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Partnering with China. UK outward student mobility. The World Beyond Education Under Attack Global student mobility. Science funding councils in Africa. Higher education in International HE Revolution. Special Report: Academic Freedom. PhD education in Africa. The Robbins report. UKZN Teaching and learning. Global Corruption Report. Innovation, Higher Education and Research. University Rankings. The rise of the mobile PhD. Higher Education Philanthropy in Africa. African University leaders. CHEA annual conference. World Innovation Summit for Education. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Woman in Higher Education. Observatory on Borderless Higher Education British Council - Going Global. Universities Australia conference. Young Scholars in Africa Conference. Inyathelo Leadership Retreat Universities and their role in urban place-making. SATN Conference Work-Integrated Learning Conference. Quality Assurance in Africa. Um, Michigan is a state school.

Immediate disqualification. So you can say it at a bar, but not in an interview. Amherst is reaching out to low-income students, and is no more waspy than any schools in the ivy league. No one refers to U of C as the Harvard of the Midwest, and that makes sense. U of C would be more like the Princeton of the Midwest. I guess I need better connections too. So true! What matters is that its administrators are really full of themselves. Take yr homophobia elsewhere. Or just the wrong kind of person. This is a comment. The opinion or lack there of in this comment does not necessarily reflect the opinions or comments of anyone that works at Dairy Queen or it subsidiaries.

Crew catalog. Wow, it must be really lonely down there to claim such a name as The Harvard of the only existing university of that region of Arizona also: The Harvard of Mexico. Ha ha. As the father of a daughter who will graduate from Columbia in just 15 days yea, end of tuition and fees bills , I am happy. Dude, get a life. Your meaningless posts bring down the comments section. Do you need attention? Then make a sex tape.

Oh wait, no one cares about you. Fucking retard. I dont know why white people would want to attend a school with a 30 billion dollar endowment, and they refse to pay for every student at the college.

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They could easily pay for everystudent for another years with the money they have, but they dont. I did not go to an Ivy League school. I grew up in the south so I really only went to college to get my MRS degree. That means that yes, for all you Northeastern Feminazis, I went to college to find a suitable husband.

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I ended up with a BA which I guess is pretty white of me. I am now a stay at home mom. My husband who dropped out of Florida State makes more money than most Ivy League physicians. People are moving away from berkley because its too asian, and white people hate it when asians are not only the smartest in the school, but are the majority in the school….

The fact that this blog distinguishes between white people and the wrong kind of white people is an important division between wealth and cultural standards — this is the upper middle class culture of the segment of the society that aspires to be not upper class but upper middle class. I visited Harvard. It was really old! I went to KU. We considered doing a recruiting video:. My parents pointed out that the KU application was only two pages long, so I decided to apply there!

And yes, we were all VERY white. Or maybe my friends are all just incredibly lazy, and proud of it. B: Stanford followed Harvard in their generous financial aid policies for upper-middle-class students. Uncultured American swine! Very zen! They could pay tuition for all students off of interest.

It would be nice, though. Alas, my school has never been called the Harvard of its region, but it is located right next to a bridge named after the Harvard of its region.

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Have you been alive since ? Starting at the top before you review many other fields, take a look at the Ivy League credentials of our presidents over this 20 year period and at the Democratic candidates likely to occupy the White House for another 8 years. George H. Sorry but University of OKlahoma has that cornered. ISU must be second rate even among second raters.

You think whites are racist? White people who think they know about graphic design are all about some Helvetica. Get over your bad selves. TONS of asians tho, which is great because they will let you cheat if they are in the i-wanna-be-friends-with-hot-white-popular-people-group-of-asians that exist on every campus, although there are the im-to-good-to-lend-my-notes-to-damn-white-people-who-are-just-trying-to-use-me-asians, which kind of blows, but you can usually spot them if they are dressed too trendy…so.

Ucla is a tough though…. How many of these Nobel Prize winners are black? The only economics these monkeys are good for is slave labor. Another reason I hate all universities. I was in a conversation with a black man a few years back who told me he had just earned his Ph. I congratulated him and asked him which college. His reply? County Jail. I feel the same about OU.

