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I drink alcohol sometimes. I study non-dualistic Tantric Philosophy and Thai Massage. I practice yoga asana almost everyday. I meditate and journal nearly everyday. I love fiercely and, sometimes, recklessly. I try to live an intentional, mindful life. I try to do good in this world. I am human. I booked a plane ticket to Bali to begin my journey to wherever opportunities would take me about two months ago, but this began long before that. I set this intention years ago, before a couple of those detours happened that life tends to throw your way.

When loving recklessly became a life lesson…twice. But those are stories for another time. I love all the things. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Love this! So looking forward to watching this space grow. Well done, my beautiful friend.

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Skip to content. Why should I be lying???? You have got many things wrong about the world. I have never met a more stubborn person in my life than you. I did bike for 2 years in Havanna. Hej Anna! Jobbar som univ adjunkt och har startat ett samarbete med Kuba. Dear Luis, I asked the question because I knew you would come with same litany about free health and education…… you simply repeating the indoctrination lies you heard for decades of false propaganda…..

I see. You wrote about Sweden in contrast with the context of Cuba…. I will always try to dismantle a lie each time I see it, this is my right…….. You proven to have no interest in the truth trying to finish a debate accusing the others of inexistent things….. There are many Cubans who think otherwise. About pre-Revolution Cuba… if you wish to believe propagandists like Humberto Fontova it is your right.

Dear editor. Thank you very much for taking your time to send me an email that I am sure had very good intentions. I never answered your email because I never received it and the reason I did not receive it is because the email address I write in the mail box is not a real one. I am very sorry but also grateful because your concern. I will try to get the authorization of a friend of mine who manage a public web site so you can send your emails to that address.

Thanks again.

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I have at 2 occasions invited Cuban friends to visit me in Sweden. They were denied visas -by the Swedish Embassy. And without any explnations. I also choose to hide my last name for privacy reasons. You are a castro regime supporter, you justtify their crimes, you repeat their lies, you belong their gang…..

I think you are a very narrow minded person.

You're So Lucky: The Parenting Double Standard | HuffPost Life

About the infantile mortality rate…….. By the way…… you and Luis are not defending Cuba but castro regime….. Or was he still a little bit young at that time to be able to compare the regimes? Anyway…back to the subject instead of talking history! The Minors with plusses of living in Cuba? Bad shit…but…. Think it is good to allow Cubans the time and information The Castros should improve! I rather fish all day, or hustle half a day and make love to my wife the other half, but ok…I agree: It should be fixed!

I missed that on your list. Without the freedom to live where you want, go where you want, work in whatever job you are qualified to have, and finally think and speak your mind whenever and wherever you want, all that other crap on your list is just window dressing. The last one is easier to handle — just ignore the old fart. It seems this is the environment you lived in when visiting Cuba…….

So what is the value of this freedom of speech??? Shout that Fidel is a …… on the street??? Will that help???

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  • You're so lucky that I believe in loving unconditionally;
  • Unless you start and win the new revolution….. Moses writes about personal freedom. Freud says that cuba is a bloody tyranny. The Minors with plusses of living in The Netherlands? A cheap house outside the town m2 will cost a minimum of And no censoring at all a it sells, so what the F….? Imagine Cuba when all politicians start having speeches…y hablan como hablan como hablan jejejeje! This is for Luis……. This same method has been used with every foreign visitor that has come to Cuba or met the Great Leader himself. But, is this the truth? It tries to convince the isolated Cuban people that they live in the best of all possible worlds.

    “Emily, You’re So Lucky!”

    And tries to persuade foreigners that it is so. To achieve that goal, it shows data from the past that contradicts its own official statistics. Statistics are always indiscreet when they are not tinkered with, like totalitarians regimens tend to do. Cuba is not the exception but the rule. Regardless of the censorship, statistical data can be obtained that belie those distorted reports.

    Even the Cuban within the island can verify them in any public library because they have been taken from the Cuban Statistical Yearbooks and United Nations publications, as well as from the Cuban magazines that have been pored over by the censor.