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But the real thrill comes from using it day to day. Compared to what was available before, you ought to be canonized for the LPE-2! St John, it has a nice ring As far as I am concerned, your products are the very best of their kind. They amaze me every day. He was really satisfied by the sound of the unit. Millennia media HV3 - a clear winner in almost every way - this one is very smooth across the entire freq range, yet retains an amazing clarity in the upper end, bottom end is tight and controlled - wish i had 8 channels of this stuff.

It has an instrument di that is switchable between tube or solid-state, with an input transformer that may be in or out of the signal input path, is switchable between solid state or tube mic pres, again with a transformer that can be in or out of the input path, a four band parametric Eq that is also switchable between tube or solid state topology and an OPTO my favorite type compressor that again is switchable between tube or solid state. It may be employed with any of the sections together or individually. The thing is built like a tank, looks and sounds great! Best bang for the buck IMO!

Kurt Foster. I received a special matched pair of Millennia Origins in the morning and I feel like in a sound paradise now! It is exactly the type of sound I have been searching for so long time, being a bit restless in spite of all my present equipment Schoeps, Neumann, DACS, Apogee etc. Now finally I have it - that beautiful sweet, mellow sound with so many varieties! My U87 became immediately a big friend with Origins and the vocals sound great. Guitar, violin, flutes and other instruments in stereo array with Schoeps sound so pure, sweet and spacey. I especially love the tube preamp M-2B with the transformer engaged sometimes.

Should receive Telefunkens and Mullard tubes soon, very curious about the difference. Really a happy day and hopefully many happy days yet to come It was preceded by maybe two months of communication with Millennia and John La Grou - and he was so kind to me, answering all possible questions and being extremely helpful. I Sedlacek. On an interesting note: just after I got your package a client was in my studio and had just talked to a very good friend of mine, a Nashville producer, Don Potter. Apparently there's talk around town in Nashville giving it glowing marks!

Well his eyes popped out of his head when he saw that I had one in my studio. He went out and got one right away after that. It's interesting how the buzz on great gear travels. Actually I wanted to do the comparison the last 3 days on the weekend, but the german G, M, G distributor didn't manage it, to send me the G in time. The results were very good: Trumpet with Beyer M was smooth and never sharp. Fluegelhorn sounded great with a Neumann KM84 - full and warm, the best sound ever I heard with that instrument! Baritone sounded very real with a Neumann U89, where I could imagine the G could be better because it is often described as a little brighter.

The same with Tuba and an old U But in the mix, the tone of Baritone and Tuba was just right, easy to integrate it in the mix. By direct comparison with Soundcraft K3 preamps it was very obvious the Millennia is far, far better - no surprise. And the Millennia was again so convincing to me. I am in awe! That pre-amp has a sound like none other I've heard. I am currently in the process of doing a CD and building a studio with my long time friend and collaborator and believe me, when the CD hits the Top , we'll be able to afford and outfit the studio with Millennia.

Things are hopping along for us here at Benchmark. The DAC1 is still selling like hotcakes I know I can speak for my father and myself when I say that your products are among the highest quality products that exist. We have had a number of people say that between their Millennia pres and their Benchmark converters they have a combo that can't be beaten. Happy Holidays! John, The STT-1 is fantastic! Incredibly rich and present sounding. He's Switzerland's biggest mastering engineer and he loves the TCL Yesterday I visited him and he told me again that on nearly every mastering job he uses the TCL Dear John, a couple of experienced recording engineers here in DC thought my combination of Schoeps mb tube mic and Millennia preamp was the greatest front end they had ever heard.

Regards Steve Cormier. Dear John, We had a terrific power failure the other night and i suspect that one of the NSEQ tubes or output amps got fried. Sincerely Kevin Killen. I love the TD-1 by the way and have been using it a lot. On the new Knopfler album we are ignoring the bass players rack of great outboard gear and using the TD-1 instead. I've used the TD-1 mic pre and found it to be outstanding, and I've used it to reamp the bass DI on an album I mixed for a group called Sugarland.

Good stuff. Chuck Ainlay. I will be working on a new movie with Thomas Newman. I love these units, everywhere I go people are impressed. Even Armin Steiner loved them, and he uses no outboard equipment. Anyway thanks again, Tommy Vicari.

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I've had a few opportunity to work with your HV-3 Preamplifier, and I liked it so much that I now think of buying a few channels. Thanks for your help and for building great products! I am a huge fan! I am the proud owner of an HV-3D 8. See what I say on my web site under "gear". It is the first time that I have ever been able to hear such a blatant improvement over other systems. I use for everything from soft acoustic instruments to triple stack amps and it always amazes me.