Yeah, and all of these geniuses are leading this country into the dumpster. Some recommendation for the Ivy League. In fact the places that have it worst are places like the Phillipines and Mexico, which are hardly white. I wonder if the Skull and Bones still have the skull of that blanket-ass Geronimo. I literally just came back from visiting my younger cousin who goes to Princeton he got in on a football scholarship …. All college kids are the same…all looking for the next party and the underage ones are just looking for someone to buy tehm more beer…..

So true, so true. They also love 1 small, private liberal arts colleges and 2 majoring in things like philosophy or German. With the infrequent blog posts and dropoff of creativity and originality, I am afraid that you have killed whatever buzz you generated and I doubt your book will be a success. Christian, have you looked at the photos of the graduating classes of Ivy League schools lately?

Or referenced the statistics? Thanks for the brilliant comment! Keep it up. That would be the truth that affirmative action opponents either are not well-informed enough to know, or the truth about which they are just being plain disingenuous. Clander, your grammar has always kinda detracted from your writing. I sure hope you have a good editor on hand for your book. Their hybrid culture is the atmosphere we all breathe.

Their status codes now govern social life. Jesus could have been brown man like Barack Obama. White points are awarded if you were an Ivy legacy and then went on to a career in fly fishing or rock climbing or the Company. Substantial White points accrue to those who drop out and then go on to a successful career as an inventor. Regrettably, White points are not longer awarded to Ivy Leaguers who become politicians.

All they want is the chance to try it on with other girls. Oh please. Maybe not. A good education is just that. I would not trade one moment of the torture I went through attending night school, working full time and attaining my education. It was worth every agonizing moment I spent my life on.

Did I for one moment think about an Ivy league school? Dude, get a life, take a break from commenting, and read a grammar book. Funny you should call yourself a nazi, because your colorful square kind of looks like a swastika without the middle. Luckily, I wasnt an english major, otherwise my job options would have been limited to administrative assistant. I know white people correct grammar, but thats only for white people who are insecure with themselves.

I think we should just elect brangilina as our king and queen, i mean come on, its not like they could do worse, plus they are both hot, and we know she has the kids, so we wont have a lack of fun royalty offsprings. Who cares?! I live in a little house made of tick-tacky.

Application Requirements for Ivy League Grad Schools

But I listen to NPR. Well, I say I do. Earning a scholarship is also something to be proud of. All my Southern WP friends and I make mojitos with our mint leaves. Not so sure about this one, really richer uppper class white people still like the ivy league stuff but it is not what it used to be. Harvard is not the Northwestern of anything. But Northwestern is good enough on its own to be able to not be called the whatever of Chicago.

Norma — yes, gw went to Yale did he really graduate as did Ironpantsuit and her hubby Bill the monica lickee. His tuition for HBS, rumored, was paid for by the liquor companies. Jack — it is uber-cool to walk the streets of hahvahcd squay yah wearing gear that proclaims I am a proud graduate of Bunker Hill Community College. I am a white chick who finds your column consistently hilarious and spot-on. I bet some of your best friends are white people ;. Good school which does compete against Harvard in some sports.

But Tufts is located in Meffah and Scummerville. Is it true that M. Albright and Ironpantsuits had topless photos taken of themselves upon admission to Wellesley? But that those photos are now located at Yale? Is that how Bill found Ironpantsuit? The systemic discrimination from a lifetime of poorer-quality schools, extra-curricular activities, and generally negative social reinforcement is what really needs to be addressed.

It is the Boston University of Richmond, minus all the jewish people. The Ivies have one major thing over your ecole. The chicas at the Ivies shower and sometimes shave. The frenchettes do not shower, never shave and dance with goats. Why would anyone want to hang out with a goatee? There are indeed many Amish in Western PA, sir madam? We already have folks who will work hard on the cheap. WVU is the bunker hill community college of west virginia. What about barack obama or his baby mamma?

Am I supposed to be impressed by them? His wife is embarrassing. Minoritiy profs, granted there are exceptions, are also there to create diversity. Again, there are probably dozens of more qualified whites who were not considered due to color. My momma is about as qualified to be president as obama.

She went to state school and was a nurse. She might actually be more qualified. Or where you have to suck up to the al gonzaleses of this world like Monica Goodling did? I guess it was started by some work program back in the 70s and 80s, similar to Chicago. I usually hate the turds that point out grammar mistakes, but the last few posts wrought with mistakes. Literally— i did a study of cheating in high school, and it won awards, and probably catapulted me to the top of the admissions pile.

