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Start leash training in your home, move into the yard and then try out a quiet outdoor area to help your cat get acclimated to new surroundings. Learn more about leash training. Your cat should always wear a collar with easily readable identification tags that feature your name, address and phone number.

Hiking with cats: Tips for the trail

A microchip is a good idea as well. Even if your cat enjoys the occasional swim, she may not care for hiking in the rain. If your cat is a hairless breed or has fine, light-colored hair, she may need sunscreen. Keep your cat on a leash and harness. Even if your kitty never wanders too far and always comes when called, consider the potential dangers your pet could encounter.

Your cat could also chew on a dangerous plant or drink from a stream that contains harmful bacteria. Your cat could chase after a squirrel and disappear into the woods — or chase after a snake before you can grab the leash. And then there are the coyotes, mountain lions, birds of prey and countless other animals that may see your kitty as a meal instead of a cherished pet, so play it safe and keep that leash on. Hydration is important for both you and your cat so bring along plenty of water, and familiarize yourself with panting and these other signs of dehydration from the ASPCA.

Never let your cat drink from streams, creeks, ponds or any other water you may encounter on your hike. Learn more about preventing dehydration in cats. While you may want to much on trail mix, your cat will be purrfectly happy with some favorite treats. Keeping to the marked path will help you avoid getting lost, prevent erosion and protect potentially threatened plant life. Always abide by the seven principles of Leave No Trace , which means packing out all your trash — including kitty waste. There are many collapsible and lightweight litter boxes that can help your cat do their business in an eco-friendly way.

Before you take your cat outside, please familiarize yourself with these adventuring best practices. Inset photos: cat walking on leash Clara S. I love this site! We bought our cat a harness last Christmas, and took him outside, which he loved, but he would only plop down on the ground and not move — the same thing he does when he goes out in the lanai. I would love to take him out and about… not sure we will ever get there though! Never even been able to put a collar on him.

I love my fostermom and my furry roommates, but now I'm ready for my own home. I like all kinds of other kitties as long as they're nice to me. I'm very gentle and not very good at defending myself, so no bullies please. Until I get to know you, I'm a little shy, but we'll be fast friends in no time.

My favorite thing is to snuggle under the covers with you. I'm so glad that I adopted them! We have fun chasing the mouse-on-a-stick, and sleeping on top of Mom. The meals are good, although sometimes the waitress is a little late with my dinner : I always have a nice tip for her I have my annual physical with Dr. Marian next week - I'm sure she'll tell me that I'm in excellent shape Mom retires tomorrow, December 28 [] so she'll be around more to play with me.

Dad has cut down to working four days a week, so there's more time for him to watch Netflix with me on his lap. I'm also busy hanging out with Louis all day long. I have Cat TV, a huge screen looking out on a yard full of trees.

I get to watch deer walking around and eating, and the other day I saw Mr. But I can't meet Black Cat because he's outside and I'm snuggly and warm inside. My dad and I have long conversations; he calls me "Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy" and I reply with my humming or meowing [Mom here - Mya has this funny humming; it's like she's meowing with her mouth shut.

She chirps too. And she hums, chirps and talks A LOT! Love, Mya Mya has settled in very well. She's happy, snuggles up to us when she wants company, drags us to where her mouse-on-a-stick toy is when she wants to play. We love having her around, and she has had a wonderful affect on our son Louis, who is on the autism spectrum although very functional but was depressed when our previous cat passed away last September. Mya and Louis are best friends, and they spend a lot of time together, as you can see from the photos. She's fun, she's funny, she and Larry have entire conversations together!

She has a nose that just pushes its way wherever she wants to go, either to poke at my arm so that she gets her head scratched, or to dig her way under the sheets. She knows what she wants! She still gets Louis up off the sofa and makes him play with her, which is good for both of them.

Trees Emit a Surprisingly Large Amount of Methane

She adores sitting at the sliding door off our basement, and she watches the deer and foxes and whatever else wanders by. We had about 20 people in the house for Memorial Day, and she kept to herself, but wasn't hiding. When we were down to about 10 people, she came upstairs, looked around, and gave me a look like Why are all these people still in MY house? She also loves my brother, who comes for dinner once a week. She likes to sit on his chair at the kitchen table, lay on his placemat or sit next to him on the sofa They have an agreement: he'll pet her once and then she has to move!

