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Mitchell Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. Shiller Princeton University Press. Lempke Tribute 4 Foundation. Pearlman Indiana University Press. Hirsch, Jr. AIA Dalsimer Press. Silver tie : Extraordinary Healers, Vol. Skallerup Woodbine House. Future Horizons. Greenberg and Rhonda N. Goldman American Psychological Association. Frank Baum and Oz , by Paul R. Bienvenue March Hare Books.

Garrett Yale University Press. Key BookSurge. Bronze tie : Frog or Prince? Cantey MRC Publishing. Moser 1 Piece of Advice, Inc. Silver: Stories from the Golden Age , by L. Over entries were received from across the U. Books were judged alongside books for and about their regions only, based on their quality and regional significance.

Lynch Broad Creek Books. Bruner, Jr. Hartzler Hartzler Publishing. Maselli Creative Pursuits. Hurst, Sr. WingSpan Press. Silver tie : St. Frazier State House Press. Rattenbury Boone and Crockett Club Publication. Kinney Superior Publishing Co. Michael Walker Heyday Books. Cowley LifeGems Personal Histories. James Infirmary , by Robert W. Pocock University of Alberta Press. Follow US:. About Us Contact Us. All Rights Reserved. Site by BrightBridge Studios. And in our online store , where shiny new writerly incentives await you. And in our hearts, where the butterflies of inspiration are emerging from their month gestation, ready to take wing and become beautiful new NaNo-novels!

Posted on September 13, by Lindsey Grant. Thank you so much, everyone! We talk a lot about the incredible community that exists around NaNoWriMo. We see it every day—in the forums, on social media, out in our hundreds of regions all around the world. We love our participants, and we like to think you love us, too. This week, we want you to help us show the world just how powerful a web-based community can be. It can be hard sometimes to explain just how much a virtual community can mean to people.

But if NaNoWriMo means something to you, would you help? Take 30 seconds out of your day to vote for us on Facebook , and then help spread the word. Every vote counts, and the higher we move up the standings, the more money we stand to receive. I call that win win. Posted on September 11, by Lindsey Grant. A lot of people say that back-to-school commercials still give them an anxious feeling in the pit of their stomach.

They remember the uncertainty of the first day—the confusing locker location, the cruel randomness of the classroom seating chart, the terror of the wrong outfit. I get it. So by all rights, the average ad for spiral notebooks should send me into a downward spiral of dread. Last week we started ordering for the NaNoWriMo classroom kit , and hundreds of K—12 educators have already jumped on board. Not to mention all those youth librarians and ordering Come Write In kits! Some tell their kids about the challenge on the very first day; others wait until October to start the project and unveil the Triumphant Chart of Noveling Progress.

If you have an educator or kid in your life, we encourage you to tell them about the Young Writers Program. And if you value the creative work going on in classrooms, libraries, and community centers around the world, please consider a donation. Posted on September 05, by Lindsey Grant. Some people anticipate Black Friday shopping year-round. Others line up for hours for the latest, greatest Apple product. But anyone with any taste knows that the most anticipated shopping day of the year is when we release the new NaNoWriMo products.

The shirts! The stickers! The posters! Did you know fear of circles is called Trypophobia? Plus, you get some freaking awesome swag. Everybody wins! Except maybe the people with Trypophobia. Posted on August 24, by Lindsey Grant. As many of you know, June and August in NaNoLand have been populated by intrepid writers penning high-velocity novels in virtual tents, canoes, treetops, and alongside friendly imaginary honey-loving bears at Camp NaNoWriMo.

As the calendar flips to the 25th of August across the globe, these adventuresome novelists are poised to become Camp NaNoWriMo Winners—some for the second time this summer. Imagine, multiple novels in a year! Posted on August 10, by Lindsey Grant. Are you interested in testing improvements and new functionality on nanowrimo. You, too, could be a member of the beta testing elite: the few, the proud, the beta buggers as they are affectionately referred to in NaNoLand. This season, we have lots of new and exciting features, things to fix, and stuff to test. No prior site-testing experience is necessary!