Was it worthwhile? Amish furniture tends to be made in Ohio or Lancaster County. The Amish country of pennsyltucky remains Lancaster County. Duke wishes. Taken classes there; a very overrated, egocentric institution that tries WAY too hard to compare itself to the schools ranked above it. That pretty much sums up Duke. Who cares if Michele or Barack went to ivy league schools. They are both annoying, and that is what matters. No world leader will take them seriously. I hear you. Our experience with womens college graduates of our own generation and older was almost uniformly positive.

And, it was consistent with what she subsequently heard from a family friend on the faculty of one of the other Seven Sisters colleges. Love for the ISU! I Screwed Up, too. I am very proud of everyone for demonstrating the notions put forth in the blog. Congrats, kids- we are white, so very, very white. Real funny. This must be collage kiddies day, go get drunk or fucked or something, but get off the computer, dip shits.

I heard that a national group was started for people who felt they were cheated out of an Ivy League education. I think they call themselves Poison Ivy. I hear that so much. I love this post. As usual, LOL! Intelligent comment and quotation. When will we see a blog about this curious phenomenon? Can you name the primary colores? Can you count to ten on your fingers?

Perhaps you are just easily bored and smarter than the rest of us combined! The main reason for the lack of Latinos, however, remains that the area is an economic dead zone. Take that, you rope-smoking hippies! Back then the Lesbians on campus were mostly sprinkled among the faculty, some departments having more than others, and large numbers of gay men were in the Drama Dept.

They would usually head to NY on weekends. Speaking of weekends. The guys were often awesome looking and rich — think Ralph Lauren ads. Mostly they were gentlemanly and not too many rapes occurred. No meant no. When the schools like Vassar went co-ed in the s, road trip life came to an end. The kids stayed put on their campus, not venturing out much. Also, the drinking age was raised to 21 and drugs became more prevalent. Frat life in the Ivies mostly ceased and women began supplanting men as the majority on most of these campuses.

And my 40 yr marriage to a Yalie and 2 great kids means that there was something essentially and fundamentally good about this Ivy League education where the high academic standards benefited society at large. When it became merely an entree into the high powered job market, it truly lost its soul.

What purpose does that serve other than to attest to your immaturity? Keep it classy. NB: Penn has a higher acceptance rate than Brown. I agree. You forgot to tell us what to do when we encounter white people who actually DID go to an Ivy League school. You said it brother. I figured any forum about Ivy League schools would undoubtedly mention the school. And bam, there it was! However, Tufts is known for many wonderful things besides Davis Sq, the funeral home and a stuffed pachyderm. Some good reasons are listed in the very article.

I once stepped in a huge pile of dog shit. Truer words have never been spoken from a bitter, inferiority complex ridden, state school lackey. By the way, what you forgot was the pecking order that exists within the Ivy League. Yale and Harvard, including Princeton fight it out all the time. Brown is considered too cool for Harvard or Yale, whereas Harvard is Harvard. What else do you say. Yale is Yale and Princeton is well… Princeton.

I got in but I had the grades, the AP classes, all that advanced stuff that makes people qualified. I also disagree of your last comment regarding affirmative action. Deep down you know you got in due to your status as a minority. You are actually bitter about it.

They just want to hear you say it. But Dartmouth is actually a good school. Interesting, I could have gone to a Ivy League school but had no interest. Something must be wrong with me. This is not entirely true. Williams and Amherst, via going loan-free and aggressive recruiting of minorities through programs like Questbridge, are now each around 30 percent minority plus an addition 7 percent international … and they certainly are not predominantly protestant Jewish percentage between percent …, and probably more Catholics than Protestants.

For thirty seconds. And then they laugh. Also, Penn sciences are top in the country, second maybe to Princeton as far as teaching hospital locally available. Remember what Tracy said: Louis Armstrong persevered through adversity and eventually walked on the moon. EVD, blacks were slave-owners, too.

How to Calculate Your GPA–Letter Grades and Percentages

When will blacks get theirs? Do they spraypaint the sides of barns with beet juice? One Indian kid in 8th grade once asked me what he should major in. It saddens me. I always have to apologize for being a Cornell alum. Well, my school…blah blah blah. Ha-ha, Stalin Grad student. Your name should be Mr. How does that sound, Mr. Ha-ha, ha!!! Say, BIff, did you see that sub-average Brown student? I do say, Biff, I laugh at those sub- averages….

