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Todd Christofferson. In addition to various adjustments in the study helps, headings, and minor spelling and meaning adjustments approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, the edition includes a change in the sacrament prayer on the bread to better reflect the intended meaning of the prayer as found in the English scriptures.

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This is best reflected in the phrase of the prayer found in Moroni and Doctrine and Covenants :. Members and leaders are encouraged to use this key terminology in the ordinance of the sacrament. Church units will be given new sacrament cards that include the change and are asked to destroy any existing cards. This consistency allows members to continue using their current scriptures.

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In , the Church completed a year project to create new study aids in the English edition of the scriptures. After some experience with that edition, the most helpful of those study aids formed the foundation for improved study aids in other language editions, which began to be included in to new and updated editions. Bravmann, Rene A. Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press. New York, Museum for African Art: Brett-Smith, Sarah C. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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