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Princess Salon Day. Anna's Frozen Manicure. Elsa Flu Doctor. Princess Spring Occasion. Anna Magazine Photographer.

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Elsa Thanksgiving Haircuts. Baby Elsa's Thanksgiving. Princesses Road Trip. Anna Washing Cars. Elsa Dress Up For School. Anna Wedding Dress. Though she doesn't find out about her royal lineage , 'til near the end of the film. She's also extremely friendly, caring and down to earth, which have caused several of her peers of both genders to fall in love with her. Katarina is actually a reincarnated otome-game otaku who knows from past experience that she's destined to become the only villain in the game to get no happy endings, and most of her behavior is part of an elaborate Batman Gambit to avoid the titular "destruction flags" - the events that will trigger the bad endings - or, failing that, at least help her survive the worst possibilities.

The original Katarina was very much a haughty Alpha Bitch. The Courageous Princess Mabelrose. She's an extraordinarily Boisterous Bruiser. I won't beat on any of the resident scum unless they hit me first—or they pick on my friends—or I feel like it! Film — Animated. Disney movies , especially during or around The '90s , tended to noticeably have these. The Black Cauldron : Princess Eilowny. Although heavily watered down from her original characterization, which fits this more. Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Her daughter Melody in the sequel fits as well. The Lion King : Nala although she's never called a princess , as seen when she play-wrestles with Simba on her way to an elephant graveyard with him. That far into the movie, they're just friends and they don't take seriously the idea that they'd grow up to be more than friends and you could almost forget they're opposite genders if not for the voices.

The Lion King has its protagonist and princess more similar to each other than most Disney movies do. Her rebellious , boisterous young daughter Kiara is another example, especially as Nala matures and becomes more regal. Pocahontas has the titular character, who is athletic, scales mountains, climbs trees, jumps off cliffs, and steers her canoe into turbulent waters. After Merida, she's probably one of the most tomboyish Princesses.

The eponymous character of Mulan is not a princess, but she is part of the official Disney Princess lineup , and she's tomboyish to the extent of pretending to be a man to join the army. Atlantis: The Lost Empire : Princess Kida, which seems to be part and parcel of her being The Chief's Daughter , right up to the point where they actually show her climbing up a large rock structure while wearing a long, flowing dress at the end of the film!

Princess Merida from the Pixar film Brave. This is the root of the conflict with her mother; she hates the courtly education Elinor gives her and doesn't want to marry. She just wants to ride horses and practice archery. Downplayed with Princess Anna from Frozen.

Princess Nokia - Tomboy (CRAY Remix) [FREE/ROUGH TRADE]

She stuffs her face with food, is Not a Morning Person and wakes up with an outrageous case of bedhead, is generally clumsy and graceless, rides bikes indoors, and is impulsive and eager to jump into physical action, whether it be attempting to climb a mountain, throwing a snowball at an angry snow golem, or punching out a prince.

However, she also has a prominent Girly Streak , since she is very naive, romantic to the point of eagerly believing in Love at First Sight , and is highly compassionate. Downplayed with Moana , who is athletic, acrobatic and would prefer to sail the ocean and explore. At the same time, she also partakes in her culture's tribal dancing and is learning the skills to be a good chief under her father's tutelage.

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph , a spunky and tomboyish little kart racer, is revealed to be a princess at the end of the movie, although she gives up that title to become a President instead. In The Swan Princess , Odette is one as a little girl.

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When she's introduced to Prince Derek, she instantly puts up her fists; later she's seen fighting him with a wooden sword. She becomes more of a girly girl, but stays badass as well. After finding out her fiancee was cheating on her the day of her wedding, becomes a pants wearing, sword wielding Action Girl. Interestingly, as part of her transformation, she also starts wearing blue eyeliner, making her a Tomboy with A Girly Streak.

How I Turned from a TOMBOY into a PRINCESS

In the first Shrek movie, Fiona was this before she turned into an ogre. Film — Live-Action. The Hidden Fortress has Princess Yuki, who tries to talk like Toshiro Mifune and enjoys riding and hitting people with a stick. The Star Wars series. Princess Leia Organa, of course, volunteers for commando missions, eventually being promoted to the rank of General of the Army of the Galactic Republic, and also of the Rebellion that helped restore it and works alongside it against the First Order.