Astute criticism. Totes covered that in English for Makeup Majors She enrolled in and graduated in A scandal erupted throughout New England when it was discovered that Hemmings, who was light-skinned and passed for white, was actually African American. In a issue of the Crisis, W.

Bryn Mawr and Mount Holyoke held out long but finally surrendered, although Bryn Mawr still keeps its dormitories lily white. For nearly 25 years after [], Vassar admitted no more than three African Americans in any given year. In some years, none were admitted. By only 23 African-Americans had graduated from Vassar.

My guess is none, they were all a bit afraid that their pure little white tribe would be contaminated by contact from social groups deemed inferior. It implies that people who go to Ivy League Schools whatever that means are indeed some kind of elite. Thus, those who dislike elitism, are just cry babies and actually have no point. I once had a girlfriend who was a graduate of the Ecole Normale Superieure who attributed her matriculation to the influence of her family a surname serious Frenchmen would recognize since the 18th century.

She was bright enough, but not extraordinarily so. Acquaintances who were graduates of the Ecole Polytechnique considered their Ecole more meritocratic. John has come along way from getting free cars for favors, the depravity of an Ivy league education. I walk two blocks from my dorm room and bam! Plus, our entire enclosed campus is beautiful and Evanston is the perfect college town with Chicago just 20 minutes away. Everyone else includes Ice Cube—who is definitely not white trash, by any stretch of the imagination.

Ice Cube used to attend a local high school near where I live, back when he was still Oshea Jackson. Northwestern blows chunks. I even had a 62 year old anthropology professor who had married and impregnated one of his [much younger] students! Take that, High Almighty Northwestern University. Lol, great post! All true. Nobody really wants to believe that someone, much less a minority, may actually be smarter than them…or at least know how to take a test better. People can brag about Harvard all they want, but we all know it is is the Adelphi of Massachusetts.

I think it is because: 1. The celebration is now always on a weekend and only occasionally on the 5th. Everyone loves to party. Hahahahhahahahahaha, seriously, what race are you? So do the rest of the Ivies. He chose to go to Brown because its financial package was the highest out of all the schools he got accepted to, Ivies and non-Ivies alike. Honestly, most Jewish people are considered to be white and therefore have white privilege… While Jewish people are certainly discriminated against in certain contexts, the word assimilation is probably not the best way to phrase this.

At Cornell, everyone was full of themselves. I actually think i learned more at school in Washington because no one acted as if they had something to prove. Who cares about the Ivy League when most fucktards celebs are fucking rich beyond their wildest dreams without stepping foot into a classroom! Whoa wildcat- hold on a second. No one had a trust fund either and I think I only saw a pink polo once.

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Do you even go to Nova? A lot of different types of kids matric there, esp now since the new president took over. Oh wait, too late. Your insightful comment has led me to reconsider the basic premises on which I live my life. The air smells sweeter, and the bread and water taste better. They will tell their children after I have gone, and you will live forever in our hearts. Degree with Christian schools — I genuinely mean this. But comparing Messiah to Liberty is almost like comparing Liberty to Bob Jones — they are not the same. Being disgruntled about Monica Goodling does not make you an authority on the school she went to nor does it make Monica Goodling the representative of the typical Messiah graduate.

Perhaps more importantly — not all of us are there for a spouse… and even more so, Messiah is typically liberal — a good chunk of its staff and students — pure stuffwhitepeoplelike. Its not a personal attack- honest — it just frustrates me when people try to bust on a good school for reasons that really have nothing to do with the education available there. As a Messiah student, I can definitely find the humor in recognizing that there is a portion who go there for marriage and babies… but theres a lot more to it than that.

Absolutely not Liberty. That is just offensive. Look it up. For the record, the event celebrates the battle against a whopping 6, French troops during the middle of the US Civil War where some , Whites died. Whites that date and marry sshould spend more time thinking about what their first-born son is going to come out looking like. Would anyone here go to a black surgeon? Knowing what we all do about affirm action and diversity agendas? Interest in cinco de mayo is waning fast. I could care less about some chink that went to an Ivy.

That sounds like some form of asian self-hate. David Brooks is a neocon jew. Anyone would be stupid to waste their time with anything he says, since it can all be distilled into:. PS This Lander fellow is delusional and clueless, which is actually a trait of many Whites these days. As with anything started by Whites, it attracts the non-whites, and then the original attraction of the place diminishes, sometimes gone forever.

