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Then, if you like what you read, come along on the crazy round-the-world ride that massage offers all of us. Wherever we go, in every part of the world, there will be people waiting there to welcome us, take us in, accept us, have us take our clothes off and then touch us all over.

Let me know what you think, either about the book or about your own experiences with massage. Have an exotic massage story? Share it with the rest of us.

Melissa in Tuscany: Stefano the Massage Therapist

Hi, im really interested in this book, but i kinda cant afford it, im studding physiotherapy, and massage is a part of that, i just wonder what more you are telling in this book, if its really other view of massage, couse my thinking is the same,. You are correct. There are no chakras, and you cannot take illness onto yourself via massage unless you are massaging someone with a cold or the flu and the virus or bacteria spreads to your body.

Interesting book! I shall buy it to read. Years ago I thought of writing a book about the eotldof massage through my eyes. Ive seen alot and heard alot. Maybe one day …. Your email address will not be published. It is a dual relationship — yes. Clients will often behave in a different way when the massage therapist does things like takes their pain away and gives them that attention that they should have gotten at an early age from caregivers.

Clients will unconsciously think that the massage therapist resembles the parents in a way or they fall in love with someone who has just helped them so much.


When clients have this feeling, it is having boundaries and saying no to the client that also provides a space for clearing up old issues but massage therapists are not trained in this really. It would take getting a degree in psychology. It would also require that the professional associations and Massage Boards require Supervision to provide support for these many ethical issues.

My question is — what has made it a boundary issue?

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Also most regular relationships start in transference — so how is this any different? The main thing is that we take money for our time and skills providing a service and when it becomes a relationship, it is then more about us than the client making it countertansference. We are assuming that we are like psychologists or other health care professions where this is also an issue.

How did they decide that massage therapists needed that same boundary? Some say you have to wait 6 months, a year, two years — who is right? How is it OK after 2 years? Actually, when I first started out in , it was OK to date clients. Massage is strange. You meet people, say a brief hello, ask a couple of questions and they take their clothes off.

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You spend an hour or more alone with them with the lights turned down low. You touch them all over their bodies the entire time, focusing all your efforts and attention on them, communicating with them verbally and nonverbally. Then at the end of your time, together, they get up, get dressed and before they leave they pay you. I have already talked about the many myths in the massage profession that keep getting passed in massage school for various reasons. Steve points this out in the book too. Teaching people how to massage is easy, but teaching them how to touch is almost impossible.

Why is that? She has a wonderful touch, what do they really mean? Steve found the Himalayan Healers one day — a guy who works in Thailand to teach the people who are considered to be the untouchables in their caste system there massage. Think about that.

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  • Early on in my career I met with a female agent, hoping she would sign me. Early on in my career, as a very young executive, I remember being really excited to go to one of my first agency meetings —where you tour around and meet all agents. Or take this away from me. Even though I was mortified, and dying inside. I represented motion picture writers and directors, and there were several instances when my clients tested the boundaries of representation by suggesting that a sexual relationship between us would need to be a component of me representing them.

    The first time, I tried to brush it off as flattering, and move on. But once it became a bargaining chip, I got pissed and had to put my foot down.

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    • I felt like my integrity and character were being challenged. I remember once I was having a meal with a client, we were reviewing stuff when he just reached over, grabbed my face and shoved his tongue down my throat. I am one of the lucky ones. I was not assaulted. But things were said. By some extraordinarily powerful men. Two events stand out. Later his name appeared in my inbox. A network president was emailing me personally from his account! What should I do? Naively, I tried to deflect with a joke so as not to insult him, hoping the exchange would turn professional or stop.

      My show never aired. I have several harassment stories, but only one affected my career. It was my first TV staff writing job. I was I got the job. Two days in, I was home on Saturday night and got a text from my boss, the showrunner. I wrote that I was home just doing work, etc. The next day at work everything changed. He would freeze me out, while still bringing me into his office sometimes to listen to music. Then I got assigned my first script.

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