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The Prime Minister's reputation rests on Holmes's discovery of the men responsible for sending fifty slaves to their deaths. The Baker Street rooms are ransacked, Addleton's rooms burned, and the barrow blown up before the case reaches its unsatisfactory conclusion at the hands of Mycroft. As they return to their hotel, they are distracted by screams coming from a cottage.

There, they agree to help Mrs Masters, whose child has been sitting, terrified, at the top of a tree for six months. At the inn where they are staying, Langham encounters Holmes and Watson, although does not recognise them. Later, in Newhaven, he sees Holmes, in disguise, also keeping wartch on Makedonski's contacts. Edford is found murdered at his excavation, and Langham finds Holmes already on the scene. Holmes reveals that he believes the ship he was observing in Newhaven to be the missing Sophy Anderson.

After ruling out other suspects, Holmes and Langham reach the same unexpected and unwelcome conclusion. The following day it is discovered in the desk of Wattie Pendriver, a clerk. After realising that she is in love with Wattie, Emily, the Provost's daughter, encounters Sherlock Holmes on the golf course. He agrees to prove Wattie's innocence by supper time. Holmes doctors the Provost's whisky in order to solve the case.

As they journey to Norrys's home in the Welsh Marches, Holmes tells Watson the true story of his final meeting with Moriarty and the "Reichenbach Horror". Watson also reads of Norrys's encounter with something strange in the cellar of his home, Exham Priory. Meanwhile Norrys seems to be degenerating into something less than human. At Exham Priory they descend into the cellars where both Holmes and Watson encounter figures from their pasts, and face the entrance to another world.

In Surrey, Holmes meets the farmer, Holder, who claims to have heard a roaring noise and seen some kind of craft, which disappeared in a flash of light, floating above his field. As they drive out to view a new circle, Doyle's car mysteriously stops working. Holmes finds a wooden stake in the field. When the car's engine dies again on the way home, they too see the hovering lights, and Doyle disappears. When he returns, he says he was taken aboard a Martian craft. A bent piece of metal, some burned leaves and a parallelogram, along with his own past experiences, eventually lead Holmes to a solution.

Wiggins and newest Irregular, Ozzie who is searching for his unknown father see the Prince of Wales visiting B. Later, Billy brings them a summons to Baker Street, where Holmes sets them on observation duty at the circus. The Irregulars begin by interviewing the circus performers - a lion tamer, a two-headed woman, the human cannonball and the bearded woman - and Alfie overhears the trapeze artists planning to take over the tightrope act.

Holmes arrives at the Circus, with Watson and Lestrade, and Wiggins painfully locates the murder weapon. Ozzie has his fortune told and receives a warning. Barboza tells Holmes of a rope salesman who had been associating with the Zalindas recently. Ozzie and Wiggins team up with Pilar, the fortune teller's daughter, to question the knife thrower, whose assistant ran off with one of the Zalindas, while the others tackle the Flying Joneses. Ozzie faces a possible killer on the tightrope, but is able to learn of the involvement of Orlando Vile, the fourth most dangerous man in London.

Holmes tells them that the circus case is related to his commission from the Prince to recover the Stuart Chronicle , a jewelled guide to monarchy, stolen from Buckingham Palace. Ozzie is injured escaping the forger in whose care his mother left him, and Stitch performs surgery.

A watch is set on the docks where Vile conducts business, and Holmes realises that Moriarty is involved. They capture Vile and despatch Moriarty, but fail to recover the Chronicle. Moriarty reappears, and Ozzie finds himself in charge of the book. Holmes alters his plans to bring the case to its conclusion. Ozzie is still hoping to find his father. Alfie brings a bloodhound, King Henry, to the Irregulars' headquarters, the Castle.

Berlinger's niece, Elsa, consults Holmes, who sends Billy to fetch the Irregulars. Elsa tells them of her aunt's attempts to contact her late husband. Holmes sets the Irregulars to watch Konstantine's Chelsea house.