With your help, the site will be in tip-top condition for the noveling party in November. We hope to be hanging bug reports and breaking the site—or facilitating local meet-ups and write-ins—alongside you very soon. Posted on August 01, by Lindsey Grant. Biggest, loudest, most potentially blush-inducing thanks to every one who donated during our summer fundraising drive! Calloo callay! Posted on July 31, by Lindsey Grant. I support this cause, because it is my cause, too! Posted on July 24, by Lindsey Grant. With oil. To help us host yet another record-busting, creatively explosive, and much improved month of literary abandon, please donate today!

In a matter of days! Speaking of sharp things, Community Liaison Sarah just poked her head in and asked me to remind all Wrimos that applications for Municipal Liaisons are live! And speaking of deadlines, the early bird special for the Night of Writing Dangerously expires at the end of July. This Breaking News has turned into quite the humdinger! So much news, so very many puns. Posted on July 12, by Sarah Mackey. A quick rundown of all the goings-on around these parts! First of all, applications for Municipal Liaisons are now live!

I see no downside here! I just like hanging out with you guys. How have you been? I like your shoes. Posted on July 10, by Lindsey Grant. The goal? Last year we rebuilt NaNoWriMo on Rails, a massive and essential move that allows us to keep our site up and running no matter how big the November noveling party gets. We got the first draft of the site up and running then… and now is the time to fine-tune for a polished product. We want to provide the very best, most supportive, and easiest-to-use site for our hundreds of thousands of writers, because all we really want in … is more.

More young writers, more outrageous novels, more library partners, more Wrimo tales from around the world, more pictures, and more amazing participant videos. In short, more of you. Think the notorious Traveling Shovel of Death , the mysterious Mr. Ian Woon , the irascible Plot Bunny —and more! The more you donate, the more packs of trading cards you get, and the likelier you are to get the complete set of five. You can see pictures of all of these in our blog post! Donate now and see what trading cards you get! Collect all five by donating at a higher level for more than one pack—or get together with your fellow Wrimos and trade.

Posted on July 04, by Sarah Mackey. Everyone knows November is the most wonderful time of the year. Signups are open for the Night of Writing Dangerously! Our sixth annual fundraising gala is on November 18, and it will be full of the usual glitz, glory, and gluttony. The good kind of gluttony. We want you there with us! If you sign up today, you can qualify for the early bird special. Read up on all the details about the Night of Writing Dangerously here , then head on over to StayClassy to sign up.

Posted on July 02, by Lindsey Grant. I, for one, am a fan. Posted on June 19, by Lindsey Grant. Just a quick reminder to all you winners of the NaNoWriMo challenge: Your opportunity to receive five free paperback copies of your novel from CreateSpace ends on June Posted on May 31, by Lindsey Grant.

Depending on where in the world you live, the penultimate month and its seasonal changes, holidays, and school deadlines are enriched or complicated by the novel that you write in those 30 days. Close your eyes, scramble all previously held notions of when in the year you bust out that rough draft, and then reopen them. What if you wrote a novel in… June? I know. June is… tomorrow. And August has 31 days, versus the traditional 30! Posted on May 08, by Sarah Mackey.

For many maybe even most? But there have always been folks for whom November is an inconvenient month to abandon real life. There are also many more folks who want the guilt monkeys and firm deadlines that NaNoWriMo provides more than once a year. Camp is a chance to enjoy the NaNoWriMo experience in a pared-down, simplified environment. All of the guilt monkeys, none of the November! Camp NaNoWriMo gives you a place to find writing buddies and join a cabin, receive pep talks from Lindsey and other staff, commiserate with other frantic novelists on Twitter and in the forums , and enjoy more Camp-themed puns and merchandise than you can shake a canoe paddle at.

Some of the camp-themed puns are better than others. We never had this conversation. Things in parentheses are secret, right? So it is with great paddle-shaking delight that we announce that Camp NaNoWriMo is open and ready for business! Camp sessions will take place in June and August, and you can participate in either…or both! So mosey on over to the Campsite get it? Posted on April 26, by Lindsey Grant. But beyond our scriptwriting borders exists another April-bound writing extravaganza: National Poetry Writing Month.

