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Afterward, when the groom learned of such happenings at his wedding, he was pleased the festivities had gone so well, because in keeping with tradition in Chechnya, a small, once war-torn region in the south of Russia, he had missed the party. So had the bride. She spent her wedding standing silently in a corner, where she had been ushered after Mr. Bashayeva, who was standing at the time in her corner, without speaking.

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Kartoyeva added. Chechnya is a Muslim region that fought two wars for independence after the breakup of the Soviet Union, a place where stunning mountains and natural beauty contrast with a dark recent history. The Islamic religion animated the rebellions, particularly during the second war that began in , but also later played a role in keeping the peace.

After the wars, the Russian government made it clear Islam was not the enemy, even encouraging a revival of traditional Sufi Islam, so long as the region remained loyal to Moscow. Chechens turned to religion to piece together shattered communities, a trend particularly noteworthy at Chechen weddings, where tradition now reigns supreme.

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One traditional practice that re-emerged during the wars, the kidnapping of brides, has not been revived today. Arsanov, 49, who is the director of a school teaching foreign languages, and Ms. Bashayeva, 23, who aspires to run a small business, met in January at the wedding of a mutual friend — an event that in Chechnya, as almost anywhere else, is a prime opportunity for guests who are single. Arsanov recalled. The future couple sat at the same table. But with older family members and strangers around, going any further — such as talking — was out of the question. But Mr. Arsanov was intrigued.

He wasted little time in taking the next step. He called a cousin of Ms. Bashayeva to set up a date.

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Arsanov said. Flirtation and positive signals ensued, Mr. Bashayeva let drop that she hoped to learn English, an encouraging hint for a director of a language school. Arsanov said he admired her for being a woman respectful of tradition but wanting a career as well.

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Asked what she saw in Mr. Arsanov, Ms. With ongoing, casual dating not an option the time to make a commitment came quickly for Mr. The couple married on April 14 in Shalazhi village in Chechnya, home to both their families. Akhmed Beriyev, the imam of the village mosque, officiated.

In keeping with custom, the couple did not exchange vows; instead, each separately committed to the marriage in ceremonies a few hours apart. The groom married in his walnut orchard, also without his bride at his side. Vows, in Chechnya, are offered to God, the imam and the witnesses, not to the future spouses, who are never to be seen together at their wedding. The groom turned his expansive backyard into a festive space, furnishing rows of tables with gold-colored tablecloths and fruit bowls.

A cook with a pole stirred beef in a gigantic, iron pot brought to a boil over a wood fire. Important guests arrived. The head of the Chechen Union of Writers turned up, as did the regional minister of education and the chief imam of a neighboring region. Arsanov comes from a prominent family. His great-grandfather, Deni Arsanov, led a Sufi Muslim order and is revered by some Chechens as a religious figure akin to a saint. Those were big shoes to fill. Arsanov, the youngest of four brothers, would be the one to carry on the family tradition.

Chechnya has a history steeped in the blood of revolts and repression. But I know they might not know that, and I can't be upset with them for not knowing wedding etiquette, just as I didn't. I do know they still love me, and will be there on my wedding day, and I will be so happy to see them and have them beside me. And it sounds like, even in spite of many absent guests, your bridal party will be there for you for your wedding day.

Cherish and celebrate those moments, and feel the affirmation of the love and support they are giving you by their presence that day. Finally, the good news is, you are still getting married to the person you love, and I hope that, regardless of any other drama going on with family or guests, you are able to look forward to that, and when your wedding day arrives that the joy of this will be the only or at least dominant emotion consuming you.

Best wishes and thoughts, and hopes that the last few weeks of your engagement are filled with more peace and happiness than previously. ETA words. Report 6 Reply. LondonLisa London, UK member. It is rubbish that your father did that.

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  6. It really is. But he didn't do it because of your sister- she didn't meet your dad and tell him to not give you money.

    Raised by ISIS, Returned to Chechnya: ‘These Children Saw Terrible Things’

    Also, anytime you ask guests to get on a plane, you are asking something inconvenient. It may not seem it to you, but there is no way I could pay to fly for every wedding I was invited to this year. That is just the nature of having a wedding farther away than friend groups. It isn't about you- but about finances and time.

    I had to miss close friends and family weddings because I couldn't leave work at such a busy time. You didn't do anything wrong to plan it that way, and they aren't doing anything wrong by saying they can't go. It is easier said than done, but you need to remember that happiness isn't a zero sum game. I know you are envious of other people's experiences, like your sister-but focus on the positive. She isn't taking your father's money.

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    She isn't taking your parties. She isn't taking your happiness. Most importantly: you don't stand alone like your subject says.

    You have a soon to be husband who you can always count on and lean on when you feel down. Focus on that fact. You found someone that you want to spend s lifetime with I know people that would be envious of that! This wedding is about you two celebrating your love, and being surrounded by people who can make it. Report 2 Reply. HID member. If your wedding is 2 weeks away, does that mean it falls on Valentine's day weekend? I know that's not a major holiday, but may have played into your high decline rate. Report 5 Reply. AddieCake Beyond the Wall member. It was wrong of your dad to not follow-through on his promise unless there is more to this story than you've shared.

    It was also rude of people to cite "Vegas is more fun" as a reason for declining your wedding. They should have simply declined; an explanation is not required. Try to shrug it all off and be happy for yourself and with your soon-to-be husband. Easier said than done, I realize, but living well is the best revenge. What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?

    I don't blame you for feeling hurt, I would too, across the board. Your wedding day is important to you and as such you want it to be important to your nearest and dearest as well. However it'd be just as important if you were getting married in a courthouse. The minutes where you actually become married are what matters, the rest is just trimmings. And yes, the trimmings are nice, but look at the declines and negative Nancy's as cutting the fat.

    On your wedding day you'll be surrounded by the trimmings that matter. OliveOilsMom South Jersey member. February Jen Houston member. OliveOilsMom said:. I don't know where you live, but if you come to Atlanta or I'll go to you! I will take you out for a bride to be night on the town. Even if you're already married by then.