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Instead I was faced with a mix from two guys of about 22—23 and then going up through the range to a bloke in his early sixties and another well over 70! At around a nice lady in her mid 50s comes in. She had us go around the room; introduce ourselves and explain what we got done for and where. She then explains the rules for the day. No pictures, no surnames, as some may wish to remain anonymous, especially from employers. As a follow on, she asks some general questions as regards driver training and who has had additional training since passing their test. Three of us put our hands up.

At this point she kicks off a slideshow on Powerpoint, covering speed limits and ways of recognizing them. Each desk has a leaflet with various sections; one of these sections was talking about speed limits on various roads. All of us were car. Out of the 19 people everybody got the Urban limit 30 and the Motorway limit 70 right but only three got the SC 60 and DC 70 ones right! This accounts for the numpties who meander along with poor lane skills at 50mph! The initial picture was in the leaflet.

It depicted the entry to a rural village type area and the instructor asked what speed we would be doing. My response was the lowest at sub 30 with most saying 35—40mph.

The final part was the showing of a Thames Valley film, shot on a runway, showing the breaking distances from 30, 32, 35 and 40mph and revealing that at 32mph the braking distance is 15 feet further than at Very sobering. So was it worthwhile? Did I learn anything? Yes I did and even my wife has noticed that in 30mph limits I now stick more rigidly to Drive Tech have just appeared in the papers with the news that apparently the person who started it, as a retired police officer, has just earned their first million pounds.

Most of the employees, especially those who give driver training, as distinct from being classroom based, are also ex-police. You can check out Drive Tech online at www. It all started a couple of months after I bought the car. The front near side wing was showing signs of corrosion, despite having had both wings resprayed in the past under Porsches 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

As the months went by a few more little bits started to appear, first on the corner of the rear window, then on the rear near side wing, then under the seal of the windscreen and so on. I had many people give me advice and recommendations of places that would do a good job and I followed up on some of these leads. A certain member of our esteemed club being one of them and I did get a good quote but I could hardly expect Dave at Daytona Coachworks to keep to that quote after 18 months. I finally chose a company that was close to home, so I could witness the transformation for myself.

Neil Johnston of Washington Coachworks greeted me upon dropping my car off and we ran over the points that I was concerned about and what they would do to correct them. The worst bits would be cut out, they would give me these bits to prove it and weld in new. I informed Neil that there was a good chance that silicone based products had been used in the past and that it would probably need a deep cleanse.

It is essential that you mention this to your resprayer because the silicone in various products can seep into the paint work, making it much harder for the new paint to adhere to the car. At this point a delivery van arrived and Neil asked if I would mind waiting for a moment and left me to wander around the workshop. Inside I found some wondrous vehicles in various states of undress.

This all looked very promising.

Legal to Kill

After talking over a few last details I left the car and the keys with Neil and went home. Five days had passed when I dropped in for the first time to see how things had progressed. Oh my god, in that time the car had been dismantled and all the parts bagged and tagged. All the windows were taken out, bumpers off, lights out, doors off, bonnet off, wipers off, sun roof out, engine lid off and the spoiler was off. I had a small split in the spoiler so had purchased a second hand one for them to re-spray and refit.

They also dismantled the rear bumper as this is in three parts. There is always a certain amount of trepidation about stripping a car. You never really know what will be uncovered. Peter, the guy actually doing all the work on my car, introduced himself and was keen to point out what he had found nothing too serious, to my joy. The number plate lights were corroded and one of the lenses had burnt both would be replaced and the bumper heat shields were all useless these would also be replaced.

Peter also pointed out that the corrosion on the rear wing was due to mud compacted in the corner, about a cup full.

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Not surprising the paint had started to bubble up then. So now the shopping list starts. Having decided to have all the glass out, I chose to have all new seals as well. With the seals ordered from Type, I went to Porsche for the rear bumper heat shields, license plate lights, new Carrera badge and all the screws that would be needed to put the parts back together.

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With the windscreen out I thought it a good idea to replace that as well as it had millions of little chips all over it. I called the insurance company and they agreed and said that they would need two days notice to fit it, with the excess to be paid on the day. Well, the days turned into weeks and Rob had now re-sprayed the car to an amazing finish and that was before it had even been polished. They called in professional window fitters to. I bought a new one from Porsche which was the correct size.

