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In this book discover how to attain victory in that battle. You never have to leave the Presence of God. Encounter Him in a fresh way today! Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Jonathan Puddle.

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July 3, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Convergence: Heaven's Destiny Becoming Your Reality is a refreshingly simple book on how to walk into the promises that God has for your life. Patricia digs into Scripture and into her own life experiences to demonstrate the overwhelming "goodness" of God, how to embrace that goodness deep within, and how to then walk into your prophetic destiny. Patricia writes with a casual honesty that invites you into her own kitchen. More than perhaps any other, Patricia has been a child of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that began in Toronto in , and of those who have shepherded it.

She teaches with great power and authority, and lives the life of one radically sold out to the will of her Heavenly Father. For a number of years, people have been prophesying a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will dwarf that which continues in Toronto. A recurring theme in these words is the importance of "getting" what God has been doing during this current time, with the Father Heart, inner healing, gifts of the Spirit, and the opening of the heavens.

I can think of no other volume that better summarizes the work that God has done in so many of us during the last few years. For those of you who've been deep in the river, this book will remind you and refresh you of the incredible road God takes us down towards Himself. And for those like me, who've come late to the party, Convergence may explain and contextual certain things you never fully understood.

If you have remained reticent regarding the move of God from Toronto, this book provides a beautiful perspective on how much God desires for His heavenly plans to become your earthly plans.

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Patricia spends little time on the outward manifestations or other things difficult to swallow, but focuses on the steps that you can take to walk free of your past, and into the glorious destiny God has for you. Not only does this book summarize many of the things learned in this revival, but it also hints at what is to come. Therefore, our present concept of evolution which predates our exploration of the Moon by more than a century, must now be redefined. As a direct result of our our new understanding of impact craters, we know that life on our planet has evolved with what scientists call "a punctuated equilibrium.

Or in the case of the dinosaurs, five steps forward and six steps back. Will we do better than the dinosaurs? Or more specifically, will we be able to pass through from our current cycle of life, through a short cycle of death, and then on to another extended cycle of life? Or, will this observation by the ancient Egyptians be our epitaph as well:.

Greek philosopher Plato , writing his book Timaeus in the fourth century BC, related information from earlier Egyptian records when he spoke of Given that we can survive the next cycle of death, do we really want to begin the next cycle of life with "only the rude and the unlettered" among us? If not, then we need to better understand the cycle of death. Back to Contents Cycle of Death. A carry-over from Cold War fatalism is our perception of time. We expect political misfortunes to be measured in weeks, months or even years.

Given that we and our adversaries are unable to withdraw from the precipice, the time frame of the ensuing nuclear missile exchange will be measured in minuets and hours, and the consequences in terms of the lives lost. But there are no retractable precipices in space. Therefore, the time frame of an impact event is measured in scores of eons, and the consequences are measured in terms of the number of species lost. Comets and asteroids have been impacting our planet since it was first formed from a cloud of astral debris, and yet we typically seem to view them as a source of entertainment.

Of the many streams that impact our planet, one of the most entertaining is the Taurid Meteor Complex. The Taurids have been identified as a very old meteor stream, and are made up of two two branches shown below as the N. Radiant and the S. These radiants are usually active every year in the Northern hemisphere during the Autumn months, and in the Southern Hemisphere during the Spring This year they will be active this in the Northern hemisphere from between October 20, to November 30, The official discovery of the Taurid Meteor Complex was made in The Southern Taurids were observed by T.

Backhouse Sunderland, England. Which to be precise is b. Today, we enjoy watching meteoroids from the Taurid Meteor Steam as they smash into our atmosphere and disintegrate. But our ancestors watched watched this in horror, because the Taurid Steams brought death and destruction to the Earth on the scale of a small nuclear holocaust.

The construction of Stonehenge took place in three stages, beginning in BC, when the first builders created a large circular ditch and bank, and dug pits known as Aubrey Holes. At this time they also erected two large Heel stones, only one of which remains. Until recently, the first Stonehenge was thought to have been either a temple for sun worshippers or some type of astronomical clock or calendar.

For the second and third stages of the Stonehenge construction that could very well have been true. However, Stonehenge I was constructed as an early detection system for observing large Taurid Meteor Complex impactors. Recent evidence has also shown that Northern Europe was severely punished by multiple impactors which fell upon the Earth from the Taurid Meteor Complex , with impacts yielding between 10 to 20 megatons each.