Thanks lots, Don Moore. I have to say I am blown away. Your TD-1 preamp is my favorite on acoustic guitars and with the added Reamping, DI capabilities and the Speaker Soak I believe this is the ultimate weapon. You can see some of my recording credits at All Music Guide. I appreciate your time and again great work. Dan Warner. Dear John, I have a crash requirement for an eight-channel microphone preamplifer for use in the Glyndebourne opera house here in England. As you know, we've already got two four-channel preamplifiers in use there and they've proved to be technically superb and completely reliable.

And on a side note, there was a preamp shoot out in Tampa some months ago I was unable to attend but the engineer I work for thought the Millennia pre he never said which model won out over J, U, P, a Neve, and an A maybe a few others I can't recall just now. He owns a blackface two channel EQ of yours I'm terrible with Model 's that I haven't played with yet. That does it, keep up the good work. I finally got a new STT-1, and I suppose there's a million good things I could say about it, but in a nutshell, I'm really impressed in how it offers shades of transparent sound.

There's nothing like a clean preamp. And they have more gain than a Marshall factory. I could go on and on Didn't think I'd be using TD-1 as much as I do. Using it on the way in on bass and then inserted as Eq on mixdown. Used the mic pre for acoustic guitar for the first time today. Very nice indeed. The Origin has tied all the loose ends of our recording projects.

It is one of the most amazing and valuable tools that we have. Can't say enough. Thank you so much. All my very best. Frank Bevans. What a swiss army knife. Also we mastered at capital and they use one of your stereo Eqs. Phil Shenale.

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Congratulations on your TEC award nomination. I love the TD The only thing that could make him happier is a pair. Take care, Doug Cronin, Harborsound. When it comes to that hard to describe concept that we call "air" nothing can touch the TD1 - it sounds as if the world's best EQ was used to boost just the right frequencies to really open up both the source and the room sound.

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Based on last night's session, I would never call the TD1 "accurate", it's much more of a flattering preamp. Hollywood Steve. The EQ is great. It's kind of the Origin 'mini me' with a lot more pluses, minus the. John, I'm in the UK now working on a Tori Amos record, thought you'd like to know that they've bought two STT-1's per my suggestion and are using it on her voice as well as my bass.

Take care and thanks again. John Evans. He really loves the vocal sound he's been getting. Linda Albright Ears Audio Nashville. I have found the NSEQ2 to be a fantastic EQ, every bit as good as I had expected after reading numerous reviews and taking much advice from other mastering engineers. As I am sure you have heard all of these things many times before, there is no need for me to go into detail, other than to say I'm a big fan of the unit, and in turn of Millennia Media. I am blown away john!!! I am getting money together and it looks like I'll buy all of the demo gear.

I would be insane not to. I am very inspired, I really have no words for it. I deeply appreciate what you do!! The TD-1 is everything I hoped it would be. My first Millennia purchase and definitely not my last. White, SF, CA. I still do not know what exactly to say to you. These things [TD-1] are so severely incredible! I'm doing a lot of re-racking etc Gregory Bruce Campbell,.

I am very impressed with this [NSEQ-2] unit! I wish that I would have known about your products sooner. I could have been using them for all kinds of projects. It's like sending my studio to the audio dentist we got everything cleaned up. The quality and clarity of both pre-amp sections is truly stunning, especially for voiceovers. It yields thoroughly detailed results on every instrument tracked, with the EQ and Compressor sections proving invaluable and highly musical.

I will be purchasing another one in the not to distant future for that stereo front end. Yours sincerely, Gareth Prosser. We attended Parsons' expo last Thursday a very enjoyable event! To find out how the pre-amps performed in live recording we hired the HV-3 and used it on Saturday night to record the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra performance.

The results are stunning! The Millennia is definitely our pre-amp of choice. Regards, Joanna Duncan. The TD-1 was an excellent tool for the bass strings review. It offered the transparency and fidelity we were looking for, and everyone was thoroughly pleased with its tone and versatility. So much so, in fact, that I'd like to discuss a long-term vision with you. I'm currently re-working Bass Player's reference rig, and I'd like to include the TD-1 as our reference preamp. I am about to begin recording a new album with the artist Everclear our 4th album together I have also worked extensively with Producer John Shanks, engineering for him on Michelle Branch's multi-platinum CD release The Spirit Room with a single Millennia HV-3 -- which we used on every single vocal track and acoustic instrument!

