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Divine judgment means that, in the end, God makes sure that every man reaps what he has sowed. The good tidings of eternal deliverance are reserved for the meek, and the humble. Of a truth it is, that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshiped Daniel But, if Nebuchadnezzar had actually confessed the Lord, and if he had also honored [and recognized] Daniel as God's anointed messenger, why was God still angry with Nebuchadnezzar?

The reason for God's anger was that Nebuchadnezzar thought that the God of the Jews was similar to any other flawed human king; that He wasn't really interested in ruling with humility, mercy, and justice; but was rather obsessed with receiving all the glory, the praise and the honor He could possibly get from His subject or creatures.

But when his heart was exalted and his spirit became arrogant, he was deposed from his royal throne and his glory was taken from him Thus, Scripture teaches us that it isn't enough for the Hebrews to believe in God, and in His servant Moses; nor is it enough for Christians to believe in the Heavenly Father, as well as in the messianic claims of Jesus; neither is it enough for Muslims to believe in God, as well as in the prophetic claims of Muhammad- they all have to validate their confession renouncing to their pride, their arrogance, and their self exaltation [in other words, embracing a lifestyle of meekness, and humility].

But, why are the meek and brokenhearted so dear to the Lord? They are so dear because the proud and arrogant cannot do God's will, which is no other than to renounce to evil and self exaltation, in order to do good [showing justice, mercy, and humility]. The way in which falsehood has destroyed our world. The Hebrew Bible states that deception is the root of all evil. That the members of it's next generation like Cain and Abel will start killing one another!!! In other words, it wil display a total disregard for the sanctity of human life, as if hinting at the idea that, no longer having God's image within their souls, they have now lost their humanity, and have thereby reverted to the primitive state of wild beasts.

And this might explain why the morality of Marxists and atheistic regimes is so low, that they often end up killing millions of their own brothers [something unheard even among wild beasts! And though you may not see the immediate death and destruction that will inevitably result from your rebellion, you might be forced to see it springing during your children's generation.

In short, just as falsehood is the essence of evil Satan , likewise truth is the essence of goodness the Creator. And just as the God of truth will be found wherever there is truth, His absence will be felt wherever there is falsehood. And from whence do we know that God's seal is truth, and that He expects His people to be truthful?

But how can we make sure that we follow God's truth? And by obeying God's Law, and meditating in it day and night, the believer secures for himself blessing and prosperity. Pues haciendo que cada uno coseche el mismo bien [o mal] que libre y voluntariamente haya escogido sembrar. Y, el que estas tres divisiones prefiguraban tres instituciones religiosas, estaba intimado en el hecho de que, las tres ciudades eran ciudades designadas para los levitas es decir, para gente cuyo principal oficio era el servicio divino.

Y es por esto que la Escritura Hebrea prefigura a los justos por medio de tres personas que, a pesar de no ser todas Hebreas, comparten la fe en la existencia de un Juez [y de un Juicio] en el universo. Both Christianity and Islam are godly and holy religions; Two valid paths for mankind to please it's Creator. Simply because, from ancient times, the Hebrew Scripture states that the Law is perfect; and that which already is perfect cannot be improved, or replaced [as otherwise it would not have been perfect to begin with! And from whence do we know that the Law is perfect? La Sociedad Liberal es un invento por Conveniencia Sorry, but your browser does not support the mp4 video tag.

Obedience to God's Law the Ten Commandments implies the wisdom of recognizing that the Hebrew Scripture is the reflection of a Divine natural order that cannot be permanently defeated. One in which existence conquers non existence; light conquers darkness, order conquers chaos, day conquers night, life conquers death, fruitfulness conquers barrenness, intelligence conquers ignorance, goodness conquers evil, and companionship conquers loneliness. God has given this order a power and an intelligence of it's own, so that [in the long run] it can always offset or prevail against any human attempt to change [or suppress] it.

That's why the wise man not only does his best effort to attune his life-cycle to this divine order, but also makes sure to depart from evil, in order to sow into his fellow human being the same goodness justice, discipline, mercy, humility, peace, forgiveness, etc he would later want to reap for himself. And this also explains why does the Creator orders His people [all who honor and obey Him] to follow His commandments, whereby they stay away from all sort of evil hatred, falsehood, immorality, murder, usury, adultery, dishonoring parents, etc , thus assuring for themselves [in the future] a good harvest.

Israel, America, and Gay pride parades. What sort of pride could any decent man feel for the sick enjoyment of being anally sodomize by another man? If being sodomized is something they actually cherish so much, then common sense dictates that we should expect gay people to be naturally attracted to a criminal lifestyle- displaying all kind of violent, rebellious, and lawless behavior. And why would they be attracted by such a lifestyle?

Simply because they know they can thus act with impunity, as the system is flawed, and biased in their favor. These tools have been socially engineered so as to lead us into willingly abandon the foundational values of Western civilization borders, culture, language, faith, family, morality, etc. In lieu of the former, the Marxist controlled media want us to embrace the rebellious, shallow, selfish, secular, totalitarian, and atheistic mindset that will in turn produce the social unrest [revolution] needed to bring about the demise of Western civilization.