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Ozzie consults the fortune tellers, Pilar and Madam Estrella. Pilar takes him to Seven Dials, where they are chased by a crowd who want their clothes, to meet Carlos, a medium, who warns them against the Browns, Konstantine's custodians. A secret tunnel system is discovered under Konstantine's house, where the Irregulars face rats and dogs.

Holmes's research pulls up information on Konstantine's background. An attempt is made on Elsa's life and Holmes sends Watson and Pilar home with her for protection. In Konstantine's house the boys discover the secrets of the apparitions. Elsa receives a note from someone claiming to know the details of her aunt's death, and asking to meet on London Bridge.

Ozzie realises the true identity of Konstantine's father. Elsa is abducted on the bridge, and Holmes and the boys work to save her life. Ozzie leaves the Irregulars to look for his father. Ozzie locates his great-aunt Agatha. She is in no condition to tell him anything, but papers in a trunk lead him to believe that his father may be Holmes. In London, Pilar is wondering when she will be invited to join the Irregulars, while Alistair escapes from the workhouse and rejoins them. A message from Holmes takes Wiggins, Pilar and Alistair to the museum, where they are given the task of searching for witnesses outside.

They learn that Finch was searching for relics of the goddess Diana, and that Moriarty had a hand in his death. Wiggins and Pilar discover a coded message on the pavement near their headquarters. Holmes reveals that Watson has been abducted, and sends the Irregulars to investigate the Norwood cemetery catacombs, where the have a run-in with a gang known as the Gents. After being rescued by Ozzie, they discover a cryptic message from Watson, which leads them to the Tower of London.

On their return, they discover more coded messages, and find that their headquarters has been ransacked. They realise that Holmes is lying to them and that there is a traitor in their midst. Ozzie, Pilar and Wiggins are tied up on a burning boat. Elliot leads them underground to the site of the Temple of Diana, but they are captured by Moriarty.

Ozzie continues to wonder whether Holmes is his father. Holmes announces his plans to bring down Moriarty's organisation, and tells the Irregulars that they must leave London for their own safety. Shortly thereafter, their headquarters is burned down. Holmes arranges for the Irregulars to stay on a farm, but Wiggins, Ozzie and Pilar decide to follow him to the Continent. Moriarty's men arrive at the farm. Ozzie is captured by Moriarty, who tells him about his lost son. The rest of the Irregulars travel on with Holmes, until they reach Aarmuhle, where Holmes arranges to have Mycroft take them back to London.

Wiggins, however, returns with Pilar, and all the parties converge on Reichenbach Falls. Wiggins Date: Locations: Mrs. Hudson's Rooms Story: Mrs. Wiggins calls on Mrs. Hudson, complaining about Holmes's use of her son. She is followed by Mrs. Watson, complaining that she never sees Watson these days. Hudson tells her that he and Holmes are working on the Blue Carbuncle case.

Hudson is expecting a visitor whom Mary recognises to be Irene Adler, who has decided to return the picture of her and the King of Bohemia, but wants to do so in a clever way. She steams open a letter, which turns out to be from Moriarty demanding the return of the carbuncle and announcing his impending arrival. Hudson doesn't believe that Holmes has the jewel, so the three resolve to intercept the Professor, and in so doing manage to discover the jewel's hiding place.

Some of the dead man's possessions have been planted in Peterson's locker.

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The psychiatrist is summoned to Meiringen for a final consultation, and while there, acquires another patient. He and Watson are met by her lawyer, MacKelvie, who tells them of the Scott-Burns' passion for yachting. On a recent trip Scott-Burns took his wife to see the trained cormorants belonging to his friend, a lighthouse keeper on Dubh Heartach.

Later, Mrs Scott-Burns discovered that a valuable brooch had gone missing from her cabin. Holmes arranges to interview the lighthouse keeper, who is brought in dead drunk, hwever, so Holmes decides to abandon him in an empty room, and sets out for the yacht, having first procured the services of a plumber. On board the yacht, Holmes has the plumber open the waste-pipe under Mrs. Scott-Burns's sink, and restores the brooch, found in the pipe, to its owner. Later he reveals to Watson that the solution was not quite so innocent, but he has decided to circumvent the usual processes of the justice system.

