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Nuestra vista es algo que a menudo damos por hecho. Nuestra vista es un regalo de Dios. Tenemos que creer que Dios puede hacer cualquier cosa. The disciples had forgotten to bring bread,. They concluded among themselves that.

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When he became aware of this he said to them,. Do you not yet understand or comprehend? Do you have eyes and not see, ears and not hear? The disciples in the Gospel of Mark are often portrayed as not understanding Jesus. They thought Jesus was talking about bread, but He was referring to something much deeper. They were hearing, but not listening. They were looking, but not seeing. How often do we do the same? Jesus was trying to get them to look deeper. Jesus was warning them against how the Pharisees preached one thing and practiced another.

They would lay heavy burdens upon the backs of others, but would not be willing to lift a finger themselves. They would lord their power over others. Jesus was mentoring the disciples to be men of integrity, faith and humility. Integrity — we are called to practice what we preach. Our words should not be empty. Our actions should align with what we are preaching. Many of the Pharisees were hypocrites. Disciples are called to be people of integrity.

Faith — we are called to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world. We are to trust that miracles can happen through Him — that five thousand can be fed with a few loaves of bread. Nothing is impossible with God. The Pharisees believed in the power of the Law.

Disciples believe in the power of the person, Jesus Christ. Humility — we are called to take the lowest seat. We are called to serve the needs of others. We are never to consider ourselves better than anyone else. The Pharisees elevated themselves by fancy clothing and high-sounding preaching.

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Disciples preach the truth in love while living a life of Gospel simplicity. May we be people of integrity, faith and humility. Do we have Pharisees today? Do we have faithful disciples? Do not let yourselves be carried away by our culture. Our faith often stands directly opposed to the popular culture.

Stand up for Jesus and the values He has taught us. Estaban oyendo, pero no escuchando. Estaban buscando, pero no viendo. Integridad — somos llamados a practicar lo que predicamos. Nuestras acciones deben alinearse con lo que estamos predicando. Con Dios nada es imposible. Nunca debemos considerarnos mejores que nadie.

Que seamos personas de integridad, fe y humildad. No se dejen llevar por nuestra cultura. Nuestra fe a menudo vuela directamente opuesta a la cultura popular. The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus,. He sighed from the depth of his spirit and said,. Amen, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.

Then he left them, got into the boat again,. I think that everyone has asked God for a sign at one time or another.

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What do I mean? You can imagine why Jesus was frustrated. He had already performed many miracles, spoke with authority, fulfilled many prophecies…and yet they still looked for a sign. Think about your own life. How often has God revealed Himself to you through Scripture, prayer, other people, miracles, a whisper in your heart…? I know that when I reflect on my life I can see the hand of God all over it. But there was a time when I asked God for signs — especially when I was discerning my vocation. Even though the Lord had spoken to my heart, spoken to me through other people, whispered in my ear, I still looked for more signs like the Pharisees in the Gospel.

However, despite my lack of trust, the Lord continued to reveal His will to me through signs and wonders and whispers.

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Once I finally learned to trust Him, my life has never been the same. The more I give Him my heart and soul, the more He blesses me beyond my wildest dreams. I no longer ask for signs for I know that the Lord is with me. I sense His presence with me all day, every day in many small and big ways. It reminds me of Mother Theresa. She had a powerful experience of Jesus when she felt He asked her to start the Sisters of Charity. But after she began the Order she experienced many years of dryness and the absence of God in her prayers.

Yet she trusted in the Lord and continued to serve Him and His people. She walked in the dark, but in faith. May we too trust in the Lord and His providence in our lives. He loves us and is always with us. He continually reveals Himself to us on a daily basis if only we slow down and listen and watch and believe. Yo pienso que todos en aliguen tiempo o otro le hemos pedido un signo a Dios. Piensa en tu propia vida. Se que cuando reflexiono sobro mi vida, puedo ver la mano de Dios en todo. Me siento avergonzado el decirlo, pero es cierto- No confiaba plenamente en la manera que se me estaba manifestando.