The Western world will indeed fall, as expected by cultural Marxists. But the Hebrew Scripture foretells that it won't be the cultural Marxists [nor any powerful secular Jewish elite] whom will raise up with the power. Instead, the Western lands that currently pride themselves in their gay pride parades [Israel included], will be ruled by Islam [and it's Shariah Law]. Why will the Muslim world prevail? But the Creator has promised that, as long as Israel lives a holy lifestyle, Israel's pagan enemies won't be able to prevail.

But since present day Iran lives the holy lifestyle that God would expect from Israel [promoting the fear of God, and making gay pride parades illegal], while Israel lives the wicked lifestyle that God would expect from a pagan nation [promoting atheism, as well as the gay lifestyle], it is Israel who won't be able to defeat Iran in battle.

May God have mercy of our Western world, as well as of Israel [and it's Marxist elite! Esto significa que, la veracidad del A. En cambio, la veracidad del N. The reason why Ashkenazi Jews can often be so evil is basically twofold. First of all, most of them belong to the White race. But there is a second [and far more important] cause: From their early childhood, Ashkenazi Jews are exposed to either the study of Torah God's Ten commandments , or to people who had been in turn influenced by such study. And what's wrong with the study of God's commandments?

Unfortunately, once this person has acquired such great understanding, he can choose to use it to achieve a great good, or a great evil. And that's why we find that the leading roles on every field of science, religion, politics, and society, are are in the hands of White Ashkenazi Jews. Thus, they play the leading roles in the noblest of all causes Philanthropy, Medical research, agriculture, water conservation, etc , as well as in the vilest and most degenerated movements atheism, gay rights, weapons manufacturing, Marxism, etc.

May the God of Abraham have mercy of all the Jewish people! Our sages explain the logic Behind Ethical Monotheism Sorry, but your browser does not support the mp4 video tag. Jewish Social and political activism? In other words, lasting positive results can never be achieved by means of political, economical, or social changes as these changes would amount to treating the disease symptoms, rather than their root cause.

Thus, the key to the man's dilemma isn't outside man, but rather within himself. And it consists of a change of heart. And this is precisely the purpose of God's Law [the Ten Commandments]; to change the heart of he who embraces it. And when a person let God's Law be the guiding principles of his life, he changes the World for good, he bless his fellow human beings, and he grows wiser.

May God's peace and blessings be upon those who hope for a better World. Homosexual activism is a sign of demonic possession! The scripture teaches that there's a physical counterpart to every spiritual reality. For example, the Hebrew scripture portrays Ha-Satan the evil one as a snake. Because the snake's power to do harm is in his mouth, and also because the snake lives crawling around upon the earth. And the former alludes to the fact that evil is the small voice that tries to lure us into doing harm, thereby following the path of a low life morality.

Curiously, the male sex organ [which also resembles a snake] is a powerful source for all kind of moral perversion. In other words, God's people are those who constantly strive against their evil impulse. But, if that were the case, what would be the physical counterpart for such a spiritual reality? Well, since we've already seen that the male [sex] organ is the physical counterpart of the snake, the man who opens up to Ha- Satan [in the spiritual realm], opens up himself to the male sex organ [in the physical realm].

In other words, not only does he embraces being sodomized by other men, but even becomes an open advocate of the homosexual lifestyle. In fact, their subconscious mind seems to feel the urge to succinctly acknowledge the evil nature of their reprehensible lifestyle.

And what does the Hebrew scripture tells us the rainbow is a reminder of? It is a reminder of the destruction brought by God upon Noah's wicked and morally depraved generation! Thus, the verse speaks about man's bounty- it teaches that the wicked man uses deception and usury, in order to gather much [in the present world]; but, as the means he uses are morally deficient, his gains are automatically deducted from his account, so that he ends up having no bounty excess [in the world to come].

Conversely, as the pious man isn't willing to use deception and usury, he gathers little [in the present world]; but, as his morality exceeds that of the wicked, his loss is automatically added to his account, so that he ends up having no bounty deficiency [in the world to come]. Why do the followers of Universal Judaism consider themselves to be "Hebrew believers"? Why not simply "Jewish believers"? And from whence do we know that the Creator bears witness of this truth? No way Jose!! The Torah Hebrew Scripture commands the believer to follow that which is just and right; not what is convenient to him [or pleasing to the multitudes].

Besides, he is also commanded to judge all things without partiality in other words, without fearing the reprisal of any man, as it is God who in the end decides who shall live, and who shall die. Voltaire, We live in the World of smart phones, and deranged people. Beware of normalizing Insanity! Remember that "politically correct" slurs like Homophobic, misogynistic, backward, etc have been socially engineered in order to get people disconnected from reality; to make vain pride look like worthy honor; to make shamefulness sound honorable; lies sound truthful; and marxist tyranny sound like political freedom.

In the West, you are free to pursue yor own noble ideals En este respecto, quien se abstiene de los asuntos dudosos, purifica su fe, y mantiene limpio su honor [con la certeza de no estar condonando ni promoviendo falsedad alguna]. Pues porque, el puesto de Sumo Sacerdote, era demasiado Santo y grande. Pues porque, tanto el origen, como la vida y conducta de Yeshua, no solo fueron altamente sospechosas, sino moralmente cuestionables. Es decir, las ofrendas para expiar los diversos tipos de pecados [no todos los pecados eran iguales], iban desde Becerros y cabras, hasta palomas y flor de Harina.