Haines; Captain D. Oliver; Surgeon-Major A. Preston; Captain John R. Slade; Captain T. Cullen; Captain W. Oliver; Lieutenant T. Watson's father takes his sons to Australia after their mother's death, and while there, marries their nanny, Eileen Duffy. Inspired by his correspondence with his cousin John, an army lieutenant in India, he resolves to become an army surgeon. While at Netley he falls in love with colonel's daughter Violet Enderby. Before he leaves for Afghanistan he is given a Webley-Pryse revolver while dining at Simpson's.

On the voyage to India, his colleague Sturt, tells him of a treasure map given to an ancestor of his by an Afghan merchant. As they go about their duties in Afghanistan, Sturt sets about a search for the treasure. Watson rescues a young Shinwari woman, and sets up a hospital for the Afghans. They participate in more battles and skirmishes. Murray provides the clue that finally unlocks the treasure map's secret, but they face treachery in their attempt to recover the treasure.

After one of their party is killed in action, Watson is sent to Kandahar to join the 66th Regiment of Foot.

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He moves on to Maiwand with them, where he meets an old acquaintance. A man the private eye has shot three times has gotten up and walked away.

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He has been investigating the case of the missing importer, Miles Landau, having been hired by Landau's wife, Monica. Landau has recently handled a shipment of boxes from Romania. Together theprivate eye and Holmes go to the address the boxes were delivered to, where Holmes comes face to face with an old foe. After their visit, Nellie's health goes into decline. A ship arrives in the harbour with a strange carcass on board.

The sisters attend an extravaganza of exorcisms, where Nellie is exorcised by a Romany woman. Mrs Hudson consults local wise woman, Maude Sturgeon, over her sister's condition. She learns that Whitby Abbey is built over an interstitial dimensional gateway, and that Nellie, who has mediumistic powers, has assisted Maude on supernatural investigations around the town. After a disaster involving a giant squid at the museum, Mrs Hudson learns about the missing jewels, the Eyes of Miimon, smuggled from Finland.

Her actions lead to her and Nellie being held prisoner, and Nellie battling for the soul of her spirit guide. Assistance comes from an unexpected source. They meet the cricketers Abel and Bonnor on the train to Sussex. On the night of their arrival, Stamford is knocked down and killed by a brewer's dray, and Lord Sheffield discovers that a Canaletto has been stolen.

Holmes and Watson set about disproving Sheffield's suspicions that Stamford was the thief.

Holmes insists that the cricket match should go ahead in order to trap the true criminal. When he tells Watson that he has twice been assaulted since coming to London, Watson refers him to Holmes. Holmes reassures the professor, who invites Watson to return to Ireland with him. Further attacks are made on O'Neill in Ireland, and Watson's bag is stolen aboard the train to Sligo. Holmes appears at a literary dinner given by the Gore-Booth family, reveals his involvement in the case, and brings the villain to justice.

Having completed a case in Bath, Watson suggests that he and Holmes visit Glastonbury on the way home.

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On their second day, their hotelier, Mr Poole, tells them that all the signposts in town have been turned around, and all the blooms cut off the Glastonbury thorn. Further trivial incidents and thefts occur around the town, and Holmes sees a connection to the Labours of Hercules. He encounters an old rival and recovers an ancient treasure.

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  • Suspicons of incest, and attempted disinterment, draw the case to its unsatisfactory close. They are joined in their investigation by Lecoq, but while they are discussing the case, they learn that another body has fallen from the sky. Smith Story: The Great Detective investigates a spate of thefts of piano keys, elephants and billiard balls by a group known as "The Hippy Hops", disguised as badgers, and reveals a plot to overthrow the British Empire. The Holmes, a reconstruct, has been activated to investigate, but is malfunctioning, and the technicians want her to fix it. After reading of further sightings in the papers the following morning, he visits Holmes, who is dismissive of the case, but refers him to Newbury.

    That night, Watson accompanies Newbury and Hobbes in search of the creature, discovering that it is not what it appears to be. The following night they return to Cheyne Walk to lay an electrical trap, with Renwick's assistance. Watson discovers that his investigation has overlapped with Holmes's search for one of Mycroft's missing spies.