On reconnection of all the washer pipe lines for the screen and headlights, Peter had discovered an interesting fault. The intensive headlight screen washer bottle seemed to be getting pressurised and blowing through the valve in the cap, spraying the underside of the bonnet. The final day! I received a phone call asking me whether I would like to pick my car up? Stupid question. What a sight. It was great to see her all back together and looking like a new car.

Thanks to Neil, Peter, Rob, Matt and all at Washington Coachworks for their always friendly faces and for putting up with me popping in almost every other day. Washington Coachworks Ltd www. Join the club at www. This is going to make ordering much easier for individual club members. RO Simon Poole audisi btinternet. RO Stewart Gordon evenings mobile flashgordon blueyonder. The February Bowling and Pizza morning was supported by the Poole and Head families which meant that we had seven bowlers and decided to split into boys vs.

Needless to say the boys won, helped to our victory by my rather flukey three strikes in a row twice! A good time was had by all, but hopefully the upcoming events will be better supported by more of the members. Here are a few dates for your diary to be going on with. More will be added throughout the year, including the smaller local events which Andy and I had a look at last summer in the evenings and at weekends. They have proved very popular and a worthwhile exercise—this was the first winter to host such meetings and days out and the idea came from you, the local region members.

The main topic of conversation at our last monthly meeting to discuss the diary of events for the forthcoming season and with only a few minor details to follow up on we have a basic calendar written up to go by. Details to follow! With luck my own car will be back on the road after almost two years on axle stands in the garage.

The first couple of months this year I have been busy organising club stands for our shows, more on them later. John is a regular in racing circles, entering into various sprints and races organised by PCGB.


His experience and knowledge helps our members get the best from their cars. Pete Parkey and myself where fortunate enough to go out on circuit both with. James in the S2 and John in his RS. Both cars are completely different but they both had the ability to put big smiles on your faces! Thanks to both of them for taking us out onto the circuit. In the next few weeks we have several events already organised, Big Baz as he likes to be known has planned a Spring Drive for us on Sunday 19th April around the Peak District with a lunch stop and also a stop at Flash, the highest village in Staffordshire, for photos.

Please come along and join us. On the 21st April will be our club night. Although it is now to late to book, a group of us are heading over to Stuttgart on the 29th April for a tour of the Porsche Factory and to visit the new Porsche Museum. More on our visit in the next edition of All Torque. When this falls on a Bank Holiday, we meet on the second Monday instead. February was affected, but thanks to those who did attend.

It was a fiercely fought competition with the tournament won by Peter Anderson, taking a bottle of Champagne kindly donated by the Landlord and a book on Porsche. What a cracking, well attended night, thanks to all who came and fought the good fight. I hope you are all looking forward to the shows this year.

Gawsworth and Tatton are booked. We told them to bring their own cars— knowing how TVRs break down, we can win! We wish them the very best for the forthcoming marriage and life together. After the good comes the bad, it is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of one of our members. George Coates died of leukaemia. It was a great shock for us all and for those who knew him he was a gentle giant of the car club, always smiling and would do anything for anybody.

He loved his red with a passion. The smile on his face when he drove it is what this car club is all about. We send our condolences to his family, especially his wife Diane. We look forward to seeing you at the meetings and the shows. If you need any more information, please contact John or Brenda anytime.

Yorkshire RO John Oakes john. Not sure what we will do with the money but we will sort something out soon. Any ideas what we could do, please let me know. We will be having club nights in the Leeds area soon, will keep you posted on this with the dates, any suggestions as to a good meeting place?

Club night 3rd March Bit of a small turn out, but it was a miserable night. Good to meet a new member, Ben, and an old member, Ray, who was last a member of the club around 12 years ago. Fingers crossed that he will dig his Turbo out of the garage and start driving it again. We all left a bit early as the Windmill and surrounding area suffered a power cut. Please find below our list of events for the coming months. We hope to add more at a later date.

If anyone wants to organise an event please ring John or Dave. Yorkshire Region member Ben ben on the forum asks if anyone would like to join him? Perhaps we could get a few regions involved? Gates open Admission prices include admission into the gardens. We are planning on arriving there on Friday and leaving Sunday afternoon.