Y, curiosamente, ninguna de esas ofrendas era un cordero macho. Both Christianity and Islam are perfectly valid paths to please the Creator, as their holy books are clear, coherent, and inspiring, asking people to repent, turning away from evil, and starting to do the good that pleases the God of Abraham. In fact, pious followers of both religions can expect to be blessed with God's favor, with peace, with miracles, and even with the holy spirit.

The only problem with these two great religions is that, in their sincere desire to exalt the figures of their respective prophets Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them both , they claim to be the final and ultimate truth; the Divine revelation that ends [and fulfills] all other revelations. Thus, Christianity claims that Jesus perfectly fulfilled all that had been ordered by Moses in the Hebrew Scripture so that Hebrews must now follow Jesus, rather than Moses.

Likewise, Islam claims to be the perfect manifestation of the true religion practiced by Moses and Jesus so that both Hebrew and Christian believers must now follow Muhammad, instead of following Moses or Jesus. And from whence do we know that this claim is misleading?

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We know it from the fact that a serious study of the Hebrew Scripture will reveal that neither Christianity nor Islam fulfilled that which was ordered by Moses. In fact, it is actually the opposite, as both Christian and Muslim theologies contradict what was commanded by God to Moses. Likewise, Moses ordered that no man could even see the nakedness of his daughter in law Leviticus , whereas Islam claims that God ordered Muhammad to marry his son's wife Holy Qur'an, Surah I short, Christianity and Islam are both good and valid religions, but although benign, their claims of exclusivity are inaccurate, and even exaggerated.

La Torah la Ley de Moises contiene todo lo que el creyente necesita saber, a fin de comprender a grandes rasgos como guardar los mandamientos del Pacto, y cual es la voluntad de Yah para su vida. Y, entre estos dos extremos, hay cosas que son dudosas; acerca de las cuales los sabios de Israel aun no llegan al total acuerdo.

And this explain why, dirty and low life ideologies [Self aggrandizement, atheism, moral relativism, etc] always end up standing by the side of dirty and lowlife behavior [like fraud, usury, and Homosexuality]. Y esto hace perfecto sentido, cuando consideramos el hecho de que, el orden Divino, confirma la veracidad de todo esto.

Es porque, siendo que sus pensamientos son mas altos es decir mas ennoblecedores que los nuestros, desea mostrarnos una verdad eterna. To live the Torah God's Law , is greater than to learn the Torah. If you don't believe me, consider what happened to Gehazi: although he learned Torah all of it! He said, Your servant went nowhere. Elisha said to him, Did not my spirit go with you when the man turned from his chariot to meet you? La mentira aborrezco y abomino; Tu Ley amo Can unclean and sinful things be used for clean and holy purposes?

Can the money gained by filthy means prostitution, homosexuality, usury, illegal drugs dealings, etc be used for things pertaining to God's Temple service? But what if it cannot be avoided? You won't be God's effective instrument unless you first surrender to Him your human agenda. Nobody can become a worthy believer in the God of Abraham, without first renouncing to his pride and ego in other words, to his self-centered lifestyle.

Doing the latter, we accept upon our necks "the yoke of Heaven" [as we accept the Creator as the supreme Lord and Ruler of our lives]. In short, only after the believer renounces to implementing his self-centered human agenda, can the Creator start using him as an effective instrument to implement the Divine agenda. La mentira aborrezco y abomino Don't be wise to do evil, but stupid to do good! And, as we will later explain, their view is correct.

But, on the other hand [and just like a loving Father], the God of the Torah has no problem letting His children ask the hard questions, and even to confront Him. Far be it from You! But, on the other hand, Ha Shem wanted the Hebrew people to be truthful, righteous, and humble; to avoid any conflict of interests, as well as any kind of falsehood. Curiously [and maybe in order to relieve the prophet from any fault], the former delusion was later explained as being the result of a magic spell cast upon him by a Jewish magician. In fact, the Torah states that, the only magician who dared trying to cast a spell upon the Hebrew believers Balaam , ended up dying at theirs hands just as prophet Muhammad ended up dying at the hand of the Hebrew widow who poisoned his food.


Not only that; but, the very same magician, recognized that those who serve the true God of Israel are immune to curses and magic spells. Ha Shem wanted the Hebrew people to avoid the self aggrandizement that comes as a result of trying to impose themselves upon other nations; rather, He wanted the Hebrews to treat non believing nations in a respectful and brotherly fashion. Because, by following that humble behavior [in other words, by not doing against the gentiles that which they would hate, if it were done against Israel], God wanted to make of the Hebrew believers a moral example of the lifestyle that pleases the Creator.

They will be afraid of you, so be very careful. Does it means that Islam is a false religion? Does it means that Muslims are lost; that they follow a false prophet, or that they are heading to hell?

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Absolutely not!! In fact, Islam is a perfectly valid way to serve the God of Avraham. How can this be? Very simple! Again, because each patriarch perceived God in a different fashion, just as if they were serving three different Gods! But the truth is that, although each of them had a different view of the Creator, they all served the same God; and, although different, each view was correct, as it corresponded with their individual personalities.