All ruined by jews and other non-whites. Jews are semites, and therefore not Whites. They have not assimilated, otherwise the Israel and Jewish Lobbies would not exist. They would have intermarried with all the rest of the Whites polish, english, german, irish, italian, etc. Mens outdoor — 4 Mens indoor — 2 Womens outdoor — 13 Womens indoor — The pac is the gay cousin of the mountain west and big sky conferences. I like the semantic simplicity of that. This post was weak compared to the others. Although, while typing this I am afraid of making grammatical mistakes.

Easier admission reqs at Northwestern??? Flaunting an affiliation with Ice Cube is still better than flaunting a relationship with John Kerry. Well, if Ross from friends went there it must be a good school. NW has great graduate schools. Undergrad is average. I do have a hard time imagining minorities are smarter than me. The rest just checked the right box on their applications. May be true, but it was a bad decision in the long run.

Didnt George Bush go to Yale too? Wow…they will let anyone in that place now ….. This is cured by getting over it. And, it some cases the disease of wild imagination will have the same symptoms. Sure there is no media coverage of it in the U. These places, thanks to lots of American guns and gangs, are starting to rival U.

As to the actual OP, brilliant as always. There is virtually no comparison student quality, financing, resources, history, etc. The very mission of these institutions is in direct conflict with what Ivys do…. You are right about those aggressive lesbians. After all, during my four years of college I never once encountered an aggressive male student. Best to stay away from those horny lesbians and stick with gentle male college students.

When you were hatched? Benefit to society? Only if educated people leading an unassuming life is of any benefit. My god, maybe her kids are too. Pretty boring to contemplate. Or were social classes retired as old fashioned just before you were born, also? The only white people I can think would give a shit about the ivy league are those kids from high school who the biggest overachievers, everyone else just goes to state schools and says fuck it.

Basically, that was gibberish and I apologize to anyone reading who was offended. There are tons of other alums, some famous, most not, who have contributed to the well-being of society. Having lived all over the US, it is one of the neat things to discover when you move into a new town, that there will possibly be other alums with whom you have something in common; also, there is a good chance that these folks will be involved in interesting and productive work, as professionals or as volunteers. You know, stuff like good schools, hospitals, symphony orchestras and art museums — the little frills that make life worth living.

One criticism received above was that Vassar had very few African American students in its history. Well, either did any other of the schools included in this discussion. The founder of Brown was a Quaker RI slavetrader, who probably hauled opium, too, and today the very successful President of Brown is a black woman.

Vassar was founded as a college for women on the order of Yale and Harvard, not as the outgrowth of a seminary, like Mt. Holyoke was. Matthew Vassar had to convince men, the fathers of the girls he hoped would enter his college, that their daughters were as worthy of receiving a college education as were their sons. Remember, Vassar was in existence for nearly sixty yrs before women got the right to vote! Think about it. By the way, in the 19th c. It is vital that students at these schools today recognize the sacrifices and hard work endured by past generations and refuse to accept watered-down BS not Bachelor of Science courses of study, instead of undertaking a rigorous academic workload with high standards applied equally to all that used to exist before the s.

First, my apologies to rayray for my mean spirited reply, cruel and not funny though I thought so at the time. Why become so snotty with a lady who simply informs us of what actually took place at a time and place that meant so much to her and others of her generation? For the most part, she offers the reader a cogent and charming portrait of a life which has been decent, productive and rewarding.

My sister was born in Germany. Is she a native German? Hey now… I went to Harvard on the Hocking in Ohio. God, that is so true.

LEAKING MY HIGH SCHOOL GPA & TRANSCRIPT! (AP Classes and Grades) - Waddle's College Decision 2019!

Not only that, but their parents get to brag about how their son went to such-and-such college and is thus the smartest person ever. BTW, Yankeegirl is a douche. Weak works for me. And get me an ice water, damnit. Three cubes. W went to Yale then , not now. Back then the Ivy League was the prefect hole for draft dodgers to drop in to. No need to apologize. People can recite the slogans of diversity and multiculturalism all they want.

