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But by silencing urban professionals, said Brig. Mark Kimmitt, a spokesman for the occupation forces, the guerrillas are waging war on Iraq's fledgling institutions and progress itself. The dead include doctors, lawyers and judges. In other words, Iraq is being left without the very people who could have been future leaders of democracy, and whom could have established a functioning society. And note that shortly after the George W.

Bush invaded Iraq, a corporate friendly government was established. Furthermore, it is not empty rhetoric to say that the Iraq invasion was based on lies.

Will the War on Terror ever end? Who truly has the incentive to scale back the operation? Not clandestine agencies or the military, who are seeing their budgets increase year by year. Certainly not any of the major influences in politics, banks and corporations, who are seeing massive profits from government contracts and resource exploitation. And most certainly not the politicians in Washington, who virtually rely on the lobbying of these organizations to keep their jobs.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald put it succinctly:. It's always been the case that the power of political officials is at its greatest, its most unrestrained, in a state of war. Cicero, two thousand years ago, warned that "In times of war, the law falls silent". John Jay, in Federalist No.

That would be the worst thing that could happen. It's that war that generates limitless power, impenetrable secrecy, an unquestioning citizenry, and massive profit. Greenwald also notes the hopelessness of combating terrorism with further violence. There's no question that this 'war' will continue indefinitely. There is no question that US actions are the cause of that, the gasoline that fuels the fire. But the notion that the US government is even entertaining putting an end to any of this is a pipe dream, and the belief that they even want to is fantasy.

They're preparing for more endless war; their actions are fueling that war; and they continue to reap untold benefits from its continuation. Only outside compulsion, from citizens, can make an end to all of this possible. It is handled by a small clique at the National Security Council, including its administrative chief, Mohammed Zia Salehi, Afghan officials said. Salehi, though, is better known for being arrested in in connection with a sprawling, American-led investigation that tied together Afghan cash smuggling, Taliban finances and the opium trade. Karzai had him released within hours, and the C.

Why does the United States consider Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the two largest funders of terrorism, our biggest allies in the region? How closely does the CIA work with the intelligence agencies of these countries? How many agents does the United States have operating in Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and how many atrocities are they responsible for? Why have Al-Qaeda and the United States fought on the same side of multiple wars?

Why have so few Al-Qaeda been apprehended after over a decade of fighting the War on Terror and millions of dollars spent? Who has a monetary stake in the proliferation of terrorism, and how much influence do they hold in official U. Note: Feeling overwhelmed with this material? Take an inspiration break in our Inspiration Center. And remember that no matter how damaging or destructive a person's behavior is, every person in the world has a heart , and every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. Perhaps the most widely proliferated truism of American patriotism is that the the two-party system is a beacon of democracy.

Surely, our system is better than that of Iran, where presidential candidates must be approved by a religious council, or perhaps that of Venezuela, where the majority of the media is state-owned and disseminates propaganda in each election. Democrats and Republicans are widely different, it seems. At least that is what their hyper-partisan bickering would imply.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama must be unabashed liberals, otherwise why would the Republicans despise them so much? The divide between party faithfuls of different colors runs deep, with each side blaming the entirety of the country's problems on the other, often resulting in a state of pure hatred and disgust among citizens. One only needs to turn on cable news to see this as a fact. However, the reality is that Republican and Democrat presidents have closely followed a similar agenda for half a century.

The idea that American governance alternates as a sort of give-and-take between liberalism and conservatism is little more than a fantasy. I do not discount that there may be serious and significant differences between Democrat and Republican individuals, many of them members of Congress, and certainly in state legislatures. Yet at the top of the pyramid, where the power to set agendas resides, there is only the Agenda, and the primary difference between the two parties is the speed at which 'the Agenda' is advanced. It is fascinating how Bill Clinton began his presidential campaign with playing a Saxophone on live television, talking about his foray into marijuana, reminiscing about his protest of the Vietnam war, and ended up with perhaps the most conservative administration of any president in modern history.

Later, Obama entered the stage as a candidate of change, only to accelerate and consolidate the hegemony of the political elite faster than any predecessor. But lets go beyond rhetoric and examine the records of the last five Presidents, and see exactly how similar their platforms were. But it has almost a quarter of the world's prisoners. Indeed, the United States leads the world in producing prisoners, a reflection of a relatively recent and now entirely distinctive American approach to crime and punishment. Americans are locked up for crimes — from writing bad checks to using drugs — that would rarely produce prison sentences in other countries.

