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And while not a beauty spot, there is even a location in Swindon, at Dorcan Industrial estate on the east side of town. Dogging, sexual activity in public or watching others engage in sexual activity in public, is not banned under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

It became popular in when couples were able to arrange meetings conveniently on the internet. Comments are closed on this article. Get involved with the news in your community. Send your stories and photos now. Continue reading. Council plan to revamp roads around town centre Calls for calm after third stabbing in Swindon since Friday evening. Adding over more residents to that specific area is not smart growth. City of Houston permits new high density projects in areas that already get a failing grade for traffic.

Traffic is only one problem that comes from higher population density. How can you justify unmitigated growth as a reasonable policy?

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Houston is booming. No question. But its lack of planning is going to lead to major problems in the near future. It will only be effective, however, if it focuses on things that can be legally controlled — public facilities and infrastructure vs. Helping neighborhoods understand this might also help them to plan and propose measures for public facilities and infrastructure that help the area adapt to higher density when it does start showing up. It is true for the most part these days that such efforts are being primarily conducted by management districts and TIRZs, as opposed to the Planning and Development Department.

Though to be fair, COHPDD is doing mobility planning for sub-areas of the city as well as looking at city-wide regulatory issues like parking. As a Heights resident who opposed the historic district, I must point out that it is generally NOT those opposed to the historic district who opposed Walmart.

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We were consistent in that no one should tell us or Walmart what we can do with our property. It was the historic district supporters who also want to dictate what Walmart does in addition to the rest of us. Mark Sternfels: I would think Heights residents might say that directing additional density to W. Look, Houston, including most of what is considered its urban core now, was primarily developed as a low-density suburb, oriented to automobiles. Under the latter approach, would Manhattan, Paris, London, Chicago, even Los Angeles — places people love — ever have happened?

Everybody likes to talk about all the traffic problems that will come with new buildings. I guess everybody should feel bad about always voting down on improved public transit. And maybe the people of Houston should demand more public transit, and get there fat asses out of their cars. Rather high prices for mid-rise condos built on stilts.

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How do they plan on providing parking for 40 units with just one flat surface level of parking? Just goes to show how much demand there is in town. Unmitigated growth is a bad idea no matter where it occurs. I think we can agree there is a compromise to be had between total acceptance and total resistance. Many of us think, not just folks in The Heights, that for too long the conversation has been focused on growth over sustainability and livability. The City thinks there is green space between the sidewalks and the curbs. For years and years and years prior to its birthing Godzilla, this land hosted a rental house and lots of trees.

Thomas- demand for this? Terry Fisher told neighbors it was divine providence to build that thing on that site. So, other than God, nobody asked Terry Fisher Homes to build this thing. What architect designed this or the other messes at and Rutland?

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No reect for details, proportions, context. I wonder how we could get rail to the suburbs, if only we had tracks. Quit building railroad tracks through my neighborhood. What we really need is urban density. Quit building apartments and high rises in my neighborhood! Is it really so crazy to want to preserve the qualities that come with a neighborhood of single-family homes?

Deal with it. We live in a NO zoning city which the voters TWICE shot down ,in neighborhoods-some of which there are NO to non-enforced deed restrictions ,and not all hoods have MLS minimal lot setbacks nor a viable property owners association. And the hell with what the neighborhood thinks.

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Densify July 25, at am. Nate99 July 25, at am. All that flannel would get pretty sticky down here. Papi grande July 25, at am. The building is a mediocre atrocity at best. I would complain also if I were a neighbor. Sally July 25, at am. UG July 25, at am. ShadyHeightster July 25, at pm. Mark Sternfels July 25, at pm. Angostura July 25, at pm. ZAW July 25, at pm. Brian July 25, at pm. Based on the renderings I first thought this was somewhere in Galveston. Poetaster July 25, at pm. C July 25, at pm. Greg July 25, at pm. Local Planner July 25, at pm.

Dana-X July 25, at pm. Heights Hype July 25, at pm. Sihaya July 25, at pm. Why does it look like it was made out of all the boring LEGO colors?

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UG July 25, at pm. Jack July 25, at pm. Bill July 25, at pm. UG and Mark: If that is the case, I think we will see much more of that in the future until people in neighborhoods stop getting nasty with developers.

ZAW But developers can already build whatever they want. Jay July 25, at pm. Local Planner Population density may not affect the overall quality of life in Houston at-large but it most certainly affects the quality of life in specific neighborhoods. Mel July 25, at pm.

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Dave July 25, at pm. But, you are right. They have jumped the shark. Thomas July 25, at pm. Ash July 25, at pm. Graeme July 26, at am.