In light of this understanding, we can properly say that the Arabs [a race of desert warriors, and conquering people] were right, when they perceived the Creator as a conquering God. Likewise, we can say that the Jews [which are an ancient race of scholars and philosophers] were right, when they perceived the Creator as an abstract [and morally perfect] being. Does the land of Israel belongs exclusively to the Jewish believers?

In fact, the land belongs to God; not to the Jews, not to the Christians, and not to the Muslims. And from whence do we know it? We know it from the fact that God himself says that the Jews are are but strangers in the Land. Thus, male homosexuality is living proof that, no matter how smart can a man be, when he voluntarily renounces to integrity and common sense, his intelligence ends up in his butt in other words, it becomes as worthy as feces.

God's existence isn't a scientific issue; it's rather a moral dilemma. Having invented both Physics and Calculus, Sir Isaac Newton a devout Christian believer was the greatest scientist of all times. And the key for Newton's success was his absolute belief in the idea that the universe had been created by a logical and rational being the God of the Bible. And, since a logical and rational being had created the universe, Newton considered it safe to assume that the latter could be described by means of mathematics [the language of pure reason and logic].

Unfortunately, Newton wrote 16 times more about religion [and theology], than what he did about physics and mathematics. In fact, Newton discovered that, when it comes to mechanical bodies, any action is always followed by an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, no matter what the facts might be, he whose lifestyle makes him feel threatened by moral accountability, will stubbornly refuse to believe that there's such a thing as objective goodness [or objective evil].

And of course he will also refuse to believe that there's such thing as a moral Judge [or any sort of moral Judgment] in the Universe. But, he who honestly pursues the high moral grounds, abides in strength and confidence; as not only doesn't he feels threatened by the possibility of having to reap what he has sowed; but even expects it with hope, as one who happily awaits his future reward. Beware of turning Messiah into an evil serpent! Moses prophetic revelation to Israel was given in the Hebrew tongue. And, in this language, both words as well as numbers are represented by means of letters.

Thus, each Hebrew word had a corresponding numerical value. And this value often hinted at a hidden moral truth. What does it means? It means that a believer should not get drunk with wine, lest his private secrets be disclosed as was the case with Noah, who got drunk and ended up naked. It means that, giving an exaggerated importance to any deliverer Messiah can easily degenerate into a sinful and rebellious worship of such deliverer.

And the former is the reason why Hebrew believers refuse to accept Christian theology, as the latter is a repetition of Israel's former sin. How does it do it? By making Jesus peace be upon him the deliverer [or Messiah], only to end up worshiping him as God. Interestingly, the gospel seems to imply that Jesus was well aware that his followers would in the future do exactly as Israel had done with the bronze serpent.

No el Cristianismo No el Islam Y, ya que sembrar el bien encarnado en los Diez mandamientos de la Ley Divina la Torah , es la Suprema verdad que todo hombre debe seguir, no es de sorprender que la Escritura muestre que, la obediencia a los mandamientos de la Torah, sea el todo del hombre. The word "Judaism" is nowhere to be found in the five books of Moses In fact, Hasidic theology is the modern brainchild of the ancient "Greek" gnosticism later rebranded as "Jewish Kabbalah". Is modern Judaism the old Hebrew faith?

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  6. Ancient Hebrew religion consisted on following the commandments given by the Creator to our master Moses. But, does modern Judaism actually follows Moses commandments? Are lands and houses returned to their original owners every fifty years [as required by the Jubilee]? Are women allowed to rest for 80 days after giving birth to a daughter?

    Do modern Jews abstain from lending money on interest? En otras palabras, los Askenazis tienen tanta posibilidad de ser Semitas, como los Griegos la tienen de ser Egipcios. Hate isn't always bad, particularly when hatred is directed against evil doers that's why American Law still includes the death penalty! In fact, the Creator gets angry with the man who proceeds to assists evildoers, without first confronting them with their wickedness.

    Antisemitismo humano, versus antisemitismo Divino. Hay dos clases de antisemitismo: 1 aquel que produce la maldad de los hombres; 2 y aquel que produce la bondad Divina. El primero de ellos, debemos todos rechazarlo; pero, el segundo, debemos todos aceptarlo. Pero, el segundo tipo de antisemitismo, no surge de la envidia de los hombres, sino del amor de Dios. Es que Dios ama a Israel. Y la Escritura Hebrea dice que, el Padre que ama a su hijo, no le deja sin castigo. En fin que, cuando Israel hace lo bueno, Dios le otorga la victoria sobre sus enemigos.

    Pero, cuando Israel se rebela contra el Creador, el antisemitismo Divino hace que Israel sufra a manos de sus enemigos. God's Law presupposes that the Hebrew believer will always have available a nearby weapon. In fact, God expects from those who claim to be Moses followers, to carry such weapons upon their bodies. Can a male Hebrew believer behave like a woman? LBGT rights? Hebrew Scripture prevents real Jewish believers from standing with the Sodomites!! Why does the Holy scripture cares to give us this particular detail?

    It does so in order to teach us a moral lesson. In other words, Torah wanted to forewarn us that, the best among the Sodomites i.

    Independent Minyan of Universal Judaism

    Thus, Torah intimates that no true Hebrew believer can stand with the Sodomites gay and same sex marriage activists ; he cannot take their advice, nor can he accept from them any personal benefit money, endorsement, publicity, etc. And from whence do we know that, those who claim to be the children of Avraham cannot let themselves be bribed by the goods offered by the Sodomites?

