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This edition of In Deep will focus on open G tuning and how it is used in blues slide-guitar playing.

DADGAD! The Tuning of the Gods

In this tuning, strumming across all of the open strings will sound a G major chord, with the G root note being on the fifth and third strings. Just as strumming across all of the open strings yields a major chord, laying a fretting finger or a slide across all six strings at a given fret will yield a major chord based on a different, higher root note, which is likewise found on the fifth and third strings. In bar 2, I demonstrate some standard open G-style slide licks over D and C, followed in bars 3 and 4 with slide licks in G and the G major chord sounded by at the 12th fret.

In this example, I ascend the scale in one pattern and descend in a slightly different one. Practice and memorize both patterns, with and without a slide.

When playing with a slide, be sure to keep it parallel to the fretwire and positioned directed over it in order to sound properly in tune. Like many guitarists, I prefer to fingerpick when playing slide, as this facilitates the use of pick-hand muting, or damping, techniques, which are used to suppress string vibration and sounds on strings you no longer want to ring.

The Secret to Tuning Your Acoustic Guitar Perfectly - The Guitar Journal

The great Johnny Winter is a true master of slide guitar in open G tuning as well as other tunings. Notice the ongoing use of open strings throughout, which serve to facilitate moving from one string and position to the next while keeping the solo sounding rich and full. At the end of the phrase, I jump up to 12th position and lay the slide across the top three strings at the 12th fret to sound a G major triad, followed by licks that move between the 10th and 12th frets.

Otherwise you are lost. Depending on where you are, and what you have access to, you can certainly tune your guitar with the help of technology.

The Secrets of DADGAD Open Tuning

There are clip-on guitar tuners which are super easy to use, and there are many online guitar tuners as well. I'm Tyler, the webmaster here at VoicesInc. My passion is music, and my job is to supply reviews and articles about all the different ways you can learn and produce music online. I hope you find this website helpful. Skip to content. It is just a matter of fact.