Me recuerda de la Madre Teresa. Ella caminaba en la oscuridad, pero con fe. El nos ama y siempre esta con nosotros. El se revelara continuamente en nuestras vidas si solamente escuchamos y miramos y creemos. Thought for 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time February 12, You shall not kill; and whoever kills will be liable to judgment.

But I say to you, do not swear at all. Anything more is from the evil one. In our culture today, many people do not like to talk about objective truth and obedience to commandments. We want to follow our own hearts and do what we want to do.

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Relativism is rampant. And yet Jesus is telling us today that there is a right and a wrong way to live. He did not come to abolish the law of the prophets, but He came to fulfill them. Jesus wants us to go to the root of our sinfulness so that we can live in His truth and find peace and joy.

Not only are we not to kill, but we are not to be angry with anyone. The Lord calls us to look into our hearts. Most murders do not just happen at the spur of the moment. That is why Jesus wants us to look at our thought processes. Am I angry with someone? Do I seek revenge? Am I having a difficult time forgiving someone? Go reconcile with that person and then return to the alter to receive Communion. In a similar way, adultery was always forbidden as a serious sin. Now Jesus is asking us to look to the root again. If we look at someone with lust, we have committed adultery in our hearts.

What is lust? It is looking at someone as an object for the purpose of my sexual pleasure. We lose track that this is a person, a daughter or son of someone. We can ask the Lord to help purify our hearts and see everyone as a beloved son or daughter of God. Finally, Jesus asks us to be people of integrity. In other words, may we be people whose word means something.

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When you promise someone that you will do something, do you keep your word? My father taught us how to be men of integrity. Everyone in town knew that his word meant something. Jesus is the ultimate teacher of integrity. Is there someone in my life that I need to forgive?


Do I treat other people like objects of my own pleasure? In those days when there again was a great crowd without anything to eat,. Jesus summoned the disciples and said,. If I send them away hungry to their homes,. He ordered the crowd to sit down on the ground. Then, taking the seven loaves he gave thanks, broke them,. They picked up the fragments left over—seven baskets. There were about four thousand people. He dismissed the crowd and got into the boat with his disciples.

Please continue to pray for my father. He has recovered very well from the surgery on January 6th to remove part of his colon and liver. However, the last few days he has not been feeling well. He is supposed to being chemotherapy February 14th every two weeks for six months. So please pray that he can feel better to begin the chemotherapy. We are very hopeful and place everything in the hands of God. Your prayers have been sustaining us during this time. Jesus shows great compassion in this story from the Gospel of Mark.

He knew that if He sent them to their homes to eat they would collapse on the way. On our life journey, often our souls are at the point of collapse if we do not nourish them with Scripture, prayer and the Sacraments. Most of all, Jesus wants to feed us with the Eucharist, His flesh given for the life of the world. But Jesus was trying to teach them to offer whatever they had and He would bless the offering, multiply it and feed the multitude.

We often feel like we have nothing to offer Jesus, but He has given each one of us special gifts and talents. When we put all our talents at the service of the Lord, no matter how humble they may be, He can do incredible things with them. Jesus fed a multitude with seven loaves and a few fish.

Jesus began with twelve men and now billions of people follow Him. When we give everything to the Lord, He returns it back to us fold. I thought I was giving up baseball to become a priest. I thought about all the sacrifices I was making — no wife, no children, no baseball…. But I entrusted everything to God.

I had the opportunity to practice with the Cubs in spring training last year and enjoyed their run to the World Series title. I could never have dreamed of this myself. We can never outdo God in generosity, but I dare you to try. Watch what He can do with our humble offerings. Do I nourish my soul with prayer, Scripture and the Eucharist?

Do I seek my own glory or do I seek the glory of God in all that I do? Si los mando a sus casas en ayunas, se van a desmayar en el camino. Y ellos los fueron distribuyendo entre la gente.

