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Perhaps, the Epic of Gilgamesh is the first example of an epic. It tells the story of the life of an Assyrian king, Gilgamesh. Like all other epics, the narrative of this epic revolves around the themes related to gods, human beings, mortality, legacy and seduction. Like other epics, it is also composed in a grand style. Gilgamesh is a young arrogant king due to his being half-god and half-human.

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His strength and masculine beauty becomes a constant source of trouble for others. He is made to fight his antagonist , Enkidu, and then go on a long journey to bring the plant of life — a journey on which he learns the lessons of life. Although the epic is written nearly 4, years ago, critics are unanimous that it is a human work.

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Iliad is another example of an epic. It was written by the popular Greek poet, Homer. However, it describes many legends related to the siege of Troy, the events took place before the siege, the gathering of the warriors prior to the siege and the causes of the war.

Later, the epic foretold the looming death of Achilles and the destruction of Troy. The style of narration is grand, and suits an epic poem — the reason that it is still one the most celebrated work of antiquity. Written on the same traditions but on a different subject , Paradise Lost, is an English epic by yet another blind poet of English origin, John Milton. It also is known colloquially as the Protestant Epic.


Despite his different subject, Milton has used several epic devices introduced by Homer such as invocation to the muse, extended similes and grand style. As the epic poem is the earliest form of poetry, it is the earliest form of entertainment as well. Despite popular belief, a brand is not just a logo and color scheme. A brand is not how you market or advertise.

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