In addition to the scores of Wrimos who are also scribes , there is yet another prolific posse among us… of poets. I met one of these poet Wrimos in Whole Foods the other day. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me at Whole Foods. Or in any grocery store checkout line, for that matter.

Or start your own! Posted on April 25, by Lindsey Grant. Thousands upon thousands of Wrimos participate in this April script-a-palooza and love it because:. With thousands of other scribes? In one month! Thank you, Script Frenzy, for keeping us writing in new, dynamic, and wholly satisfying ways every April and beyond! Posted on April 04, by Sarah Mackey. Speaking of things you want to get on board with, Script Frenzy has pulled out of the station, but you can still hop on and join the party! Maybe you want to adapt your NaNoWriMo masterpiece into a screenplay or graphic novel, or start a whole new adventure.

Ours certainly are. And if you are a library-lover, let your local branch know about Come Write In! Libraries that sign up get a sweet kit, tons of tips, and a chance to welcome writers into their natural habitats. I figure anywhere with that many books is a natural habitat for a writer. Posted on March 30, by Lindsey Grant. Believe it or not, April is nearly upon us! And with April comes Script Frenzy : 30 days and pages of awesome scriptwriting madness.

At AM wherever in this wide world you live, the story magic starts and that page goal goes into full effect. You totally have a script in you! A handful of them, in fact. Then log into Script Frenzy by midnight local time and start writing your next masterpiece. Posted on March 19, by Lindsey Grant. Board member Elizabeth has written up a tremendous graphic novel resource kit over on the blog. Hungry for more? Posted on March 15, by Lindsey Grant.

Thank you for sharing your time, your expertise, and your brilliant brains with us for yet another tremendous season of Pitchapalooza magic! Posted on March 07, by Lindsey Grant. The 25 randomly selected Wrimo pitches are posted and waiting for your eyes! And your vote! And the competition is already heating up! Head on over and cast your vote today. Just send a copy of your sales receipt to nanowrimo thebookdoctors.

They are that good. Posted on March 01, by Lindsey Grant. Head over today to check out the new and updated resources, and enter yourself in a massively awesome giveaway simply by logging in to scriptfrenzy. Program Director Sandra has partnered with Seminar , Celtx , and StumbleUpon to offer a random drawing for 14 special goodie packs. As in, Professor Snape, Alan Rickman! With 30 days to enter your name in the giveaway, and 31 days until the Frenzy begins, the time to Stop Watching and Start Writing draws near…. Posted on February 22, by Sarah Mackey.

What exciting thing is that? If you enjoy organizing events, motivating writers, and writing encouraging emails, then this is the job for you. At least, I think it is. You know how leap years are. Have you perfected your pitch yet? Posted on February 16, by Lindsey Grant. Have a burning desire to hear from your favorite novelist this November? Tell us about it! We are collecting your top pep talker picks over on the blog. But asking a broad range of published novelists whose works we adore is the first and most necessary step in collecting a killer cache of writerly encouragement.

Posted on February 14, by Lindsey Grant.

File information

We definitely want to be your Valentine, writer. If you want to be ours, we made you a special little web badge for your blog, twitter feed or Facebook profile. Check out our special day-of-love blog post for more! Posted on February 08, by Lindsey Grant. And a valentine-themed email from Grant is in your inbox. You can also read it here. For you, or your honey bunches of oats. In short, we love valentines, books, and you! And this poster.

Posted on January 31, by Lindsey Grant. Are revising your novel or working on getting it out into the world? Then this Breaking News is for you! There are five days left to submit your manuscript to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. If you can write a novel in a month, no doubt you can put that final polish on it in five days. You can r ead more from the Pitchapalooza hosts themselves about how exactly this works over on the blog. Submissions are open from February Pitch away, Wrimos! We crossed the 10,response threshhold, which was my fervent hope.

