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A softer edge on a spot light's beam will make the light's individual location less obvious and will avoid creating a harsh "circle" of projected light, as shown if the leftmost image here: A spot light cone's softness can be adjusted with the dropoff. This enables you to more subtly lighten or darken areas with a spot light.

With a very soft-edged beam, for example, you can aim a spot light from within a room to brighten the general area around a window and curtains, or aim a spot light with a negative brightness at the corner of a room to darken it. Because spot lights can be aimed and controlled so conveniently, some artists rely on them to simulate light from almost any source and light most of their scenes entirely with spot lights.

Point Lights

Even when a light needs to shine in multiple directions, such as the light from a table lamp, two or more spot lights can be positioned together and aimed in different directions. Directional Lights A directional light sets a single vector for all its illumination and hits every object from the same angle, no matter where the object is located. All the shadows cast by a directional light are cast in the same direction and are orthogonal projections of each object's shape.

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It does not matter where a directional light is located relative to the objects being lit. The only thing that matters in placing a directional light is which way it is pointed.

Point light

The angle used by a directional light is controlled by the rotation manipulator. Because a directional light is not as easy to aim or confine to a local area as a point light or spot light, it is most useful as a part of your secondary or fill lighting, and not as the main light on a subject. A set of directional lights from different angles can be used together to provide fill light, even if the individual lights from each angle are very dim.

LIGHT-POINT - creating light

Directional lights can fill very large areas with illumination that appears to be ambient or atmospheric, such as filling in daylight from the sky, providing a quick, effective alternative to global ambience. Area Lights In Maya, area lights are two-dimensional rectangular light sources. Use area lights to simulate the rectangular reflections of windows on surfaces. Compared to other light sources, area lights can take longer to render, but they can produce higher quality light and shadows.

Area lights are particularly good for high-quality still images, but less advantageous for longer animations where rendering speed is crucial. Volume Lights A major advantage of using a volume light is that you have a visual representation of the extent of the light the space within which it is bound. The falloff of light in the volume can be represented by the color ramp gradient attribute in Maya, which prevents the need for various decay parameters, and also provides additional control. The color gradient is also useful for volume fog.

Point lights

You can achieve different effects with light direction. Outward behaves like a point light and Downward acts like a directional light. Inward reverses the light direction for shading, giving the appearance of inward illumination.

Filmmaking 101 - Three Point Lighting Tutorial

When using shadows with Inward light direction you may get unexpected results. In all cases the light shape dictates the extent of the light. Use a volume light to illuminate within a given space.

Point Light Properties

Volume lights provide control of light direction, color and decay within a bounded volume. Node: PointLight X3D: 3. Light intensity may range from 0. The default is no attenuation. An attenuation value of 0, 0, 0 is identical to 1, 0, 0. Attenuation values shall be greater than or equal to zero.

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Global lights illuminate all objects that fall within their volume of lighting influence. Scoped lights only illuminate objects that are in the same transformation hierarchy as the light; i. Radius is affected by ancestors' transformations. Objects that are farther away from the light source than the far plane do not cast shadows.

If the zFar value is not set, the far plane is placed automatically.

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