We are so pleased with her, and she seems to be pleased to be with us. She's an awesome girl! Last update: Dec 28th, 9am. We are quite a pair, outgoing, chatty and full of mischief! Notes from Home Beasley fka George and his brother, Louie fka Louis are thriving, growing like crazy, playing like crazy and have taken over the house. Louie's eye infection looks clear though he has one more week of pills to take. We love them to pieces and Sullivan is gradually learning to cope with them and their enthusiasm.

They know their names and have been quick to learn that they aren't allowed on counters or dining tables. We are absolutely thrilled with them! Thanks to all who rescued, treated, fostered and loved them before they came to live with us. They have grown into gorgeous, smart, entertaining cats and they get along with their big brother, Sullivan, beautifully. Louie gets the Emmy for vocals, Beasley for uniqueness as he entertains us everyday by washing his toys in his water bowl and presenting us with big, wet fuzzy balls!

As time goes on, and we continue to experience and observe the SCRC machine that Siri has developed, we never fail to be awed by how smoothly and beautifully the whole thing works to provide these exquisite creatures and lucky people with so much joy! I'm attaching a couple of pictures. They are smart, playful and as thoroughly spoiled as any Siamese. Photos are below. Louie on the bed with pillows and Beasley 'tight-rope' walking on the balcony railing - which of course he in not supposed to do! Last update: Dec 27th, 9pm. I am a sweet and lovable girl who will need someone to give me time to adjust to any new situation.

A feline buddy would be nice to have someone to play with as long as they are not bullies. She and Eddison — my older male Siamese — have really bonded. At first he was a bit wary of this young frisky kitten, but she won him over in a hurry. He snuggles with her, plays with her, and truly seems to enjoy her companionship. I have so many great pictures of them snuggling together and I post them all the time on Facebook — I am sure my friends are getting tired of seeing them.

However, she does NOT like visitors. Not one smidgen. If I have company, she hides. Handley hold her and admire her so I was under the impression that she was cured. If someone stops by, she hides. As soon as they leave, she comes out for a cuddle and goes on about her business. I guess she is a one person cat. Speaking of the vet visit — she was given a clean bill of health! I am so glad that Savanna came into my life and I thank all of the volunteers who made it possible.

It has been just over a year since I adopted Savanna, and we couldn't be happier. She brings so much joy to me, and to her brother Eddison. She is so full of life and so sweet and cuddly. She is a little like a puppy. She follows me around and she comes when she is called. For example; Savanna likes to be picked up and cuddled, and now Eddison will let me pick him up briefly. A major win! He has learned by example that good things can come from being picked up - it doesn't just mean veterinary visits and shots.

Savanna has learned from Eddison as well. Eddison insists upon valet service after each litter box visit. To summon me, his servant, he whacks the side of the box with his paw, and won't stop until I scoop. After being exposed to this behavior for about a year, Savanna now she does the same thing. I swear that they wait for me to go to bed before using the box! I can count on getting up at least twice to service their commode! This year has just flown by and it has been a much sweeter year with Savanna by my side. Last update: Dec 27th, 5pm. Is it wandering around the streets lost?

Do we need to set a trap to find it? I mean, come on, I'm a great kitty!!!!! Notes from Home We love our Chancellor. We have him on rabbit food alone per our vets directions, as little boy has allergies and has an occasional soft sweet sneeze. He likes to groom, and sometimes over grooms because of the allergies, but he is so much calmer these days, now that he knows he's not going anywhere. We were told he was an Escape artist, but shows no interest in leaving. When we go out to the hot tub in the evening He sits at the window and stares at us. He fits our family so well!

One night he sleeps next to my husband, and one night me He's got plenty of love to go around. We do plan on taking him to an allergist if his allergies don't go away soon. Thank you so much for saving this wonderful boy! He is perfect, as cost mother Siri said. We feel so lucky to have him! He is undisputed prince of his domaine, that would be us and our house. We tried conventional anti anxiety medications and Royal Canin rabbit food to fix it and it didn't seem to get better, Then we took him to wholistic vet who did acupuncture and put him on Chinese herbal supplements and a grass fed beef with organic veggies and supplements that I make at home and now he is almost chew free and close to having no sores.