Double thanks for that! To everyone planning to pitch or submit, and to all who have already made the leap: best of luck, and well done! Posted on January 30, by Lindsey Grant. Hear ye, hear ye! Wrimos everywhere, we call upon you to share your opinions before it is too late.

Posted on January 19, by Lindsey Grant. No, indeed. Please share your thoughts before February 1. Posted on January 04, by Lindsey Grant. Post your video message for Chris today. Giant thanks to everyone who has already filled out the survey! Are you looking for the next creative project or contest to enter? Look no further! The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is coming. You can enter your novel beginning January 23! Posted on December 23, by Lindsey Grant. Well, Wrimos, the time has come for all of us OLL critters to hunker down in our caves and nests for the traditional holiday nap.

The office will reopen on Tuesday, January 3. Until then, have an excellent end-of and a happy new year! Posted on December 19, by Lindsey Grant. Though the store sale has ended, our Participant Survey remains open until February 1. Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. It contains revision advice from author and NaNo participant Ernessa T.

Future pep talks will be sent to your email inbox, and the whole series will also be posted on a special donor-only pep talks page. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated time or hard-earned money, or spread the word about our programs this year. You make NaNoWriMo possible, and we hug you mightily for that. Posted on December 15, by Lindsey Grant. All I want for Christmas is your feedback on how this event went, and how we can improve it next year. Well, that, and my two front teeth. And a hippopotamus. Hooray for free money!

In celebration of you, a tremendous , and the pure joy of online shopping, we are having a giant sale on all NaNoWriMo merchandise in the OLL Store. Posted on December 08, by Sarah Mackey. Our Donation Derby Winners! You might have seen some different numbers over the last week, thanks to a glitch in the Matrix, but fortunately, our quick-thinking Derby Queen Emily Bristow captured the correct data at the close of the Derby.

It was an exciting sprint to the end in just about every category. After seven years at the top of the heap, Seattle has been unseated by the Los Angeles region for total donations across all leagues! It was a closely-fought battle, with L. Congratulations, Los Angeles, on your amazing accomplishment, and a huge round of applause to the Seattle Ducks for their incredible run! You can learn more about how the Derby works here. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, all our MLs who encouraged those donations and participated in the friendly wagers between regions that boosted fundraising on all fronts, to Emily and Rob for their work on the Donation Derby, and to our winning regions for your outstanding efforts to help bring NaNoWriMo back for another year!

And if you post there, you could win a spot in the StoryWonk Revision Workshop! Stay tuned for more updates about our victorious Donation Derby winners, a massive store sale, and the Participant Survey! Posted on December 01, by Lindsey Grant. You lived to tell the tale! Check out the December and Beyond forums to see what your fellow Wrimos are up to now that November has ended. If you were unable to validate your winning novel by midnight on the 30th, please visit the designated Tech Help forums thread to let us know.

Stay tuned for those fun and very math-y numbers! This is always a funny time in NaNoLand, when half the world is already in December and rejoicing, while the other half still writes furiously toward the finish line. Those are very different states of being! I will address both side of the dateline accordingly. For those of you sitting or sleeping—good for you! We are so proud of you, and wish you many hard-earned naps. I am right here with you, sprinting for the finish. And all of HQ is hollering their hearts out, cheering you on.

Even though November ends soon and has already ended for many! At roughly 30 hours from event-end here in California, previously held NaNo-records are falling left and right. Stay tuned for that! Oh, triumphant triumph. If you have questions about validating, please check the Help section , where answers to the top most-frequently-asked validation questions are displayed.

For my part, I frolicked with my parents and reached some interesting new depths in my NaNo-novel. The love interest befriended a giraffe, and my heroine learned all about statuaries. To everyone in our non-US regions, I hope this was a powerfully wordy weekend for you. You may have noticed that we have mere days remaining in this month-long noveling marathon. I am not quite there yet, but I will be soon! Even more! The only thing worse than never writing your novel is writing your novel and then losing it.

