Guide Your Career and the 7 Deadly Sins

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Sure, versatility is an admirable trait, but so is the ability to play to your strength. Hiring managers value flexibility, but they also prize focus.

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The more refined your job search and targeted your resume and cover letter, the more likely you are to hit on the keywords recruiters are looking for in order to advance to the next round. Yes, your resume should present you in your very best light. However, it should also present your skills, experience and interests accurately. Even worse than a shoddy or incomplete resume for a hiring manager? One that misrepresents a candidate. Even if you make it past the recruiter, the longer-term consequences of fudging the truth on your resume can be dire if your employee finds out.

If you think being a few minutes late is no big deal, think again.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Job Search and How to Avoid Them

Not only does showing up late for an interview convey disrespect for the interviewer, but it also demonstrates poor time management. If possible, do a test run before an interview to find out how long transit, parking, walking, etc. Carelessness in appearance is also a deal-breaker for many employers. Is it clean?

Desktop Greed

Make sure to take a quick look in the mirror before you walk out the door. The internet puts a wealth of information at the fingers of the average job searcher. Failure to use this information is an enormous and often unforgivable oversight. Take time in advance to research the company, industry, and even your interviewer.

And be prepared to ask questions. While a handwritten note on a piece of monogrammed stationery has timeless appeal, 87 percent of hiring managers now believe that email is an acceptable means of expressing your gratitude. Sometimes, these feelings are beneficial as they give you the extra push to pursue your next best career move.

The Job Interview's 7 Deadly Sins

Though in most cases, you have to put all your negativity aside during your job hunt, as this is not the venue to exact your anger. Recruiters and hiring managers do not need to know the root cause of your wrath toward your current or previous employers during the interview process.

In those situations, all they see is an applicant who will likely trashing their company in the same manner next year.

Official Power Levels Comparison of Seven Deadly Sins Characters

The Remedy: Put a positive spin on why you are looking at the position. Speak in positive terms about what the particular opportunity can do for your career in the long term. Put on a happy face when interacting with others. When your inspiration for making a job change is triggered by feelings of anger, wrath or fury, you need to keep that to yourself.

Towards the end of the job search process is salary negotiation where the most fatal error is focusing on what you feel you deserve rather than on the value you will likely to bring to the potential employer. The Remedy: If ever you intend to negotiate a job offer, do it based on extensive research and a clear demonstration of your value to the company.

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Conduct a salary research and investigate at what folks in your position and industry make at other companies. Instead of telling an employer your salary requirement, highlight your credentials and show quantifiable evidence of what someone with your breath of experience typically earns. Remember that money is not everything. Ensure it is the role itself that appeals and one that you feel, in your heart, that you could assume and love. Consider other perks like career development, work-life balance and the level of autonomy.

So you used to hold a high-ranking position in your old company or were a big shot in school? You need to get over it. As the most serious of all the deadly sins, pride can be the demise of many job seekers.

Seven Deadly Sins for New Hires

All the admirable efforts spent during the job search process are also often wasted by failing to follow up. Due to fear of possible rejection, the act of calling for feedback becomes too bitter a pill to swallow for some applicants. By not following up with the recruiters, candidates are likely to forego the opportunity of receiving constructive information to improve their chances of success in succeeding job searches. The Remedy: Move out of your comfort zone by networking extensively, following up on your job applications and seeking guidance from people who can add value.

Reach out and give your network an opportunity to help you. Skip to content You have been actively looking all over for a new job.

Envy – Jealously Over Other’s Job Success

Below are the three simple adjustments you can apply to tweak your master resume in order to get the maximum relevance to the advertised job: Match your resume title with the job title you are applying for. Match the language in your resume with the language used in the job description. Since some employers are sensitive to location of the job candidate relative to the job location, make sure to include your current location at the top of your resume or your future location, if you plan to relocate.

Greed — Excessive Demands and Salary Expectations Towards the end of the job search process is salary negotiation where the most fatal error is focusing on what you feel you deserve rather than on the value you will likely to bring to the potential employer.

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Pride — Resisting from Asking Help to Protect a Deep-Held Pride So you used to hold a high-ranking position in your old company or were a big shot in school?