Occasionally someone knows and seems to approve, but it is very rare. As I mentioned, having lived all over the US, it is one of the neat things to discover when you move into a new town, that there will possibly be some huge cocks I have not had the privilege of having shoved in one of my orifices; also, there is a good chance that these folks will be up for one of my extra special rim jobs.

You know, stuff like prostate massage, hot lunches, dirty sanchezes and rusty trombones— the little frills that make life worth living. Outside of my hobby as a flaccid sack of ex housewife, I enjoy the above activities. I also have a sickness and believe people value what I say and somehow, outside of self asphyxiation, enrich their lives. Jazz is an intellectual pursuit many musicians feel, rightly so,….. Just the other night I was gigging with this African American female bassist and she grilled me thoroughly before I even sang a note.

Where did I attend college? For how long? Did I finish my degree????? WELL, my dear! Get over it. I thought Carleton was the Harvard of the Midwest. Too many words. Community college grad.

No read so much. Work Target. You want shoes? Where porn at?

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Heh, heh, heh! There is nothing wrong with the Jam. Of course, everyone knows dave matthews sucks like a crack whore a week behind on her fix. I actually dont really care if the surgeon was black, white or indian, i would care most about how many successful surgerys they have…. If Clander were half as hilarious as this I would buy his book and extra copies for appropriate friends and family members. In any event I wish Clander success with sales of his book. Now excuse me while I go kill myself.

Keep on keeping it light and funny. I could just see little maddox and pax playing in the grand hall…. This noblesse oblige assumption underlies the belief in the fundamental and essential good of these institutions. The notion assumes that an educational and class elite is necessary for the good of society — while it avoids the implication that such a system lives upon inequality, an inequality that in American society has always been fundamentally violent.

In a sense I agree: secular democracy has only one inevitable outcome. However, it does not also follow from this that white America must perforce commit cultural and demographic suicide. You are no Yale man. I would wager maybe some sort of southern rebel, dangerous and inbred. Good day you filth. What are these weird snow flake things next to every post? Some sort of reference to blotter acid. I invited Tim Leary to a nude in he was quite strange but was up for the wargasm.

I think you are off on this one which is rare. Ivy League is for the minorities. Minorities should be more grateful because they had no part of the picture perfect society about which you speak? This site is not redneck humor, it targets the same people who read it who in turn willingly mock themselves and their friends. That may be social and cultural commentary, but it is not comedy. Doug, Whenever I read your disgusting would-be-a-slave-owner-if-it-were-legal comments, I get really angry. And then I think about the joints I roll out of the pages of the bible and I feel better.

Anyone can attend a Historically Black Colleges of Universities. So what are you really complaining about? Wish I could say I was surprised. Why did you choose that one? Race differences in intelligence exist, necessitating the need for affirmative action. I hope you and your racist clansmen fail to impregnate a human woman so that your sorry genes will die along with you. Your talk of agendas and fear of jews sounds just like the same old lunatic right-wing conspiracy theory. He lives on…. John Smith?

Switching topics. I just found my new favorite StuffWhitePeopleHate rip off. That and the whole trying to please parents so that when I decide to rebel it has that extra shock factor of oh no our good little girl has gone so very wrong! Good times good times.

God i love this blog i spend far too much time on it though…. First, you agreed with the opposite of what the guy said. Second, your understanding of admissions and race is laughable. Do you really believe people are going to pledge their loyalties to public schooling and the universal franchise over the pre-State institutions of Tribe and Faith? Measured for IQ, Ashkenazi Jews and various Asian subgroups bulge towards the right of the bell shaped curve.

Anglo-Europeans bulge along the middle. Mestizos and Africans trend towards the left. This does not mean there is no such thing as a Ph. Geneticists are already tracking differences in brain structure between speakers of tonal languages and speakers of atonal languages, and this sort of research is piling up faster than it can be suppressed. Gotta love this post! Nice major. You will come out of Vanderbilt absolutely useless. Then you can perpetuate the needless drain on the environment you, your classmates and colleagues pose to the world.

The moral of the story, which Mr. Lander underscores so brilliantly, is that whites are too obsessed over status games with other whites to defend their group interests. Tulane is so the Harvard of the South! How dare you imply otherwise. Maybe Harvard is the Tulane of the North??

Being the genetic offspring of slavic and nordic peoples who rarely see the sunlight I would have to say that my skin tone is much closer to pink than white. Good day. Love the line about only getting in because of minority status — classic. This is the ultimate fail-safe that lets white people preserve their sense of self in this circumstance, whether they admit it or not.

