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The innermost layer is 50 feet high, constructed of black marble and features intimate scenes of lovemaking. The famed explorer Lomas Longstrider was so impressed with the walls of Qarth that he included them in his book Wonders Made by Man. Inside the gates, the wealth of the city is on full display.

Qarth's buildings are painted in rich shades of rose, umber, and violet, and seem to shimmer as if in a dream. Fountains carved in the shape of fantastic beasts can be seen in every open square, and the streets are lined with bronze statues. Places of interest include the Hall of a Thousand Thrones , where the rulers of the city sit on immense wooden chairs inlaid with gilding and gems; an arcade where great statues- three times larger than life size- of past Qartheen heroes are displayed atop marble columns; and a vast aviary where many brightly colored birds flutter beneath the latticed ceiling.

The Qartheen pride themselves on their sophistication and consider weeping in times of strong emotion to be a mark of civilization. The Qartheen fashion for women leaves one breast exposed, while men favor beaded silk skirts. They seat themselves on cushions on the floor, and wealthier Qartheen sometimes decorate their noses with jewels. Dothraki refer to the Qartheen people, who are known for their pale skin, as "Milk Men". The city is ruled by a council known as the Pureborn , though in practice the council has to balance its interests against those of three powerful guilds; the Thirteen , the Ancient Guild of Spicers, and the Tourmaline Brotherhood.

The rulers of the city are advised by the highly enigmatic warlocks of Qarth, who dwell in the forbidding House of the Undying.

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Xaro is a member of the Thirteen in the books, but they are only one of three powerful merchant guilds who compete with the Pureborn for control of Qarth. This makes Xaro slightly less politically powerful in the books than in the TV series, in which Qarth is simply ruled by a council of merchant-princes known as "the Thirteen". Nonetheless, Xaro is still a member of the Qartheen political leadership in the books, making him a very powerful as well as very wealthy man.

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Aside from its famous walls, Qarth is protected from within by a group of soldiers known as the Civic Guard. This organization consists of both foot soldiers and mounted troops on camels i. In a further attempt to display the city's wealth, the helmets of Qartheen camel riders are adorned with black silk plumes, the camels' blankets dyed in many rich colors, and their saddles inlaid with gems. Qarth also boasts a powerful navy that protects and controls the vital shipping straits.

Qarth's port is one of the greatest in the world. Shaped like an enormous horseshoe, the harbor extends for several miles and is jam-packed with activity. Numerous businesses- including brothels.

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The whole area functions as a massive marketplace, where goods can be purchased for a fraction of what they would cost at a bazaar in the city itself as long as the buyer asks no questions about the item's provenance. The various trade guilds of Qarth each have designated areas of the harbor where they can moor their ships and warehouse their goods. The far end of the harbor is where ships from Westeros, the Summer Islands and the Free Cities are permitted to land. In A Clash of Kings , the plethora of gifts offered to Daenerys Targaryen gives testament to the scale and reach of Qartheen trading connections:.

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In the novels, Daenerys accompanies Jorah Mormont in his search for a ship to flee the city, and they take note of numerous vessels and their cargoes:. The Lands of Ice and Fire map book which features a significantly different outline of eastern Essos to the TV show establishes that the Jade Gates another name for the Straits of Qarth separate Essos from a large island called Great Moraq, with Qarth located at the mid-point of the straits.

The naming conventions of the surrounding locations - such as the island of Qal to the south and the town of Qarkash to the west - suggest that Qarth has a sphere of influence which extends to those settlements. These maps show that Qarth is linked to the city of Kayakayanaya and the empire of Yi Ti by coastal roads. A truly ancient people, the Qaathi predate the rise of Valyria - and possibly extend as far back as the Dawn Age.

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Along with other contemporary peoples, the Qaathi often came into conflict with the rising power of the Sarnori civilization of the western grasslands, losing more often than they won. Qarth was able to survive because it was located so deep within the expanding desert that the Dothraki did not venture so far into such a harsh landscape.

Ironically, all this chaos led to the resurgence of Qarth. Shortly afterwards, Qarth is the first city of the Yunkai coalition to declare a war against Daenerys, by establishing a naval blockade around Meereen, cutting off trade, driving off a third of the Meereenese fishing fleet and seizing another third. The remaining fishing boats are too frightened to leave the port.

George R. Martin has stated that the Qartheen are a "pure fantasy construct", and Qarth itself has no direct analogue with any real-life civilization. Finally, Constantinople had a famous set of walls that protected its western side. Begun during the reign of Emperor Theodosius in the 5th Century C. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. No one but Moore can see Jake Ellis. But Jake Ellis can see everything. Who Is Jake Ellis? As part of The New 52 , Edmondson wrote the first eight issues of the series Grifter.

The Dream Merchant Saga: Book Three the Crack'd Shield

He soon followed with The Activity , an ongoing series from Image. Dancer , another five-issue limited series from Image, was released in with art by Nic Klein. Jordan are currently writing a comic book "North" for Dark Horse Comics. This was later confirmed by Edmondson on Instagram.

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