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These secrets are explained on my free page that explains roulette wheel bias, or you can subscribe to my free course. But one example is you can observe the reflection on the metallic part of the rotor that intersects with the wheelbase. If a particular part of the rotor is lower than another, every revolution you will see a slight reflection flicker. And it can uncover a roulette wheel bias before the casino has the chance to collect their required data. The most common wheels are made by John Huxley and Cammegh and Abbiati. John Huxley was the first and is the oldest manufacturer. Links to various manufacturer websites are below:.

Professional players must become aware of each model and the features because some designs are inevitably easier to beat, while others are much more difficult. Although even two wheels of the same design can have very different characteristics. Every wheel is unique because they have small but significant manufacturing defects. Also with general wear and tear, the differences become even more significant. In any casino you visit throughout the world, the two most common designs are by far the ones below:.

Wheels in your casino may be exactly the same model except being a different color.

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Sometimes the wheels are wooden with a coat of epoxy, or made almost completely of a hardened type of plastic ABS. The different materials have slightly different resilience to wear and tear, so some tend to last longer. Whether the wheel is at an online casino, real casino, in another country or in your home makes no difference. But no two wheels are identical because they all have small manufacturing defects, and are maintained to different standards.

Is there usually a significant difference between two new wheels that are the same model? Yes, but it depends on what you are analyzing. For example, say you had two brand new wheels of the same design. The ball will bounce virtually identically between two new wheels of the same design. But you may find even if both wheels are placed on a perfectly level surface, one might have a slightly more dominant diamond. These slight imperfections become more apparent over time. So keep in mind the following signs so you know the difference.

If you are ever witnessing a demonstration of roulette prediction technology like a roulette computer , ensure that:. The wheel I usually use in demos is a Mk7 Huxley with a Velstone ball track in very good condition. It is more carefully maintained, so is significantly more difficult to beat that average casino wheels. You will know this by comparing the point above to wheels in your own casino. The more often players bet, the more casinos earn. Live dealers are often slow paying players and organizing chips, so automated roulette wheels were created. These are real wheels, but the ball and wheel as spun automatically by an automated mechanism.

Each player places bets on their own touch bet screen. The earlier versions of automated wheels were easily beaten.

SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!

But more recent technology has made spins more random, so auto wheels are harder to beat. For example, the Cammegh Slingshot is the most notorious automated wheel.

2. The Aggressive Minimum Bet

Players are allowed to make bets for some time after the ball is released. But after no more bets is called, the rotor will randomly change speeds. This is specifically to make it harder for roulette computer and visual ballistic players to win.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

Is it possible to beat a Slingshot wheel? It depends on how the wheel is configured. Sometimes it makes almost no difference. Sometimes it makes winning almost impossible. A fundamental fact about roulette is the winning number is determined by a wheel and ball. It has nothing to do with the betting table, although most systems are based on the table layout.

But in fact the numbers 1 and 2 are virtually opposite each other on the wheel. Learn more about the types of roulette bets on the table. It has nothing to do with winning roulette, so forget the table. There has never been a system that can beat a table.

It has no influence on the winning number. Proper advantage play strategies must attack the predictability of spins on the wheel. If you think roulette wheels have totally random spins, simply check how often the ball hits specific diamonds. The truth is may be impossible to make a roulette wheel with truly unpredictable spins. At best, a wheel can produce such random spins to make play not worthwhile for professional players. In my experience, almost every wheel design can be beaten one way or another, at least in average casino conditions.

The Roulette Wheel Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

But some wheels are in conditions that make play impractical. An example is where it spins very infrequently in a very busy casino, so you cannot get enough data in a reasonable time. Even with the emergence of new technology and wheel designs, I expect roulette will still be beatable for some time to come. The wheels 10 or so years ago are much the same as they are today. Nothing lasts forever, and I expect that after around 15 years from now, there may be too few opportunities for professional roulette players to earn a living. Design It is much more difficult to design a wheel with random spins, than it is to predict spins with reasonable accuracy.

Instead of facing a 5. En prison is the same thing it cuts the house edge in half but it is done in a somewhat different fashion. Let us say you bet red and the 0 hits. The red bet stays on the table for the next round. If red hits, you get your bet back; if black hits you lose your bet; if the 0 hits again, your bet continues to remain in prison.

The Roulette Wheel Secrets Casinos Don't Want You To Know

En prison reduces the house edge to 1. Again if you are lucky enough to find either of these two options then play them. Given the choice of playing a single-zero wheel with a 2. Yes, you are right; play the single-zero wheels. Otherwise, go with your first answer.

Roulette Wheel: Understanding the Game

Set up an account at the bank and put in funds only as in only to be used for gambling. Weekly or monthly add a little at a time from your entertainment fund. You are only allowed to gamble with money from this account. That will save you the anguish of Lulu covering her mouth at her wedding. Roulette is a leisurely game so play it in a leisurely fashion. So you were consistently betting the 8 for spin after spin after darn spin. And it never hit.

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In fact, no number near it hit. Maybe it had an invisible shield over the pocket, who knows? Just your bad luck. Some pocket has to hit and it happened to be that one. The player next to you is wagering thousands of units on the numbers. He is betting more than you make in a year! He is royalty. You are a peasant. You have to bet what you can afford to bet. Trust me, casinos are not impressed by the royalty who bet thousands of units. If you don't know what the best odds at Roulette are, you can check this article or simply trust me and assume that's a good thing for you.

Pick The Right Game Not all Roulette games are created equal , and there is no reason you should consider to play the American Roulette. This Roulette variant gives you fewer chances to win even if the game works exactly as the European one. A basic Roulette strategy that works all the time is to stick to the European Roulette. Do that, and you will have already increased your Roulette winning odds. Want to understand Roulette strategy better and learn it faster? Open European Roulette game right now. Bet Smart, Win Smart You and your random bets… Now that the European Roulette table is open - why would you throw away the opportunity to win with some unconsidered, random bets?

If you really want to win at Roulette, this is how you have to play. You need to learn how to combine your bets. Have a look at the Roulette table on your screen: Do you see the three blocks of 12 numbers aligned right in front of you? Do they look identical to you? Look closer: Do you see how the top row has 6 red numbers and 6 black ones? Do you see how the middle one has 4 red and 8 black numbers? And how about the last one, with 8 red numbers and 4 black ones?

10 Tips for Playing Roulette and Winning a Fortune

How surprising, You won! The even-money and dozens or rows bets have the most player-favorable odds: even money bets will win Only then you can consider adding some other bets to the mix, for example, a six-line bet. Fun fact: James Bond also combines bets when playing Roulette. You can read all about his strategy here. Is it really so simple to win more at Roulette?