Eran unos cuatro mil. Se supone que debe comenzar con la quimioterapia el 14 de febrero cada dos semanas durante seis meses. Tenemos mucha esperanza y ponemos todo en manos de Dios. Sus oraciones nos han estado sosteniendo durante este tiempo. Nunca podremos superar a Dios en generosidad, pero te reto a que lo intentes. Now the serpent was the most cunning of all the animals. No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it. The woman saw that the tree was good for food,. So she took some of its fruit and ate it;. Then the eyes of both of them were opened,. In this reading from Genesis we see some of the characteristics of human nature, temptation and sin.

Eve saw that the fruit was desirable for gaining wisdom. There is something within us that wants to overreach our boundaries. We want to be like God. We want to know the future. We want pleasure without any suffering. We want to have it all. One definition of sin that I like is: I want what I want right now. It is a challenge to want what God wants when God wants it.

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Until they ate from the tree, Adam and Eve were in union with God, enjoying together the beauty of the garden. Whenever we are moving closer to God in the spiritual life, the evil will be there to try to separate us from the Lord. Stay strong in prayer and fasting to resist the temptations of the evil one. Keep your eyes and heart open to recognize the tactics of the devil.

Temptation comes in many forms. We are presented with things that are beautiful, wonderful, pleasurable — things that we think we must obtain in order to be happy. This comes in many forms — money, power, honor, fame, sexual fantasy, huge houses, etc. These things can appear to be wonderful and exactly what we need. The devil knows our weaknesses. Sin may be pleasurable for a short time, but it always leaves us feeling empty and shameful. After their sin, Adam and Eve realized they were naked and they covered themselves and hid from God. The things of this world do not fulfill us.

When we fall to temptation and sin, we are always left with an empty heart — misery. We feel shame and we hide from God. Fortunately, we have a loving and forgiving God. Are you living in sin? Are the temptations too difficult to resist? Are you in a cycle of addiction? Is there sin that is habitual in your life that you want to stop? God wants to give you His grace and love to overcome these temptations and sins. All things are possible with God. Remember that a life of virtue leads to peace and joy. A life of sin leads to misery. Choose joy. Choose virtue. Choose holiness.

Choose God. This may require effort in prayer and fasting. It may require us to delay satisfaction. It may require us to suffer in the present moment. Let us pray to the Lord for the ability to think long term and focus on heaven. Al momento se les abrieron los ojos a los dos y se dieron cuenta de que estaban desnudos. Entrelazaron unas hojas de higuera y se cubrieron con ellas. Queremos ser como Dios. Queremos conocer el futuro.

Queremos placer sin sufrimiento. Queremos tenerlo todo. Es un reto querer lo que Dios quiere cuando Dios quiere. Se nos presenta con cosas que son hermosas, maravillosas, placenteras — cosas que creemos que debemos obtener para ser feliz. Estas cosas pueden parecer maravillosas y exactamente lo que necesitamos. El Diablo conoce nuestras debilidades. Las cosas de este mundo no nos satisfacen. El diablo quiere que nos sintamos indignos del amor de Dios.

Afortunadamente tenemos un Dios que ama y perdona. Dios quiere darte Su gracia y amor para vencer estas tentaciones y pecados. Todo es posible con Dios. Una vida de pecado conduce a la miseria. Elige la virtud. Elige la santidad. Anti-Christian secularism is risky because it jeopardizes the identity of the West, leaves it with no self-conscience, and deprives people of their sense of belonging. The Founding Fathers of America, as well as major intellectual European figures such as Locke, Kant, and Tocqueville, knew how much our civilization depends on Christianity.

Today, American and European culture is shaking the pillars of that civilization. Written from a secular and liberal, but not anti-Christian, point of view, this book explains why the Christian culture is still the best antidote to the crisis and decline of the West. Pera proposes that we should call ourselves Christians if we want to maintain our liberal freedoms, to embark on such projects as the political unification of Europe as well as the special relationship between Europe and America, and to avoid the relativistic trend that affects our public ethics.