I signed a contract to do this CD album The Millennia sounds lovely I now know what some of the forum posters meant by the dilemma of so many choices. What a treat! First off I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try the TD I absolutely love it. The warmth and drive of the piece blows my mind. What's more is the fact that it has such huge head room. My compressor is just sitting collecting dust because the fact is, I don't need to use it. We don't have any more of your gear here because I sold it all within the last month.

I mean every customer that asks me for a recommendation as to what pre-amp they should get, it's always the same, 'Millennia TD-1, I have it, it's incredible, trust me you'll thank me for it. Thanks again, Daniel. Critical Acoustic Music Recording. Research, Sampling, Institutional. I've been addicted to the Millennia sound since my earliest days, back when I ran sound at the Knitting Factory in NY.

While I use your mic-pre's for all manner of recording - from piano to strings to drum overheads - the thing I really appreciate is how they "add-up. I have several other world class mic-pres rupert neve designs shelford, lachapell , a. Join the Lions: We are looking for new members. If you are interested, you can get further information at either of the shops, or by contacting Norman Goodall MBE on Alternatively, visit the Lions website at www.

Potocnik explained that it is possible that the plan should have an environmental impact assessment prior to implementation. Meyer criticized in his questioning that there is no increase in air traffic on the island to justify the execution of works. A least three of the men, from South Yorkshire, have died since the trip last March, and as many as six of the friends are said to have passed away as well. Stephen Shaw, year-old former chip-shop owner, died from a massive heart attack just days after the trip, and his death was put down as natural causes.

But his widow, Carol, says three or four more from the group have also died, including one man who had to have hospital treatment while in. Local councillor Grace Brown claims six men have died in all, and she is demanding a full investigation. Spokesman, Daniel Zamit,. They claim that AENA is not publishing the working shift in advance as agreed, they are not meeting the.

A bank transfer of a single cent, for delayed payments, made by AENA on September 13 to the controllers bank accounts, has also not gone down well. The USCA has said that they never renounced their right to strike, and that there will be union action of no answers are forthcoming. Meanwhile the new AFIS automated system which. It is due to come into operation at El Hierro on September The controllers have claimed that quality of service is compromised by the system because safety has been reduced. They also note that a new international regulation expected in will ban the AFIS system on commercial flights.

Source typically spanish. Spanish police found a huge kg haul buried in a lorryload of Dutch flowers on Wednesday in the Basque Country town of Durango, in Vizcaya. Swift work by officers from the National Police and the Guardia Civil prevented more than , doses of amphetamine sulphate reaching the market. The drug was hidden in a flower shipment, organised by a company run by a Dutch national, living in Burgos. His fleet of trucks were apparently making regular trips.

The shipping company owner is thought to be responsible for contracting the shipment of drugs, which were destined for the north of Spain - the Basque Country and Navarra in particular. They continued following the vehicle to Durango, where he and another person in the truck were arrested after a search of the vehicle revealed four suitcases containing a total of kg of speed. That means they will soon be prescribing sport in some cases instead of medicines.

The Chaplain, Father Keith Gordon, who is available for any other queries, can be contacted on Mobile: , Tel: E-mail: kagordon40 hotmail. Callao Salvaje: Watch this space. Crimestoppers bag another stray Cat! They chalked up their 36th success with the arrest of alleged British drug dealer David Anthony Stuart in Barcelona on Tuesday. Trevor Pearce, Director. Eight Prince of Asturias prizes, each worth 50, euros, are awarded annually in categories such as arts, scientific research, sports, letters and humanities.

SPAIN has linked up a new European telephone helpline, through which people can report the disappearance of children. It will enable the public to give full details, including new data, perhaps, and to receive counselling and support, whether emotional or judicial. The project is supported by the Anar Foundation and the Missing Children Europe platform, which co-ordinates with the Police and Guardia Civil, as well as regional forces.

Around 20, missing children reports are received every a year, according to data from the police and Guardia Civil. Benjamin Ballesteros, from the new service, said the disappear-. Spain is not a particularly smart move. Stuart, the year-old absconder said to have used the name John and many other aliases, was believed to be working in Barcelona as a funeral director. He was initially arrested in Accrington in July with 20, ecstasy tablets, but he subsequently failed to attend his trial at Preston Crown Court 11 months later. Stuart was charged with conspiracy to supply a Class A drug, and possession with intent to supply a Class A drug.

In most cases, they are simply runaways. The number to call is , the service is already. LEGO has said it fears other firms will now copy its distinctive brick shape after it lost a major court case. The Danish toymaker had tried to have its snap-together plastic bricks registered as an exclusive trademark in the European Union. The company had argued that studs on top of the bricks made them highly distinctive and, thus, eligible for trademark rights.