And in particular they are kept incarcerated far longer than prisoners in other nations. At the end of Reagan's administration, the incarceration rate was per , citizens. The demand for prison space had been steadily increasing since the War on Drugs began. Under George H. Bush the incarceration rate had increased to per , It is a common misconception that it is Republicans have the more punitive crime policies.

Under Clinton, the incarceration rate skyrocketed to per , The act also expanded the death penalty to be applicable to 60 more offenses, including drug trafficking, and eliminated funding for inmate education. Private prisons flourished under Bill Clinton. The policy that began under Reagan and has been flourishing through both Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and Trump, can only be referred to as 'mass incarceration'. As of , the United States holds more prisoners than any other country in the world, including China, as well as a larger percentage of prisoners per population than any other country.

For an even more sobering comparison, consider that the United States has more people imprisoned today, as a whole and per capita, than Stalin had under his archipelago of gulags. Louisiana is perhaps the best example of how corrupted the prison system can become when privatization runs amok. Louisiana has a largely private prison system, and currently has 1 in 86 adults incarcerated, twice the national average and three times that of Iran.

Nearly two-thirds of these prisoners are serving time for non-violent offenses. Lobbying, along with an incentive of job creation, has resulted in some of the toughest penalties in the country, such as a potential 10 years in prison for writing a bad check. Over half of the prison population returns to the system in five years, without having received any rehabilitation, and being returned to communities devastated largely in part by the continued extraction of the population into prison for non-violent offenses.

In , the United Nations convened in order to create a "comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms. And similar to nearly 2 decades earlier, United States arms sales tripled in One particularly shocking revelation was a program known as 'Fast and Furious', where Barack Obama oversaw the initiation and operation of a gun running scheme where arms were sent over the Mexican border and directly into the hands of criminals.

According to ATF whistleblowers, in the U. Senior ATF Agent John Dodson, who broke the Fast and Furious story, was alarmed when he noted that the crime rates and violence in Mexico and at the border increased significantly after he began allowing, under order, massive amounts of guns to cross the border into the hands of criminals and cartels. However, he said thousands of Fast and Furious weapons are still out there and will be claiming victims on both sides of the border for years to come.

It sounds like science fiction, but it's true. Kennedy presidency, and had been expanding ever since. Then there was George Bush's illegal warrantless wiretapping. Began in , the program allowed the NSA to monitor communications between United States citizens and those abroad without appropriate checks and balances. When the revelations about the program were made in , they were controversial, but Congress repeatedly renewed the NSA's license without much of an uproar from the public.

By the election, citizens were growing weary of the spying program and Barack Obama capitalized on this sentiment. He vowed to end warrantless wiretapping and during his primary campaign he went as far as to say he would filibuster the extension of the FISA legislation, responsible for allowing the expanded spying capabilities. I want you to go through every single one of them and if they are unconstitutional, if they're encroaching on civil liberties unnecessarily, we are going to overturn them. We're going to change them. He first broke this promise after winning the primary campaign, in July , when he was one of 68 Senators who voted to renew the NSA capabilities.

Government is free to intercept all of your communications calls, emails and the like and — even if what they're doing is blatantly illegal and they know it's illegal — you are barred from suing them unless they 'willfully disclose' to the public what they have learned," — Glenn Greenwald. On June 6 th , it was revealed that Barack Obama oversaw the largest infringement of the Fourth Amendment in the history of the United States with the construction of a veritable surveillance state, capable of tracking the movements and communications of every American citizen.

To gain access, an analyst simply needs to fill out an on-screen form with a broad justification for the search that is not reviewed by any court or NSA personnel. They are also, according to an internal document, "responsible for identifying, recruiting and running covert agents in the global telecommunications industry. Only official U. Possibly the most shocking revelation was made on February 24, Two of the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in an effort to discredit a target, and to use social sciences such as psychology to manipulate online discourse and activism in order to generate a desirable outcome.

The unit posts false information on the internet and falsely attributes it to someone else, pretend to be a 'victim' of a target they want to discredit, and posts negative information on various forums. One slide describes the methods to discredit a company: Leak confidential information to the press, post negative information on forums, interfere with business deals and ruin business relationships. The use of psychological techniques to fracture activist groups and to 'game' online discourse is very interesting.