She suspected it was his allergies and nerves that she likened to He hardy has those attacks. We are doing our best to heal his bad life on the street memories with love. As you can see from the pics, he is so loved and lovable. Thank you so much for our chancellor! We want to volunteer, but we have to work another three years and are a little busy. He does have a pinch of separation anxiety So we don't travel except one at a time at this point.

We will be in touch when he's finally out of the woods so to speak. AndThank you again! He really is such a blessing! Well it's now been a who. Our wholistic vet has him on anherbal supplement dial Yao San that really helps with his anxiety. Which we crush and mix with his food. We use a plug I air freshener called fellaway in the areas he naps, and it's amazing at calming him.

Full text of "Folk Tales Of All Nations"

He also sees our family vet who has him on 5 mg of amitrptalyn. It sounds like a lot, but he's gone from attatcking his ski and several open sores to no open sores, and he's calm and almost never gets those anxious attacks. He is in love with my husband and waits for him at the door when he gets home from work, then when he puts his feet up in the. Lazy boy chance snuggles right in. He a beautiful little dear! We still only travel one at a time, but we do have a pet sitter to stay overnight when we feel a little more secure he can handle it!

He sleeps with us most nights to, which we love! Last update: Dec 26th, 1pm. ARGO Happy guy here. Playful and full of purrs! Zuni and I are siblings and want to go home together. We are both good around dogs too! No new pictures yet. Last update: Dec 24th, 1pm. ZUNI Delightful young lady. Really enjoys playing, purring and having fun. She is very affectionate as well. Zuni and Argo are a pair and must go home together. Notes from Home Zuni and her brother, Argo, are the sweetest, softest, most "purriest" kittens!

We love them so much, already, and feel like they have both been a part of our family for much longer than just 2 weeks!!!

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They are both making themselves right at home, snuggling with their new human brother, Finn I am not sure who wants the snuggles more Both Zuni and Argo have had their first vet visit- they are getting antibiotics and eyedrops for colds and weepy eyes Finn made sure to choose lots of surprises to put under the tree tonight. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this adoption and match happen so quickly! It was certainly meant to be. Please see the attached pictures of Zuni and Argo. No, really? We get some darn sunlight and look what Jen did to me!!

Click on me and save me another darn photo session! Notes from Home Sasha is happy, healthy and doing very well. She took a couple of days to get used to her new environment and now she feels right at home. She is a very loving, friendly cat and is full of personality. She is a lap cat and loves attention. She likes to go in the laundry room and hunt socks. She brings us her finds. We are thrilled to have her. She is a perfect addition to our family.

She is a very loving cat and is still bringing us socks every day. If I do not get to putting the laundry away in the drawer, she will jump in the basket and dig through it for the socks. Some mornings we will wake up to several different pair of socks on the bed. She really did not take long to adjust to our home. Within a week she was comfortable with her environment. She took a month or so to warm up to our son. We assume she had never been around kids. He was 7 at the time and we explained to him that she will need to come to him on her terms.. Now she takes turns laying on laps.

She will usually pick the person that has the blanket. She loves to be brushed. I left the brush on the floor and she sat next to it until came back to brush her. She has several favorite places in the house and a couple of cat beds where the sun shines in. Sasha is well behaved and has great manners. She likes people. She does like to chat sometimes and also likes to get a drink of water from the faucet. Sasha for the most part does not like to be picked up. She will tolerate it for a minute or two right when we get home as long as I scratch her chin.

Then it is time to get down.

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She is a wonderful cat and we love her and feel fortunate to have her. She is a happy, healthy, well adjusted cat that is full of personality. She still brings us socks or cat toys every morning and has them waiting for us at the door for when we arrive home. She has a favorite spot next to the window to sleep in her cat bed and soak up the sun. She also likes to chatter at the deer when she sees them outside.

She loves to sit on a lap. Sasha is very loving. She purrs and chats all the time. I submitted a picture of her for the Siamese Rescue calendar.