Am I right? Stay tuned this week for more pep, video check-ins from staff, and bucket-loads of winners crossing that finish line. Believe it or not, winning starts in our westernmost regions tomorrow! That means we have bottomless stock on all sizes and styles until November You can find more details about this sale in our online store. Get your triumphant shirt of winning today! Posted on November 22, by Lindsey Grant. There are our heroic donors , who make this program possible; all of you amazing participants, whose enthusiasm and creativity provide the whole reason for the event; and then there are our Municipal Liaisons , who donate their time to plan events, fundraise, answer questions, and cheer on their local participants.

And they do it all while writing a novel. Without them, NaNoWriMo would just be a website. Please take a moment to thank your ML s —with a hug, a forums post, a NaNoMail message, or a bouquet of lollipops. Posted on November 21, by Lindsey Grant. What a weekend! It was a spectacular night full of soaring words counts, winners, and spectacular stories from so many folks about their noveling experiences. And it has made me extra greedy; now I want to meet all of you even more than I than I did before! Today, the OLL staff is having a nap to recover from all of the awesomeness and candy, donuts, and cookies.

And I have some catching up to do, word-count wise…. And we are so in love with them. Nothing, but nothing, beats a bear in a party hat. We suggest getting your shirt now, even if 50K still seems a long way off for you. By Sunday night, we should all be rounding 33, words. I know; I am behind, too. I still have an epic amount of mad scrambling to do, so I will leave you with this weekend exhortation:. Wrimos, donors, and friends, yesterday was an epic day in NaNoLand. Thank you to everyone who spread the word, tweeted and Facebooked on our behalf, and donated to keep our free creative writing programs running strong!

You are heroes and heroines in our books. Donation Day was another great step toward reaching our year-end fundraising goal. You know what else is wonderful? It is sitting in your NaNoMail right now, simply oozing advice and delightful insights. I am such a fan! And also great? These shirts are the very most detailed and congratulatory yet. Take my word for it. Posted on November 16, by Lindsey Grant. We still have a few donations coming in, and we'll post final, final totals tomorrow morning. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

  1. Das römische Augsburg (German Edition).
  2. The Last Olympiad.
  3. Independent Publisher: THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry.
  4. by Pat Frank!

Your support will allow us to inspire , kids, teens, and adults this fall. We hug you. Five posters of her choice. And get a custom cover design done for her by Tim Kim! Happy midpoint of the month, Wrimos. I cooked up some encouragement for you, pep-talk style.

  • Molecular Detection of Foodborne Pathogens!
  • Green on the Inside (1);
  • Check your NaNoMail or read it here! By now, you should have way more words than you did at this time last week. Which means more novel to lose if your computer or noveling notebook gets lost or eaten by ravenous honey badgers. Posted on November 11, by Lindsey Grant. Thank goodness the weekend is here!

    Marching with Zombies and Elephants (♫ HD)

    I know I am many thousand words behind the par line, and will be spending a good part of the next two days sprinting my way back. If I hit 17, by Saturday, I am definitely going to watch my favorite chick flick. If you thrive on prompts and company, try sprinting with nanowordsprints! I am going to take a tip from Chris A. Posted on November 10, by Lindsey Grant. First, and regrettably, we have not cumulatively written 9,,,,,, words this November, as our home page word-count block purports.

    Attention 2013 Municipal Liaisons!

    There is a joker in the calculator monkeying around with the numbers. We have dispatched a team to catch said joker and take away his calculating powers. What we have done, though, is trounce the records set by every previous NaNoWriMo in site visits, page views, new visitors, and all those other stats that we just love to geek out about over lunch.

    Keep up the good work! We are rocking this new site. As if these are plot-advancing moments in her life! I hope Mr. Thank you so much for your donation, and for your patience! Writers, over the past seven days we have gathered the gold coins of character elements, jumped on the magic mushrooms of plot development, dodged the Goombas of our inner editors, and hurtled ourselves into the next level of this noveling adventure. Well done. Week cough… Level Two brings with it all new rewards and challenges.