One document describes creating tension in a group by exploiting personal power, pre-existing cleavages and minor ideological differences. In online discourse, another document describes how to use 'mirroring' of language cues, expressions and emotions, and the adjustment of speech, patterns and language to manipulate opinion.

But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. Heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court. I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House — their own people. They went after antiwar groups. They went after They went after U. They went after NGOs They went after a few antiwar civil rights groups.

And in some cases, I literally was involved in the technology that was going after this stuff. The dragnet is what Mark Klein is talking about, the terrestrial dragnet. Well my specialty is outer space. I deal with satellites, and everything that goes in and out of space. I did my spying via space. I was worried that the intelligence community now has sway over what is going on. This was is summer of One of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated On March 5, , it was revealed that the CIA, with the knowledge of Barack Obama, spied on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the group tasked with overseeing clandestine agency activities and preventing abuses.

Collectively, the evidence of the burgeoning security state under Barack Obama reveals a global information grid with real time access that targets both domestic citizens and lawmakers in addition to foreign people and governments. Each event on their timeline has a link to a primary document or an accurate source. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U. Partial transcript available here.

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It is another common misconception that during Republican presidencies we have periods of war, and during Democratic presidencies we have periods of peace. Though it is important to quantify 'official' because there has not been a true declaration of war since World War II. And Clinton was able to get away with maintaining one of the darkest stains on America's soiled history: the full-force economic sanctions against Iraq that began with the first Gulf war and ended after Saddam's fall in The sanctions killed , children according to the British Medical Societies Lancet.

The total number of deaths including adults is thought to be much higher. Obama's first major act of war was a no-fly zone over Libya which resulted in the removal of Muammar Gaddafi. The media had a well orchestrated propaganda campaign that garnered significant public support. His second major act of war was the arming of Syrian rebels, undoubtedly prolonging the horrific civil war. Some of the groups that form the opposition are terrorist organizations, which mirrors the policies of Carter and Reagan arming terrorist groups in Afghanistan under Operation Cyclone.

But the true depths of Obama's war mongering resides in his constant and silent drone war. A policy that started under W. Bush, Obama expanded the use of drones extensively. He allowed the usage of Signature Strikes, whereby drone operators bomb people they do not know, based on movements they find suspicious. Worst of all is the policy of double tapping, bombing the same scene twice after rescuers have come to try and help their fellow citizens. The argument that drones are an alternative method to direct personnel involvement leaves out these cold facts.

It is important to note the presence of 'blowback': the concept that bombing funerals and responders to attacks will create a whole new generation of terrorists. It is almost a forbidden word in the mainstream media. For example, Ron Paul was ridiculed by pundits across the political spectrum on cable television when he insisted that blowback was a reality. While they deny it in public, many groups secretly relish the idea that their intangible enemy will only grow stronger while their profits grow larger.

Drones are helping usher in the era of endless war. Another aspect of Barack Obama's capacity to wage war could be seen in his secretive 'kill list', which was a collection of singled out individuals deemed to pose a threat to the United States and selected for targeted killing. It has always been hard to tell exactly how many private contractors are employed by the Federal government, and how many of those are under the umbrella of the defense industry.

It was under Reagan that the Pentagon's privatization agenda began, and it has continued ever since. It was under the administration of George W. Bush, with the Iraq war, when the use of private contractors skyrocketed. By , the number of private contractors in use in Iraq was ,, more than the number of troops, a degree of privatization unprecedented in modern warfare. During his campaign, Obama promised to cut federal spending on private contractors. His Afghanistan surge was primarily accomplished through contractors, which made up half of the military forces in the country by The most shocking use of contractors has only recently been revealed.

It turns out that they represent a significant amount of the NSA workforce. The potential for illicit spying and extortion represented by these numbers is so high as to reach certainty. The CIA has an official policy of 'rendition', where they send suspected terrorists to be interrogated in foreign countries, bypassing United States torture laws. The process was used extensively during George W.

Bush's administration. But did you know that the process began under Clinton? This PBS Frontline report confirms that the rendition process began in In , Obama wrote an article in the Foreign Affairs journal stating:. Yet the process of rendition has continued. Under President Bill Clinton, a provision was added to the Defense Appropriations Bill that allowed the Pentagon to transfer unused military assets to local police departments around the country.

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This passes the previous mark by several hundred million dollars. The equipment gifted to police departments range from assault rifles and bayonets to massive vehicles such as the MRAP, which stands for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected, of which municipalities received for free from the Department of Defense in There is also the troubling trend of the growth of asset forfeiture, the process by which, having granted itself the power to do so, the government seizes any cash, cars, property and more it can reasonably connect to a crime.