    We now it from our father Avraham, who refused to receive anything from the Sodomite king Bera. Do you want to experience a happy life? Then you must hate evil, and love righteousness. That is why God, your God, has chosen you and has poured out more happiness on you But true science will never become a permanent replacement for logic and common sense. In other words, we should never let scientific theory become unquestionable dogma [just as it happens with religious dogma]. Our World doesn't need more science, more human rights, more gender equality, more Democracy, more Capitalism, nor more social justice.

    What our World really needs, is pure and innocent people; Our Western civilization has a desperated need for noble and godly human beings; for men and women eager to model [with their own lives] hate for evil, and love for discipline, selflessness, honesty, solidarity, righteousness, mercy and humility; the things that will cure the ailments currently burdening our sick Western societies. Se han corrompido, hacen obras abominables In addition, Hebrew tradition teaches that demons abide on ruined and filthy places [like drain pipes and latrines].

    It does so because ancient Hebrew prophets knew it to be the lowest geographical point within the promised land [in fact, it was later discovered to be the lowest point on the whole world, as it's location is well over feet below sea level]. What moral teaching does the Scripture tries to convey with this particular detail? It tries to impress upon us the idea that, he who abides with the Sodomites, is spiritually dead, as he displays the lowest sort of human morality.

    In other words, although things like theft, mass murdering, cheating, adultery, or atheism are morally reprehensible, none of these vices is so morally degrading [and vulgar] than the sin of Sodomy the open promotion of gay lifestyle, as well as same sex marriages. When you meet to praise the Creator, meet in the name of He who is the true Tree of Life- the One whose fruit breeds life into the whole Universe. In addition, the Scripture compared king Nebuchadnezzar to a great tree, nourishing the whole Earth. The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all.

    Thus, if Scripture allowed King Nebuchadnezzar [whose kingdom was limited to the Middle East] to be described as a great tree, how much by far shall we be allowed to describe the Creator [who rules over the whole World] as the greatest of all trees? And which tree is the greatest of all? The one whose fruit is the Life of the World! And that's why God first appeared to Moses the greatest of all prophets out of the midst of a bush Exodus In fact, that's also why [when swearing by God], the angels swear by the life of the World.

    Thus, when you meet to worship, meet in the name of He who is the true Tree of Life- the One whose fruit breeds life into the whole Universe. Pues vivir guiados por los 10 Mandamientos de la Ley Divina. Salvation by hope in a future Messiah? In other words, Christian theology states that, each Jewish generation had awaited the coming of a Messiah who would bring them complete and everlasting deliverance.

    In fact, the gospel depicts the pharisees the Jewish religious leaders of their time sending priests and Levites to John the Baptist. In order to ask this new prophet whether he was the long awaited Messiah John But, if this Christian claim is in fact correct, how come we never find the Hebrew Scripture showing former generations leaders asking any of the great prophets Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc whether they were the expected Messiah? El pasaje meramente expone una verdad moral eterna, que aplica tanto a Hebreos como a gentiles.

    De este modo, aunque Abimelec toma como esposa a la mujer del patriarca Avraham [a fin de hacerla su nueva esposa], Dios no castiga a Abimelec. Y, como demuestra la historia del rey Abimelec, estas verdades aplican por igual tanto a Hebreos como a gentiles. If Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace be upon him was God's Passover lamb, why are Christians still awaiting complete redemption?

    The Nazarene faith Christianity is a Holy and noble religion. But Christian theology is far from being reliable, as it contains too many loopholes. For example, Christianity claims that Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace be upon him was God's Passover lamb, sacrificed for our complete redemption [just as the Passover lamb had been sacrificed for Israel's complete and total redemption from Egypt]. But the fact is that, unlike the Christian redemption, Israel's redemption showed no delay whatsoever, as complete deliverance followed right after Passover's sacrifice. In fact, it followed so closely that the Israelite's dough didn't have enough time to leaven Exodus How much time does the leavening process requires?

    According to rabbinical standards, it only takes Eighteen minutes! Thus, with the background of such a fast deliverance, it was only natural that Yeshua's [initial] followers would expect total and complete redemption happening right after Yeshua's crucifixion. And this would explain why these followers got rid of their worldly belongings, as they urgently expected an immediate and complete revamp of existing World order.

    Obviously, as time passed by [still with no redemption on sight], Christians not only stop selling their properties, but even started to question Yeshua's claim of being God's Passover lamb. How did they do it? One might rightfully ask: what's the problem with allowing a little incoherence in favor of a Christian interpretation? Ebooks and Manuals

    Well, the problem is that, if we allow a little incoherence in favor of a Christian interpretation, we might as well allow a little incoherence in favor of a Hebrew interpretation. Thus, even if Yeshua was in indeed God's Passover lamb, no gentile could be saved by Yeshua's sacrifice, unless he [or she] first becomes part of Israel [by means of the circumcision rite, according to Exodus ]. I short, Christianity is a good and valid path to serve the Creator. But Christian theology is actually incoherent. And, should incoherent theology be regarded as valid and truthful, then any theology could be somehow justified, no matter how deranged or absurd it might seem to be [like claiming that Christians cannot be saved by Christ, unless they first abandon their Christian religion!