Alternatively you could come on Saturday morning, stop for the day and leave Sunday morning. Anyone interested, please let me know. Ginetta Factory Tours These are run on the second Tuesday of every month for groups of 25—30 people. The tours take around one hour and are run from — The tour takes in the Ginetta factory as a whole specifically the design side, assembly line and a number of special projects that they are undertaking.

The factory is near Leeds. If anyone is interested in a tour, please let us know. Leaving Skipton at The route is via Settle, Hawes, Leyburn and then on to Masham and will take approx two hours. We will finish with a tour around the brewery for those who are interested or just a meal in the Bistro followed by a great pint of Black Sheep and a chance to chat.

The year started with a well-attended Club Night in January and a chance at a spot of rally driving on Playstation. A few of us had attended the Autosport show the day before Sunday 11th January but there had not been too much interest shown in this event. I can only think this was down to post-Christmas blues and the fairly hefty admission prices rather than the content of the event itself: all forms of motor racing! There was plenty of Porsche content as well as trade stands and the odd celebrity to keep you occupied and we walked our legs off around the halls trying to see as much as possible before the show ended.

A very different tale to that portrayed on the programme and clearly not the last attempt he intends on the event. February started poorly as a terrible weather forecast meant I cancelled club night, for the first time on my watch, rather than risk folk struggling to get home later in the evening.

I think Brian and I called it right, as the snow started falling about 6pm and the pub car park was blanketed by 9pm. Unfortunately a couple of members did not get the email notifying of the cancellation in time and both Lindsay Brown and Ash made their way to the Red Lion on the night. Lindsay left about 9pm with Ash doing doughnuts on the snow-covered car. Hats off to both for making their way along despite the snow and apologies for the late cancellation. Things improved on the 22nd with our first proper event of RAF Cosford.

We had decided to meet up at the Village hotel, junction 10, M6 and I turned up a little before 9. As I pulled on to the car park I spotted another two and after shuffling around we ended up with a line of six! After a cuppa in the restaurant we toured the Museum and spent a pleasant few hours pottering around the exhibits. A write up on both will follow in the next edition of All Torque. Early May sees us off to Prescott and if you have never been I really do suggest you book up and join us on May 10th at the hill climb.

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The event is an open hill climb and you can take runs up the hill in your own car or join our static display in the Orchard for a lazy day watching the runs. Both are great venues and offer something for the whole family. Watch out for emails and forum notices on both nearer time. We shall be preparing another Central Region calendar for and need help to source pictures in readiness. Finally, looking way ahead to next year, we are planning another club trip to the Le Mans Classic, which takes place from 9th to 11th July We shall again be using Travel Destinations to sort all the arrangements and I will send out details of likely costs etc as soon as they are available.

If you have attended any Transtar event in the past you will receive an entry form in the post. Just fill in and return to Transtar with your payment. Make sure you tick the boxes for Trentham and Arbury Hall as well see below. Just email Paul and confirm attendance to aid planning. If you need an entry form see Paul on a club night.

See club website. Very limited numbers, first come first served. Email Brian on mymerak aol. Sunday 10th May Prescott Hill Climb. Details and booking form can be downloaded from www. Just post Paul an email to confirm your booking.

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Everyone but Luke follows, and Luke chastises the journalists. Visibly shaken, Brian decides to back out of the show but gives his blessing. Beano nearly misses the set when a stalker-groupie demands sex. The band starts their set with the same song with which they opened up the last Wisbech Festival. Brian is pleased to hear the band playing the song, which helps him finally overcome his demons and joins the band onstage to play an inspiring guitar solo, much to the surprise and delight of everyone.

When the band hits its reunion climax, Still Crazy encourages frankly emotional tears. Club found the film "overly dramatic and often dull" compared to This Is Spinal Tap and The Rutles , saying that if you look past its "cheap charm" you have a mishandled topic about middle-aged former rockers who lack sympathy for viewers to care about.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Still Crazy DVD cover. Dick Clement Ian La Frenais. Main article: Still Crazy soundtrack album. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 5 July Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved 6 June Rolling Stone. Wenner Media. Retrieved 2 June Entertainment Weekly. Time Inc. The Austin Chronicle.

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