This ability incentivizes sending out specialized, militarized police such as SWAT teams to serve drug warrants, as the teams themselves are expensive to maintain. A key process in globalization involves removing national sovereignty in favor of trade agreements that favor the rights of corporations. Bill Clinton championed the NAFTA agreement, which among other issues superseded articles in the Mexican constitution, water rights in Canada, and allows corporations to sue nations when they are in violation of the trade act.

Regardless of your opinion on NAFTA and other trade agreements, Obama took the concept of corporate power over national sovereignty to a whole new mind-blowing level with the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, a trade proposal that only became public knowledge when the documents were leaked Check the footnote to read the whole document.

The TPP agreement bestows radical new powers on corporations, including establishing an international tribunal that would override domestic law and would have the power to issue sanctions against governments for failing to abide by their ruling. The TPP runs contrary to Obama's statement during his presidential campaign:. It's an assault on democratic government. The TPP has what is called an 'investor-state dispute settlement mechanism' which allow companies and investors to sue governments for losses of profits due to the government's policies.

It is not an exaggeration to say that in many instances this agreement gives more power to corporations than governments. The One-Party State is the result of special interests, economic and military intelligence having gained a strong enough foothold in Washington to subvert the political process. The saying that power is in guns and money has never been truer.

The corruption has been heavily and cleverly obfuscated behind a wall of relentless partisan rhetoric that magnify the small differences between presidential candidates. Consider the major initiatives of the Obama presidency. His Affordable Care Act was championed as a bastion of liberal reform, but in reality it is simply forcing Americans to purchase health plans from private corporations. His raising of the top tax bracket was proffered as proof of a liberal agenda, however the tax burden is still squarely on the middle class. In addition, the wealthiest Americans are virtually unaffected, as their wealth resides in assets and investments, not income.

We are left with a platform that is nearly indistinguishable from his predecessors, from which Obama promised significant change.

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When George Bush bombs a foreign country, liberals cry foul and protest in droves. When Obama does the same thing, the previous protestors often become supporters of the policy. The same phenomenon can be seen on the other side of the aisle. Conservatives are quick to criticize the expansion of programs under Democratic presidents, but stand silent while Reagan and the Bush family oversaw many of the largest expansions of the Federal government and budget in the history of the United States.

It should be clear after even a cursory inspection of the legacies of presidencies from the last 30 years that there is very little tangible differences between the two parties. The shockingly establishment-oriented agenda of all presidents ought to be waking up millions of people to this truth. Can we work within the system to change the One Party State? How do we approach future elections knowing that there are no real alternatives to be found within the two parties?

Even candidates with exceptionally favorable rhetoric cannot be trusted to translate their platform into actual policies.

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It is possible to dismiss the previous two chapters as a result of 'market forces', that endless war and the One-Party state are the result of uncoordinated actors in a free market. Even if this was the case, the implications and subsequent need for reform would be tremendous. The result can accurately be described as the dirty 'F' word: Fascism. I understand that there will be a lot who disagree with this designation; I argue that the term has many different meanings and many prominent people have used it in different ways.

If you feel that another term best describes the phenomenon, that is OK, ultimately it is not important what semantics we apply. Fascism or whichever term you prefer is appropriate because the system has evolved into collusion between the military and economic entities to mutually ensure each others entrenchment. It has grown out of control, and perhaps no evidence is stronger than the fact that the media almost invariably refuses to indicate something might be wrong, as they have been enveloped by the system.

What is responsible for the massive disconnect between lack of differences between presidential candidates and the vitriolic rhetoric in the media and on Capitol Hill? Why did Barack Obama reversed his position on so much of his campaign platform? What forces are the driving factors in the constant overseas military and economic hegemony? Who is driving the creation of agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and where does the order of secrecy come from?

Which covert institutions could be influencing the policy of elected officials? Whoever is weak is also a sucker; that is, someone who demands to be exploited. What exactly does the word mean? Entertainment media bombards us with a particular version of the psychopath, one that is irrational, dangerous and violent. Someone who doesn't fit in, who 'just doesn't seem right'. Is this an accurate description? Robert D. Hare, an eminent psychologist on the subject of psychopathy, portrays the disorder in a drastically different light.