Furthermore, it is entirely feasible that at one point, the number of such impacts exceeded one hundred within a single span of time! Of course this begs the question:. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, as was proved by the Tunguska asteroid impact of Tunguska and The Taurid Meteor Complex The Tunguska object arrived on June 30, over the skies of Siberia, Russia, during the peak of one of the most intense annual Taurid Meteor Complex daytime showers this century.

The picture at right, was made by the eyewitness T. Naumenko from the town Kejma June 30, , and was catalogued by Dr. According to Dr. Ol'khovatov, this is what that Tunguska meteorite looked like in flight. Below, is a sequence of stills later created by an artist to illustrate T.

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Naumenko's account of the impact. Plummeting Towards Earth The estimated size of the Tunguska asteroid varies from 30 meters to meters. The prevailing assessment is that the asteroid was made of solid rock,.

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The estimated energy released was between megatons. The prevailing figure is 20 megatons. Global Consequences The airbust devastated 2, square kilometers of forest,. Although the Earth soon regenerated the ozone, the average temperature of the Northern hemisphere was one or two degrees colder for several years thereafter.

Did the Tunguska Catastrophe Go Unnoticed? Immediately after the airburst, cities throughout Northern Europe experienced white nights, and the available light at this time was so bright that people across the continent could read their newspapers till midnight and beyond.

Although it would be almost 20 years before scientists would actually study the impact site, they already knew the magnitude of it as evidenced by the Tunguska seismogram shown above.


Most likely not, and this stream returns to our skies every year like clockwork, to throw rocks on our heads for our entertainment. So, the next time you step outside to watch the show, just remember this:. The Tunguska blast leveled an area the size of Connecticut, and nothing survived!

Next time hope for a ground-burst. Studies of nuclear explosions have proved that airbursts are more destructive than ground-bursts. According to Duncan Steel , a Tunguska-class event can be expected every years, which means that we're statistically on the short end of the rope. While these facts are sobering, the one that is most notable is that the Tunguska event occurred during a peak of solar activity, which is another major factor in the cycle of death. According to NASA , a,. The last solar maximum was in To put this in perspective, at least two more Tunguska-class impacts are expected in the next millennium , and they will most probably occur during the years of maximum of solar activity, according to Dr.

Zlobin , of the Moscow State University, noted expert on the Tunguska catastrophe. In , British astronomer Mark Bailey and his colleagues discovered that another Tunguska-like event happened in , when an asteroid impact leveled a huge expanse of jungle near an upper tributary of the Amazon in Brazil close to the border with Peru.

The result of this Tunguska-class impact in the Amazon , were raging fires that burned for months. The only European to have officially witnessed it was a Catholic priest, who dutifully reported the event to the Vatican. Unfortunately, the incident report was not released by the Vatican until It seems that the incident report was either misfiled or laid unnoticed until now.

With this in mind, let's quickly summarize a few of the facts presented so far:. Cometary impacts follow cyclical patterns, with long periods of light activity, followed by short periods of high activity. Impact events are more likely to occur during high levels of solar activity. The debris stream that follows behind a comet contains impactors of generally 1 km in size, but it only takes a 50 meter impactor to create a megaton Tunguska-class event. With this in mind, review the following solar activity chart for the period of Please note, that the raw data for this illustration was acquired from a NASA web site.

When an Earth-crossing comet passes without striking our planet, this does not mean that we've beat the odds and that we can return to business as usual without a care in the world. This is because meteor streams can last for tens of thousands of years, and they will follow the same orbital path as the Earth-crossing meteor from which they were formed, and thereby put us at risk of a Tunguska-class impact for thousands of years.

During this time, we've also watched an unprecedented increase in the number of regional natural disasters. This comet has caused a tremendous loss of life and property, and yet, is the danger really over? We do not believe that it is. Our rate of discovery of Earth-crossing comets has begun increasing at an alarming rate. Further we are about to begin a new solar maximum which brings with it even higher probabilities of an impact.

So then, what is our government doing about all this anyway? Our government is aware of the dangers, but the possible solutions at hand face a tremendous inertia from both within and without. As we've already seen, the vast majority of Americans rely on Impact Thinking which is a dumb-rock version of post-McCarthy Cold War fatalism. Consequently, the message the American public at large is sending to it's government is:.

I've a got a mortgage to pay and I do not need this nonsense right now.

