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Proponents of the symbol asserts that the identifier is intended to show support for security. Private security has been around for centuries. Long ago, in Ancient Egypt, pharaohs hired private security guards for personal protection. Ancient Romans as well as emperors during the time of the Byzantine Empire hired private security guards, too, to protect their families and property. Wealthy warlords in many countries, including China and Italy, were known to hire security personnel to guard their bases.

Oftentimes, military soldiers would be employed as personal security guards during times of peace. During the s, as more and more people moved to cities, the crowded streets and neighborhoods were filled with poverty, crime and violence. Therefore, the need for security increased to the point where tax revenues were used to pay security guards to patrol city streets every night of the year, on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The Industrial Revolution brought with it a huge increase in crime, which lead to the formation of private security guard agencies. I was familiarizing myself with the tool, and noticed a correction is in order. I sent letters to Governor Brown and a VP at PGE, encouraging them that there is more value to scrapping that tank farm than selling it, based on the current political climate.

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Thanks again for the great work. Updates are very welcome! This is a terrible map! As a former map maker, I think people deserve to have a more accurate map to really see what is really happening and how it will affect them.

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You can zoom into any local area and find the precise location of fossil fuel projects relative to the surrounding communities. Is the focus of this map transportation-related projects i. If so, you should clarify this in your introductory language. The map appears to omit proposed new natural gas power plants. Friends of the Columbia Gorge and our allies have had some great success against new natural gas power plants in Oregon.

Fair point, Nathan. I see on Snohomish County Website a company by the name of Northwest Pipeline LLC has applied for a public access permit for using county and state roads into unincorporated parts of Snohomish County for construction of a natural gas system through our county.

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The County Engineer is recommending adoption of this request and signed off on December 17, What does this group know about that company, its request for access. As far as I know, the project is not facing any coordinated opposition.

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Thanks for this highly educational map. We would love to see you add the sites of struggles in California where we like to think of ourselves as part of the Thin Green Line.

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For over three years, Oakland has been fighting construction of a coal terminal with capacity of 10 million MT per year. Richmond, site of an immense Chevron refinery, is beginning to fight an existing coal export facility that has been polluting vulnerable neighborhoods for over 50 years.

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And Vallejo is in the midst of a pitch battle over a proposed marine terminal that would bring a cement factory and potential coal shipments to its port. We take inspiration from the struggles to our north as we try to hold the line here. Please keep it civil and constructive.

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