    In addition to investigating Sir Theobald's death, Inspector Bainbridge is on the trail of the iron men, a group of mechanical, steam-powered, iron-clad, jewel robbers. The Maugham cousins receive letters from Hans Gerber who claims to be the son of Sir Theobald's estranged sister, Frances, and as his eldest nephew, in light of the missing will, he claims the right to inherit Sir Theobald's estate.

    After being attacked by the Iron Men, and after the successful conclusion of the Maugham case, Bainbridge sets a trap, with Watson, for the Iron Men at the home of Count Ferenczy, owner of the Moon Star diamond. Her father, a pawnbroker in Limehouse, has received threatening letters, which appear mysteriously in his locked shop. After her departure, Holmes and Lestrade reveal to Watson that her father is a notorious fence.

    Holmes also reveals that he doesn't trust her account of events, and the case soon turns to one of murder, which Holmes is able to solve without leaving the Baker Street rooms. He shows them the only surviving picture from the story and says he will auction it the following day, but the following morning the Paget has disappeared and Cubitt is dead. While he is there, her niece Elizabeth arrives, looking for Holmes.

    She is in London with her concert pianist husband, and believes that she is being poisoned by him. Mrs Hudson visits Elizabeth's husband, while Watson refers to Holmes's notes on poisons. The solution comes at a piano recital that evening. When she returns home, Mrs Hudson receives a surprise visitor. He has been called in to solve an impossible locked room murder. A man has been found by his housekeeper, stabbed, in his locked parlour, and his body covered in symbols and foreign script. Holmes shows signs of losing his powers, and after another identical murder occurs, the investigation takes Holmes and Watson to an occult bookstore.

    Holmes, Watson and his wife Millie sit up on vigil when it is suggested that their own lives may be in danger. Later, Holmes and Watson are sent on a reconnaissance mission, on which Holmes's observations during a comfortable night in a chateau, provide all the information he needs. Having attended Wimpfheimer in place of his usual doctor, Watson ihas a personal connection to the case. Holmes visits Wimpfheimer's home disguised as a vet, but Watson and Lestrade reveal the case's solution. As she grows older, he trains her in mathematics and business, warns her about Holmes, and introduces her to his associates.

    On her sixteenth birthday he tells her a greater truth. Two years later, they meet the magician again and he tells them of an audience member who ran out of the theatre, shouting, after he borrowed his watch for a trick. The man never returned for the watch, but when Houdini takes Holmes to his dressing room, it has disappeared. Houdini, working from Holmes's deductions, retrieves the watch from the theatre's ex-manager, Slattery, an old friend who wants him to open an extremely heavy, precious chest, with a strange lock.

    A rat Holmes has been experimenting on is terrified by the watch, and dies, and returning to Baker Street one evening, Watson sees a strange green glow in the sitting room. Holmes tracks down the watch's owner, Holzinger, a jeweler, who seems strangely nervous and ill-looking, but sends him away with a replica of the watch. Holmes, assisted by Shinwell Johnson, begins making enquiries among London's underworld, and visits Mycroft. Later, they break into the Alhambra Theatre to examine Slattery's chest, but he has removed it.

    They find a set of notes written by the late Professor Moriarty, apparently relating to the chest, and a green glow coming from the space the chest had been hidden in.

    Mycroft arrives and has them released from custody. Later, they read of Holzinger's suicide, his body, when found, covered in strange sores. Bess Houdini is sent to stay with Mrs Watson and her sister in Wales after threats are made against her. Holmes is shot while in pursuit of a man who seems very interested in Bess's departure. Confined to hospital, Holmes assigns Watson to guard Houdini on his upcoming tour to the North of England. After the police guard is withdrawn, Watson enlists Johnson and his men to guard Holmes's hospital room. They manage to thwart an attack on Holmes by a husband and wife team of assassins, shortly after which, Dubuque arrives.