In his book Without Conscience, he describes psychopaths as being conscienceless yet rational, not suffering from any insanity or debilitation; instead they are logical, manipulative, predisposed to crime, selfish and without guilt, shame, remorse or empathy. Psychopathy is surely an illness, but it is not a neurosis that will manifest symptoms others can easily perceive. Often, the psychopath will be aware of his condition and completely conceal his aberrant traits.

In Without Conscience, Dr. Hare presents numerous case studies and statistics to illuminate the world of the psychopath; the evidence points towards a world full of people programmed for evil. Hare stresses multiple times that the psychopath is someone who has a strong desire for power and the need to manipulate others, not for personal gain but simply for the sake of manipulation. While some psychopaths are erratic, others have the ability to completely conceal their condition behind a carefully constructed social persona. Hare's list of psychopathic personality traits include:.

Hare's predecessor Harvey Cleckly, perhaps the first psychologist to study the psychopathic phenomenon decades earlier, compiled a similar list:. Most of the case studies Dr. Hare presents in his book are from the prison population and anecdotal accounts from those who have been abused.

This is a natural, structural problem in the study of psychopathy: the study is limited for the most part to the 'Unsuccessful Psychopath', those who could not conceal their traits or whose social circumstances led to blue-collar crime. Yet Dr. Hare also spends some significant time devoted to the 'Subdeviant Criminal', the psychopath who has control over his deviance and the ability to hide it from the populace.

Instead of the petty criminal, these men and women occupy positions in business, government, industry, and law. Their condition goes entirely unnoticed by the populace; their employers, peers, even their family and those who love them are fooled. How can such deception be possible? Consider that psychopathy is not an 'acquired' illness.

Instead, it has strong genetic components and manifests itself in early childhood. Over time, they become exceptionally good at it. Their entire public persona becomes one complex act, a web of lies to hide their deviant personality. You can view the details of the book on Amazon. Psychiatry Research.

A series of studies published in Psychological Science highlights the pleasure that persons with psychopathic tendencies derive from abusing others. In one experiment, researcher Erin Buckels, from the University of British Columbia, found that there is a certain subset of people who chose to intensify the discomfort of others through directed white noise once they found that there would be no consequences for their actions. They were also willing to expend extra time and energy to be able to amplify the discomfort they were causing their 'opponent'.

Erin Buckels concludes that her research may offer valuable insights into domestic abuse, animal abuse, and military and police brutality, through the understanding that disposition to sadism and abuse is a personality trait that manifests itself in every day life. The true insights which can be derived from her work and those of other psychopathy researchers go much deeper than police brutality; they shed much needed light on the widespread relationship between evil and power. Understanding the nature of psychopathy alone does not reveal the full picture.

Numerous researchers have differentiated between 'primary psychopathy', that which is genetic, and 'secondary psychopathy', that which is acquired through environment. In other words, non-psychopathic individuals can exhibit psychopathic behaviors through the conditioning of their environment. Two well known studies in psychology underscore this. The first is the Milgram Experiment. A volunteer would be placed at a booth with an apparatus that sends an electric shock to a person in another room.

The volunteer believes the man in the other room is a fellow volunteer; in reality he is an actor that is not actually receiving electric shocks. The volunteer asks the actor a series of questions, a wrong answer means the use of an increasingly high voltage of shocking. The volunteer would be prompted by a man in a lab coat to continue administering the shocks long after it had become unsafe.

The verbal prodding would range between 'Please continue' and 'You have no other choice, you must continue'. After the shock reached volts, the actor would stop answering, but the man in the lab coat would continue insisting on shocks. Regarding the experiment, Milgram wrote:. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

The second experiment is the Stanford Prison Experiment. Volunteers were asked to simulate a prison in Stanford's psychology hall; half of the participants simulated prisoners and the other half guards. The guards were told to make the prisoners feel powerless though not resort to violence. Zimbardo, the lead experimenter, found that many of the guards stepped far beyond the boundaries of what had been predicted, leading to dangerous and psychologically damaging situations.

A third of the guards had displayed 'genuine sadistic tendencies'. Some prisoners were emotionally traumatized and had to leave the experiment early. Zimbardo argued that his experiment shows that people internalize authority and submission. Though the nature of the Stanford Prison Experiment does not lend itself to empiricism, it does give some credence to the idea that 'power corrupts' and changes people.

