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By 31 October , the National Contest Commissions must submit to the Organizer for subsequent transmission to the International Jury the works of the semi-final top winners posters and videos with English translation subtitles to proceed to the Contest final. Contest works that meet the technical requirements specified in paragraph 5.

File formats: mpeg 4, resolution not more than x, physical size of the file up to MB. File formats: JPG, resolution needed to print A3 size picture x mm with correct aspect ratio and dpi resolution. The physical size of a single file is up to 15 MB. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the work will be disqualified from participation in the Contest at any stage. All submitted works will be assessed by the National Contest Commission of the country wherefrom the work was submitted to the Contest. The semi-final procedure the national stage of the Contest , formation of the National Contest Commissions, their activities and assessment of Contest works and the award ceremony for the top winners of the semi-finals in each State will be determined by the participating States on their own.

The Contest works will be assessed according to the following criteria: conformity to the stated theme; reasonableness and in-depth coverage of the topic; creativity, novelty of the idea and quality of work performance; accuracy and clarity of the language and style of presentation; compliance of the work with the requirements listed in sections 5 and 8 of the Rules.

At the semi-final stage, National Contest Commissions in each of the nominations will determine the following places:. The Contest works which in the view of the National Contest Commission took the first place in the semi-final finally, one poster and one video from each state-participant will advance to the final. The National Contest Commissions reserve right not to designate any participant as the top winner in a particular category or in all the Contest categories. The works of semi-final top winners posters and videos with English translation subtitles will be submitted by the National Contest Commissions by e-mail no later than 31 October to the Organizer for transmission to the International Jury of the Contest.

The International Jury of the Contest will be formed by the Organizer among the representatives of each State-participant of the Contest one candidate from each state. The Co-organizers will provide the Organizer the information on their candidate for the International Jury of the Contest by 1 August Teams with adequate experience in both of those areas will be best suited for the unique challenges of this contest.

No, you do not need a prototype for the initial application. Will I need to travel if I qualify? All teams are welcome to work remotely for the duration of the contest. However, there will be mandatory attendance for the contest kick-off event and Demo Day, which will both take place in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Niantic will facilitate travel for non-local finalists for both of these events. Finalists will be able to work directly with Niantic employees, receiving support and guidance throughout the development phase of the contest. Plus, in addition to the aforementioned support of Niantic employees, finalists will also have access to thorough documentation and samples to ensure their questions about the software are answered.

No, Niantic will not provide any hardware to the finalists for the development phase. All selected teams are required to furnish their own Mac-based hardware for development. Additionally, teams must be able to provide their own mobile hardware with built-in ARKit or ARCore support for playtesting. Any intellectual property created by your team—including proposed artwork and concepts—will be owned by your team.

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In turn, Niantic will retain ownership over its technology and the Real World Platform, as well as any other resources provided to you during the contest. All entrants, upon submission, will provide Niantic with a perpetual license to use their entries, both for marketing purposes and to incorporate any features or concepts, including gameplay, into its platform, technology, and future products. Projects that utilize either Niantic or third-party copyrighted or trademarked characters will be disqualified.

LARVA - THE CONTEST - Cartoons For Children - Larva 2018 - LARVA Official

Guidelines for approval of the use of open-source software will be made available to finalist teams prior to the development phase. Are you a developer interested in news about the Niantic Real World Platform?

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Sales was not beaten down and ultimately it went on the air as a brilliant, outrageous, wonderful, classic episode of that show. Those two, they ran fairly close together and they created a bit of a stir, I think. An adult male has been caught by his mom, right? By introducing parents into the series and expanding that and doing this kind of an episode, we went outside of a niche base.

Yes, we were an addiction for adults ages 18 to 49, but we were [now] going younger and far older.

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We were inviting everyone into the tent. So on every level, on every demographic, it became a mainstream hit, because there was something for everyone.

Ironic, because early on, it was thought to be too Jewish, too New York. There is this kind of upside-down pride in how incredibly difficult getting from A to B physically and metaphorically is in that city. Like if you were on the subway and you stepped in barf on a day, like for sure all my friends are going to know about it. Because I had the worst day.

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And by the way I did step in barf on the subway and I need you guys to know that, and please publish it. That was the most surprising thing about it.

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