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Walk routes on the school grounds provide all students an opportunity to walk a safe route and increase their physical activity.

Staying Safe on Campus

Ideas presented in the Mileage clubs and contests section also provide suggestions for incorporating routine walking into the school day. Walks are held on the school campus during the school day such as during physical education classes or recess, or occur before or after school. The "Morning Mile" at Jenkins Elementary was designed to give bus riding students an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of walking.

Parent volunteers, including men in the school's "Dad's Club," and Physical Education teachers created a half-mile loop around the school grounds for the children to walk during regular, all-school "Morning Mile" walks.

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The Dad's Club built wide timber stairways to provide pedestrian access to the playground and school. Teachers report that children had more enthusiasm for schoolwork and behaved better after venting some energy during the Morning Mile walks. Weather conditions can be challenging in Chicago during the winter months.

Ready and willing to fundraise and motivate fellow students to help you?

The goal of Sports Day was to provide an inclusive event for all students to be more physically active and learn about safe pedestrian travel. To and From.

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    Do you pass them? Go slow to stay behind them? Slyly sneak beside them? The possibilities are endless, which one do you normally go with?

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    Then it turns out it was some random person and they look very confused. I walk by the geese and inside I am freaking out. Very serious contemplations while walking on campus by the geese.

    Ever daydream about food? This is a serious matter, food is the best thing on the planet, besides sleep. This one is terrifying to say the least. Stand still?