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Our goal is a better life for everyone affected by mental illness Find out more Our goal is a better life for everyone affected by mental illness. Help in your area.

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Advice and information. News and stories. Telling your partner you live with a mental illness Read more Telling your partner you live with a mental illness. Get involved. Get help now. Advice and information Carers hub Wills and trusts. Wills and trusts This page may help you if you care for someone who has a mental illness.

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Download Wills and trusts factsheet. Overview About How do I make a will? Overview Planning ahead can help make sure your relative gets the most out of their inheritance. And could lead to them being charged for social care services. The trustees will hold your money and assets in trust for your relative. They will make decisions about when your relative can have money.

It is possible to write your will yourself. However, if the issues are complicated or if you plan to set up a trust, it is important to speak to a solicitor. About wills and trusts A will allows you to decide who will get your money and assets when you die. How do I make a will? You should see a solicitor about your will if: your will is not simple. This includes children under 18 years old, you have several family members who may make a claim on your will such as a second spouse or children from another marriage, your permanent home is outside the UK, you have property overseas, or you have a business.

For information on how to find a solicitor see section further down this page. Where should I keep my will? What if my relative inherits a lump sum? You might wonder whether: they would spend the money quickly rather than making it last, they would not spend it wisely, they would give the money away or be too vulnerable to look after the money properly, it would affect their benefits, and it would make them have to pay for social care or a care home.

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Benefits Your relative might be claiming benefits because of a low income. What are discretionary trusts? What are the benefits of a discretionary trust? The potential benefits of a discretionary trust include the following. Your relative will not own the money in the trust. So they will not be able to spend it quickly or unwisely. The money in the trust will not reduce their entitlement to benefits or increase the amount they have to pay towards social care. You can tell the trustees what you would like the money to be used for.

Burke was by nature a risk-taker, and while rising rapidly through the ranks of the police force, began to look for something more. When the Royal Society of Victoria began organising its expedition to cross the continent from south to north, Burke worked hard to ensure he was appointed leader.

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He made year-old Wills expedition surveyor and third in command. The trio stumbled back to the main camp on Coopers Creek to find the rest of the party had left for Melbourne that morning. Both Wills and Burke died two months later within a few hundred metres of each other. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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