    Mycroft tells Watson of a nihilist plot involving the chest, which was created by Moriarty. Moriarty's document refers to a substance called Pandorium, and Holmes realises that he is dealing with a radioactive substance. He brings in Marie and Pierre Curie to advise on the matter. Before heading North, Watson gives Houdini, who asks to be shown the sites of the Ripper murders, a tour of London.

    During the northern tour Holmes joins them in Leeds, but Houdini is kidnapped from the theatre. Travelling by train to London in pursuit, they receive word that Bess, too, has disappeared. Holmes employs William Gillette and Percy Lyndal to impersonate him and Watson, and lead their trackers astray, while they investigate the anarchists. At an anarchist meeting they are able to contact Houdini, who tells them he has overheard that an attack is planned at Covent Garden.

    Events come to a head at a Wagner evening at the Covent Garden Opera House when the box is finally opened. Number Two tells him that he wants information about Mycroft, and he notices that all the other occupants of the village appear to be captured spies, including Von Bork, with whom he plans an escape, although it is Lupin who brings the plan to fruition, leaving Churchill, Number One, to make new plans for the Village's future. Edgar Hoover; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Henry Breckinridge; Colonel H. Most find a place in Albion society, and Neverland magic blends with British technology to help protect the Empire, but Peter Pan remains in Neverland, an enemy of the Empire.

    After the death of Queen Victoria in , and the defeat of Dr Fatal in , Greystoke and Hook face Pan's ally, Sinbad, his allies the Singh, and his forty thieves, at sea and on the island of Krakatoa. In , Kraven goes undercover in Cairo's lunatic asylum to investigate a spate of terrorist bombings in the city. In , English Bob and Kraven are aboard the torpedoed Lusitania , and the following year, a zeppelin raid takes Hook and Greystoke.

    Kraven's actions among Glasgow strikers prove fatal, and the League continues to disintegrate, the Prussians invade Albion, and Kraven faces von Tod in an aerial dogfight. After a peace speech in Paris, Kraven alienates himself further from the League, and in goes missing on an expedition to the South Pole.

    Six years later a movie is made of his life. In an old man, sent to live with his daughter and son-in-law, struggles to remember his real identity, and as his memories come back, stimulated by the comic strip Garth , reconstructs the birth of the League of Heroes. In Kraven is recruited to the League, established as a response to the arrival of the Fairy Folk as a precaution should they ever turn against the Empire. After training, Kraven sets about recruiting further members, the first of whom, Tiger Lily's shaman, takes on the mantle of Sherlock Holmes following the detective's death at Reichenbach.

    His selections, even from the beginning, distance him from the League's founder, Fogg. In , Kraven, tries to discover what happened to him after his "death" in the Antarctic, and why the world he is in seems different from the Albion he knew, and how he has come to be there. After being abducted and rescued he forms a new League. After Kraven's death, the League continues under Holmes's leadership, but disbands in In , Holmes is reduced to performances, at the Theater of Crime, of plays by Agatha Christie, The Woman, and is living in communal housing.

    He is summoned by the Party to investigate the death of Turing, stabbed with a fairy dagger at the Outer Space Research facility. Accompanied by the young female Commissioner, Zyd, who reminds him of English Bob, his investigations lead him back to the Theatre, and to Cavor's castle in Kent where he learns of the development of the computer. He also recalls his involvement in the investigation into the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, apparently by Peter Pan and Tiger Lily.

    After two more murders, Holmes finds himself captured by Pan, and faces the ultimate decision when he comes face to face with Fogg. The new League plan the kidnapping of Fogg, and Kraven penetrates the Reform Club, a task he finds confusingly easy, but which lands him in hospital surrounded by familiar faces, where he finally learns the true nature of his existence and the world he's living in.

    He has been coming home late, the Irregulars are strangely absent, a well-dressed midget has left an exploding package for him, there is a bloodstain on the carpet, and he is refusing to open the door. She later hears footsteps in the sitting room while Holmes is out. When Holmes is hospitalised with pneumonia, he turns Andrew over to Mrs Hudson's care. The murdered man is Lord Tinningsly, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and his death is part of a plot against the British currency.