    Here are few tips to help you fly through it, hopefully astride a rad dragon of wordiness:. It awaits you in your NaNoMail. And stay tuned for another published author pep talk later this week! The art is amazing, as are the plot synopses. You may find that you relate to them astonishingly well. A NaNoWriMo sticker, often found at these write-ins, is equivalent to about a million magic mushrooms…. If you have a question about the site, please read our Help section thoroughly before writing in. Posted on November 08, by Lindsey Grant.

    We tried a Snuggie, and we tried a Slanket; we even investigated this new phenomenon called the Forever Lazy. But nothing came close to the comfort, wearability, and fashion of this sweatshirt. It is, quite simply, the most wonderful thing in the world! And it is available now. Whether by external hard drive, CD, USB drive, Google doc, Dropbox, carbon copy, voice dictation device, or facsimile, we encourage you to pause the noveling action long enough to save a copy of your November masterpiece. Our recommendation? This very handy USB bracelet. Now, and forever more!

    This is the first of four planned novel back-up days this month though probably the only one demonstrated via puppet show. We are cruising into weekend 1, which is a great time to get ahead on your word count or get caught up, in my case. We have some extra-fun noveling inspiration to go with your weekend as well.

    Sound the trumpets! Check your NaNoMail now for that magical missive, or revel in her excellent advice here! The Young Writers Program is churning out epic pep by the bucketful. Chances are, your local volunteer Municipal Liaison is also sending out noveling encouragement and updates about regional gatherings. If you donated and are not yet receiving the bonus donor pep, please let us know!

    Now go forth, be wordy, and have a novel-tastic weekend! Posted on November 03, by Lindsey Grant. Did you know that, in addition to the regional writing events that Municipal Liaisons have planned, there are bookstores and libraries in communities around the world opening their doors to noveling Wrimos this November?

    Today, we signed up our th Come Write In library. In Iceland! We are so excited to be building relationships with so many book-loving community institutions. Check our updated lists of participating bookstores and libraries to see if there are partners in your community. Participate in the conversation, now 75, Wrimos strong, on Facebook. Or follow us on Twitter and connect with the 50, Wrimos tweeting alongside us.

    winning the zombie war the unheard cries book one port houston Manual

    We want to be extra-sure you know where to find it! In fact, your first pep talk is waiting for you right now. Content like pep talks from staff, or from our all-star cast of published authors which will be delivered to NaNoMail as well! In the meantime, head on over to NaNoMail and get pumped up! When it comes to bashing out the first draft of your novel, there is no time like the present. As questions arise in this noveling process, whether about the guidelines of NaNo or how-tos for the site, I encourage you to consult our handy Help page for answers, and reference the Tech Help and Site Bug Report forum for known issues.

    Stay tuned over the next couple of days for pep to appear in your NaNoMail, and for new NaNoVideos to appear on the homepage! Also coming soon to NaNoWriMo. Posted on October 30, by Lindsey Grant. Time allowing, we have a few suggestions for some other fun stuff you might squeeze in to help you get ready to write:. It gets me fired up to write every time I see it! Just like getting sponsored for a walk-a-thon, you can ask friends and family to donate on your behalf in support of your courageous creativity!

    There are write-ins and meets-ups planned in regions all around the world. Find the neighborhood nearest you and note the next gathering. In addition to chocolates, a nice writing pen, or a juicy magazine, you might find some fun prizes in our online gallery of writing goodies. I can hardly wait to get started! All of your buddies from years past are still porting over from the old site as we speak, so expect to see them populate in your buddy list over the weekend. And have a very happy last-weekend-before-the-noveling-madness.

    Posted on October 24, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on October 19, by Lindsey Grant.


    Check out newly updated—and very red— Help section to find the answer! Let us know! Want a halo? Your Buddy list will appear in your profile, completely intact, before the event starts. Known issues and updates on functionality are listed there. Thanks for reading! You may now resume your regularly scheduled pre-November activities.

    And enjoy them while they last. Posted on October 10, by Lindsey Grant. To all returning Wrimos, welcome back! And to all first-timers, a giant long-distance high five for committing to this wordy November adventure! True story! Where once there was Drupal hissss , there is now Rails huzzah! There are bound to be some funky hiccups in these first few days though, so if you see anything that looks broken, please check the Tech Help and Site Bugs forum for known issues. One important thing to note! Speaking of funky hiccups, all NaNoMail one-year-old and newer will show up in your inbox this week.