However, if there is no name, Lego could still argue its case on the grounds of unfair competition if its feels that customers are being misled. It precluded people from using the same technical function. The findings, released ahead of London Fashion Week, rank the industry as the 15th largest in the UK, similar in size to the food and beverage and telecoms sectors. But it highlighted a number of challenges facing the sector. These included a lack of business skills among many smaller fashion companies, the impact of the recession and the strength of competing fashion hubs like New York and Milan.

I have no fear about the growth of our businesses. The Israeli army said a rocket and eight mortar bombs fired from the Gaza Strip - a Palestinian territory run by Hamas - landed in southern Israel. This was the highest daily total since March But no one was hurt in the latest attacks. Warplanes responded by bombing a smuggling tunnel along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Palestinian officials said a year-old man was killed and two other people were wounded in the attack. The Israeli military has claimed rockets and mortar bombs have been fired from the Gaza Strip so far this year. Israel launched a devastating day offensive in Gaza in December with the aim of stopping cross-border rocket attacks.

In Jerusalem, Mrs Clinton. But there was no sign they were any closer to resolving a looming crisis over Israeli West Bank settlements.

Mr Abbas has threatened to walk out of the negotiations if Israel resumes construction in the settlements after a 10month slowdown expires at the end of the month. He and Mrs Clinton have called on Mr Netanyahu to extend the slowdown, and the Israeli leader has signalled he is looking for a compromise. Earlier this week, he said the current curbs will not remain in place after the end of this month, though he will continue to restrict building activity to some extent.

The Palestinians oppose the settlements because they take up land they want for their future state. And , other Israelis live in east Jerusalem, the section of the holy city the Palestinians claim as their capital. Mercedes offices raided during price-fix inquiry Regulators have raided the British offices of German vehicle maker Mercedes-Benz as part of an investigation into alleged price-fixing by major truck manufacturers. It said it had launched both criminal and civil investigations into alleged price-fixing.

One individual has been arrested and released on bail in connection with the case, the OFT confirmed. It said investigations were at an early stage and it has not yet decided whether the law has been broken. The organisation is also. The investigations are at an early stage. Andrew Thompson was taken to Frankfurt by his mother Melinda in when he was three years old. Melinda Stratton once worked in London, so his twowheeled search began in the UK.

Last week he received an anonymous email saying his son, now aged six, was in Amsterdam - and the tip-off proved correct. Ms Stratton has been arrested and is now in custody awaiting extradition to Australia. Mr Thompson had been cycling for over three months in the search for his son, while also highlighting the plight of parents of abducted children. Father and son have not yet been reunited and it is believed child psychologists are preparing Andrew for the meeting. Pereira had been with the family for 11 years and there had never been any sign there was a problem before, the family has said.

Pereira has been charged with assault and neglect charges, and has been released on bail. To kit them out with suffi-. The deal was struck as a. A syringe was found beside her and the events organiser had taken a fatal combination of the drugs Diazepam and Tramadol. The inquest in Nottingham. She had steadily declined and had to have a.

He said while on holiday in Alaska about eight weeks before her death, Mrs Broad - stepmother to England cricketer Stuart Broad developed pneumonia.

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Private Finance Initiative PFI , which means a private company covers the initial cost and is then gradually reimbursed by the taxpayer - with a premium added on top. PFI has been criticised in the past because although it allows infrastructure projects to be carried out quickly, it obliges the taxpayer to pay back much more than the initial cost for years - sometimes decades - to come. Senior Tories have expressed alarm at reports that the Government could put off the. Sir Jock stressed that it was for politicians to decide whether the UK should have a nuclear deterrent. But the Government has decided to keep the cost of the licence for the second year under review.

Culture Secretary Jeremy. The television anchor was presenting a programme called 24UR which airs on commercial channel Pop TV. The footage, which has become a YouTube hit, shows him sliding his chair away from his desk during the closing credits, revealing his unusual working outfit. Dressed in a shirt, tie, jacket and white boxer shorts,. It is unclear why the man had taken to the air without his trousers or whether he was even aware his strange attire was caught on camera.

Spotted travelling along the M25 near South Mimms, Hertfordshire, the irresponsible motorist can be seen using both hands to eat his breakfast. Jo Bullock, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "I dare say many drivers have seen others around them eating a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate. Joel Hickman, from road safety charity Brake, said: "Eating cereal whilst driving is completely unacceptable and poses a serious risk to other motorists.