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In A Brother's Price , all the princesses, by default. This is a world where gentleness, needlework and beautiful walking robes are for men. The princesses go and chase bandits. The femininity and reluctance to openly fight unless it's truly needed are for her older, wiser, quieter sister, Queen Susan the Gentle. Princess Amy is plain and tomboyish after she was cursed at birth to be "ordinary". A Song of Ice and Fire Arya Stark is a tomboy from the start, and a princess after her brother Robb is acclaimed king. The main advantage of this trope is shown when she has to go on the run during a Civil War , often posing as a commoner usually a boy.

Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles , who tries to learn such unfeminine and un-princesslike things as magic and fencing. The Royal Diaries has a couple. Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess would rather climb trees than dance while in Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles Archduchess Antonia's favorite activity is horse riding astride through the mud. Bridge to Terabithia has Leslie who's the only girl wearing cut-offs and a t-shirt, wants to run with the boys and finds a space outside that can be the land of Terabithia. She will be its queen and her friend will be its king.

She's an imaginary tomboy queen, but still. While Sorcha in Daughter of the Forest is traditionally Feminine in the sense of being "caring and motherly" rather then "ferocious and warlike" in nature, she prefers wandering in the woods with her brothers to being dressed up like a doll, and knows such things as surviving in a forest, identifying herbs, building fires, and how to avoid offending guess who.

She's also the owner of the famous Eltdown Shard, and a fan of Drake—despite the fact that she's fairly sure he plans to steal the Shard. Princess Dzhavakha : Princess Nina Dzhavakha is a headstrong girl who loves riding far into the mountains and excels at trick riding as well. When her scandalized grandmother compares her to a Proud Warrior Race Guy , Nina takes it as a compliment. Live-Action TV. Game of Thrones : Lyanna was the daughter of one of the most powerful lords of Westeros, she loved horseback riding and she's shown to be savvy enough to give Hodor advices about how to spar with Benjen.

She definitely was this. Merlin : Princess Elena, as a side effect of the Sidhe that has been possessing her all her life. Once it's gone, she becomes a Princess Classic. Princess Mithian is exactly half this trope. On the one hand, she enjoys outdoor pursuits, especially hunting. She's also pretty damn good at burping. On the other hand, she is always immaculately groomed and dressed.

Downton Abbey : Sybil is a Tomboy Aristocrat, as she rebels against corsets, wears bloomers instead of dresses, trains as a nurse and prefers hanging out in the garage with the chauffuer than attending fancy parties. It has been updated. This success story is certainly encouraging for researchers, and now the Brazilian team is planning two more uterus transplants from deceased donors as part of their study. There is no doubt that the year-old who is now parenting a healthy 1-year-old girl will never forget the fellow mother she never met.

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Tomboy Princess V-Neck Tee

This represents the song's next step towards total world domination: In addition to becoming a total musical sensation among children everywhere, there's already a " Baby Shark" TV show in the works — chalk it all up the fact that there's a scientific reason why this song is always always, always stuck in your head.

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I've gotten bigger a lot faster than I did with [my first child] Jackson and I've become a lot more insecure," Tori writes. Like ever. It's been hard to really enjoy this pregnancy because I've let my own body image issues get in the way. This is honestly heartbreaking—because every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin, especially when she's creating another life.

As we all know, getting used to a pregnant body can throw even the most self-assured among us for a major loop. Things change so dramatically and so rapidly that sometimes we look in the mirror and don't even recognize ourselves. Props to Tori for getting real about what that really feels like Yes, her husband is a famous fraternal twin, but that doesn't mean comments about the size of her bump don't hurt. Fellow moms are sharing their own experiences with offensive comments on Tori's post.

At 6 months people were asking if I was "going to pop" and if it was twins, etc. Unless someone says 'congratulations you're beautiful' don't listen to them. Because, congratulations you ARE beautiful! Tori ends her post with a message that all women need to hear. So excuse me while I go try my best to live out these words and continue growing a freaking human being. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More Got It.

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