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This should prevent a lot of the grass blades from sticking. You can also coat the mower blades directly to keep them clean of grass cuttings. Clean your garden tools. While you are outdoors, visit your garden shed and use the coconut oil to clean off your tools. Get rid of the rust, prevent future rust from forming, and keep your tools lubricated and in great working order. Get your scissors working again.

Do your scissors stick while you are trying to use them? Instead of throwing them out, consider using coconut oil to give them a good cleaning and lubrication. You may very well find that with the rust removed and the hinges lubricated, they will work great again. Lubricate hinges. If you have door or window hinges that stick or make a lot of noise, you can lubricate them with coconut oil. This should make them much easier to use and also get them to stop that annoying squeaking. Get a zipper unstuck. Few things are as irritating as a stuck zipper.

This will not work if the zipper track is no longer functional, but if it is, you may be able to get the zipper unstuck again by using coconut oil. Use plenty; you will need it. Season cast iron. This keeps the surface from sticking. You can do this with coconut oil. Simply preheat your oven to degrees, set the cast iron skillet on a stove burner on low, and add a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Wait for it to melt, turn off the burner, and coat the whole surface of the pan. Then place it in the oven on the rack upside-down. Put some foil under it to catch the grease that drips. Bake the pan for an hour. Then wait for it to cool. Keep your cast iron seasoned. As an extension of the use above, you can also use coconut oil to keep your cast iron cookware seasoned. After you cook in your pan, immediately scrub it off and wash it in hot water do not use soap.

Dry it and put it on the burner over a low flame. Wait until it is totally dry, then add another teaspoon of coconut oil. Spread it around and put the pan away no need to use the oven again until you have to re-season. Coat utensils. Tired of food caking onto spatulas and other utensils while you are cooking or serving? Save yourself time on the cleanup end by coating them all in a thin layer of coconut oil first.

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This will prevent the food from caking on. Clean guitar strings. Are you a musician? A guitar is another item that needs to be regularly conditioned in order to work properly. Specifically, you need to lubricate the strings. It turns out coconut oil works perfectly for this in very small amounts. Moisturize animal hide drums.

If you play animal hide drums, you know that the hide can dry out easily. To keep rawhide drums functioning and producing beautiful sound, you need to moisturize them. While you can buy commercial solutions for this, coconut oil is a great natural alternative. Get rid of soap scum. Have hard water? Tired of all that soap scum around your sink? You may be able to rub it off using coconut oil. Remove chewing gum. Have chewing gum stuck in your hair or your carpet or on a clothing item? Coconut oil is probably the easiest way to get it unstuck and get rid of all the residue!

Remove makeup from clothing or carpeting. If you spill a makeup container or drop your lipstick, you can use coconut oil to remove the residue from your carpet or clothes. Degrease your hands. Love working in your garage? If you have a hard time getting grease off your hands, one easy way to create a natural abrasive is to mix coconut oil and baking soda just like you do to remove the gunk left by stickers. Rub your hands together and you will be able to remove the grease. Get gunk out from under your nails. Have grease under your fingernails?

Coconut oil is great for getting your hands clean, and also can work under your nails to remove that stubborn trapped grease. Get a ring off your finger. You also might need to lubricate your hands to remove a ring that is stuck. Just apply the oil directly to the ring and turn it at the same time. After the oil gets under the ring, you should be able to tug it off. Keep snow from sticking to a satellite dish. If you have a satellite dish outside and want to keep snow from getting stuck to it during the wintertime, rub a thin coating of coconut oil on the dish.

Coat your snow shovels. Just as coconut oil can keep snow from sticking to a satellite dish, it can also keep snow from sticking to a shovel. This can make your job significantly easier when it comes time to clear your driveway or sidewalks. Grease bicycle chains. If you want to keep a bicycle chain from sticking, rub a little coconut oil onto it.

Get rid of ants. Have an ant problem? Mix coconut oil, castile liquid soap and seed oil together in a spray bottle, and spray it on an ant nest. It may get rid of your problem. Note however that bees and fish can be poisoned or killed by neem oil, so keep neem oil away from bodies of water, flowers, and beehives. Get maggots and flies away from your trash. Tired of finding maggots under your trashcan and flies buzzing around it? You can try coating your trash can itself with coconut oil. Do this inside and out, and you will discourage flies from laying eggs.