Furthermore, an experiment published in August by the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed definite psychological changes associated with power. It found that people who considered themselves in positions of power literally perceived the world around them differently. We would like to think that humanity has evolved since these experiments took place, and since the atrocities that were revealed after World War II.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In , the Stanley Milgram study was reproduced, with only slight alterations to conform to modern ethical standards, and found the exact same results: A vast majority of participants were willing to inflict significant pain on another human if pressured to do so by perceived authority. We do not need to rely on psychological studies to see the power of perceived authority causing abuses: we have tangible evidence of the relationship emerging frequently from the War on Terror.

Not long ago, it was revealed that the CIA made doctors and psychologists working at various Department of Defense institutions violate the ethical codes of their profession in order to become involved with the torture and degrading treatment of terror suspects. The report, compiled by the Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers, supported by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession IMAP , found that doctors working with the Department of Defense and CIA routinely participated in waterboarding, sleep deprivation and force-feeding, the latter being against the rules of World Medical Association and the American Medical Association, while gathering and sharing intelligence.

It's clear that in the name of national security the military trumped that covenant, and physicians were transformed into agents of the military and performed acts that were contrary to medical ethics and practice. We have a responsibility to make sure this never happens again. While participation in waterboarding and force-feeding may not be shocking to the desensitized public's sensibilities, it is still very revealing that physicians and psychologists who would otherwise balk at the suggestion that they would violate their professions ethical codes, do so without hesitation when it is done in the name of War.

Armed with this context, it is easy to understand the ease with which psychopaths can manipulate institutions and societies. A majority of people do not even have the psychological capacity to refuse authority, at least under situations of pressure. Putting the average citizen in positions of minor authority such as a police officer can cause behavioral and physiological changes in that person, disposing them to abuse.

Therefore a psychopath in a position of power essentially has a vast pool of tools at their disposal to act out their twisted desires of manipulation and control. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Psychopathy is not a rare phenomenon: Dr. Hare's lexicon, residing in positions of power with a psychological need to control and manipulate others.

They are drawn to certain occupations that allow them to wield power over others, such as police, military, intelligence, and finance.

Over time, they begin to saturate important institutions, being more ruthless and willing to cause more destruction in their rise up the ladder of power than their competition. In the exact same manner that you and I naturally exclude deviants from our social groups, psychopaths naturally exclude those of us who allow conscience and morality to influence our decisions and perceptions.

The result is a web of mutual conditioning of 'evil', where goals and actions become increasingly removed from the institutions original intention. We come in love, with the sounding of a new dream reality for your Earth. You are poised at a momentous time in the history of consciousness on this planet. Something is occurring that has never occurred before, and it is a joy for us to participate with you once again and to enter into your conscious awareness.

If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us in a journey of the mind and heart. A love so deep it has survived over years of lies, to be finally told now, in this, "the beginning of the ending of time. In the Magdalen Manuscript, given by her and reprinted here, word-for-word as she gave it, she describes the alchemy that she and Yeshua practiced. This is the alchemy that prepared him to sustain life after death, so that he could meet his destiny and lay a trail of light through the death realms, a light path each of us can follow.

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This book describes how life s challenges provide opportunities for transformation. They often force us to seek refuge and guidance with our nonindividual self. Yet, it is the Heart of Understanding, the Buddha self, that we find difficult to access in our conditioned responses to personal affronts. Scalar Heart Connection is only one of many tools that we can utilize to help us reconnect with our inner creativity, where our moment-to-moment responses align with intuitive and unitive consciousness. Stephen says reconnecting with the inner voice of our heart s innate wisdom is vital if humanity is going to survive the 21st Century.

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Never before has this elusive topic been treated in so engaging and accessible a manner. A masterpiece of illuminative writing, Spiritual Enlightenment is mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. Not for the faint of heart! Book 2 of the Trilogy. The mark of a true master is that he can express a subject of the utmost complexity with uncanny simplicity. Jed McKenna is such a master, and spiritual enlightenment is his subject.

Now, his second book, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment , takes us on a fascinating tour of the enlightened state -- what it is and what it's not, who's there and who's not, how to get there and how to get somewhere better. Delightful surprises abound, including the dramatic unveiling of perhaps the greatest spiritual masterpiece of all time -- long hidden in plain view and well known to all.

Krishnamurti all appear, and a student from the first book returns to share her Spiritual Autolysis journals. Also surprising are the author's gentle efforts to guide the reader away from enlightenment toward a more desirable and accessible state. Jed McKenna's books aren't for everyone. They're for people who are tired of the spiritual merry-go-round and ready to confront the unadorned reality of the awakening process.