    We uh… cough… left that out of the migration script. Just know it is safe, and will be delivered to you very soon. Posted on June 11, by Tavia Stewart-Streit. Donate today! Posted on March 08, by Chris Angotti. Posted on December 17, by timkim. Thank you to everyone who supported us during Donation Day ! Please, have some Journey, OLL-style.

    Posted on December 04, by Lindsey Grant. How about you? Posted on November 29, by Lindsey Grant. Grant shares his thoughts on getting to 50, words and accomplishing another surprise goal with limited time left. Let Tavia pave your path to 50K and victory! If you dare…. Sarah shares her tips on how to make time work for you. And your novel! Is your novel lacking intrigue or, perhaps, the element of surprise? Thank you for all you do, ninja-like MLs!

    Thanks for making Donation Day such an epic success! Take a closer look at how your donation keeps NaNoWriMo up and running, and keeps a world of writers inspired! Posted on November 13, by Chris Angotti. What are you giving up this November? What or who?! A shark? An alien? Your boss? Posted on November 05, by timkim. Check out 30 Covers, 30 Days. Posted on October 31, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 24, by timkim. Posted on October 15, by Sarah Mackey. Check out some of the ways you can find your NaNoWriMo community out in the world!

    Get a preview of the new NaNo season on the site, in the store , and around our social media pages. Get your zombie-tested writerly incentives! Thank you, donors! Posted on July 25, by Lindsey Grant. Get yours today! Posted on July 23, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 20, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 19, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 18, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 17, by Lindsey Grant.

    Posted on July 16, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 13, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 12, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 11, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on July 05, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on May 24, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on May 08, by Lindsey Grant. Can you identify these iconic film fonts? Check out the script for this video, too!

    Posted on January 13, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on January 11, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on December 20, by Lindsey Grant. Posted on December 10, by Lindsey Grant. What will you do this weekend? How will you celebrate your win?

    The Unheard Cries of World War Z: Port Houston

    Posted on November 18, by Lindsey Grant. How do you stay focused? Anyone remember this classic video of Week Three writing tips? Chris is back, and he needs to know: get disciplined, or just go with it? Where do you get your wordiest writing done? Go under the sea with intern Ari! Posted on November 04, by Lindsey Grant. Can you help Chris learn more about the life of a painter? Posted on October 28, by Lindsey Grant. Check out the latest from Errol and his cohorts! Posted on October 26, by Lindsey Grant.

    Top download

    Posted on October 20, by Lindsey Grant. Ever wonder where all those NaNo-noveling goodies come from? Posted on September 12, by Chris Angotti. Posted on June 27, by Chris Angotti. Posted on June 10, by Chris Angotti. Posted on April 11, by Chris Angotti. Posted on January 06, by Chris Angotti. Posted on December 19, by Chris Angotti. Orders yours today! Posted on December 17, by Chris Angotti. Posted on December 16, by Chris Angotti.

    Posted on December 06, by Chris Angotti. Posted on December 04, by Chris Angotti. Posted on December 02, by Chris Angotti. Prepared by Program Facilitator Emily Bristow. Posted on November 27, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 25, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 22, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 21, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 18, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 15, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 14, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 12, by Chris Angotti. Posted on November 11, by timkim. Wise words from Jake on Adventure Time. Posted on November 09, by Chris Angotti.

    Attend a local event , or follow along on Twitter and YouTube. Posted on November 04, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 28, by Chris Angotti. NaNoToons is a Wrimo-created webcomic that runs every day during November. Check out the prologue now! Posted on October 24, by Chris Angotti.

    Posted on October 21, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 18, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 16, by Chris Angotti. On Thursday, October 17 at p. Hope to see you or at least your avatar there! Posted on October 14, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 11, by Chris Angotti. Posted on October 09, by Chris Angotti.

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