The result? No more maggots or flies turning your trash can into a home. Remove dead bugs from your car or lawn furniture. Dead bugs stuck to your windshield? One easy way to get rid of them is by using coconut oil to loosen them up first. Just apply the coconut oil, wait a few minutes for it to soak in, and then try rubbing away the insect guts.

You should have better luck than you would if you tried to do it without the coconut oil application first. Remove tree sap. Like dead bugs, tree sap can easily get on lawn furniture or your vehicle. When it does, it really sticks! Coconut oil can help you to loosen it up and remove it.

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Detail your car. While you are out by your car, is the inside starting to look a little old and tired? It should restore some of the shine, and the scent will also help to freshen the air. Chase spiders away. Spiders are not necessarily something bad to have in your home; they do help control the insect population.

Encourage them to avoid these areas by spraying them with coconut oil and vinegar. Kill a cockroach. Do you usually spray cockroaches with bug spray, and then get stuck cleaning up the chemical mess left over afterwards? Coconut oil mixed with vinegar supposedly works great as a cockroach killer, without the chemical nastiness.

Kill mosquito larvae. Have standing water on your property? Live in a mosquito-infested area?

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One good way to deal with this problem before it gets out of hand is to add a little coconut oil to your standing water. The coconut oil kills the mosquito larvae before they reach adulthood and start swarming your area. Repel mosquitoes.

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Coconut oil works pretty well as a repellant as well, so you can wear it outside on those summer days when the mosquitoes are swarming. Polish your shoes. This works particularly well on patent leather. If your shoes have lost their shine, you can buff them up this way. Keep wax from sticking to a candleholder. This will make the wax much easier to remove. Prevent rust from forming inside jar lids.

If you are storing a liquid substance for a long time inside a jar, it can gradually cause the lid to corrode. You can prevent this with a bit of coconut oil inside the jar ring. This will also make it less likely the lid will stick, making it easier to get your jars open after a long time. Unclog a nozzle on a spray bottle. If the nozzle on one of your spray bottles gets clogged up, one of the easiest ways to unclog it is with coconut oil.

Simply transfer the lid of the spray bottle the one that is clogged over to another spray bottle filled with coconut oil spray. Spray with that can until the coconut oil can work loose the debris in the nozzle and get it working again. Then just transfer it back to the bottle it belongs on.

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Improve your fertilizer. When you are fertilizing your lawn or your garden, you can mix in coconut oil to provide you with better coverage. It acts as a surfactant. Prevent stains. If you have Tupperware, you know how easily it can stain and how impossible it can be to get those stains removed once they start, and then your plastic containers always look dirty. One great way to prevent this problem is to rub a little coconut oil over the surfaces before you put food in the container. This will prevent staining from starting.

Clean a retainer. If you wear a retainer and want to give it a good cleaning, coconut oil works great. Rub a little onto the retainer and then let it sit for a few hours. Rinse it off and the retainer will be clean and germ-free. Clean a mouthguard. You can do the same thing with a mouthguard that you can with a retainer to get it clean and disinfected. Denture cleaner. Just as coconut oil works great for cleaning a retainer or a mouthguard, it is also perfect for getting your dentures clean and disinfected.

Clean your license plates. Do you have a lot of dirt and gunk on your license plates? The dirt can be pretty unattractive, and it can also be very hard to remove. One easy solution is to use coconut oil. It will loosen that dirt right up and it will lift off easily. Remove brake dust. Brake dust also tends to cling and build up, but you can get rid of it using coconut oil quickly and easily.

Clean insects from your car grill. Just as coconut oil works great for cleaning bird droppings and insect guts off your windshield, it also works great for getting both out of the grill of your car. Get rid of the residue left by car window tint. Trying to remove window tinting from your car? Once you get the tint off, you will find a residue underneath that is almost impossible to remove. It turns out though that coconut oil mixed with baking soda does a great job.

Prevent clothing from chaffing. If you have tight clothing items which chafe your skin, you can prevent chaffing using a little coconut oil. Apply it to the area in question before you get dressed and you should reduce the problem significantly. This is especially useful if you are a hiker and are worried that a lot of repetitive movement will cause chafing while you walk. Fire starter. If you struggle to get your kindling lit, one easy trick is to soak cotton balls or cotton swabs in coconut oil and bring them with you in a plastic bag.