Most of the new posts are not being filled by the longterm unemployed who are still claiming one of the three out-of-work benefits, the figures showed. Overall, unemployment fell by 8, to 2. That is the first increase since January.

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The quarterly rise in employment, which was the largest since the ONS began collecting the data in , was driven by a rise in both part-time and full-time workers. Those in part-time work increased by , quarter-on-quarter to 7. But the number of full-time workers soared by , to The number of full-time students in employment rose by 47, in the three months to July, while those students classed as economically inactive fell by 62, Around 2, were led to safety and police combed through the world famous landmark.

The station was the target of a terrorist attack in that killed eight and injured dozens of people. French media has reported that the scare was a false alarm - and there have been no immediate claims of responsibility. The Eiffel Tower attracts around 6. AEG, the firm which runs the O2 Arena nearby, has also declared an interest, along with the London-based financial company Intermarket. There were fears it would be difficult to find anyone to. They originally insisted the athletics track must be kept and the number of seats reduced to 25, They have since been persuaded to allow up to 60, seats, to make the stadium a more viable commercial proposition.

These will then be asked to submit a more detailed application before a final decision is made next spring. The new addition, Buddy, was born naturally on Wednesday weighing in at 6lb 9oz. Continuing their tradition of unusual names the youngster has the middle name Bear. The pair announced the birth on Twitter with Jamie. Sales of food, fuel, clothes and household goods were all down, said the Office For National Statistics ONS Non-food stores were the worst hit in August, with sales dipping 0.

Food stores saw a decline of 0. It also said the sales growth in July was worse than previously calculated, revising the result down to 0. The fall in August brings an end to six months of growth on the high street and signals a turn for the worse in consumer spending. News of the unexpected decline came amid a flurry of warnings from major retailers such as Next and John Lewis over the impact of next month's Government spending cuts. Three-month data from the ONS showed a rise of 1. Barrie Dale was on the top deck of the ship, called Aegean Cat, when it hit the dock. It was travelling from the Turkish resort of Didim to Kos with passengers, most of them from the UK.

Six crew members were also on board the boat,. Five passengers were seriously hurt and 20 sustained minor injuries. None of the injuries are thought to be life threatening, the Ministry of Mercantile Marine in Greece said. Those most seriously hurt suffered broken bones, with all victims of the crash being treated in a local hospital. Mr Dale said some passengers were injured by falling. Deputy island mayor David Gerasklis said the ship may have suffered a mechanical failure, and crashed twice into the jetty. The Pope in Britain for a four-day tour Tweeters tweeted to new-look site TWITTEr has launched its first major redesign to give users more chance to check out pictures and video.

The social networking tool which has million users is now spreading information over two panels instead of one page. One of the panels features the flow of 90 million messages or tweets posted on the site every day. The other panel displays images within the text. Until now, most links to photos and video have been displayed on other websites or. Twitter chief executive Evan Williams launched the redesign at Twitter's San Francisco HQ, saying , new users were joining every day.

Deals had been made with 16 photo and video sites including YouTube and Flickr, meaning visual content can now be directly embedded on the Twitter site. The new format - which Twitter hopes will attract more advertisers as users spend longer on the site - will be rolled out in the coming month. Pope Benedict will be greeted by the Queen in Edinburgh, then go to Glasgow to conduct an open-air Mass before heading to London, where he will meet Prime. Minister David Cameron. His Holiness will tour the capital for two days and then travel to Birmingham for his last day before returning to Rome.

Speaking in the Vatican ear-. THE sad little dog, whose tail was damaged badly by a cruel owner who wrapped wire around it, is now firing on all cylinders again at animal sanctuary Aktiontier. All she needs now to complete a full recovery is a loving home and, as you can see from her picture, she will make a super pet. Contact Karen on for more details if you are interested in bringing. The refuge, at Accion del Sol, is open from Monday to Friday pm and staff are always looking for walkers to help with the plus dogs in their care. So if you have a few hours to spare, then please lend a hand. Turn off at junction 51 on the TF1 and just head for the windmills, where you will find Accion del Sol, directly underneath them.

Further information from Pat the Cat on Further information from Barbara or David on FOTA Donations of bric-a-brac, books, clothing and small items are very welcome, even at the event. Please contact any of the above, or leave donations at the K9 kennels. Market Stalls: Alcala: Every Monday. San Juan: Every Wednesday. Torviscas: Thursdays books. Further info from Kenny on , or Pat the Cat on Info from Kennels Open to the public every day 11am to 2pm. Dog Walkers are welcome any day from 10am. Please have sensible footwear, a drink, and please respect the advice given about any individual dog.

