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Back then, when religion was the determining factor of life, many people spent a great deal of money trying to ease their guilty conscience, and it was the Catholic Church that became the primary recipient of such donations. Even today, people in need still live in the "Fuggerei," paying what is surely the lowest rent anywhere -- 0. Between history and industry. Generations of Germans, and children in particular, have long been enchanted by the wooden puppets. But for a long time, there was one Augsburg native the people of the city did not find so enchanting: author and playwright Bertolt Brecht, whose communist views were at odds with the otherwise tranquil Augsburg life.

More recently, however, Augsburg citizens have not only changed their mind about the author of the "Three Penny Opera," they have even become proud of their famous son.

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Augsburg has come a long ways since medieval times. Today the city's image is more modern. It is no longer craftsmen, but the branches of industry located here that ensure the city's prosperity. Yet in the older section of town, you will find narrow, winding lanes and low buildings lining canals. Magnificent fountains remind of bygone days. The "Datschiburger" -- what the Augsburg people call themselves and a term for their regional plum cake specialty -- live in a pleasant, orderly city, though at first glance the people may often seem wary of new things.

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For those visiting the German Christmas markets, the traditional mulled wine, cookies and sweets certainly provide for a fulfilling and festive experience. Bertolt Brecht's dramas continue to touch audiences and spark political criticism around the world 50 years after his death. He carped on capitalism and didn't mesh with the GDR -- most importantly, he entertained. Two cities are especially important to the celebration of Mozart's Anniversary, Salzburg and Vienna.

But there is a city in Germany closely connected to his life -- Augsburg. But its history with water is also unique. Berlin is about as un-Bavarian as a German city can be, but that doesn't stop Oktoberfest from rolling into town every fall.

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Tamsin Walker went to find out if Berliners embrace the Munich tradition. An integrated part of this project was to involve local schools and impart an understanding of both the Roman military and science in general. Here, an extra benefit was increasing the skills of the students in presenting their specific area of interest. The book can roughly be divided in three parts.

In the first, Koepfer pages and Sebastian Bernhard pages introduce the project, the different experiments, and their methodical basis. Most of these are dealing with the production of various items to be used during the march. Others have basis in the Roman individual, such as food consumption or most efficient uses of the Roman short sword, the Gladius.

Two articles focus on different factors that influence the archaeological source material, both with a basis in the literary sources. Rather than commenting on all the articles, I will focus on some of the articles that introduce interesting questions or relevant reflections on the subject at hand. That Gaius Marius changed the rivets of the pilum from iron rivets to one of wood in order to make it a one-way weapon that could not be used by the enemy, has been stated by Plutarch and rejected by modern researchers.

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He suggests that, instead of a far-reaching reform, this should be understood in terms of a pragmatic solution in a specific situation. An issue that has caused grey hairs for many experimental archaeologists is the problem of fire arrows. But why only measure the shields?

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  6. Why not include the shield covers in the experiments? Army life is not only endless battle, and the Roman soldier should also be dressed and have food and drink. But how is drink transported?

    Augsburg: Roman, Medieval and Rich

    See a plan of the AVV lines. A suburban train system S-Bahn, just like in many other German cities is planned to follow the BRB and regional routes. You must purchase a ticket and stamp it each time you enter a streetcar or bus. The Bayern-Ticket Bavaria Ticket is valid in Augsburg and you will not be required to purchase additional tickets for using the Augsburg transportation system.

    Bikes can be rented on several bus stations from the "Stadtwerke", and at some bike stores in Augsburg:. Augsburg is a lively University town, a city for business and recreation.

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    Enjoy the benefits like traditional pubs, theatre, museums and lots of shopping facilities. There is also a larger mall City Galerie , common brands, big stores, but at weekends it is very busy. For souvenirs, go to the Rathausplatz, find Augsburg-umbrellas and Brecht T-shirts.

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    5. The local brewery Riegele sells giftboxes with 6 types of beer! Augsburg is famous for its plum cake, called Zwetschgendatschi, and Bosna, a sausage coming in a bun with hot sauce and onions. In Augsburg there are several beer gardens , don't not all have facili children's playground, what is written in the Munich travel guide about beer gardens also applies to Augsburg's beer gardens Link to Beer gardens and beer halls in Munich travelguide. The Riegele beer garden is a good place to go to in Augsburg: it is located close to the central train station and right next to the Riegele brewery.