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I thought I had the girl thing handled," she said. I also thought that she would be just like me.

My Sons Are Just As Precious As Your Daughters

Nope — she not only looks like her father, she is just like him too," she said of daughter Kennadi, Moms of girls will tell you that your little girl might love all things pink and frilly and dream of being castle roommates with Anna and Elsa Either way, it's not really a big deal in the end. They are their own people. Want them to have a healthy body image? Start with yourself. It can feel like a huge responsibility to parent a daughter in this day and age — especially when it comes to instilling a healthy body image.

Remarks by President Trump at Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

As I work to love and honor my body, I can see them do the same," said Samantha Livingstone , a former Olympic swimmer and now a mother to daughters Kylie, 6, twins Mia and Jade, 4, and Reese, 9 months, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Establishing a healthy relationship with me is hard and important work. As I've learned to let go of perfection and embrace my imperfections, it's allowed me to pass that along to them. Newsflash: Boys aren't the only ones who can pee all over a toilet seat, said Carla Naumburg, who has two daughters in Boston, ages 8 and 6.

Kristina Grum, who has three daughters ages 9, 8, and 6, agreed.

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Kids are weird. Girls are not necessarily harder or easier than boys. I sat all the children down with books from an early age.

Too Close to our Son / Au plus près du soleil (2015) - Trailer (English Subs)

The girls couldn't wait to learn to read. The one book Sam read, I had to pay him to do so.

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Did I go about it differently? I don't think so. But when an educational psychologist diagnosed his disinterest in learning at school as "an extreme case of being a boy", I was strangely proud of him. Oh, it's biological then. Mums beat themselves up anyway so here's another thing to ratchet up the anguish. Have I been harder on my girls, more critical?

From early on I just expected them to work hard at school, to want to achieve. I'm close to them because they're like me — even down to the freckles. Sam doesn't have freckles. I may be repeating my own upbringing. My mother expected me to be a "good girl" and excused any naughtiness from my brother. At least baby Flora is only eight months old so I have time to take on board the Netmums survey.

Anne Karpf. We feminist mothers were going to change the world. We'd be our daughters' support group, their all-round encouragers. With us, they would always feel good about themselves.

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Sorry, girls and I have two , but it didn't quite work out that way. For a start we didn't factor in the lasting consequences of our own experiences of being daughters.

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  • I made my peace with my late mother a few years before she died, thank God: if I hadn't, I'd have been left with the loving but highly critical mother I'd struggled with most of my life. It's hard to become an uncritical mother if you've never had one yourself. We also failed to recognise how much daughters present you with particular challenges around separation. Boys are obviously "other", but with girls there's a boundary problem: what's me and what's her?

    For some reason she has decided that you are the enemy.

    Estrangement Doesn’t Just Happen to “Bad” Moms — It Happened to Me Too

    She either feels threatened by you or deeply hurt by you. Probably both.

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    • I encourage you to stop thinking about how you feel and try to put yourself in her shoes so that you can try to understand her frame of mind. Of course she thinks very differently than you do and there is a deep insecurity or hurt that continues to eat away at her and she is taking it out on you. Set asked one month and pray intentionally for her. Ask God to bless her. Then ask Him to help you understand what is bothering her so deeply. When you find yourself focusing on your own hurt, stop and think about her. Praying for someone is powerful because it changes her life and it changes yours.

      Then, I would act as kindly as you can to her. Even the hardest-hearted people cave when shown enough kindness. But I do know this: if you humble yourself in her presence and work hard to be nice, she will eventually respond. And this may take years. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. I highly recommend the latter.