasn't mellowed since he hung up his spikes. Paul Hagen , a reporter for MLB. Taylor Spink Award in for a lifetime of excellence in baseball writing. In This Section. Big League Tours. Part of that is due to his timing — Jones was the first overall pick in the draft, right in the middle of the rookie card craze. Over a year career, he collected hits, home runs, and a.

Chipper Jones Opens Up About Legendary Career - Outside The Lines

As a mini micro? This was the third year of the resurrected Bowman line, which Topps brought back in an oversized format in Of course, that trend has only continued over the years, with Bowman becoming the place to go for rookies and pre-rookies. In , Topps made sure to capitalize on the still-booming rookie craze by not only jamming their Bowman full of first-year cars but also peppering the U. Today, Chipper Jones leads the pack, but you can usually find his raw card for less than a buck.

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  • Three Cuts: Freddie Freeman outpacing Chipper Jones’ MVP run as season’s halfway mark passes.
  • Freddie Freeman outpacing Chipper Jones’ MVP season as season’s halfway mark passes.

Check Prices on Amazon. Check Prices on eBay. In , O-Pee-Chee broke with tradition and produced a set of baseball cards that was not a near-exact copy of the Topps set from the same year. O-Pee-Chee Premier was a venture into the world of premium cards, and came heavily hyped, as those sets tended to do. For collectors, that meant a Topps parallel set that you could only tell was not a Topps set by the premium white cardstock and the French copy on card backs.

Aside from those differences, the Chipper Jones OPC rookie is identical to his Topps issue, but the Canadian cards were issued in much smaller quantities. But like most baseball cards from , Score pumped out enough of these to keep your family feeling Chipper for generations. In , Topps made a parallel set of their base issue for distribution to US troops serving in what would become the first.

Chipper Jones autobiography book review |

Gulf War. As a consequence, even ungraded copies of this Chipper Jones rookie card can reach well into three figures.

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You should also beware that counterfeits exist — take a look at this piece from Cardboard Connection for tips on how to spot the fakes. As of this writing, only 25 Jones rookie cards exist with a PSA 10 rating. Up there, in the O-Pee-Chee listing. But at least the Tiffany card is glossy and printed on creamy white stock and pretty limited, compared to most other s, at any rate.

By , we all knew that Upper Deck cards would be thick, feature blazing white borders, dazzle with the best photography in the industry, and twinkle at us with their holograms. But it was all kind of … boring … after three years of pretty much the same great design. And there were so many UDs issued that year. Check out the rest of our posts on the Hall of Fame class here.

1991 Topps Chipper Jones (#333)

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