Particulary if the school was Harvard. If you want to annoy this person, you should totally ignore the reference and start talking about American Idol. Are you the type who never leaves the campus? This is ridiculous. Louis is in need of an attraction like that so much more than Chicago. Jewish does not distinguish between black and white. And very true. Oh, and CLander. You have a valid point, however that is why we have ties, scarves, stickers on our cars, etc. Keeps it right in your face, and if you like you can mention the logo item, and we will regal you with our years at U.

Tell us of your other half, I served a mission myself in Laos. You speak of your days at the elite harvard.. I mean, without you, the world may really spin out of control… stuff might happen like civil rights, or integration. And there would be no one left to embarrass other white people but the republican party and Carrot Top!!! But if you do have to leave us early, perhaps it would be for the best. I was also accepted into Columbia and Cornell. I have met many ivy students in similar positions as me. These places truly are accessible to anybody with enough motivation.

Yeah, Blue-Eyed Columbus is actually just upset because they are watching all of the intelligent Black kids in the ivy league from their dorm room at OSU. Clearly states Jesus had copper skin and hair like wool. Blue Eyed tard, please go buy a scarf and eat some jello to make your boring white-bread self more useful.

Just a thought. I like when people pull bullshit statistics out of their asses. Moreover, these schools have the same or higher standards than some Ivy Leagues. Someone make a post about how white people pretend to be culturally intellectual, while constantly bitching about Affirmative Action, how Slavery ended years ago—so supposedly racism did too, and how they are too afraid to actually spew their bullshit to the faces of African Americans. Name one school that denies white kids! You would be lying through your teeth or in this case, your keyboard if you argued that!

If you can prove that less qualified African Americans are getting into schools, like tangibly point out some black kid with horrendous grades and no extra curricular activities beating out some valedictorian white kid who was on every team and club at their school, then I will shut up.

You must not have been an AP student. And my degree complete a with lap cost less than one year at pretty much any US private school, Ivy or not. Sorry to be away for so long. I was in Hollywood eating sushi and doing museums with my 20 something White children who live there. I am from the sticks in Down East Maine. Anyway, what a wonderful coming home present… The Ivy League.

Here is my little bit on those schools…. I was gobsmacked when I realized the absolute power I had from those two degrees. But I had a family to support and helicopters to charter. Look what I learnt ma! The basic pretext is spot on. I am myself a Harvard graduate, but not a very typical one. The typical Harvard graduate simply does not recognize the existence of beings who did not attend an Ivy League college, and the only ones that they are willing tentatively to consider on a par with themselves are graduates of Princeton or Yale. Graduates of lesser schools i.

Cornell,Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, or Penn will have to live with the fact that, although they have attended the Ivy League, they are simply not perfect enough to be on the same level. I think it would be hard to find a more elitist and snobbish group of people than Harvard graduates.

There is a reason that black students attend black schools, same as white students attending mostly if not all white schools, so they can be around people like them. Black people who attend black colleges identify with the way the black teachers there teach. Black people, out of any other race, make is a point to be different than anyone else.

Sure, their are some that try to be like everyone else, aka oprah, and obama. Im sure you can say the same for some white people, but the majority of whites experience different people, cultures and religions. Are all black people appologizing for committing the most crime in america? Then why should white people appologize for all the crimes bush and his kronys have commited? Nobody can blame the white man for that, but im sure obama will have lots of whites in his administration, then i guess everyone can blame them.

Black people are gambling hard on obama, if he succeeds it will help the black community beyond extent, but if he fails, or fails to live up to expectations, the black community, and faith in the black community will be tragically weakened. I really do hope he exceeds, but i have a feeling he is a gilded overly ripe pear, who will just rot from the inside, but the outside will still appear to be perfect. It is hilarious how many people take this blog post so seriously that they feel the need to post long, often irate comments with an edge of social criticism in order to demonstrate that they know far more about the world than anybody else cruising into their cyberspace.

Give it up, man. Quick giving the rest of us white people a bad name. No, no. They try to make it like war zone to defend white peoples honor. Lighten up and laugh a little. We are totally White, though. Your self-deprecation seems employed to advertise your incredibly smart family. Congratulations, by the way. You guys wield the power of Greyskull.