Our cattery would also like help for two hours a day. Contact the above number if interested. Fund-raising K9 receives no official funding and relies totally on the gen-. If you are able to arrange an event in support of K9, it will be appreciated. Please contact any of the telephone numbers or emails listed for further information. There will be a BBQ and a few stalls for books, cakes, tombola, soft drinks, etc, plus K9 keyrings, T-shirts, fridge magnets and Xmas Cards. The one-euro admission fee includes raffle. There is ample parking on the streets adjoining the bar.

If anyone would like to donate a prize for the raffle, or any entertainer is prepared to donate a spot, please get in touch. Many thanks in anticipation. Admission on the door is five euros, to include supper. Details of the all-star line-up later from K9 publicity officer Mikey at mikebtenerife yahoo. Sean Bible was runner-up to Marilyn, with Steve Jones third. But when it came to the Nearest the Pin contest, the ladies missed out again, with Steve Jones showing how it should be done for the men.

The Fun Golfers meet once a month on Sundays at Los Palos, and anyone interested in joining them should contact Clive Rollinson on Winners were all contacted on Friday afternoon and told of the good news. Second shop imminent Our second shop is just about ready to open its doors. We still need racking and shelving, however, so please.

We also need volunteers to work in both the new shop and our shop in Silencio. If you can spare a few hours a week, are reliable, trustworthy and love dogs, then, please call Debbie. Thank you. Tired of boot sales? Sell your unwanted items in a more tranquil environment at the Terrace Bar, Amarilla Golf, from 1pm to 3.

June 09, 12222

The next one will be on 26th September. At just five euros per table and proceeds going directly to Live Arico, we are expecting these afternoons to be a huge success. Call Ruth on to reserve your table. Tickets are just six euros and include live entertainment, plus a delicious pie-and-pea supper. Call Suzy on to get your tickets, or pop into the bar. Details to be confirmed next week. Watch this space for details. Revised adoption procedures A minimum euro donation for an adopted male dog, and 75 euros for a. This is paid direct to Hospivet Sur on collection of your new pet, which will be chipped, neutered, vaccinated and wormed.

South Tenerife Rescue Centre We have sold square metres of land up to now, making a total of 2, euros, which is a magnificent achievement. The plan to buy our own plot of land remains, possibly even where we are now renting, so are you prepared to buy a square metre of land for Live Arico? At just five euros, you will receive a certificate from Live Arico for now, and your name, address and number of square metres purchased will be on a Roll of Honour at the new refuge.

Call now on and please quote Live Arico Flightline. Live Arico Shop news in association with Tenerife Nursing and Care As you probably know by now, the shop is now on the frontline of Coral Mar, at ground level, next door to the Coral Bar. This makes life far easier for everyone: cars unloading can park right outside, and our elderly and disabled customers no longer have to negotiate the. We now have a fantastic range of hand-made cards for all occasions. They are decorated beautifully and cost from two euros. We are also grateful for items of furniture as we are working in conjunction with Fish for Furniture, at Los Abrigos, and Idea, in Adeje.

Call Rick to arrange pick-ups. Any donations of cat and dog food at the shop are most welcome. Through popular demand, the shop is now open at the following times: Mon-Fri: pm. Sat: Sunday: Closed. Important telephone numbers Eugenio: call if you find an animal abandoned or in distress Suzy Q: fundraising, press releases, prize donations, etc.

Pete Holland: Poochies Pet Hotel for boarding your dog Rick: shop donations and collections Debbie Gibson: You can also read about us at www. The entrepreneur also visits Sam Petter who, despite not securing money for her clothing and accessories range for children, was given valuable advice. Plus, the programme follows the Dragon as he embarks on a holiday in the Algarve.

Presented by Ben Shephard. Reluctant hero David Hayden Christensen decides to rob banks and go sightseeing. Pursued by dedicated assassin Roland Samuel L Jackson , David hooks up with fellow teleporter Griffin Jamie Bell and begins to learn more about his extraordinary gift. The global jumping lets the production team set up fight sequences on the Sphinx and car chases through Tokyo, but Liman disappointingly underplays ideas about the corrupting consequences of power in favour of maintaining a hip, cool edge. Given nine lives at the start, he must complete up to seven challenges, ranging from agility tests to skill trials.

Game show, presented by Phillip Schofield. Elsewhere, Cindy is outraged when Jacqui presents her with a hideous wedding dress, and Jack reveals his plan to prevent the Osbornes from losing their home. How to Take Stunning Pictures pm - pm, Channel Five Award-winning photographer Emily Quinton shares tricks of the trade with two budding amateurs, detailing why portraits of the bride and groom and snapshots of the first dance are staples of the traditional wedding album.