Place the coconut oil swab or ball in your kindling and set light to it. It will burn quite well for at least several minutes, which hopefully will be enough to get the rest of your kindling to catch. Just as you can use coconut oil for your own personal hygiene, you will also find that it is very handy for animal hygiene and health as well. Here are a few great ways you can use coconut oil for pet care.

Deodorize your dog. Apply it for a few hours and then rinse it off. It should get rid of that smell at least for a little while. Get rid of dandruff. As you know, coconut oil works great to remove dandruff from your own scalp. Soothe dry and irritated skin. The moisturizing properties which make coconut oil a great dandruff prevention treatment for your dog also make it a wonderful treatment for itchy, dry skin. Coconut oil is very soothing and will reduce irritation fast.

Speed healing skin infection healing. The antimicrobial properties in coconut oil make it a great treatment for a pet that is healing from an infection. Not only will the coconut oil help to soothe inflammation, but it will also speed healing by fighting the infection. If your dog has a cut or abrasion, coconut oil will also hasten the healing process and prevent infection. Prevent chafing. You can apply coconut oil to your own skin to prevent chafing while you are hiking, and you can do the same for your dog if you take him hiking with you. While dog hiking boots and accessories are designed for comfort, it never hurts to take an extra precaution.

Shampoo for your dog. If you want to save some money and also make sure you are using a quality organic product, you can create a shampoo for your dog by combining a tablespoon of coconut oil with 3 tablespoons of liquid castile soap, a cup of vinegar, and four cups of hot water. It works very well and is perfect for a dog with sensitive skin! Condition fur.

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You already know you can apply coconut oil to your own hair as a leave-in conditioner. Just as you need to be careful with the amounts you use on your own hair, be careful not to overdo it with your pet, or you will have a greasy mess. Condition bird feathers. This works a little bit differently. Coconut oil can bring constipation relief to humans, but also to furry friends.

Boost energy. Just as coconut oil can boost energy for humans, it can also have the same effect on pets. If your dog has bad breath, it could be because he has germs in his mouth that are creating the foul odor. Feeding your dog a little coconut oil or even using it while brushing his teeth may help to kill those germs and get rid of the odor.

Get rid of fleas. A lot of flea treatments for dogs use dangerous chemical ingredients and can cause serious health problems. Essential oils are sometimes recommended as an alternative, but they can be a bit intense for some dogs. Coconut oil offers a safe, natural, healthy alternative. Do this once a day or so and you can prevent future flea infestations.

Tick preventative. Ticks are dangerous pests that can cause serious disease in dogs and humans. Coconut oil can help to prevent ticks from latching onto your four-legged friend.

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Get rid of hairballs. Coat a kitty litter tray. If you are tired of struggling to clean out the kitty litter tray, coat it with a little coconut oil before you add the kitty litter. This will prevent the litter from sticking. Prevent dental problems. When you feed your dog or cat coconut oil, the antimicrobial effects can go beyond curing bad breath.

They can also help to prevent gum disease and cavities. Soothe cracked paw pads. Applying some coconut oil can help to moisturize, soothe and heal cracked paw pads. Boost joint health. Many dog owners have observed improvements in joint health in dogs they feed coconut oil.

You will get the best results with daily dosages. This is one of the most popular uses for coconut oil for pets. This can help to prevent infection too. Boost metabolism. Over time, this can speed up metabolism, which is great for general health. Help your obese pet lose weight. If your pet has packed on a few extra pounds, coconut oil can help with weight loss. Combine this treatment with more exercise and a healthy diet for the best results. Remove mites from your reptile. Mites can be a really persistent problem if you own a reptile.

The coconut oil will suffocate the mites. Wash it off the next day. You should see dead mites coming right off. Keep doing this routine until there are no more dead mites. Guinea pigs can easily suffer from dry, irritated skin. Alternately, you can just apply a little bit of it directly. If you own a rabbit, you can also condition its fur using coconut oil.

You only need a tiny bit; it goes a long ways, and it is easy to overdo it. Just apply a pinch every few days. Keep squirrels away from your birdfeeders. Trying to discourage squirrels from stealing all your birdseed? If your birdfeeder hangs from a pole, you can coat the pole in coconut oil to make it slippery. This will make it hard for squirrels to run along the pole.