    En otras palabras, el nuevo testamento afirma [en al menos tres lugares distintos], que el profeta no tiene honra es decir, no es reconocido en su propia tierra, ni entre su propio pueblo. Christianity is a great religion, but the divinity of Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace be upon him is a doctrine that has no place among God's chosen people. Christianity is a holy and noble religion. And Jesus of Nazareth peace be upon him was indeed a great messenger of God. But, as for Jesus actually being the Creator [as claimed by our dear Christian brothers], there's no doubt that he wasn't the Holy One.

    And how do we know it? We know it from the fact that Jesus was a mortal human being; and, as such, he had an unavoidable need to pee, and to defecate [in other words, to perform dirty human functions]. And only an unclean spirit a demon would dare to say that The All Powerful has ever had any need, let alone any need to defecate [as it would have implied that the Holy One was "full of crap"! And even the Gospels confirm this truth, when they portray unclean spirits mockingly bowing down to Jesus, while claiming aloud that he was the Son of God [thereby making Him equal in nature to the Almighty].

    And since the deification of Jesus which in itself is the cornerstone of Christian theology is such a grave insult against the Creator, it is not surprising that evil spirits exhort naive people to embrace it as their [only] way of salvation. The same followed Paul And how do we know that we can't trust the word of any evil wicked spirit? Sadly, he who falls into the dark pit of worshiping another human being, is often so ensnared by this demonic lie, that only a miracle can deliver him from bondage. Because, by it's very nature, the worship of another human being requires that we renounce both common sense and reason.

    In other words, Scripture teaches that madness awaits the person who would refuse to obey God's commandments, in order to instead place his hope for deliverance on another mortal being. Why madness? Because, without obedience to God's commandments, only a madman could expect salvation from any son of man. Yeshua's Calvary sacrifice was contrary to God's Law.

    The Law commanded that, while God's temple was still standing [and operational], no atoning [or burnt] sacrifice could be offered from atop any mount, save the mount on which the Temple would be finally located. What was it's purpose? The answer is that it was meant to shield the heart of Hebrew believer. In other words, to allow him to resist the future onslaught of a clever form of idolatry- that of a human Messiah claiming to be perfectly obedient to Torah's commandments, while at the same time sacrificing himself [to God] upon mount Calvary.

    Thus, the Hebrew believer could easily perceive the falsehood of the former claim, knowing in advance that [as long as the Temple was still standing [as was the case during Yeshua's lifetime] God wouldn't be pleased with any sacrifice offered at any other mount [or high place]. El problema con la noble fe Nazarena el Cristianismo , es que no cree en obedecer los mandamientos Divinos.

    La noble fe Nazarena tiene un muy serio problema: que no cree realmente en hacer el bien que encarnan los Mandamientos de la Ley Divina. Los que siguen vanidades ilusorias, Su misericordia abandonan. Note como, en el anterior pasaje, el profeta no se describe a si mismo como un hombre que clama a Dios desde el interior de un pez, sino como un alma que clama a Dios desde el Seol [la tumba].

    Pero, si el estudiante escoge ser negligente, y fracasa, el maestro no tiene otro remedio que penalizarle, obligandole a repetir el grado cuantas veces sea necesario. Was Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace be upon him God's pascal lamb? The holy gospels claim that salvation is through faith in Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace and blessings be upon him. And how does the gospel justifies salvation by faith in Yeshua? It does so by claiming Yeshua was God's pascal lamb; the one who would die in our place [so we could be saved from death]. In fact, it even seems to be inspiring, and uplifting.

    Simply because the pascal lamb wasn't intended to save all Jews from death in fact, it could only save the family's firstborn! In addition, the firstborn child didn't even have to understand let alone believe in the sacrifice being performed. In other words, as long as the father would perform the sacrifice commanded by the Law, the firstborn was safe. So, the effectiveness of the Passover sacrifice didn't depend on the recipient's faith, but rather on his parents obedience to what the Law had commanded; something dismissed by the Christians, whom argue that salvation isn't the product of doing what the Law commands.

    Still, the Nazarene religion is a valid means for the non Hebrew people to worship the Creator, and perform the works of righteousness that please Him.


    The hell awaiting homosexual activists. As soon as a homosexual activist dies, he will find himself in the midst of afterlife torments. Why do you leave me without a male organ? But now that you are dead [and therefore have no use for your male organ], you care about your penis? Now that you are dead, why should you care to remain straight? Why should my head be inside my anus? The homosexual activists will experience the same punishment day in and day out, until he finally recognizes the madness of his former sinful lifestyle.

    The day he finally recognizes it, he will be send back to Earth. And, in his new second life, he will be granted the chance to make amends for his former sins; waging war against gay, atheistic, and lesbian organizations, thereby saving from hellfire plenty of souls. Accepting Yeshua's "free gift of salvation"? Thanks for your kind offer Hebrew people really appreciate the invitation to become followers of Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth, peace and blessings be upon Him ; But, in the Hebrew Scripture, the God of Israel has commanded us to abstain from being "bribed" corrupted with gifts, as would be the case with the Christian "free gift" of salvation.