Presented by Suzi Perry. Grumpy Old Women pm - pm, BBC2 Female celebrities offer an irreverent perspective on the ups and downs of modern life, focusing on the issues that concern them most - such as the extensive amount of work they have to do each day. River Cottage Everyday pm - pm, Channel 4 New series. He begins with ways to enjoy organic free-range meat on a budget and visits a butcher to champion the cheapest cut in the shop - ox liver.

He also sets up a stew club for a five-a-side football team and heads back to Park Farm to prepare stocks, dumplings and a spaghetti bolognese. The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News 4thought. Newman - Saint or Sinner? Weatherview The Year of Living Dangerously. Channel 4 News 4thought. The National Lottery Draws. Students leaving home, and academic incentives, are among the many reasons that CD sales hit a high in September.

The end of the summer festival season is also cited, because the acts and artistes involved find it the best time to throw themselves into writing, recording and promoting. Underworld, Weezer and Skunk Anansie were big news 14 years ago. All three acts had hit albums in the late Nineties, and all have been on the back-burner since. The panic that ensued back then seems a little overexcited now. CD burners were a new thing, and everyone thought the RockStar era was over.

You could buy a pirate copy of a ten-euro album for half the price. But 14 years later, those same RockStars are still in the biz. They still live in. He had the most top hits on the Billboard charts in the Nineties, and is in the top three biggest-selling male artistes of all time who have had solo careers, and success as part of a band. He is the most successful drummer of all time and is partially deaf through an infection in and not his drumming.

He has won multiple Grammys, Academy Awards and Golden Globes for his songwriting, yet his eighth and latest release is an album of covers. That was, until I found out that my drumming idol had damaged two vertebrate on the last Genesis tour and could no longer play drums or piano. He has reformed his childhood group, Band of Joy, for a tour and a new record.

During the Sixties, Band of Joy were a popular soul-andblues band around the Midlands, particularly followed by the Mods. His heady days of Led Zepp seem to be behind him as he returns to his roots. John Bonham was an early member of the band before fol-. Chester Thompson, his friend and a world-famous drummer, was lined up to put down the drum parts in the studio. However, with drumsticks taped to his hands, Collins managed to play the instrument on every track.

Robert Plant returns, 40 years on, to the Band of Joy without his original drummer. His interpretations of midFifties Blue Grass and Country blues classics take. He is unlikely to recreate the furore of his Zepp days, with Stairway to Heaven still in the top played radio songs of all time. It was, incidentally, released as a single despite the urban myth. At an un-radio-friendly eight minutes long, It remains the most requested US FM Radio station song ever, marking the West Brom boy the most famous of their famous sons. It is now in force all over the European Union, and the form can be filled in irrespective of the language or nationality of the people involved.

Normally, there are two carbon copies, but sometimes three. It is always recommended that you to use this application form in case of small damages, with no injuries or non-serious one. By using a Friendly Statement, The incident could be resolved much quicker than other cases especially if there is a court case , and it helps the insurance companies involved. Although it has been applicable for such a long tine, many insurance companies say there are large numbers of people who do not know how to handle it.

In most of the cases, the errors committed are so simple, like not signing the Statement, not filling in all the boxes, or the lack of a detailed sketch. If the people involved in the accident decide to use the Friendly Statement, there would be a couple of things for them to bear in mind. First of all, they should try to avoid interrupting the traffic if possible and, before moving the cars, they should take pictures of them. Nowadays, everybody seems to have a mobile phone with a photo camera, and the drivers involved should photograph the street, and any tyre marks or damage to the cars.

Experience shows that to argue with the other driver about the responsibility or culpability is a waste of time. This task is reserved for the insurance companies and, basically, because the Part of Accident does not require this information. Initial steps After immobilising the vehicles, both parties should start filling in the statement with details like date and hour, number plates, names, insurance companies, etc. They should also sketch the damaged parts of the car and, if possible, show the direction and movements of the cars, stating names of the streets and adding telephone.

The names and telephone numbers of any witnesses should also be taken, in case they are needed later. That is why is very important to take all the information possible. Without the two signatures the statement is not valid. Remember that any person involved in an accident has legal obligations, like stopping without causing dangerous to.

Remember, also, that it is a serious offence not to give the Traffic Law agents of authority the identity and details they request. You then send the statement to the insurance companies, who will certainly do their best to find an amicable arrangement. Finally, you can download from internet the European Part of Accident.

