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The fact he co-penned the historical, politically-minded, serious Evening lends credence to assertions made in the documentary or was it a mock-umentary? The Gilligan Manifesto , that the popular comedy was actually a coded chronicle commenting on the Cold War and communism, albeit in a lowbrow humorous way.

John Wilkes Booth - HISTORY

During the presidency of George W. Bush - another pig who lost the popular vote, but stole the Oval Office - there was a spate of novels, plays, movies obsessed with political liquidations. In any case, towards the end of An Evening With John Wilkes Booth the psycho killer has a brief moment of clarity, as the curtains of lunacy lift and reason bursts forth. The racist sociopath realizes that it is the Great Emancipator, who freed the slaves - not Booth, the fanatical pro-slavery gunman - who is the hero of this drama for our more enlightened 21st century ticket buyers.

West, L. Skip to main content. He trained at American Conservatory Theatre. He is a member of the Fierce Backbone Theatre Company. Lloyd J. Schwartz is director and co-writer. He has also had 34 produced plays. Additionally, he has produced television shows and feature films. Clinton Case is the co-writer. Case thoroughly researched the life and career of Booth, gaining access to area of Ford's Theatre in Washington not open to the public, as well as literally following Booth's footsteps in the boardinghouses and swamps where he trod.

Case was an actor and stand-up comedian. He died in February, Their eyes met and they subtly exchanged nods of recognition. As Booth continued his way toward the box, Truman went back to her performance. She needed to concentrate because a big laugh line was coming. Harry Hawk as Asa Trenchard, the American cousin of the title, confessed his newfound indigence.

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Trenchard, you are not used to the manners of good society, and that, alone, will excuse you the impertinence of which you have been guilty. In the back of the presidential box, the door opened softly.

John Wilkes Booth shoots Abraham Lincoln

President and Mrs. On the stage, Hawk, facing upstage and bent over in mock civility, rotated his comic face to the audience and made his retort: "Don't know the manners of good society, eh? Well, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal; you sockdologizing old man-trap! Weakened though he was by age, stress and illness, tough backwoodsman Lincoln took hours to die.

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  6. He was carried across 10th Street to a rooming house where his wounded brain began to swell around the bullet. Without x-rays, effective anesthetic, or much in the way of antiseptic, there was nothing doctors of the time could do for such a wound.


    Lincoln breathed his last at on the morning of April He had survived his shooting by about nine hours and survived the Civil War by six days. At least the last thing he enjoyed on earth was the "hearty laugh" he had so treasured. Only intervention by the military stopped it. All the people who worked backstage at Ford's Theatre would be involved in months of investigations and interrogations.

    Some would be jailed and mistreated, accused — falsely and not — of abetting the assassin. Careers would be ruined and lives derailed. However, a hit being a hit, Keene eventually went back to performing Our American Cousin on tour. For years, Edwin Booth carried the stigma of being the brother of the assassin, but he, too, was eventually forgiven and continued acting Shakespeare into the s.

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    John Wilkes Booth remained on the run for more than a week after the shooting, but finally was tracked down in a barn in northern Virginia, which was set ablaze with him inside it. When he tried to escape, he was shot dead by a Union soldier who was a member of the search party. Ford's Theatre was closed for years. No one could bear to see shows there, but no one wanted to tear it down either. After the assassination it was prohibited by an act of Congress from being used as a "place of public amusement" in perpetuity. However, Congress changed its mind in the s and appropriated money for its restoration.

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    It reopened as a performing arts center in , and today in run by the National Park Service as a National Historic Site. A hour program of activities is planned there for the night of April to commemorate the th anniversary of the assassination. Visit Fordstheatre. As for Lincoln, a line from Assassins sums up his legacy. A president who "once got mixed reviews, now gets only raves.

    His head appears on two types of money, the five-dollar bill and the penny. Each February Lincoln's birthday is commemorated as a national holiday, though lumped in with George Washington's as Presidents Day.


    Bogar Regnery History, Excerpted by the express permission of the author. Blocking belongs on the stage, not on websites.

    John Wilkes Booth assassinates Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre, 1865

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