    In short, Yeshua and the Nazarene religion in general is good and noble; but the claims made by Nazarene as well as Muslim believers of Yeshua are false, misleading, and presumptuous; as they are all rebutted by the Torah. Self praise is the hallmark of foolish men, as well as false prophets. And from whence do we know it to be the hallmark of foolish men? And from whence do we know that self praise is the hallmark of a false prophet?

    Thus, no matter if the prophet's name is Balaam, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Jose Smith, or William Marrion Branham, when the prophet brags about himself, he displays sinful arrogance and vain foolishness. And it goes without saying that the Creator chastises arrogant people. Las ideas, son algo muy poderoso. De hecho, las ideas que escogemos abrazar pueden liberarnos o pueden esclavizarnos. Pues porque, si el creyente nazareno piensa del modo en que lo hace, es porque su desconocimiento de la Torah le lleva a pensar que, siendo omnipotente, el Creador puede hacer lo que bien le plazca.

    En otras palabras, los Edomitas Nazarenos piensan que el Dios de Israel puede actuar de forma caprichosa y subjetiva, sin tener que circunscribirse a lo que ya ha dicho en su Palabra, ni a lo que ha prometido a Israel; que el Dios de Israel puede en efecto hacerse hombre en la persona de Yeshua sin importar que la Torah diga en 1 Samuel que Dios no es un hombre ; que el Dios de Israel puede morir por el pecado de otros sin importar que la Torah diga en Deut. The worship of human personalities Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc makes people forsake God's merciful pardon.

    Thus, all that man needs to do in order to save himself from God's anger, is to repent; turning away from his evil ways. Sadly, when a man embraces vanity, his urge to exalt such vanity blinds him to such a degree that, in the end, he willingly refuses to acknowledge the mercy that is freely available to him. What the verse really means to say is that, when a man worships another man whether it be Jesus, Muhammad, Jose Smith, Helen G. White, Charles Taze Russel, or William Marrion Branham , he ends up abandoning God's freely available pardon, in order to make it contingent upon the acceptance of his vain human idol.

    For example, our Christian brothers worship the man named Jesus peace be upon him ; and this worship leads them to have such a great regard for him, that they can't accept the possibility of forgiveness without Jesus. Likewise, Islamic theology bestows so much reverence upon prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that our Muslim brothers sincerely believe there can't be salvation without him.

    Does the former mean that Christianity and Islam are both false religions? In fact, Islam and Christianity are perfectly valid paths to reach the Creator. In short, Hebrew Scripture promises that God will pardon the man who repents from his iniquities, no matter if that man is a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim. Not only that but, if the penitent starts to live a righteous life, the Creator promises to make him abide in His presence blessing him with peace, miracles, and the holy spirit. He that slandereth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor, nor receiveth a false report against his neighbor.

    In whose eyes a vile person is contemned, but he honoreth them that fear the Lord: he that sweareth to his own hindrance and changeth not. Why does it commands to let such meat go to the dogs? Simply because, while such conduct is acceptable for dogs and wild beast [as they can't make moral decisions], it is unbecoming for anyone who claims to be part of God's holy people. Thus, when a society refuses to believe in the existence of a Sacred Creator, that society looses it's respect for life, thereby loosing it's own humanity.

    The end of the openly gay lifestyle at the hands of Shariah compliant Islam. Why does God hates this kind of behavior? In other words, he dishonors his parents But as for Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent them 3 angels disguised as Arabs, according to Hebrew tradition in order to exterminated them at once again, as if to imply that He is slow to judge any sin, save open homosexuality. And this also explains why God allows Islam to grow and thrive everywhere; as one day He will once again make the Arab people the executioners of God's wrath against the Sodomite Nations.

    Todos los montes apuntan hacia el Cielo. Unlike the claims made by Hassidic Judaism, there are no real Jews, as there's only righteous gentiles trying to make their best effort to live according to what they sincerely understand to be the ancient Hebrew faith. Hassidic Jews claims that a person's Judaism is inherited from the mother's side. What's the problem with this fancy religious outlook? The problem is that it sort of resembles a great and beautiful castle, only built upon the sand. You see, if Judaism actually depends on having a Jewish mother, then Jews are falsely pretending to be something they don't really are; a bunch of arrogant gentiles, bragging about a noble lineage, to which they don't really belong [In other words, that modern Judaism is little more than a pretty lie].

    How can this be so? But Judah never had any daughter who could engender Jewish kids. And these children were all born from gentile Canaanite mothers [therefore, their offspring isn't really Jewish! On the other hand, Judah's two last kids Perez and Zerah where born from a Canaanite woman named Tamar, with whom Judah had had an incestuous relationship. But, if things are so straightforward, and the matriarchs of modern Jews were all gentile women, why is it that Hassidic Rabbis keep telling everyone that Jews somehow inherit from their mothers a soul that is intrinsically superior to that of the gentiles?

    Well, the reason for this Historical revisionism is that our big ego often puts a limit to the amount of truth we can comfortably digest. And the story of Tamar presents a truth that is particularly difficult to swallow. You see, although Hassidic Jews are brought up believing to be so holy [and important] that, had their ancestors not accepted the Torah, God would have have found no reason to keep the World alive, truth is that righteous gentiles can be as righteous as any Jewish patriarch. In fact, Judah himself the patriarch of all modern Jews confessed that the gentile Tamar was more righteous than Him.