Heal bug bites. If your pet is suffering from itchy bug bites, you can soothe the bites and speed up healing using a little coconut oil applied directly to the bite sites. Treat intestinal parasites. The healing properties of coconut oil may help your pet to recover from an intestinal parasite. Do not forget that you should always take your pet to the vet to make sure you get the medications you need for your animal. Use as an udder balm. Own cows or goats? If you have animals you need to milk, you can use coconut oil as a soothing udder balm.

Treat hot spots. Hot spots are a common skin problem affecting dogs. You can treat these moist, reddened areas using coconut oil. You may also be able to prevent hot spots since you can use coconut oil to treat the wounds and bites that sometimes develop into them. Prevent or control diabetes. Previously we talked about coconut oil as an aid for controlling blood sugar levels in humans. Regulate hormones. Coconut oil can help to promote healthy thyroid function in your pets. A healthy thyroid means a healthy pet. There you have it! You now know ways you can use coconut oil around the household.

Coconut oil is a truly amazing substance that is great for your health and also for pets and infants. It is wonderful for cooking and cleaning, and there are probably more applications just waiting to be discovered. What are your favorite ways to use coconut oil? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below so we can add your coconut oil secrets to the list! There are roughly 16 modified crops heavy on the market right now.

So please, have a little sense when you want to throw slag at GMOs. Oganic, sportanic, no such thing as organic. Some things may have more natural things in them. Crazy to pay a triple price or higher for organic. Shows how stupid Americans really are! Like believing in Hope and Change for America! Standards are different all over the world! Are ALL farms checked for certification? NO All organic means is we want more of your money. Big scam. Where does your food come from? Louisiana, New York, your back yard?

I just purchased some from Winco here in Vegas and guess what…. Some people are just naturally rude and obnoxious.

200 Brilliant Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life Forever

I am grateful for the things you bring to light. Someone told me about using coconut oil for getting rid of fleas on my dog, but they told me to put vineger with it as a spray. I wanted to make sure before trying it on my dog. Sure do add the vinegar. After i have washed my dogs who have had a coconut oil mask…. I will second that comment Pam. I am grateful someone took the time to list all the uses I would have never known! Yea for enlightenment! One of our favorite protein shake recipes to help with blood sugar and mood is this one: Dr. You can also try our coconut pancakes.

Having healthy fats and plenty of protein is a wonderful way to control blood sugar, and stave off mood disorders and depressive feelings. Does coconut oil have side effects? The literature suggests that coconut oil is quite safe to take in reasonable amounts. While no formal study has figured out the exact amount for optimal benefit, it appears one to two tablespoons a day can be beneficial.

For the next three days, you'll eat these same three meals. Each recipe is packed with ingredients to maximize your fat loss Celebrity trainer Chris Powell suggests a diet which cycles between low-carb days and high-carb days. Get started on his plan by Main Menu. Oz's Food Investigations. More Oz: Dr. Edit Your Location. Your Video is Loading. Coconut Oil Super Powers, Pt.

According to her blog , the stunning Ms. Thanks, ladies, for pointing this out! She uses it on salads, in her cooking and in her green tea. Oh, and my guarantee may not mean anything, but Dr. As Michelle explained in this post , free radical damage causes aging read: wrinkles.

Coconut oil's antioxidant effects can help protect against them—much like Vitamin E does—as well as heal and repair damaged skin. The medium-chain fatty acids are also easily absorbed, can strengthen connective tissue and help with exfoliation. Bonus: coconut oil also stimulates thyroid function and helps cholesterol to be converted into anti-aging steroids that lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Dang if it doesn't make your hair grow like nobody's business! Um, nope. Not intentionally. Coconut oil is also great as a deep conditioner; I leave it in overnight skip the roots , wash it out in the morning, and BAM! Miranda hair or at least I like to think so. Since I started eating coconut oil every morning, my skin has become a lot more hydrated. I also slather the oil on my body after showering you may have to walk around the house in the nude as it absorbs and after being out in the sun. I've noticed that even just taking it internally has lessened my breakouts and evened out my skin tone.

Coconut oil can also treat psoriasis, eczema, rosacea—even wrinkles. My favourite way to eat it is melted onto toast instead of butter and spooning a huge scoop into my oatbran in the mornings. Because I eat so much of it and I love the taste and smell of coconut, I use virgin coconut oil.