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Of course, time travel is highly regulated, since one misstep could erase known existence. Farway McCarthy gets drawn into this illegal underworld. Did any particular books, movies, or TV inspire you? Invictus is basically the love-child of two fandoms: Doctor Who and Firefly.

One of my goals in writing Invictus was to capture this phenomenon: to portray a crew that functioned as a family. As for Doctor Who , one of my favorite parts of the show is how it treats time travel—as a vast range of times and places to be explored. One episode can take place in ancient Pompeii, while the next hops to the fifteenth version of New York. Many time travel tales tend to have a smaller scale; with characters going back hours or days, instead of entire centuries.

I wanted Invictus to span the latter. What was the hardest part of the process?

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Making the time travel make sense. I thought I had most of it sorted out when I submitted my first draft, but alas, I received an page edit letter about all of the logic snafus that needed fixing. The stainless steel surface was a few degrees shy of frosty, nipping places on his body where cold had no business going. The med-droid recorded the reply, shifted seamlessly into the next question. Far sighed. They asked this question. Restate your date of birth. This routine was old hat. Cheating now could lead to world-ending catastrophes later. Thus, perfection was their MO.

He wanted to meet history face-to-face. He wanted to be the blood in its veins, as it was in his. Far was a McCarthy—son of one of the most beloved Recorders of her generation. Older Academy instructors always did a double take when they came across Far in their class rosters. And he was. Today his Sim score would earn him a coveted space on the crew of a Central Time Machine.

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But first—first! Med-droid malfunctions be hashed. Far attempted the date he used whenever he was trying to impress a girl. The date that made him 2,, minus a smidge. The examination room door slid open. A living Medic stuck her head around the corner. Her features were as edged and elegant as the Hindi on her ID card. A stethoscope dangled from her neck, competing for space with gold-tinted headphones. Can you believe it? With the BB logo facing the wrong way and everything. Hawker gets to pay his bills and I get to listen to Acidic Sisters through something other than my comm.

Being a Medic in an age where droids made up fifteen percent of the population required training beyond human biology, so like most of her peers, Priya doubled as a mechanic. Far laughed as he offered his arm for the inevitable blood sample. Of all the Medics who came to intervene with his examination hitches, Priya was his favorite. And where her coworkers were quick to scurry off—their silence like fear—she lingered, often close enough for him to hear the notes beating through her headphones.

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Today it was a punk-tech ballad. Catchy to the max.

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He laughed again. Sure, final exam Sims were the toughest of the bunch.

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You could get anything from Neolithic bonfires to a twentieth-century high school keg party to watching King John sign the Magna Carta. The goal was simple—record the event and study the people without being noticed. One misstep and you could be thrown out of the Academy tail-first, banned from time travel forever. Far made a note of the band names on his interface so he could look them up later. Got it. Far had spent his entire life watching other times. A whole quilt of cultures and humanity…prehistory, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, medieval Europe, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Progress, all the way to Central time.

And that was just the Western Civilization track. So much was still unexplored—for while there were hundreds of licensed time travelers, there were only so many CTMs to go around. The finite life spans of the explorers they did carry covered just a fraction of history. When Far was fourteen, he watched a datastream of the Black Death. Should I bring trainers for active days and heavy, clunky boots for hiking? What about traveling to cities in the fall or winter—do I need a second pair of cuter, trendier boots for all of those afternoons of museum hopping?

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