    In short, there's no such thing as a superior Jewish soul, and any gentile who chooses to live the life of righteousness described by the Torah is as great [and as deserving of receiving God's glory] as any great Jewish patriarch. At the core of it, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three different manifestations of the very same religion- the belief in the one and only God of Avraham; the perfectly righteous Judge, who expects His servants to do good to their fellow human beings. Thus, no matter if you are a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim; if you do good to your fellow human being respect his honor, and don't steal, lie, cheat, or kill him , you will find yourself following the one true religion.

    And, in the end, the Creator will judge you with perfect justice; letting you reap the same goodness you have sowed upon your fellow human being [This will be your personal paradise! But, if you do evil to your fellow human beings [and never repent from it], in the end you'll be forced to reap the same evil you have sowed [And this will be your personal hell]. The one true religion and why most people would rather avoid it! There's only one true and Godly religion: To be just, kind, and humble. Do Good! What then is the role played by normative religion Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

    Simply to try and be faithful messengers of God's true religion. And all is well and good, as long as we keep in mind the unavoidable distinction that will always exist between the perfect message of true religion, and the imperfect role played by it's appointed messengers. Simply because they think it would be easier for them to appease the Creator with flattering words. In other words, proclaiming how great He is; how paramount is to believe this or that other theology; or how crucial it is to make this or that other statement of faith.

    Of course, as nobody else can completely understand his new "revelation", people eventually find themselves forced to follow him in a blind fashion- thereby making him the indisputable leader he always [secretly] wanted to be. Western mass media constantly bombards us with the idea that there's no God. But the reality is that, in the long run, this constant push towards evil only serves to exacerbate the Muslim ire [and hatred] against the Western world.

    In fact, as most media outlets are in the hands of secular Ashkenazi Jews, it's almost sure that not only will Islam conquer the West, but will also bring about another holocaust. And why would God allow this new holocaust to happen? Granted that the princes the rich and powerful Ashkenazi seculars sinned; but why would the elders the religious Ashkenazi be also judged or punished?

    Because they saw the public sin of the princess, and decided to remain silent. And why would God allow Islam to prevail upon the West? Because the Holy One promised to come [in judgment] from a territory associated with Ishmael [the common ancestor of Arab Muslims]. And from whence do we know that God is coming from among the Ishmaelites Islam? We know it from the verse that associates Ishmael with mount Paran. Why is keeping Shabbat so important for the Hebrew people? The Torah teaches that we were created in God's own image.

    In addition, the Torah commands us to keep the Shabbat as a complete day of rest; a holy time in which we experience a different kind of existence; one in which we are temporally released from the bondage of our daily grind, with all the sufferings, cares, and anxieties it normally entails. But, why does the Creator wants us to experience Shabbat? According to Scripture, Shabbat has two main purposes: The first one, is to remind us that God created the physical universe.

    The second one, is to remind us of the historical fact that He released us from the [seemingly unbreakable] Egyptian bondage. But again, what's so important about it? Don't all true believers know that God created the physical world? Don't they know that He released the Hebrew believers from Egyptian slavery? What's so important about having to remember this every single week?

    Truth be told, although Shabbat rest is a command that must be literally obeyed; it's paramount importance lies hidden beyond it's literal significance. You see, God's creation of the physical universe hints at the idea that there's more to existence than just the physical realm and that's why it makes sense to wonder, where did the Creator exist, before He began to create our physical Universe? And since we were made in God's own image, we can therefore rejoice in the hope that, just as God's own image once existed in a non physical realm, so will we [whom are created in God's image] one day also exist in a non physical realm.

    And just as God was powerful enough to deliver us from our Egyptian bondage [a deliverance that seemed to be utterly impossible], so will He be powerful enough to deliver us [in the future] from our bondage to the physical world [something that seems to be utterly impossible]. In other words, the physical life we currently experience, is the real death from which God will resurrect us raising us to a higher non physical existence the moment we die. Why was king David appointed to be Messiah? His merit was to wholeheartedly forgive [several times] the sin committed against him by king Shaul, who tried to murder him without valid cause.

    And this sort of madness is the disease that has taken by storm the Western nations. But, if she breaks the egg that holds the developing chick of a bald eagle, she's considered a criminal, and is sentenced to a mandatory 5 years prison term. In fact, the Western world is so lost that, if you stand in the midst of any significant crowd, and toss a dead fish over your left shoulder, chances are it'll land upon a homosexual, a lesbian, or a social justice warrior.

    And what will their response be? They'll verbally [and physically] abuse you for your politically incorrect disregard of dead fishes rights. What does the Hebrew Scripture foretells will be the end of the nation that refuses to abandon this madness? May God have mercy of us, and give us wisdom to return to Him in sincere repentance, before it is too late! Segundo, la suprimimos con violencia. Where is the Land of Israel located? The spot where you'll find the Land of Israel, is the very spot where you find a child of Israel.

    And the spot where you find a child of Israel, is any spot where you find a man [or a woman] willing to obey what God ordained by the mouth of Moses. Download Advanced Grammar And Vocabulary. Key PDF. Libro Del Alumno. Serie Mayor PDF. Padres y maestros PDF. Test Osakidetza PDF. Download Libro de las suertes PDF. Download Momolo -Biz. Download Pieles rojas.

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