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Even though they can read you from a mile away, Gemini - Cancers are notoriously private about their feelings. Don't be surprised if you aren't aware of what's going on in their life, despite their encyclopedic knowledge of your innermost thoughts and feelings. They have many skills, and a ninja-like avoidance of talking about themselves by correctly telling you how you're feeling ranks high among them. The Gemini-Cancer cusp is one that commits.

Dates: June 17 - 23

It may take them a while, but once they are in, they are IN. Ruled by planets Mercury and the Moon , they like to surround themselves with people they know and trust, and that trust is often hard won. Sure, they can be flirty, but when they are committed, they are devoted. If you are a Gemini-Cancer, know that you inspire others. Knowing this ahead of time can make all the difference. So you may want to use the last part of May and the first two weeks of June to get projects going and good work done.

Meanwhile, the new moon in Gemini on June 3rd will remind us that our words have incredible power. This new moon is an invitation to get clear on our messaging and align our actions with them.

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And the full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th is a beautiful one that will highlight our growth and give us many an insight into the abundant power of generosity. It will, however, be flanked by some of the more challenging astrology of the season. Illuminating power struggles, the full moon will ask us to rise above the ego dramas that dominate our timelines and human lives far too frequently.

Gemini ♊️ Truth they are not SPEAKING ~ June 17-23

What would be the most challenging and soulfully satiating thing to try this year? The full moon highlights the love in your life and reminds you to praise all of it.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, July 10, 12222

Money issues will also arise, calling on your courage and your best strategies for outsmarting any feelings of unworthiness. Gemini Season is a precursor to your own.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Do any and all behind the scenes work necessary around the new moon. Excavating old ways of working is key if new systems of thought are needed. The full moon will bring a work project to your attention. The trick is to stay with the solutions, as problems may be plenty. Gemini Season wants you out with friends, colleagues, and social networks of all kinds, helping you hatch new plans with dream teams.

The full moon celebrates your creative work and romantic relationships, while encouraging you to celebrate the moment. Still, a little reprieve helps the medicine go down. Gemini Season wants to see you shine in professional and public roles. A little anxiety is normal when we are so exposed.

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The new moon wants you to recommit to doing the work in the world that calls to you the most. And the full moon reminds you of the anchor you need to do so. Communication issues will arise in your communities. Gemini Season sees you set out on many new adventures. The new moon asks you to commit to the path that most aligns with your life at the moment. The full moon increases the events on your calendar; refuse what feels like excess.

Gemini Information, complete information on this zodiac sun sign.

Your professional life needs a little extra TLC from you now, so make sure you have the time to give it. Gemini Season puts focus on what your partners have, and what they bring to your life.

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  5. The more you share of your excess, the more wealthy you become. Get clear on which scenario is best for all. Gemini Season is all about your committed partnerships.