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Enter your username Utah means so many things to different people. To avid skiers, it means the deep powder and steep slopes of the Wasatch Range. Mountain bikers conjure up expanses of southern Utah slickrock, river runners recall whitewater and lazy flatwater through the vivid canyons on the Green, the San Juan, and the Colorado. For birdwatchers, the great flocks of waterfowl and shorebirds on the edge of the Great Salt Lake are the first image which comes to mind.

Anglers and flyfisherman enthuse about the blue ribbon fishery in Flaming Gorge.

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How does one state contain such diversity? The lands in Utah rise from the Colorado Plateau, 4, feet above sea level, to 13, feet in the Rocky Mountains to the north, and drops down to nearly 2, feet in the Great Basin desert. These variations in terrain have created a wide range of biomes, which in turn support diverse populations of wildlife and plants, from desert-dwelling lizards and Joshua trees to deep pine forests inhabited by elk, moose, and bears.

For such a dry, difficult land, Utah has a a rich past, reaching into the dawn of history.

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The first major populations were dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. They lived and died by the thousands in Utah, and dinosaur aficionados are drawn to the Cleveland Lloyd dinosaur quarry, Dinosaur National Monument, and the Utah Field House of Natural History, among the dozens of paleontological sites. The head of the Federal department or agency, where appropriate, shall furnish the information or assistance requested by the Commission, unless prohibited by law.

Members who are Federal employees shall not receive travel expenses if otherwise reimbursed by the Federal Government.

Heritage Tourism: Montana’s Hottest Travel Trend (Retrospective 1998)

Louis, Missouri. The Executive Director may be paid at a rate not to exceed the maximum rate of basic pay payable for the Senior Executive Service. The policy may not exceed the levels established under sections and of title 5, United States Code. The Commission shall not accept donations the value of which exceeds Any funds remaining after such disposition shall be transferred to the Secretary of the Treasury for deposit into the general fund of the Treasury of the United States.

The management of the society includes supervising five programs of the MHS.

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To serve as a spokesperson and fundraiser for the agency. To maintain fiscal management and personnel management of the MHS.

To provide overall security for collections of the society. Security includes maintenance of the intrusion security system, passive observation of visitors, crowd control etc. To provide timely and pertinent information on policies, programs and issues relevant to the operation of the Montana Historical Society.

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To provide encouragement and technical assistance to all community museum, archives and preservation efforts. To develop and improve the nation's most comprehensive collection of research materials related to the history of Montana and the West.

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To assist the public in the use and enjoyment of the collections by providing courteous, timely and accurate reference assistance to researchers of all types; by providing reproductions of materials in the collections; and by providing select materials to remote users via interlibrary loan. To make the collections accessible and useful to the public through their proper and timely accessioning and processing, the production of appropriate catalogs, inventories and other finding aids; and by participation in digital catalogs and online databases.

To act as the official archives for the state of Montana, thereby preserving and providing access to the permanent records of state and local government in Montana.