If you like your teachers with all the spiritual trimmings and trappings, Jed may not be right for you, but when you're ready to jump off the merry-go-round and begin your journey, Jed McKenna is the guy you want to see standing there -- waiting for you. Book 3 of the Trilogy. Guns and bombs are children's toys. A true war wages, and you're invited. It is an invitation you may not be able to accept if you want to, or decline if you don't. It's an invitation to fight in a war like no other; a war where loss is counted as gain, surrender as victory, and where the enemy you must face, an enemy of unimaginable superiority, is yourself.

Instead, we are presented with the living reality of a very normal woman -- a wife and mother with a demanding career and high-stress lifestyle -- and we see what happens when she receives an invitation that, try as she might, she can't refuse. And we meet another woman, a woman who accepted the invitation and fought and won. In the closing chapters of this book, we attend her memorial service as Jed delivers her eulogy. A terrible crime is being committed against humanity, a crime of oppression and subjugation far beyond Orwell's We are the victims of this crime, but we are also its perpetrators.

Our motive is fear, our sin is ignorance, and the chain in which we enslave ourselves is belief. Science has recently begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused: There may be such a thing as a life force. In this groundbreaking classic, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart reveals a radical new paradigm—that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world.

The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story presenting a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena. Documented by distinguished sources, The Field is a book of hope and inspiration for today's world. Their interviews reveal their techniques for making safe, meaningful contact with non-human intelligences. We hear how it has changed or defined their lives, why they are involved in direct contact, and what they offer the world as a result.

We learn how channelers, hybrids and artists bring through communications from a wide variety of beings, whether written, spoken or drawn, and how their psychic abilities have been used or expanded as a result. Evidently, someone wanted to say something. So each participant shares a message from the beings, and in the case of the channels, the author interviews the beings through them.

The messages and discussions are always fascinating, and often profound. Whether you are an experiencer or not, this book will give you more perspective on the interactions between humans and the beings, and offers a practical guide to developing your own contact protocols. Forward by Dr. Leo Sprinkle. The Dimensions of Paradise were known to ancient civilisation as the harmonious numerical standards that underlie the created world. John Michell's quest for these standards provides vital clues for understanding: the dimensions and symbolism of Stonehenge; the plan of Atlantis and reason for its fall; the numbers behind the sacred names of Christianity; the form of St.

John's vision of the New Jerusalem; the name of the man with the number ; the foundation plan of Glastonbury and other sanctuaries; how these symbols suggest a potential for personal, cultural and political regeneration in the 21st century. An in-depth look at the role of number as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. This book reveals the numerical code by which the ancients maintained high standards of art and culture.

It sets out the alchemical formulas for the fusion of elements and the numerical origins of various sacred names and numbers. It also describes the rediscovery of knowledge associated with the Holy Grail, through which the influence of the Heavenly Order is made active on Earth. The priests of ancient Egypt preserved a geometrical canon, a numerical code of harmonies and proportions, that they applied to music, art, statecraft, and all the institutions of their civilization.

Plato, an initiate in the Egyptian mysteries, said it was the instrument by which the ancients maintained high, principled standards of civilization and culture over thousands of years. The central revelation of this book is a structure of geometry and number representing the essential order of the heavens and functioning as a map of paradise. Understanding the role of sacred geometry in cosmology and human affairs. This book explains how ancient societies that grasped the timeless principles of sacred geometry were able to create flourishing societies.

It illustrates the social and spiritual values in the natural progression of number and contains more than full-color drawings showing the interplay of number and sacred geometry. Galileo described the universe as a large book written in the language of mathematics, which can only be read by those with knowledge of its characters--triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures. The laws of geometry are not human inventions. They are found ready-made in nature and hold a truth that is the same in all times and all places and is older than the world itself. John Michell explains how ancient societies that grasped the timeless principles of sacred geometry were able to create flourishing societies.

His more than full-color illustrations reveal the secret code within these geometrical figures and how they express the spiritual meanings in the key numbers of 1 through For example, the number 8 and its octagon are symbols of peace and stability, the holy 7 and its seven-sided figure are connected to the world-soul. Some of these graphics were produced using John Martineau's the editor's new software that also calculates distances on the Earth's surface, between grid points, allowing new amazing coincidences to emerge. The book is crammed with thought-provoking facts that keep the mind buzzing for days after reading it.