When to call the police There are many cases when police intervention is necessary, among them:. Phone: 79 44 Letters to Mariano I have received a photograph of my car with a fine for exceeding the speed limit. I was not driving it that day. Is that legal? This is legal. If you were not driving, you would not be responsible for the fine.

You can do the proper allegations, stating that you were not the driver. If you do not do that, you can be fined through the lack of identification. As it is your vehicle, you are supposed to have control of it all the time, even when someone else is driving it. Do not forget to ask for legal advice especially if your insurance company covers legal aid. Wrought-iron furniture has just the right mettle ONE of the most common problems for rental complexes is the durability of furniture, and the time invested in cleaning and maintaining properties.

After all, time is money for management companies, and downtime must be kept to a minimum - not only for them, but for the owners of the properties as well. One of our clients, the Pueblo Torviscas complex, is, understandably, very popular because of its fabulous location, near some of the best beaches in Tenerife.

Many of the clients are families, often with young children, and this type of client, together with the close proximity to the beach, means that furniture is often subjected to heavy usage, including sun cream and sand! The furniture must obviously be strong enough to withstand constant usage, and also be produced within the available budget. Wrought-iron furniture is sometimes an option that people do not consider because they see it as a bit old fashioned, and it often tends to be associated with ornate designs.

However, this need not be the case, as many modern versions are now available. And, as a material, it does. The individual items are immensely strong and, in the example shown in the photo, very easy to keep clean, particularly as the design is modern, with straight, clean lines. The frames can be cleaned by wiping down with a mild soap solution, and the cush-.

As part of the annual maintenance programme, the frames can be repainted if necessary. In this example, the tiles on the table top have been coordinated with the kitchen tiles, which ties the whole scheme together. The sofa bed in this case is. The base of this sofa is a sprung mattress, and by just removing the back cushions, is a proper single bed: extremely comfortable and practical. The proportions of the sofa in relation to the depth of the base and the height have been carefully considered, so that it is surprisingly comfortable as a sofa, as well as a bed.

In addition, both the mattress and the material used for the cushions and covers is fire-retardant ignifugo in Spanish and, therefore, meets all the legal requirements for rental complexes. Items in wrought iron can be made to order, so size, and even colour need not be an issue. This particular design has proved very popular and practical with both the management and the clients of Pueblo Torviscas.

Email: David. Feeling blue: A Get that garden acrobat gardening buzz again takes tumble If there is one species that is synonymous with bird feeders, it is the Blue Tit. Colourful and acrobatic, the sight of a. Blue Tit foraging busily in a garden would be a thing of wonder were it not for its apparent ubiquity. But ubiquitous it is not, falling from an average weekly count of 5.

After a meteoric rise in the first 30 years of the survey, numbers of Collared Doves have also fallen, down by more than a quarter in the past 10 years. However, it is not all bad news. Fuelled by seed and sunflower hearts, Goldfinch. Four times as many Great Spotted Woodpeckers now dart into GBFS gardens than at the start of the survey, hammering and probing their bills into a wide variety of foods. In gardens, changes in bird feeding could be responsible; where once the supple dexterity of the Blue Tit would have been.

It is the longest running survey of its kind in the world and has only been made possible through the dedicated observations of hundreds of UK householders who participate voluntarily. With urbanisation and the development of new bird care products continuing apace, the importance of the GBFS will continue to grow. I used to have one in my garden, it was gorgeous and wildlife loved it but it just grew too quickly and overtook the whole plot. The compact plants will be smothered in flowers all summer long and will grow to just three feet one metre high. If you live here in the Canaries you can order seeds on-line and they will post them to you — how brilliant.

If any of you have used this service I would love to hear from you to see how you got on. Got to get it right! Yes, it's short, but versatile, too, she can lower the fringe to give herself some softness, dependant on her dress. Look at what they do, what their hair does for their face, eyes, skin tone, etc. Her oval face would suit any style, and the colour really goes well with her blue eyes. Dannii Minogue: A real hair star.

She always gets it right, from just simple slicked-back to hair-ups and even wigs. Dannii is a hair chameleon, never afraid of experimenting, and I only wish there were more women like. From mere sexy and chic, to other times edgy and rock chick. Her colour is blonde, but not overly done. Her choppy layers give her lots of scope to create different styles, while her length gives her youthful face a sexy approach.

Kim Wyatt: Ice Princess. The darker colours complement her skin tone, and on her face shape oval , she can more or less get away with anything. Dita Von Teese: Naturally a blonde, but she works this darker colour so well. But she does this shade proud. Trust your hairdressers, and their years of training. Arrested Development Christmas Collection.

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