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Seeking Serenity in Japan.

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From the Japanese bodywork techniques of shiatsu massage to revolutionary breakthroughs in health and beauty, few live quite as well as the Japanese. And although cities are certainly busy, citizens queue quietly for their turn to board the train. Public spaces are neat and orderly. People seem calm as can be.

Seeking Serenity in Japan

From communal spas to meditation and formal coursed meals, relaxation in Japan is a cultural ritual. Read on for three ways you can experience that signature sense of tranquility for yourself. These natural volcanic hot springs are rich in mineral content said to aid the body. There is a prayer my mother wrote in my 8th grade graduation book which I will call upon in those times.

BY Amanda Enayati

It is in letting go of the need to have to know or control everything that serenity can sometimes be found. It is kinda like a spiritual chill pill.

But for those who have explored and felt the realms of the good energy, the spiritual place of a higher dimension that in reality is ready to work with us and for us, serenity can find its way into those distressed places. In my workshops and retreats, I ask participants to answer the following question:. What is one situation, issue, concern, struggle, guilt, regret you have come to know you cannot change, yet you keep hitting your head up against, trying to control, maneuver, or make it look different?

Or what is a burden, worry you keep carrying around with you that you want to surrender to God and build a clear path for moving forward? Then having spent some time talking about it , we go into the inner silence and connect with an all knowing place that exists and is ready to assist us.

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A deep breath, a statement of intention , a prayer to the God or all knowing place within you are some suggestions to find the healing center. Then in a gentle way release , let go of the issue which you stated.

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By letting go in some manner either in imagination and thought you see it leaving you and perhaps into a bright light for healing, or blowing it far away with the aid of strong winds. Serenity can come in moments, or hours, and even as a way of being for the core of our strength and inner self becomes reinforced as we manage the tough spots with a practice to commit to a spiritual practice based in knowing ourselves fully. Seeking Serenity.

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