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Surf Music Ka'au Crater Boys. It was such a big hit on the social networking site that NBC acquired the rights to air it on their network after the webisodes aired, in Unfortunately, it barely got any attention on TV, and pulled historically low ratings for the network. In fact, the show about a group of artists in their twenties, earned the network its worst ratings in the Tuesday, 10 pm slot in 17 years.

Unfortunately the network was wrong.


Perhaps that's why Fox canceled the show two days after its first episode aired in November The sitcom, which starred Heather Graham as the titular Emily, premiered in , was unfavorably compared to "Sex and the City," and said to employ the most basic of gay stereotypes. Though ABC spent a significant amount of money promoting the show , once the less-than-stellar premiere numbers came in 6.

The show aired a single episode in January before CBS canceled it — perhaps its standing as the network's lowest-watched show that week had something to do with it. A re-run of "Cold Case" replaced it. The show was narrated by a border collie who was adopted by a family after he tricked them into believing he was injured.

The show was canceled before it could air again the next week after lukewarm reviews. The show was partially scripted, partially improvised, and asked the question, what would happen if you dropped a model in the middle of a small town in Texas and told her to read the news?

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  • DC's streaming service canceled "Swamp Thing" after less than a week.!

The show was criticized for being unfunny and making light of the actual industry of local news. It was canceled after a single night in TLC took it off their schedule and website after a week, most likely due to poor ratings.

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Just One Night

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