If you are interested in Earth mysteries, you will not be disappointed Newton, Dr. Finally, a formula for healing, perfect health and the immortality of your existing body is, the result of divine knowledge, revealed in a unified and coherent format via "Theta Consciousness Healing". Almost everything we have been taught from our parents, religions and governments is inherently incorrect and has caused us to be ignorant of our inherent, Divine perfection! This template of perfection extends through all levels of creation, from subatomic particles to ourselves and beyond and that enables us to experience perfect health, abundance and unlimited knowledge!

It will be demonstrated throughout this book that our essence is pure, divine energy-God! Ancient texts and modern physics are used to prove the validity of these concepts-not just mere human opinion. Ozanich, Steve. Modern medicine is pointing us toward our bodies in the attempt to cure us through engineering the human system.

These high-tech processes are often making us worse by ignoring the message that the body is trying to convey through such things as colitis, irritable bladder, fibromyalgia, skin disorders and an infinite variety of other symptoms, including cancer. This book does an excellent job of exploring the realm of mind within body--and ultimate healing. I was asked by a friend to read it and my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have been struggling with strange health issues for 7 years now.

And although I already knew that many of my issues were related to my brain being stuck in a perpetual cycle of fight or flight causing many symptoms This book gave me the courage to forge ahead and get back into life and living again.

A Premature Attempt at the 21st Century Canon

My chronic pain, fibromyalgia, G. Price, Jamye. Humanity is changing. Intuition and spiritual growth are escalating within many. Light Language is a natural part of this evolution, though it is such a different type of expression that it is often misunderstood. It represents an advancement into heart-centered, conceptual, and connective language. Light Language elevates you through healing, and activates deep cellular knowledge about the innate and powerful flow of Love within you. This book takes a deep dive into the esoteric details of Light Language, and you are offered an opportunity to begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light.

Learn how Light Language: Expands your multidimensional awareness Connects you with your Higher Self Correlates the newest scientific theories to your subtle nature Heals your heart and mind connection Jamye s connection and courage that grew from Light Language has changed her life in magical ways. Will it change yours, too? Jamye Price has pegged it! A person who is in channel is simply a person who has expanded consciousness. Within that expansion is art, music, sculpture Opening to "Light Language is a full explanation of how we can open up to our spiritual nature, and let go of old paradigms that say it can t be happening.

This truly is the next step, and a new piece of a profound multi-dimensional puzzle, which Kryon has predicted would be taught in the new energy past Congratulations Jamye, for being in the right place at the right time with this book! While many struggle to reach enlightenment, Ivan Rados believes that everyone has the capacity to experience the state of freedom from the illusionary egoic mind, without all of the struggle. Through his stunning yantras and clear explanations, Rados offers a simple way to still the mind and become deeply aware of the Infinite Consciousness at the heart of one's own being.

The included yantras feature Rados's stellar artwork which flows from his profoundly rich experience of present moment awareness. Stories from Saratchandra: Innocence and Reality. Hit for a Six. Rasia: The Dance of Desire. I Tagged Her in My Heart. Pawan: The Flying Accountant.

Spiritual Economics: The Law of Visualization, And If You Can Believe (Part 2 of 7)

Feast: With a Taste of Amir Khusro. Juni Dagger: Murders in Meraupatnam. The Man Who Was Kipling. Invisible Ties. One Enduring Lesson. Children of India. Bonds of Destiny: The Legacy. The Regimental Myna. Somewhere to Go. Half Girlfriend Movie Tie-in Edition. The Elephant and the Cassorwary. The Wise Parrot. A Mussoorie Mystery. The Kipling Road. M for Misfit. Games Girls Play. Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant. Love, Life and all that Jazz….

The Amigos. The Four Patriots. Women Warriors in Indian History. Who Kissed Me in the Dark. The Lagoon. Another Chance. The Ordinary, the Enchanted and the Quaintly Happy. Pearl by the River. The Peacock Feather. The Indus Challenge. The Chaos Project. The Beast Tamer. Seventeen Takes. Party Time in Mussoorie. Feet in the Valley. Where the River Parts. The White Tiger and Other Stories. The Prospect of Flowers. Songs of the Cauvery. Alms in the Name of a Blind Horse. The Laughing Skull. One Indian Girl.

A Song of Many Rivers. The Empty House. Myself Meena, IAS. Gold Dust of Begum Sultans. Destiny of Shattered Dreams.

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