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The policy change will not impact donors who need to have blood taken for their own treatment therapeutic venesection. Media release. Make an appointment.

Changes to donation criteria | Canadian Blood Services

Why did this happen? The policy change will not impact donors who need to have blood taken for their own treatment therapeutic venesection More information Age change FAQs Media release. Back to top.

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Search results for.. This model was designed to estimate the risk of an infectious unit of red blood cells or platelets being released into inventory i.

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A random probability simulation was used to model the risk of a HTLV-positive donation being released into inventory under three scenarios:. Separate simulations were carried out for red blood cells, whole blood-derived platelets, and apheresis platelets, each comprising 10 billion prospective donors. Real-world data was used to produce the model.

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The results show that moving from testing all donations for HTLV to testing only first-time donors would lead to a small change in risk. To put the calculated risk estimates in context, Canadian Blood Services produces approximately 0. The model used in this study estimated the risk of potentially infectious units being released into inventory. The risk of transfusion transmission to a recipient would be even lower, and if HTLV does transmit, it rarely leads to disease.

However, stopping testing altogether may lead to an unacceptable risk.

Changes to the Mandatory Blood Testing Act Will Put People First

While zero risk with blood products is unattainable, blood operators strive for the lowest, tolerable risk. Further information would need to be considered to determine the risk-benefit ratio of a change to HTLV testing. For example, economic analyses in other countries e. England have suggesting that switching from testing all donations for HTLV to testing just first-time donors could lead to potential cost-savings.

There are economic considerations specific to Canada that would need to be assessed before deciding if a change in testing would also result in cost-savings in Canada.

Goldman is a Canadian Blood Services medical director and an adjunct professor in the department of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Ottawa. Human T-cell lymphotropic virus: A simulation model to estimate residual risk with universal leukoreduction and testing strategies in Canada.

What’s a Normal Blood pH and What Makes It Change?

Vox Sang ; Acknowledgements: This research received financial support from Canadian Blood Services, funded by the federal government Health Canada and the provincial and territorial ministries of health. The views herein do not reflect the views of the federal government of Canada, or provincial or territorial governments. Canadian Blood Services is grateful to blood donors for making this research possible.

Keywords: Safety, human T-cell lymphotropic virus, testing, infectious disease, simulation.