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On the night of April 25, , a series of high explosive bombs, showers of incendiaries, and a parachute mine dropped from the darkened skies. The youngest victim was nine-week-old Joseph Reed, the oldest was year-old Isabella Harrison. Bodies were still being recovered five days later. Those who remained unidentified were buried in a common grave in Heaton Cemetery. On April 16, , the Germans launched heavy air raids targeting the newly commissioned aircraft carrier HMS Victorious which was due to steam out of the Tyne.

On the night of October 4, , a German plane dropped its bombs on to the Market Place and nearby rows of terraced houses and swept the streets with machine gun fire. Meanwhile, a 60ft pillar of flame shot into the sky from a fractured gas main adding to the apocalyptic scenes. More than 2, folk were made homeless. One little girl was discovered wandering the streets in her pyjamas, sobbing uncontrollably. Her mother had been killed. The night of May 3, , witnessed one of the most the most shocking incidents of death and destruction ever to affect the North East. We learned a great deal about the history of Dutch resistance and got the best fries in Amsterdam.

Thank you for a great morning. Laura was an amazing local guide. She took me and my husband around in Amsterdam and we had a wonderful tour. She knew the history and the important things about the city. A great 3 hours with a great guide Wonderful trip. A perfect day in Ansterdam! We just finished our 2 day tour with Laura and it was wonderful!! From the hidden courtyards and tilted houses to the best places for fried fish or pickled herring and absolutely delicious apple pie both days were packed with so much interesting information.

We thoroughly enjoyed it. My 82 year old parent's were with us and we appreciated the slower pace, always taking care to ask if they needed a rest.

We highly recommend Laura you won't be disappointed. Laura was a great guide and a very pleasant company! She gave us a family tour and shared her historical knowledge as well as inside informations about life in Amsterdam. It was like spending the day with a local friend! I highly recommend her!

Arthur's Memories: 3 - Mediterranean Wanderings

We throughly enjoyed our tour with Laura Maria yesterday. She is so knowledgeable, friendly and calm. We all felt so relaxed in her company and she tailored it perfectly to our requirements. Our tour felt like walking around town with a good friend.

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We highly recommend this lovely lady and look forward to meeting her again. Many thanks Laura Mara. Laura was Super friendly and she was very knowledgeable. She gave us a lot of notations and explained very well every single part of Zaanse Schans that we visited. We are so glad that we took this tour. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves very much! It was awesome! Thanks for an amazing tour and for being so flexible with us!! We had a great time. Maria was great! We all had a lovely walk round Amsterdam with Laura as our guide.

Laura was a wealth of information which does help on these tours. Thanks again Laura for a great trip!!! Hidden Gems Of Amsterdam. We really enjoyed our tour Because of her!!! Best tour ever. My mom, sister and I did a hidden gems tour with Laura. She was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Amsterdam in both modern and historical facts. She really loves the city and this comes through in her explanations and enthusiasm during the tour.

She took us to eat fantastic Flemish fries and a delicious cookie. I would recommend her for sure! Thank you Laura! Excellent Amsterdam Knowledge! We loved Laura Maria! As a former resident of the area, she knew all the ins and outs of all the little side streets we may have missed. I think we covered them all. She was also very informative about the complete history of the area up to the present time.


She was also able to answer all are questions about the area and the people who work there; because let's face it - we're all curious. She was even able to recommend a restaurant in the area. We would definitely recommend her to our friends. An Interesting and Informative Tour. I cannot recommend Laura more.

She was one of our favorite tour guides on our trip. The food in Amsterdam was fantastic, and she did a great job sharing stories about living there. She modified the tour slightly to our tastes because we had tried croquettes that morning before going on the tour. She was knowledgeable and shared a little history of Amsterdam with us and even shared about her life there. If you are looking for someone laid back and easy to talk to, book with Laura. Highly recommend! Laura Maria give us an excellent walking tour of Amsterdam.

Meeting instructions were easy to follow and Laura was very punctual. She is friendly, has very good English, explains everything clearly and answered all questions really well. She often asked for feedback, if we understood or wanted better information, and made good suggestions about sites on the way. A small group format works really well in a large city and we felt we got to see a lot of sites in a short period of time especially as we could all walk quite quickly.

Every question was answered and we felt we learnt so much about this great city from Laura Maria.

Historiography of the Asia-Pacific War in Japan

She has a very pleasant and friendly personality and made our experience in Amsterdam a great one. Excellent guided walking Tour. Laura was an absolute joy to spend the three hours with. She was so upbeat and passionate about food. She is a very worldly traveler and knowledgeable about all the influences in Dutch cuisine. She also gave a ton of recommendations on where to find the best food. A wonderful tour with amazing food. Mary Lou. We really enjoyed our tour with Laura.

Her knowledge and interesting points of the district gave us an opportunity to understand the culture better. Hope you get time to rest your voice. Thank you Great tour of the Red Light District. Laura was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the city. We had a great time and would recommend her to anyone looking to take a food tour. Great time. We had a great time with Laura Maria. As advertised she seemed to know Amsterdam like the back of her hand. We started out in a very public and crowded space but within just a few minutes we were in a quite beautiful courtyard of historic buildings that we would never have found ourselves.

The tour continued like that for 3 hours. It was great, and when we had finally finished she gave us several excellent suggestions on where to go and where to eat for the rest of the day. Couldn't have been more pleased. Hidden Gems tour of Amsterdam. We spent 4 hours with Laura, strolling through Amsterdam. It was simply lovely! Laura is relaxed, welcoming, and informative. It is obvious she loves the town. Her knowledge and passion for the history, architecture, and culture shine through her casual presentation. As a local, she is very candid about what it's like living in the city, social changes, politics, and tourists.

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She was very thoughtful in her descriptions, and my husband and I feel like we made a friend. She also knows where the BEST chocolate cookies are made A lovely day! From the moment we met Laura, we knew we were in for an amazing adventure in Amsterdam. I felt I was going to die anyway, so I might as well die standing on my feet. He went on to become a prominent figure in the campaign led by the actress Joanna Lumley to allow former Gurkhas to settle in Britain.

Batey also played a leading role in the cracking of the extraordinarily complex German secret service, or Abwehr, Enigma.

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Without that break, the Double Cross deception plan which ensured the success of the D-Day landings could never have gone ahead. L omax was a signals officer in Singapore when he was captured in and made a prisoner at Kanchanaburi camp in Thailand. Lomax had long nursed thoughts of revenge on his wartime Japanese captors, and finally had the chance to act when he came face to face with his principal tormentor. However he chose reconciliation, over retribution, and published a memoir, The Railway Man which inspired a film about his life, starring Colin Firth. J ean Gerard Leigh was the woman whose photograph was used to help trick the Germans into falling for one of the greatest deceptions of the Second World War.

Operation Mincemeat, which was to inspire a film called The Man Who Never Was in the s, was devised in the spring of by two intelligence officers. With Churchill planning to invade Italy through Sicily, a ruse was required to make the Germans believe that the attack would take place elsewhere. The deception worked better than anyone had expected. German troops were redeployed to Greece and Sardinia, while Sicily was left thinly defended. S quadron Leader Peter Tunstall was an inveterate escaper who spent longer in solitary confinement than any other Allied Prisoner of War.

He was court-martialled by the Germans on five occasions and became one of the most notable inmates of the infamous Colditz Castle.