e-book NO MATTER WHAT - You’ve Got to Live Your Dreams.

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This is why it is so important that you are working on something you LOVE. What that means both for a ball rolling down a hill and for you and your dream life is that getting started is the hardest part. And you know what Newton says about energy …. It is important to remember, especially if your goal means you are self-employed which necessitates self-motivation! This is your vision for your life — it is your JOB to make it into a reality. In order to do this though, you need to know two things: 1. What you need to do 2.

How to do it. As a yoga teacher, I become a better teacher and I become more knowledgeable when I challenge myself to teach the things that I am still learning. But this means intense repetitive practice, practice, and more practice. And study, study, and more study. In my first teacher training Christina Sell told us:. What are your skill gaps?

NO MATTER WHAT - You've Got to Live Your Dreams.

What could you know better? Search out people who know more than you do, people you can relate to, and then learn from them. Start now and fill in the gaps as you go. We are striving to have an adventurous LIFE. The end goal is just a tool to give direction to your everyday life. Success is defined as the accomplishment of a goal or purpose.

Your purpose, your goal, is a more adventurous life.

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If you focus solely on your end game you might forget to experience your adventure as it unfolds. When we were on our bike trip, our goal was to ride first from Rome to Russia and then from Beijing to Bali. If we just rode our asses off every day, going km per day, completely focussed on getting to our goal, we may have arrived a lot sooner.

I want you to live a life that allows you the freedom to experience joy, to experience love, to experience everything. A more adventurous life is the goal. A more adventurous life is success. By working on your life, by discovering what inspires you, what motivates you, what pushes you to be your best self, you are succeeding. On the other hand, by brushing your goals under the carpet, ignoring the things that thrill you, and sleepwalking through every day, you are failing.

Adventure is not easy. To be brutally honest, there are as many shitty days as there are fantastic days. Your plan should include co-opting friends to your cause or, if your current friends think adventure is weird and scary, finding new friends who understand your desire for adventure. At times, things will go wrong.

Live Your Dream & Master Life - Training Success Motivation

They will be able to shine a light on your strengths when you are mired in self-doubt and they will help you get up when you fall down. Feel free to message us ANY time if you need someone to pick you up! At My Five Acres, we inspire you to live your most adventurous life and help you to travel more and more mindfully. Dorene March 20, at pm. Great post Stephen, wholeheartedly agree. ACT darnit! Cheers guys and safe travels. Stephen Ewashkiw March 25, at am.

Murielle Marie March 9, at am. I so love this Stephen. But the truth is, change takes time. And if anything feels the least bit off , then you know you have some serious mindset-shifting work to do. And it is your expectations that determine your reality. So how do you make that shift and start convincing yourself that you really do deserve to have your dreams come true?

Here is a 5-step process to help:. Step 1: Write it down. Write your dream down. Write out in detail what your dream is, what it would mean to you to have it come true, and your why for doing it in the first place. Really get yourself connected to the dream. They could include things like:. Step 3: The objective response.

This is the ONE Thing You Need to Live Your Dreams

Step 4: Mirror work. Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, out loud, that you deserve to have this dream come true. Fair warning — there could be tears and there could be anger. Let it happen. Let it out. Spend three minutes with this exercise and then stop for the day.

You Deserve to Live Your Dream - Vibe Shifting

But do it again for three minutes every day until you no longer have any negative reaction to it. Step 5: Use your affirmations. For example:. Whatever your dream is, create a personalized affirmation to remind you how much you deserve to be living that dream. And repeat that affirmation to yourself frequently throughout the day. It will help to clear all that old junk out of your head and pave the way for really aligning yourself with what you want.

Belief is a powerful thing , and belief in yourself is even more so. So align yourself with making it happen! Loving what you've read so far?

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