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Therefore, if the government were to show political courage in this matter and come out with a clear warning, they would need to make sure that they stand in front of the cameras with an ample supply of flip charts illustrating that a Defcon 4 highest of the four levels threat level is in effect. If they go with say a Defcon 3 , or on the outside a Defcon 2 , and the "damn thing" doesn't hit us after all, the responsible agency will be swiftly reeducated on the politically correct way to "kill the messenger.

Nonetheless, our fearless leaders in the congress, have shown some initiative when appropriating funds for NASA in There are two phrases in this budget bill passed back in , that set us up for the inertia from our former Communist adversaries: "destroy or alter the orbits" and "agreed upon internationally. Kennedy's mandate to put a man on the Moon by and President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative , we now have the ability to save ourselves from an impact event.

So how would we do it? The first step is early detection followed by a detailed study of the impactor while it is still at a considerable distance. Given that an impactor can make unpredictable changes in its trajectory, we must hunt it down with a highly intelligent spacecraft, with ample fuel for maneuvering. At least one that is as intelligent as the Cassini Space Probe.

In the intervening months, the Cassini Special Interest Group has done a respectable amount of research as to the feasibility of using this probe as some type of weapon of last resort. The general opinion is that the current speed of the probe is not sufficient to generate a nuclear detonation. However, there is not enough clear evidence for even the most skeptical observer to say with any certainty that a nuclear detonation is impossible, should the probe be smashed into an oncoming impactor, and so the debate rages on.

The next step is to launch a massive nuclear weapon against the against the impactor, which would require a rocket as large as the Saturn V rocket used to carry the Apollo 11 crew to the Moon. Upon arrival with the impactor, the detonation can then be programmed by the ground controllers to happen near, or directly upon the impactor itself. But, there are consequences to this plan of attack. If we detonate the bomb, but fail to incinerate the impactor, all we may have succeeded in doing is to create a shower of Tunguska-class asteroids that will remain on the same impact course towards Earth.

Consequently, a somewhat better way to deal with this, is to push the impactor out of its orbit by detonating the device to either side. However, the best way to deal with this is to make the impactor go faster or slower so that it intersects the Earth's orbit before or after we arrive at the same point in time. This is because we can obtain a more reliable result by changing the impactor's speed which requires less energy than that needed to throw it off course.

OK, great! We've got a silver bullet to use way out in space, and we know to use it. But you know what they say about the "the best laid plans of mice and men" thing. Maybe we need to hedge our bet with some local Earth protection. No problem, that is until you want to do what congress tells you to do, which is to make sure your strategy is "agreed upon internationally.

International Agreement Here is where the rub comes. Any system built that could deflect an asteroid's path away from the zone of convergence, could also be used to divert a benign asteroid into an impact trajectory. In other words, if we have the ability to save ourselves from an asteroid, we likewise have the power to rain asteroids down upon our enemies.

In that article, we learned that:. Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle Ever since we published that report, we at The Millennium Group have been scratching our heads. Just what is an " exo-atmospheric kill vehicle " anyway? And it appears that we are not only ones to be asking this question as evidenced by this article that just recently appeared on the Drudge Report web site. In the past few weeks since the Pentagon successfully tested its developing anti-missile system over California coastal waters, the Clinton administration has pursued a diplomatic strategy with Russia in an attempt to retool the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Mikhailov warned that Russian nuclear warheads could reach any ABM facility. The Clinton administration has stated that it will decide next Summer whether or not to pursue a limited antimissile system -- a move that would force America to either change the ABM treaty or abandon it. After all these years of saying "would you like fries with those nuclear secrets? What all this goes to show you is that appeasement never really does work.

Rather, the wisdom of an old Western American truism hits closer home, " Some days you eat the Bear, and some days the Bear eats you. Consequently, our government is following a policy whereby it withholds information from the uninterested majority no big loss there , while squelching the efforts of the aware minority with disinformation and slander.

Is this understandable? Is this excusable? Is this forgivable? Again, no! The recent big-budget comet disaster films, Armageddon and Deep Impact , both revolve around the same basic story line: The government withholds information and people die because they are unable to get out of harm's way in time. If movies are truly reflection of reality, it behooves each of us to become personally informed. As Fredrich August von Hayek once said:. Perhaps, Arthur C. Clarke was right, when he tells us that we will need to await a catastrophe before the governments of the world say, " There will be no next time.

But, it is a given that not everyone will agree on this point. At present, the comet has passed to the North of us and is headed towards deep space. Many feared that it would impact the Earth, which is something The Millennium Group never advocated, even though this is an Earth-crossing comet.