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The latest salvo in that war came on New Year's morning -- not traditionally a time for recrimination -- in a presidential tweet that denigrated retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Trump tweeted, "'General' McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama. Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover! McChrystal had led Joint Special Operations Command during the Iraq War and had turned it into one of the most efficient killing machines in history.

McChrystal later resigned as the commander of the Afghan War in following disparaging remarks that some officers on his staff had made to a Rolling Stone reporter about top officials working for President Barack Obama. Trump is known for being a counterpuncher, so on one level it's not surprising he reacted this way to McChrystal's withering criticism.

Now Trump is at war with the generals

But when you step back, the degree to which Trump is battling America's generals is startling, considering how he began his presidency. Trump came into office besotted by military brass, appointing retired four star Gen. James Mattis as his secretary of defense, retired four star Gen. John Kelly as his secretary of homeland security and later chief of staff, and retired three star Lt.

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Mike Flynn as his national security adviser. After Flynn was forced out of the White House, Lt. McMaster assumed the role of national security adviser. The man who said Emperor Trump has no clothes. Now, two years later, Trump is eager to tear down the generals. After Mattis announced his resignation with a letter distancing himself from Trump's key foreign policy positions on December 20 and said that he would stay in the job until the end of February to allow for an orderly transition, Trump instead pushed him out at the end of December.

Now Trump is at war with the generals (Opinion) - CNN

The differences between Trump and US military leaders are more than simply stylistic, although Trump's lack of decorum and rudeness are certainly at odds with the military's honor-based values. The military tends to want to sustain overseas military commitments, which they see as vital to securing world order, whether that is to defeat ISIS, or to contain a nuclear-armed North Korea, or to prevent Afghanistan from reverting into control by the Taliban. This should be Trump's New Year's resolution. The policy differences between Trump and the military were underlined by Mattis's resignation, which came as a result of Trump announcing a total withdrawal of the 2, US troops in Syria.

Mattis appears to have resigned because this decision was made in an arbitrary way and without consulting allies. In addition to the Marines who will have left the Trump administration, H. McMaster, a three-star Army general, was fired as Trump's national security adviser in March. His tenure was marked by numerous reports of disagreements with Trump, who once described him as "a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.

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Michael Flynn, who was fired after it was discovered he lied to the FBI and senior White House officials about his communications with Russian officials. McMaster was fired as Trump's national security adviser in March. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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James Mattis, Gen. Joseph Dunford, Gen.

President Trump is Briefed by Senior Military Leaders

James Amos, Gen. John Allen, and Gen.