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About this mod Adjusts the Resistance Point RP awards to allow the player more control over how the story proceeds and prevent missed quests. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file. Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points.

Straight donations accepted Donate. It will crash your game. Buy the game!

Seduction, Resistance, and Redemption: “Turning Turk” and the Embodiment of Christian Faith

This mod attempts to address some of them. In the base game it's FAR too easy to push the resistance bar forward just from freeing hostages and fighting cultists before you even liberate any outposts or do any story missions. These adjustments will allow you a lot more leeway in just running around the regions doing whatever you feel like until you are ready to move the story forward. Killing VIP cultists, freeing hostages, blowing up convoy trucks, etc. Destroying large cult property such as silos or shrines rewards RP and liberating Outposts rewards RP this is unchanged.

Side quests only provide RP each. Main story missions rewards are unchanged. This should help in keeping it from being totally free of peggies.

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There are a very limited amount of outposts and this is both a better incentive for liberating undetected as well as offers a variant perk path you can take if you don't enjoy fishing, hunting, using GFH to get kills, etc. The initial parachute deployment was often delayed by that dman 1 second of holding the key down and was easy to be killed if you weren't sufficiently high enough in the air. You can deploy the parachute from the wingsuit with no delay, but you have this big delay when not using the wingsuit? It just seemed odd. It was the Jewish Passover - a special day in the "Goebbels calendar" - and Jewish families elsewhere in Europe celebrated with unleavened bread.

Unknown to the rest of the world, the Nazis attacked the ghetto. By nightfall, the bodies of children and women lay dead on the streets. The few who survived put up a heroic struggle, and the SS pulled back in disarray. The unequal combat lasted a month, until May 16th, when the ghetto surrendered and the Nazis razed the quarter. The Jewish revolt would have astonished the world, had the world then known about it. It was not until that a bronze monument was erected in Warsaw to commemorate the Polish Jewish uprising. However, no such memorial was put up after the war to the equally heroic Warsaw Uprising of August 1st, A year after the ghetto revolt, an estimated 40, largely Catholic Warsavian mobilised forces to drive out the Germans.

The Jewish ghetto had been obliterated, but now all Warsaw was under threat as Stalin moved in rapidly with his troops from the east. The first units of the Red Army had already gathered at the Warsaw gates when the Polish underground took up arms on the left bank of the Vistula. In the course of the day uprising they succeeded in liberating vast swathes of the city, but when Hitler ordered Warsaw and its citizens to be annihilated, the Soviets stood by and watched.

Soviet inactivity on the Vistula front may be explained by political cynicism: Stalin wanted to subsume all Poland into the Soviet sphere of influence and the country was to be run by communists handpicked in Moscow. So he did not wish to encounter any vestige of the Polish national resistance on his "triumphal" entry into the city.

Some British and American politicians, fearful of creating bad relations with Stalin, cravenly portrayed the uprising as a criminal venture led by anti-democratic, and probably anti-Jewish, opportunists.

Resistance, Resilience and Redemption | The Daily Star

For Stalin himself the uprising was merely an "escapade", even a "prank", and destined for the dustbin of history. Consequently, in post-war Poland a commonly heard rejoinder was: "Rising!

Minecraft Yugioh! Redemption - MEETING THE RESISTANCE (Minecraft Roleplay S5E11)

What Rising? In Norman Davies's masterful account of the Battle for Warsaw, Rising '44, the Polish capital becomes the battleground between two apparently opposed ideologies: Nazism and Communism. No nation suffered as much as Poland during the second World War.

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Within two weeks of the German invasion of , Stalin had seized half of the country, his part of a secret deal negotiated a year earlier with Hitler. During the five years of the Nazi occupation, an estimated , Warsavians perished through mass deportations, executions and forced labour. That was almost half of the city's population. When Warsaw was "liberated" by the Red Army on January 17th, , there was hardly anything left to liberate.

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The city had been bombed, fought over hand-to-hand, crushingly shelled and, finally, dynamited street by street. The destruction was total. Yet after the war Warsaw was reconstructed brick by brick, a phoenix risen up from the ashes. This book, which incidentally anticipates the 60th anniversary of the August uprising, is a work of superlative narrative history, and, moreover, commendably honest.

Davies admits that he has written only a partial account, as many of the important Russian archives are still not available to historians.